Meeca Update: Squeee!! Welcome to the Balloon Juice Family

So I have a confession to make. When I saw Meeca was up for adoption, I immediately thought of Scamp Dog. Glad to know my matchmaking skills are still pretty right on:

Here she is coming home yesterday.

And here she is resting after a big day of meeting new friends.

Congratulations everyone!

Open thread

Colorado Pet Bleg: Meeca Needs a New Home

Scout has cousins and one of them needs an assist. From Carrie, who is the person to Scout’s cousin Luna:

My brother is in need of some help. He’s in the middle of a nasty divorce and their poor dog is stuck in the middle of it. She’s a 10 year old Husky with a sweet temperament. I don’t believe she’s been around cats, but she has been around dogs with no problems. If anyone happens to know of someone looking for a new furry family member, can you PM me? Her name is Meeca.

Meeca lives near me, so if you are in Colorado or nearby, we can probably easily arrange a meet and/or transport. Please email me at whats4dinnersolutions (at) live (dot) com and I’ll put you in touch with Carrie. Let’s see if we can’t get Meeca the home she deserves.

Tuesday Morning Open Thread: Respite Kittens

Beloved commentor and intrepid kitten-pusher Satby:

It’s been long enough that our momma cat Turtle’s babies are all vetted and ready for adoption. They made their public debut yesterday (Sunday) at the South Bend PetSmart on Ireland Road and were ready for their close ups along with a few other kittens in our rescue, and a glimpse of kitten whisperer Becky.

So, for a mood lifter, I present our rescue cuties…

Wednesday Morning Open Thread: There Are Still Heroes

As the owner of a 16-year-old rescue dog who still bolts for freedom every chance he gets, I cannot tell you how happy this story made me. But maybe you can guess!


Olivia Nuzzi is a hero — or at least a media ninja — in her own right:

You too can be a hero…