Saturday Morning Open Thread: “Not Really A Pet Bleg”

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From beloved commentor Satby:

I mentioned on various threads I had a previously adopted dog come back, ostensibly because he supposedly bit the owner’s mother on the foot. I know the backstory, mom and her hubby both are alcoholics, and later the story changed to mom being bit because she was holding a broom. My guess is that when the owner wasn’t around mom was abusive. I think the owner, who was in tears when he brought the dog back, suspected that too.

The dog’s name is Bubba, a beagle-Boston terrier mix, and he’s shown no aggression at all. I really pushed this sweet boy with Safer testing to try to see if he’d snap at me. Nothing, not a nip or a snarl, only a waggy tail and cuddles. He gets along with the other dogs and cats, he’s been fine with older kids (as a smaller dog I wouldn’t adopt him out to a family with a young child), but he’s a bit timid until he knows he’s safe. He is crate trained, but in my house he has his own room (the bathroom) for his safe place.

I hate to break Bubba’s heart because he’s clearly happy to be home again with old Rosie and Hershey; but in my new home I will already be over the city limit with the dogs I have and may need to foster the younger ones out if I get busted. So I’m hoping to find a home with people who can appreciate this guy’s sweet and sensitive nature and would like an obedient and loyal little friend.

I want to keep him in the Midwest region so that I’m available just in case a new home doesn’t work out, but I don’t believe that will be a problem. He’s a good boy who went to a loving owner, but the owner’s situation changed when mom moved in.

The top photo is him sitting pretty, with Shiva: Destroyer of Sheets and Dog Beds glowering in her cage behind (she’s a bit of a bully to my old girl, they take turns being out).
Photo at the bottom is Bubba with Hershey in the background.

If someone is interested they can contact me via the Etsy shop.

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Friday Morning Open Thread: Happy International Dog Day!

A made-up gimmick of a holiday intended to push… awareness of how many good dogs are waiting for homes. Because we all need more excuses to talk about our four-legged companions.

zevon image 2011

(Zevon, via Papillon Rescue PA)

Yes, there are people who take even worse pictures of their beloved pets than John Cole.

gloria lasers

(Gloria, accidental failed foster —–>)

sydney be a lert(<----- Sydney, via State Island shelter)


(For balance: National Cat Day is October 29th.)

Apart from remembering the good stuff, what’s on the agenda as we wrap up the week?

Only in West Virginia and a Walter Update

I had to head to the big city to go to get stuff I couldn’t find at the general store (produce and the like), and had to stop for this:


In West Virginia, mom, dad, sis, and the calf meet junior at the bus stop on the first day of school. I just love that I was able to capture this happening.

Too Walter to the vet for his shots, a final checkup, so more pain meds, and a health certificate, and, because no good deed goes unpunished, despite taking a walk prior to loading Walter where he did two bm’s and three potties, he took a ginormous shit in the back seat and then proceeded to sit and walk in it and grind it into every square inch of the back seat. It’s embedded in the seams of the leather, in the slots for the seat belts, in the carpet on the floor, everywhere. As soon as I smelled it my internal monologue was “NO NO NOOO NOOO NOOO PLEASE DON’T HAVE DONE WHAT I THINK YOU DID.” I pulled over, and he had.

I have pictures of it (because of course I do), but I’m not going to post them because I don’t want the website turning into Dogshit Afficionado. I got him cleaned up enough to go in for his appointment, and hosed him off and got most of it cleaned up, but I am going to have to take this to a professional and pay to have it surgically cleaned. Despite my best efforts, there is still mashed in dog shit in places I didn’t know my car had places. It’s always fucking something.

Got Walter in, and they oohhed and ahhhed all over him, and we weighed him, and he is now 87lbs. He was 63 lbs just 17 days ago, and we think he needs to be about 95lb to be at his perfect weight. You can still feel his spine.


He got all his immunizations and I got all his records and a list of everything that has been done the past few weeks and a health certificate so he can travel on Saturday, and everything is going great with our boy. The nurses gave him some goodbye treats and kisses and shed a few tears (Monica cries about everything- I just love her to death. Whenever a pet is put down she sits in the room and cries with the owners. She’s just an angel.):


So, everything is set for a safe transport on Saturday. I got a new bottle of Remadyl and need to pick up a new bag of Science Diet so Deb does not have to rush out and buy food the moment he shows up, even I figure she probably will run to the store anyway to buy treats and toys. Also need to pick up a couple bones for his ride.

At any rate, I am off to take a shower BECAUSE FUCKING GROSSNESS HAPPENED IN MY CAR and then take a nap.

Monday Evening Open Thread: Olympic Blessing

According to Vice, the Rio spendathon did some good for dogs and cats:

… Ferriera, who works with the Rio Olympics Sustainability Department, was there to help them. Danielle Bambace of World Animal Protection’s Brazil chapter, who was also there to document the captures, told me Maracana is not a safe place for cats. Some local soccer fans consider them bad omens. Both fans and stadium workers have been known to kill cats if they see them on game day, sometimes in particularly brutal fashion; Bambace said that when they first came to inspect the area, they found about 60 dead cats around the stadium. Also, the cats breed quickly here. Before the Olympics, there were some 100 cats outside the stadium. Within a few months, Bambace estimates, there could be five or six hundred.

