(New) Cat Rescue Bleg – Denver Area

From commentor Hedgehog:

A friend of one of my co-workers has been keeping a couple of cats in her shop. The shop owner has told her the cats have to go. I’ve posted to all of my social media contacts but no luck. The cats are in Denver metro.

The black one, Bubby, aka Mr. Bubbles, is about 6 and has been living inside with us for 2.5 yrs. Before that, he was living in our shed as a stray. He has a very shiny, medium length, black fur with mahogany tones. He keeps himself very clean and is a pretty easy going guy. His favorite things are to sit in your lap, and to eat!

He loves attention, but is used to spending a lot of time on his own. His eyes are often a brilliant green.

The tortie is Mama, as she had 3 kittens in 1 of our sheds at a very young age. Consequently, she is on the small side. She has bunny soft fur, and only has ½ of a tail.

She was feral when I trapped her and the kittens, but she has learned to like people. She loves to be petted, and is a bit of a talker. She is about 3, and moved inside 2 winters ago. She can be a bit sassy, after all, she is a tortie, but is a very sweet girl and likes to flirt.

Both cats have been neutered. If you know anyone who would like to meet them, I’d be happy to have them come by and visit. They are both really nice cats.

They could go together, as they get along, but they are not bonded so could easily go separately.

If you know anyone who might be interested in one or both of these sweethearts, leave a comment, or email me (‘contact a front pager’ or annelaurie.bj@gmail.com) and I’ll forward your message.

Quick Miss Callie (Minnesota to Maryland) Update

Kitten-courier Reilyn has booked her roundtrip flight from DC to Minneapolis, and purchased an airline-approved carrier for little Miss Callie. The hand-off is scheduled for the weekend of December 8th.

Because you guys are awesome, we’ve already collected more money than we need for this particular mission. Unless anyone has an objection, I’ve told Reilyn to hold on to the extra at this point in time. (You can contact me directly, if you need more information.)

We already have another pair of cats looking for new homes in Denver (check back for that post around lunchtime EST) so she may be sending part or all of the money directly to the next “angel”. Any money left over will go to pet rescue, if you want to nominate a recipient…

Dog Blogging: Rest in Peace, Heidi

From commentor Davey C:

I’m a frequent lurker and an occasional Balloon Juice commenter. In the comments of the post about the loss of Tamara’s dog I mentioned that I also lost my dog, Heidi, this week. Somebody suggested that I reach out to you with a bit of information about Heidi and, possibly, a pic. Given that I’m not a prolific commenter and am thus not known to many, I’m not sure if this is an appropriate thing to do or not, but I figured I would give it a shot.

I adopted Heidi a little over 5 years ago from a rescue agency in Southern California. She was found living in the streets of suburban California. She had a litter of pups before I ever met her, and judging by the scars all over her body–especially her face–it seems clear that she lived a rough life before being rescued.

She was a strong-willed, brave, and wonderfully intelligent dog. She once managed to open a sliding glass door and jump/climb to the ground from a second-story balcony with no injuries whatsoever! I never discovered how she actually did that.

Another time, I had to board her for a couple days, and she managed to escape from her crate, open the door to the lobby, after which she proceeded to eat every dog treat in sight! I like to think that she did boarding agency a favor by discovering flaws in their security. They seemed to think so too, since they didn’t charge me for the mess she made!

Heidi was reticent around new dogs, but eventually made many good canine friends. She was wonderful around people–friendly, affectionate, and cuddly. Everyone who knew her loved her. She was a wonderful companion for me, and a better friend than I could possibly have hoped for when I adopted her. I feel incredibly privileged to know that although her early life must have been very difficult, I was able to provide her with a safe and loving home. I miss her more than I can put in words.

Kitten Adoption Bleg — Minneapolis / St. Paul Area

From commentor Newdealfarmgrrrll:

Last week my nephew found a kitten outside their detached garage, and by the end of my brother’s frantic phone call, four more appeared. And the next day, the mom, which my brother lured into the garage with the kittens.

