Idiot Box Open Thread: Worthy PSAs

SSDD Open Thread: Don’t Watch — Why Give Him the Satisfaction?

Donny Dollhands’ minions will be watching the network ratings tonight like dogs watching bacon frying. *Nothing* will be as effective at annoying the Oval Office Squatter as hearing that he couldn’t draw an audience to top the Big Bang Theory rerun on the three-digit cable station.

If there’s anything of note beyond ‘Lying Liar Lies Some More’, it’ll be recapped instantly, especially on social media.

When both Joe Manchin and Politico are expressing their doubts up front…

My personal bet as to why MAH WAAAALLLL is suddenly a national crisis:


Tuesday Morning Open Thread: Same As It Ever Was

(Mike Luckovich via

Would You Believe?… Open Thread: “President” Maxwell S-M-R-T

He’s not trying to ‘change minds’, of course; he’s trying to prop up his shrinking base. And his Repub enablers are here for it!

Normal people, not so much:

Ominous foreshadowing music…

Impeach The Mofo!

David Leonhardt, one of the bright spots in the New York Times, wrote a brief on impeaching President Donald Trump. It’s very good – you should read it all.

Some highlights:

  • We don’t need results from the Mueller investigation to impeach Trump – he has proved his unfitness for office in multiple ways.
  • Now that moderating influences like James Mattis have left the administration, Trump’s rate of doing damage will increase.
  • The greatest risk is an external event and Trump’s inability to respond, or to immediately reach for dictatorial powers.

He lists four areas in which Trump has broken his oath of office:

  • Trump has used the presidency for personal enrichment.
  • Trump has violated campaign finance law.
  • Trump has obstructed justice.
  • Trump has subverted democracy.

Bob Bauer provides a long explanation of how we get to an impeachment. The first step is for Congress to hold hearings on the various issues. This provides evidence for Trump’s malfeasance. Hearings also publicize that malfeasance to develop popular support for impeachment. Read more

Horrorshow Open Thread: He’s Talking to the WH Portraits, and They’ve Started to Talk Back

If you’re old & cynical like me, you remember the Watergate-era rumors about a drunken Nixon talking to the presidential portraits in a darkened Oval Office. Donald Trump doesn’t even drink, but apparently he’s taken the paranoia to the next level…

Srsly, GOP dudes, this is Not A Good Lewk…

Late Night Horrorshow Open Thread: The Shutdown “Strike”

The person most bedazzled / befuddled by the “Businessman Master of the Universe” role-playing on The Apprentice turns out to be Ranty Granpa, Oval Office Squatter. But, hey! At least he has a Y-chromosome… I mean, votes the (R) box… err, hasn’t said the m-word in the Oval Office… on camera. This week. That we know of. Oh, wait…

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