REPOST: Cat Rescue Bleg – L.A. Area

From lurker cthulhu

About a month ago while on my nightly walk, I noticed a cat nursing her four kittens near the curb of a busy street. In fact, I believe the mom might be from an earlier litter at the same location that I noted about a year ago. In any case, the owners of the house where the cat and kittens were residing were not specifically taking care of them. It seemed that their likely future was a combination of a premature death by automobile or continued population explosion of cats at area. Thus at the urging of my wife and daughter, we collected them all with the plan of turning them in to the local shelter.

Well, after conferring with our neighbor who is part of a cat rescue we agreed to foster them while she works to get them adopted. The good news is that two of the four kittens have already found a new home. But we still have the mom and two other kittens. While I feel our neighbor is making good progress during the weekend adoption events, perhaps casting a wider net is a good idea. The thing is that, despite her big heart, my wife has become very allergic to cats (and we have one of our own who is our last, very wonderful cat).

So maybe a Balloon Juicer might have a place for one or more of these kitties. Mom is due to get spayed next week but they have otherwise had their shots etc. and are all very healthy. The cat rescue we are working with will want to interview/home visit anyone interested and will expect pretty much an indoor/safe living arrangement.

Of the kittens, one is male (currently given the name “Chill” by my daughter) and the other is female (“Tuna”). Mom is referred to as “Sue Sylvester” (not my show but the wife and daughter’s).

Frankly, if it weren’t for the allergy issue, we would keep Chill for sure as he already has a pretty good relationship with our dogs. Sue, despite being raised mostly feral, is a pretty friendly and sweet cat with humans but wary of dogs. Tuna remains the skittish one – her next human companion might need to take some time.

Chill is white and gray [top pic], Tuna is gray.

If you have a lead (or need a new cat in your home), leave a comment. Or email me at annelaurie (dot) verizon (dot) com, and I’ll forward your message directly to cthulu.



Cat Bleg: Foster Home Needed, Reading PA Area

From commentor Mike S:

I have a friend at work who has just told me a sad story. Her car was burned by an arsonist a few days ago and the flames/smoke also damaged her apartment. She and her daughter were lucky to get out safely. The fire escape was where the fire was!

They are officially displaced. She has gotten a new car and can get to work, and a temporary apartment. But her biggest problem is finding a temporary home for her two cats. They are older cats (10 year old and 14 years old, who has typical old cat problems) and she probably won’t be able to keep both of them in her temporary apartment. Until she moves back to her old apartment or finds a new one, she need a home for them. We are trying local options but suggestions are welcome.

She lives in Reading,PA. If anyone knows someone in eastern PA or nearby who might be able to help with a two month fostering, please let me know.

p.s. I can’t help out because my 14.5 year old dog would freak out if I brought home a cat.

Leave a comment, or email me at annelaurie (at) verizon (dot) net, and I’ll forward you message to Mike.

Dog Rescue Bleg – D.C. Area – UPDATE

mary l rescue dogs

ETA: Just got a note from MaryL:

Great news – I’ve found a rescue who will take them! Thanks so much for your help.

Longtime lurker MaryL:

I am desperately trying to get word out about two adorable abandoned dogs that wandered into my yard this morning. They are pit bulls and I live in an area with a pit bull ban, so I really don’t want to call animal control. Also, they are pretty dog aggressive, and I have three dogs of my own, so I can’t keep them with me.

They are great with people though, even kids. They are adorable and so mellow. They will crawl right up into your lap, but are not overly excitable and obnoxious. I really want them to find homes, but I will need to turn them over to the authorities if I can’t find a solution quickly. I live in the DC area, but would be willing to drive a few hours if necessary. I would appreciate it so much if Balloon Juice would help me get the word out…

Anyone has a lead, or a suggestion, leave a comment or email me at annelaurie (dot) verizon (dot) net.

Walter after a Week


It’s hard to believe I found Walter just a month ago and he has already been in his forever home for a week, but time flies, I guess. Debit passes on the following:

I have discovered that:

He does not eat cat vomit. I know this because my daughter did not want to lower herself to clean up a fresh pile and called him over. “Knock yourself out, buddy!” she said. He sniffed, raised a dubious eyebrow and then walked away.

He will eat his fish oil gel caps like they are dog treats. I’ve been giving them to both dogs mixed in with their breakfast. Ellie normally just wolfs them down with her food, but sometimes she discovers one, rolls it around in her mouth with a thoughtful look on her face, and then goes “ptui.” Walter snaps it up off the floor and then snuffles around for more.

He does not house soil. For the first couple of nights I had him gated in the kitchen with a pet bed, but once it became clear that he was not having bladder/bowel control issues he’s been given free roam of the house. He’s a very, very good boy and will come up and snuffle at me if he needs to go outside.

He found his voice about four days after he came here. He barks to be let in if I don’t hang out with him in the yard. If he’s outside and someone walks by, or pulls into our driveway, they get a volley of barks, letting them know There is a Dog and This is His Yard. Naturally, once they come in the yard he is all wags and nudges for petting.