Ferriera trapped 10 cats that night. All will be spayed and neutered, and any that need veterinary care will receive it before being released back into a special cat area inside Maracana’s grounds equipped with play areas that will hopefully keep them safe even after the Olympics are over.

Ferriera has had his eye on this cat colony for years, but the money has never been available to properly deal with it in a humane way. Because of this, Ferriera feels like one of the athletes competing at the Olympics, at least in the sense that he, too, has been waiting for many years to achieve a goal he’s had for a long time. “Without the Olympics,” he said, “it wouldn’t happen.”…

Back in November, Rosângela Ribeiro, the veterinary programs director for World Animal Protection (WAP), emailed the Rio 2016 sustainability department wanting to know what they planned to do with stray dogs and cats found during construction of Rio’s venues. She only had domestic animals in mind, but within a few hours, the sustainability department invited her to a meeting. Ribeiro met with the department for four hours, asking them what they planned to do. As she remembers it, they told her that they had no real plan.

Over the ensuing months, WAP worked with the organizers to create a comprehensive plan to humanely handle wildlife and domestic animals found at the venues, as well as addressing long-standing stray issues near venues like the one at Maracana. Rio 2016 doesn’t pay WAP anything, but the organizers cover the costs for trapping, spaying/neutering, and veterinary care…

At WAP’s recommendation, the sustainability department hired biologist Guilherme Andreoli to be the point of contact for all animal-related issues at venues. During an adoption event for the many good dogs rescued at Olympic venues in Barra da Tijuca last Saturday, Andreoli told me about the time he recently had to dive into a pool and put a feisty capybara in a headlock to remove it from the water. Not long after, he got a call alerting him to an alligator in a tent at the golf course, but he was waiting to hear if it was a “small, not a problem” alligator, as he put it, or a bigger, more worrying one…

Apart from warm fuzzies (however temporary), what’s on the agenda for the evening?

Walter’s Day Off

Took Walter to the groomers, and they report that he was a perfect gentleman although a little worried about getting on the table, which shows good common sense because he does have three bad legs. But they washed him, scrubbed him, and got his coat looking excellent and he smells so good and he is all soft and cuddly.

It’s weird though, because even though in person his coat looks so much better than it did before going in, in pictures it looks much worse. But trust me, it is better, and the baldish patches don’t have all that old brownish dead hair:



Also, as you can see, he is ornery and happy:

He also is much stronger. He climbed from the back of the Subaru all the way to the front seat, and I could not stop him, and he stepped on and destroyed my bifocals, so I have to go to the eye place tomorrow and buy a new pair.

Kitten Rescue Bleg – Colorado Springs Area

whereaway Lou and Earl Girl

From longtime lurker Whereaway:

We manage a feral cat colony in our backyard, and the kitten’s mother is one of my ferals that we have not been able to trap and spay yet. The kittens were about 4 weeks old when I found them piled up in a corner of the yard, while their mother was off at the feeding station. Mimi (the calico) spat at me ferociously, (considering her tiny size) but I just scooped them up, brought them inside, and introduced them to the wonders of soupy wet food. They loved it immediately, and they’ve been enthusiastically eating, and growing like mad ever since.

We’ve had them 8 weeks, so they are about 3 months old now. They love people, although they are shy when meeting someone new. They follow me all over the house, and enjoy sitting with/on us when we watch TV. They are very good at using the cat box, and are eating both canned and dry food now. They have not been vaccinated or sterilized yet, although they have been given a check up by our vet, and they have been wormed.

whereaway Mimi

The leader of our little pack is Mimi, the calico. She likes to be in the middle of everything (she just jumped onto my computer desk a minute ago!) and doesn’t seem to be afraid of anything. Even in the summer heat, she likes to cuddle up with our big kitties, her siblings, and even my salt lamp! She loves to chase the red dot, and goes crazy watching the cursor move on my computer screen.

whereaway Earl the Girl

Next we have Earl the Girl, who was originally named Earl Grey when she was misidentified as male. (Oops!) So now we call her Earl Girl, because it rhymes. (By the way, I’m sure there wouldn’t be any problem with giving any of the kittens new names.) Earl Girl is a grey and white tuxedo cat. She is very sweet, and likes to cuddle under my chin, and sit on my shoulder.

whereaway Inky

Our last little girl is Inky, who is not quite solid black, and slightly fluffier than the rest. She is the shyest of the group, but loves to play, and can generate an amazing purr when petted.

whereaway Lou and Mimi

Our little boy kitty is a black and white tuxedo cat named Lou. He is a pretty mellow fellow. He loves to hang out with our biggest cat, Tucker. I have a feeling Lou would adore a big, cat friendly dog.

The kittens are in Colorado Springs, and we open to delivering them to new homes in other parts of Colorado. If you need more information, just ask us.

Anybody needs a kitten or two, got a lead for good homes in the area, leave a comment below. Or send me an email at AnneLaurie (dot) verizon (dot) net, and I’ll forward your message to the Whereaways.

whereaway Mimi, Inky and Lou surround the Mother Ship

Back From the Farm

I think Walter had a good time, and he is pooped. He got along with all the dogs, sniffed all the cats something solid, was very well mannered and didn’t beg for food. He even waded in the pond a little bit:


He sorta just sat in the water halfway in and cooled himself off like an old guy dipping his toes in the pool but nothing else. This is a super good pic of him:


Angel was swimming laps and tried to get him in:


He ate his dinner when we got home and went to his doggy bed and passed out from exhaustion.