Late Night Open Thread: “Class Tells When There Is No Class”

The Notorious RBG had the best idea — she didn’t bother to show up.

What’s going on that does not involve the Dolt-in-Chieftests?

Tuesday Evening Open Thread: “What Are the Republicans Afraid Of?”

Excellent question, Madame Pelosi!

She says the Democrats will be “per our traditional standards, courteous” tonight… but she’s wearing suffragette white and purple, and so will many of the other female Democratic legislators.

Out of curiosity, how many of you are gonna hate-watch the President-Asterisk’s speech this evening?

Prospective Commerce Secretary Wilber Ross’ Russian Ties, and Trump’s

The Guardian has all the grimy granular details here.

Thanks to the GOP, Mr. Ross was confirmed regardless of his many conflicts.

Speaking of Repubs with questionable ties to shady Russian financiers, and their defenders…

Per CNN, “House intel committee agrees to scope of Trump-Russia probe[warning: autoplay]:

… “We have a document that we’ve signed and we’ll be giving out obviously, some announcement at some point,” House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes told CNN when asked if the members had agreed on the terms of their investigation.

Nunes, a California Republican, added that members have already been briefed on the transcripts of calls between former national security adviser Michael Flynn and the Russian ambassador and are proceeding deliberately on the investigation…

Nunes also brushed off calls by Democrats and at least one Republican, Rep. Darrell Issa, for an independent investigation into Russia’s influence and hit back against allegations that he coordinated a response to previous reports with the White House.

They can say whatever they want, but at the end of the day, I hold the gavel, they’re in the minority and we’re going to do what we want to do. We have the votes and we’ve been elected to do that. If that ever changes, then obviously that would be different,” Nunes told CNN. “At this point, I’m not going to give up jurisdiction of this committee that for a long time that has been trusted with the nation’s top secrets. We are not going to give up that jurisdiction to anyone else as long as I’m here.”

Tensions escalated Monday between Nunes and the top Democrat working on the Russia investigation, Rep. Adam Schiff, after Nunes said he had seen no evidence yet of Russian officials communicating with Trump campaign aides and Schiff said it was too early to tell.
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It’s now or never, come hold me tight

Following up on Dave’s post, here’s how one of Paul Ryan’s errand boys (sent by grocery clerks to collect a bill) puts it:

“You’re a Republican, you’ve been running to repeal Obamacare, they put a repeal bill in front of you,” Doug Badger, a longtime Republican leadership health policy adviser, told the Journal. “Are you going to be the Republican senator who prevents Obamacare repeal from being sent to a Republican president who is willing to sign it?”

I’m sure some see this how Vincent Vega did. This is a moral test of one’s self; whether or not you can maintain loyalty. Because being loyal is very important.

But…if they think they’ll lose their seat over this bullshit, they won’t go along with it. Today’s a good day to double down on the phone calls, faxes, letters, and in-person encounters with members of Congress.

Schadenfreude Open Thread: Did Somebody Call for A Plumber, Sean?

No matter how much you hate your job, at least you’re not working in Sean Spicer’s office…