Monday Evening Open Thread: Angry, Dumb & Credulous

Good thing for our national self-esteem that we know he lost the popular vote, because Trump’s a perfect representative of his in-every-sense “base”:

White House chief of staff Reince Priebus issued a stern warning at a recent senior staff meeting: Quit trying to secretly slip stuff to President Donald Trump.

Just days earlier, K.T. McFarland, the deputy national security adviser, had given Trump a printout of two Time magazine covers. One, supposedly from the 1970s, warned of a coming ice age; the other, from 2008, about surviving global warming, according to four White House officials familiar with the matter.

Trump quickly got lathered up about the media’s hypocrisy. But there was a problem. The 1970s cover was fake, part of an internet hoax that’s circulated for years. Staff chased down the truth and intervened before Trump tweeted or talked publicly about it.

The episode illustrates the impossible mission of managing a White House led by an impetuous president who has resisted structure and strictures his entire adult life.

While the information stream to past commanders in chief has been tightly monitored, Trump prefers an open Oval Office with a free flow of ideas and inputs from both official and unofficial channels. And he often does not differentiate between the two. Aides sometimes slip him stories to press their advantage on policy; other times they do so to gain an edge in the seemingly endless Game of Thrones inside the West Wing.

The consequences can be tremendous, according to a half-dozen White House officials and others with direct interactions with the president. A news story tucked into Trump’s hands at the right moment can torpedo an appointment or redirect the president’s entire agenda. Current and former Trump officials say Trump can react volcanically to negative press clips, especially those with damaging leaks, becoming engrossed in finding out where they originated…

Sounds like Reince may be looking for the escape hatch. (And I suspect Michael Steele is lifting a glass of Baileys in his memory, cereal garnish optional.)

Speaking of people who aren’t qualified for the jobs they occupy, remember all those Very Serious Pundits who assured us that Trump’s “inexperience” didn’t matter, because he was gonna surround himself with quality advisors?…

Monday Morning Open Thread: Tick, Tick, Tick…

Apart from keeping up the good fight(s), what’s on the agenda as we start the new week?

Open Thread: Yeah, They’re Evil & Shameless, But They’re Not Very Good At It

Back in the day, Nixon’s CREEPsters were referred to as The Gang That Couldn’t Shoot Straight, but at least they mostly knew which end of the gun to point away from themselves…

Saturday Morning Open Thread: Programming Notes

The conference starts May 30th, apparently. Those of you in a position to know: Good idea, or not?

Meanwhile, in the marketing department…

Apart from holding on to hope where we can find it, what’s on the agenda for the day?

Open Thread: “What Did the President Know, and When Did He Know It?… “

This answers, this time around, are probably “Not very much” and “He never remembered for more than 48 hours, no matter how often the information was repeated.” But still!

“With few exceptions,” clause doing a lot of work in that sentence:

Of course, when Nixon got busted, he’d just achieved a landslide 49-state win. This guy?