Cat Health Funding Bleg

From lurker Bradley C:

Two and half years ago you and the BJ community showed me incredible kindness and helped me raise the funds to care for my dying cat Binkley. He had kidney disease/failure, and thanks to you and the community he had another 6 months with me, most of them good. I am eternally grateful for that time with him, and the suffering he was spared.

Now I face another challenge, and have no choice but to reach out for help again. Last year I went on a little quest and found the furry family from which Binkley came, and found a new companion. His name is Calvin, after the comic strip, because all he wants to do is play.

The good news is his life is not threatened, the bad news is he has already developed serious problems with his teeth, causing him to drool uncontrollably at times. Left untreated this will eventually turn into real problems for him, and it’s already a bit messy. But walking dogs and working with musicians has not left me a wealthy man, and my family is currently hurting. Which leaves me scrambling to find ways to help him.

Thankfully the costs this time are much more modest, and fixing this will have a real impact on his quality of life. (Mine too, but he’s what matters here.) So hopefully it is not assuming or asking too much to reach out to you and the BJ community once again. I’ve set up another GoFundMe campaign.

Thank you again, so much, for your help before, and thank you for any help to come. I feel almost ashamed asking like this, but his well being matters infinitely more than my pride.

Saturday Open Thread: Welcome Cleo

This adorable fluffball was found in the garage of geg6. That cute face has now convinced her to become a cat person (welcome to the cult).

… she’s a sweetie and quite smart. She has made me go out and buy a bed, fancy food/water bowl and numerous toys. She’s very manipulative like that. 😉

Welcome, Cleo!

Open thread.

Bunnies Need Your Vote: Colorado House Rabbit Society (and Open Thread)

Bunny Yoga

I thought we could use a sweet distraction. What better than some rescue bunnies?

I received a request from a friend of mine (some of you met her at the first meet-up). She volunteers at the Colorado House Rabbit Society and also adopted a bonded pair of bunnies from them.

Seems there is a hay shortage in the country and it’s gotten very expensive. They entered a contest, we all wrote glowing essays and they are now a finalist.

They need votes!

Heide Sue (up for adoption)

So I said I’d give it a little boost here. Please vote if you are inclined. They do good works (as I’m sure all the bunny rescues do). They take in bunnies from all over the country, from shelters that have closed, from hoarders…and my favorite, this summer they were part of a cross-country caravan. They offered a rest stop where a hundred bunnies were fed, watered, brushed and cages cleaned. Took hours and a bunch of volunteers, but they sent them on their way refreshed.

We just got a bunch of bunnies from an out of state shelter that closed. We are stuffed with bunnies, all who need hay.  We are well over capacity right now. We need the hay!

If you’d like to help, just click here and vote for the Colorado House Rabbit Society (they are third row, center)

The bunnies thank you.  And if you’re in Colorado and looking for bunnies, they have plenty to choose from.

Open thread!

Cat Rescue Bleg – Houston Area

From “long-time lurker” Aryeh Warmflesh:

Last night, my kids took in a stray cat they found in a mall parking lot but we can’t keep her. A very beautiful gray cat, female, about 1 year old, I think.

No collar, we took it to the vet this morning to check and no microchip. She’s extremely friendly and sweet, my kids are already attached and super upset about having to give her away, but I think I’m heading for divorce if I don’t find her a home soon.

Anyone know anyone from the Houston area who might be interested in fostering or adopting?

We can help financially with shots etc but can’t keep her much longer.


Leave a comment if you’ve got any contacts. Or, if you prefer, contact me (with the ‘Ask A Front-Pager’ form, or at annelaurie dot bj at gmail dot com), and I’ll forward your message to Aryeh directly.

Wednesday Morning Open Thread: Percy, for Persistent

A respite from politics, from frequent commentor, gifted gardener/photographer, and general Friend of the Blog Ozark Hillbilly:

I thought people might like to meet the newest member of the Hillbilly family Ozark, Percy.

Percy first showed up at my neighbor’s “B” house with a friend, and the pair soon picked up the nom de guerres “Beavis” and “Butthead” (he was Beavis). “B” was really unsure about taking in 2 dogs, one of which was very hyper (that would be Butthead, a very sweet female of unknown heritage, lanky and loves to run). I was helping her get them settled in, with crates, proper food and sufficient living arrangements (“B” also has 2 older and very much fatter house cats) and helping her to understand dog behavior better. From time to time the 2 would show up at our place and hang around chasing various critters.

Then Hurricane Gordon came thru with a two-day soaking and Beavis just refused to leave. I set him up on the porch with a dog bed, food bowl, and water, knowing full well it was a mistake. Sure enough, after 2 days he had pretty much decided he liked things here and just refused to leave.

So we changed his name to Percy, short for Persistent.

The top pic is as he showed up, the long hair tangled in burrs.

Living where we live the long hair was impossible, so we got his hair cut short where it will be from now on, as in the second pic. You can see 2 of the 3 scars he has on his forehead. The signs of abuse have piled up till I can no longer deny it. He is a very sweet dog, loving and not aggressive (except towards chickens) in any way, but he cowers when I bend over to pet him, tucks his tail when getting petted, hates getting into vehicles and hates staying in them even more, is very insecure especially when it comes to me (he always has to be near me)(except when chasing a rabbit, then fuhgeddaboudit), etc etc.

The 3rd pic is not a very good one (they wouldn’t sit still competing for my one available hand) but it pretty well captures the Woofmeister’s attitude about all this.

Having had experience with Beagles I had sworn I’d never own one. Percy seems to have just enough Spaniel (?) in him to temper the urge to chase anything and everything till the cows come home as he tends to chase for only 10-15 minutes.

Due to Woof’s congestive heart disease I have been trying to convince my wife to adopt a 2nd dog as a bridge for the post Woof days but she was resistant. Percy took care of it for me.