The Myth of Trump the Dealmaker

One of the things that continues to boggle my mind is how persistent the myth of Trump the supergenius dealmaker is with some people. After Trump was made to look the fool yesterday in the Nancy Pelosi Show, guest starring Chuck Schumer with special guest an animated orange lump of shit, some people I have known for decades and who are not in many regards stupid people, were posting their reactions. They ranged from “Man he cleaned their clocks” to “they clearly have never read the Art of the Deal and don’t know how to deal with him.”

It’s amazing how the image continues to, ahem, trump the reality of the situation. Trump is not particularly smart. He’s not particularly savvy. He’s not a good deal maker. He’s not really a good businessman. He’s not particularly learned, and he is not versed in history, science, mathematics, philosophy, art, music, literature. I honestly don’t think he has read a book since college, if he even did then. Other than the wealth and privilege into which he was born, he basically has a few things “going for him.”

They are:
1.) He is a narcissist and overly confident in himself.
2.) He’s a psychopath and has literally no feelings for anyone other than himself.
3.) He, like all grifters, is good at spotting easy marks.

And that’s it, really. If you’re handed a bunch of money and a real estate empire, and you are willing to say anything and ruthlessly screw over everyone whose path you cross, you too could be Donald Trump. Because that’s what he does. It isn’t particularly shrewd negotiating to agree to a deal, and then when you walk away from the table not live up to your end of the bargain. It’s not particularly top-notch dealmaking to agree to pay people to build things for you and then, when they are done, either pay them half what you agreed or don’t pay them at all. It’s not particularly savvy business dealmaking to get yourself leveraged way over your head, borrow money, and then just default on everything but having enough amoral lawyers to make sure none of it can be clawed back.

That’s what Trump does. He’s not a dealmaker, he’s just a fucking crook and he literally does not give one fuck about anyone and just doesn’t care. He can burn someone and turn the corner and on the next block find someone else foolish enough to do listen to his bullshit and too greedy to do due diligence and end up getting hosed by him. And by the time they realize it, Trump will be fucking someone else. It’s not going to bother his conscience because he doesn’t have one- he doesn’t care if your flooring business is going to go under because you spent the entire year working on his hotel and now he’s just not going to pay you. He doesn’t give a fuck.

It’s just that simple.

Repubs in Disarray Open Thread: The Chief-of-Staff Searchlight

… casts a harsh and unflattering glow:

The new attention hasn’t been particularly flattering to refusnik Nick Ayers, either…

From Vanity Fair, “A Top Trump Insider Appears to Conclude That the White House Is Doomed”:

In his home state of Georgia, it is no secret that Ayers has been considered a potential candidate for governor. Certainly, he has the resources—in the range of $12 million to $55 million, according to public filings—and the self-regard to step out of the shadows. Back in 2011, at the Republican Governors Association, Ayers famously abandoned his boss, Mississippi Gov. Haley Barbour, to join Tim Pawlenty’s presidential campaign. Ben Smith, who obtained a copy of Ayers’s long-winded e-mail announcing the move, noted that it read like “he’s the one who will be running for president” instead of Pawlenty. (A classic Ayers line: “Over the past six months, I have prayed deeply about my purpose in life and how best to utilize the talents God has given me . . . As He often does in walks of faith, He has called me to a higher purpose.”) Stepping into the chief of staff role also would have forced Ayers to disclose how, exactly, he made his fortune as a political consultant—sometime West Wing insiders say Ayers wanted to avoid.
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Today is Tomorrow’s Shadow

Because I like my violence limited to what I see on television or read about in books, for cathartic reasons I watched the video of Nancy Pelosi bitch slap Donald Trump all around the place yesterday, with even the oft times execrable Chuck Schumer showing traces of a spine. It was, of course, an awful performance for Trump. He came off as hostile, uninformed, and just generally like the ass that he is. His sycophants loved it, but they’re fucking idiots and a small minority of the country.

At the same time, you could see beginning of the bluster and the braggadocio wearing off. With the Cohen sentencing today, the daily bombshells from SDNY and Mueller, and everything else, I think even Trump is beginning to realize he is nearing the end. I hope I am not being too optimistic, but even this sunshining dullard, with his peaks lifted by viewing the musings of his mutual masturbation society at Fox news and a steady stream whatever amphetamines they are feeding him, is beginning to notice. I think yesterday was the first time anyone has EVER stood up to him (and of course it took a fucking woman to do it), and it finally dawned on him that he’s not in charge of his own fate anymore. He’s going to need something beyond money and bluster and white privilege, and he’s never had to go beyond that triumvirate to succeed before.

We’re not quite ready for Sister Helen Prejean to make an appearance, but I think we are to the point where even Trump is starting is starting to realize he is a dead man walking and no longer in control of his density. As they say, the past is yesterday today and tomorrow belongs to the living.

Late Night Picture Show: Breaking the Wall

Watch NANCY SMASH! And Chuck Schumer OWN Donald Trump

This will warm the cockles of your heart. Start at about 6 minutes to avoid Trump’s bloviating.

It looks like Pelosi and Schumer did some serious preparation for this meeting. They handled it brilliantly and walked Trump right into owning any government shutdown that may occur.

Also note Pence, who looks like he would like to sink into the ground.

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