Tuesday Morning Open Thread: “But My SHOWS!… “

(Jeff Danziger via GoComics.com)

I can remember when the devotees of television soap opera were outraged that “their” programs were being pre-empted on all channels by the Watergate hearings.

Even Fox News would probably feel compelled to air Mueller’s testimony, if only for “rebuttal” (attack) purposes. It would be a nice fillip to imagine the Oval Office Occupant, remote in hand, furiously clicking away in search of his essential daily doses of ego-stroking from ‘Judge’ Jeaninne and the Blond with Two Boobs on A Couch…

Russiagate Open Thread: Is Donny Jr Going Under the Bus?

I trust Richard Burr not at all, but unlike the Squatter-in-Chief, he’s a party professional. Preliminary reports this week suggest he may have decided somebody will need to be sacrificed to protect the GOP oligarchy, and it might as well be the guy whose own father doesn’t like or care about him…

Digby (Heather Digby Parton) at Salon:

It’s clear that Trump is… probably unaware that Burr also acted as a back channel during the investigation, speaking to former White House counsel Don McGahn about whom the committee had interviewed. But Trump mentioned that Burr had said publicly that his committee had found no evidence of collusion and seemed confused since he had obviously considered Burr to be among his loyal henchmen.

Burr is a strange figure in all this. He has gone out of his way to avoid appearing publicly with Trump, supposedly to avoid the appearance of a conflict even as he shared info with the White House and intervened with the press on Trump’s behalf. He has managed to work congenially with Sen. Mark Warner of Virginia, the panel’s ranking Democrat, and by all accounts the committee investigation itself has not been compromised…

Burr’s back-channel activities with the White House are reminiscent of Sen. Howard Baker of Watergate fame, the Tennessee Republican known for his repeated question, “What did the president know and when did he know it?” It was later learned that Baker had secretly provided the Nixon White House with information about the Watergate committee’s investigation; his question was designed to protect Richard Nixon, under the assumption that Nixon hadn’t known anything about the criminal cover-up. When it could no longer be denied that Nixon knew everything, Baker changed sides and sealed his reputation as a man of integrity, even though the truth was much murkier than that.
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Open Thread: “A Clown Living on Credit”

Stories like this are why I subscribe, however grudgingly, to the NYTimes. Because *I* know Trump’s a deadbeat dependent on money laundering, and you know Trump’s a deadbeat, and even Melania knows better than to run up the family credit card — but until the bovine masses of Media Village Idiots and political horserace touts sense a shift in the conventional wisdom strong enough to rearrange their beloved formulas, it’s not enough.

Also, I’m meanly gleeful that this must be causing the Squatter-in-Chief pain…

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Wednesday Morning Open Thread: Rolling Up the Big Guns

Donald Trump is a Shite Businessman

And the Times has the goods.

No excerpts because you need to read and savor the whole damned thign.