However, he is also very protective. He can’t make it up the stairs to my room. Except for when we’ve had service people in that needed to go upstairs. Then he follows us up the stairs and sticks by me.

He’s moving so much better. I credit your rehab program: lots of good food, gentle exercise and plenty of love. His muscle tone is improving, as his is energy level. He’ll trot around the backyard with his tail up and he’s always up for a walk in the park with Ellie.

After one week, it seems as if he’s always been here. The cats treat him like they do Ellie; someone to rub up against and hang out with. I’ve yet to witness them sharing a pet bed, but I know it will happen once winter sets in.

My vet said the bare patches on Walter’s elbows are most likely from his having to sleep on bare dirt or concrete. The hair might grow back, it might not. When I bought this house, I’d planned on pulling up the carpet since the hardwood underneath in in great shape. But for now I’m going to leave it. It’s less pleasing aesthetically, but it makes me happy to know that Walter can lie down almost anywhere in the house and it will be soft.

Here’s a video of him rolling in the grass.

And by request, him barking, because I had never really heard it:

He looks really noble and wise in the picture up top. Also, I have the letter from my vet and spoke with the Sheriff, and we will be pursuing animal abuse charges starting on Tuesday.

Your Daily Walter

First, let’s take a moment to think of Betty Cracker down in Floriduh:


Now, Walter:

Walter doesn’t like to swim, it seems.

All my piglets had baths today and smell great, so Thurston is making up for it by being really gassy.

Fuck Trump. Here’s a Video of Walter Going on a Walk With Ellie (and Debit, of course)

Debit passes along these updates:


Quick Walter update before I head out to work: he’s doing great. He’s just a happy guy who likes to eat, sleep and get scritches. His mobility seems to be better and (fingers crossed) he’s scratching less at his ear, so hopefully the meds are working. This morning he barked at the back door to be let in from his potty break, a perfectly Walter-ish bark; deep and gruff, just like his namesake.

I’ll try to get some video of him moving so you can tell me if there’s an improvement.


One more bit of news. I was checking out the U of M’s vet clinic physical therapy options and saw they had some clinical trials going on. Walter is scheduled for an evaluation appointment with this one: on September 15th. If he’s not a good candidate for it, or if he does poorly off the Rimadyl, there is another trial coming up for stem cell injection that allows Rimadyl. Either way, he gets the full medical work up, xrays and evaluation that he would need before he would start the physical therapy anyway.

She sent me those this morning, and I called her around noonish and told her basically that she’s not going to get away with text only updates because I’ll have a damned riot on my hand and poor Anne Laurie and Betty Cracker clean up enough of my damned messes as it is. This showed up a little bit ago.

I can tell you he is walking about 300% better than he was when I got him, and better even than when he left here just the other day.

Walter’s Second Day in Forever

First, the pictures. Here he is with his new bff, Ellie:


I bet some of you won’t even be able to figure out which one he is!

And here he is lying on his new bed:


Debit passes along two notes. First things first- apparently Walter makes friends quick:

Did I tell you? Tim called Sunday to check up on Walter. The old guy sure knows how to make friends.

Tim was the driver, who spent only 12 hours with him.

Second, Debit had her vet give Walter a lookover:

He was a huge hit at the vet’s office. Both the vet and the tech sat down on the floor to do the exam, and after a few minutes Walter decided to plant his butt in the vet’s lap. She was amazed at his progress (I showed her the picture from when you found him) and said to just keeping doing what you’d started: feeding him and giving him plenty of soft places to sleep. She treated his right ear for what she said looked like a chronic infection, and gave me meds to continue in hopes we can clear it up. Otherwise, as a last case scenario, she said an ear canal ablation could be done. It would leave him totally deaf in that ear, but she suspects he can’t hear much out of it anyway. They contacted your vet to get his blood work and whoever answered the phone exclaimed, “Walter the Miracle Dog!” :)

I’m taking him back in one month so they can do blood work and see if the Rimadyl is causing any adverse reactions to his liver and/or kidneys. Meanwhile, I’m starting him on glucosamine chews and adding fish oil to his food. She said that he can gain about five more pounds, but no more, as his knees are shot. Short walks of five to ten minutes on grass should be his limit for now, until we see if the supplements are helping. I don’t know that he’s ever going to be totally pain free, but we’ll do out best to get him as close to it as possible. She commented that he’d obviously had a hard life and that if he wasn’t outright abused he was neglected to the point it became abuse. I mean, above and beyond the whole being left to starve to death thing.

He was really anxious in the car, and cried a little when we got back in, but once we pulled up to the house he started scrabbling at the windows and actually ran to the back door, tail going a mile a minute. The he flopped down on his bed and went to sleep.

So we’re home and all is well. Still no accidents or drama.

Everything seems ok, and Debit still sounds giddy when I talk to her. Wait until I butt dial her by accident a few times.