I think the poor sweeties were dumped, as the mom doesn’t seem feral, and is desperately affectionate. All the no-kill animal shelters in the Minneapolis/StPaul metro are full and not accepting animals.

My brother and I are both maxed with pets and can’t take them on. My brother lives in the boonies, and they will be lunch for coyotes if they stay outside :(

The little gray cutie (top pic) is the bravest of the bunch, and was instantly out of the box to meet us. And, IIRC, was the first one to be discovered, hungrily mewing near the garage.

Mom is TINY. As you can see, she is a tabby, and has a lovely large orange splash on top of her head which doesn’t show all that well in the pic. She was desperately affectionate, and has been using the litter box, except for occasionally piddling in the middle of the floor. This adds to my suspicion that she is a frightened and distressed cat who was dumped by her dipshit humans.

The other kittens were very shy and huddled inside the enclosed box my nephew and brother cobbled together. Isn’t “Patchie” adorable? *muffles a SQEEE* There are two more gray kittens as well as the ginger. I didn’t want to stress them further by dragging them out of their box for pics.

Little ginger decided to come out and explore! Well, hearing the rattle of the kibble jar was what lured him out at first.

I’m in the Twin Cities (Minneapolis/St.Paul MN) outer metro area. I have several extra cat carriers so I could ferry cats to my place for pick up as I’m right on the freeway system on the western side of Minneapolis. My brother is in the boonies on the east side of the Cities.

Three years ago Easter, we acquire a Balloon Juice rescue kitten who looked a lot like that little gray muffin, after he walked up to Hillary R’s little dog and introduced himself. Piper is now a magnificent 15lb gentleman of great dignity, with the softest plush fur…

If you are interested in adding one of these sweeties to your household, know someone who might be interested, or have other suggestions, please leave a comment. Or contact me at annelaurie.bj@gmail.com, and I’ll forward your message to NDFG.

Afternoon Open Thread: Lazy Day

Looks like we could use an open thread. Believe it or not Bailey has been with us a year now. She’s really blossomed the last month or so. No longer shy around friends and strangers, she seems very secure in her place in the pack. Which seems to be beneath the ducks. Poor baby.

Above is our typical morning. We are all up by 6:30, she needs a few more hours of beauty sleep. That morning, I finally kicked her out of bed at 9:30.

What’s going on today? Open thread.

Open Thread: Ducks Never Miss A Meal

Looks like we could use an open thread.

This happens every morning and evening. I’m shaking the bowl so they’ll look at the camera, but usually all I have to say is “breakfast” or “dinner” and they are right there with the dogs.  They do make me smile.

Open thread

A Word From Some of Our Other Disasters: LA Pet Bleg

While we’ve been focused on Harvey and its effects on Texas and Louisiana, as well as potential follow ons from Irma and other developing tropical storms, significant portions of the US are on fire. There’s a very large wildfire in Curry County, Oregon – details here. A chunk of Montana is on fire. Actually from looking at the incident list, Montana is on fire – not just a chunk. And, of course, there is a huge wildfire in the greater Los Angeles area. The Los Angeles Animal Shelter has put out a call for fosters and adoptions as they are over capacity from animals evacuated and/or rescued from the La Tuna Canyon fire.

Urgent need for adopters and fosters NOW. Our shelters are full as we prepare to provide care and shelter for animals being evacuated from the La Tuna Canyon fire.
Fosters Urgently Needed: East Valley – 29, Harbor – 40, North Central -16, South Lost Angeles – 43, West Los Angeles – 14, West Valley – 5
So if you’re in the area and have a safe place and the ability to help, please do. If you’re wondering just how bad the La Tuna Canyon fire is, and you don’t have your own F/A-18E/F Superhornet to fly over and check it out, here’s a fairly recent picture:
If you’re in proximity to these fires, please stay safe.