Open Thread: Look At This Face


Who’s a good boy?

Can you believe he’s the same dog from a week ago?

He had his vet visit yesterday and his bloodwork came back today. He’s a-okay! And we are all guessing he’s about four. For what he’s been through, he’s a very healthy 100 lbs.

The past week has brought to light many things, and first and foremost, before he was neglected, Baby was definitely loved.  There’s a full update and more photos here.

With all that, I must tell you he is ready for adoption, so spread the word. There were a few people interested but they have not followed through. And unfortunately, we will have to explore long term foster or sending him to Big Bones rescue if we can’t find him a family soon. Now that he is stable, I have a few more days in me, but then I need to get my family back to normal.

I don’t know about you, but I could use a politics-free open thread.

Time For a Little Cat Blogging: Nice Kitty. Nice Kitty! Nice Kitty!!!!!!

NPR has the details:

A tiger alarmed a woman who was sneaking into a seemingly abandoned Houston home to smoke marijuana on Monday. Now it has found a new home of its own.

The Cleveland Amory Black Beauty Ranch, a sanctuary located about 200 miles north of Houston, announced on Tuesday it was welcoming the tiger, according to Lara Cottingham, spokeswoman for Houston’s Administration and Regulatory Affairs Department, which oversees the city’s animal shelter that had been caring for the animal.

Cottingham told NPR on Tuesday that the tiger was en route to its new home.

If you’re still caught up on the would-be-smoker-stumbling-across-an-actual-tiger-part, let’s back up.

The woman, who is remaining anonymous, told police she had gone into the home in a residential part of East Houston when she came across the unexpected inhabitant, said Houston police spokesman Kese Smith.

Fortunately for the woman, the tiger was locked inside a 4-feet-by-8-feet cage within the garage. She called 311, the city’s nonemergency line, and animal enforcement officers showed up alongside Houston police, who obtained a warrant enabling them to reach the tiger.

Despite its tight quarters the tiger was apparently healthy and seemed to have been fed regularly. Officials just don’t know by whom.

Houston police have launched a criminal probe to find the tiger’s still-unidentified owner.

“It is categorically not legal to own a tiger within the Houston city limits,” Smith said.

Ya think!!!!

Animal cruelty charges could be involved. “We are working to determine who owns the tiger and who owns the property because that may or may not be the same person.” The woman is not in trouble, Smith added.

The animal officers, who are more accustomed to handling dogs and cats of the smaller variety, tranquilized the tiger, loaded its cage into a horse trailer and drove it across town to the city shelter Monday, Cottingham said. The tiger slept off the drugs and seemed in good spirits by Tuesday morning.

Cottingham noted that this Houston tiger’s story has happy ending with its upgrade from a garage cage to the sanctuary in Murchison, Texas, which comes with expert care.

“We are really glad it worked out as quickly as it did,” Cottingham said.

Open thread!

Help a Kitten Out: Cat Bleg II Saving Grace Edition!

Look at that face!!!!

From commentor MomSense:

Here is a pet bleg for the kitty of my friend who died recently.  I would be so grateful if you would post this.

Grace is a very shy but well behaved little kitty.  Her mom Maya passed away at the end of January and ideally we would find a jackal home so she doesn’t have to go through the stress of being in a shelter with lots of people and other cats.

She has been an exclusively indoor kitty and we are not sure what her vet history is but the family will pay for a veterinary work up and all the testing and vaccinations she may need before going to a new home.  They will also help with transportation costs.

She is a very small kitty but I think she may be polydactyl.

Thank you!!!


Here’s some more pics of Grace:
MomSense will be along in the comments to tell us where Grace is currently located.
Update at 12:33 AM EST
Grace is currently in Brunswick, Maine.
You all know what to do!
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Cat Bleg!

We have a pet bleg, specifically the need to find a home for an adult cat. This is from commenter CliosFanboy:

Mom Cat update:   If you missed the previous post a few weeks ago, my wife and I take care of a small feral cat colony that lives on our front porch. There are only two now: Mom Cat and Gray Mom. We follow Alley Cat Allies’ guidelines, so they have both been fixed and vaccinated. My wife and I have been house hunting for a new home as we’ve really outgrown this one. We need to find someone who can adopt the cats as I refuse to abandon then (not that my wife would either)

Well, an update.

  1. A few weeks ago I saw Mom Cat left eye was really, really runny. I took her to our vet with the help of a cat friend. (I have never picked up an adult cat in my life). The vet treated Mom Cat’s eye, but she lost the sight in it. She also got her updated shots, and I now have the monthly flea treatment I put on her back. The vet said other than the eye she was in good health, especially for a feral.
  2. My wife and I found a house. Unless something awful happens we will close March 5 and move March 11. We can’t take the cats! Feral colonies are very hard to move or I would.   My wife is very allergic so we can’t adopt Mom Cat, although she is very friendly and affectionate.   Plus our little wiener dog Spud (yes he’s on the BJ calendar) is NOT cat friendly. We need help with adoption.

Mom Cat is a good cat and I think a candidate for adoption to a patient cat person. Gray Mom would make a decent barn cat (she does not let people touch her). We also have three insulated feral cat houses which are available for anyone in the Northern VA/DC area.

Any BJers in this area available to help? I am talking Mom Cat to the vet this afternoon for booster shots and hope to talk to the cat rescue person there.

I will REALLY miss Mom Cat. If my wife were not so allergic I’d be working to gets the dogs adjusted to her and Mom Cat to new life inside…

Look at that face! Who could say no to that face?

You all know what to do and what you must do!

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Lazy Afternoon

I am a touch under the weather, and I suspect it is a combination of an unpleasant reaction to Miami water and and not sleeping more than a few hours each night for the past few days. At any rate, the squad is not that motivated anyway:

BTW- Don’t forget to pick up your Pets of Balloon Juice 2019 calendar. The New Year is upon us.