Tuesday Morning Open Thread: Bean, Once of West Virginia

ellen t bean top

From commentor ET:

This is my nut Bean. Back in 2013 I adopted him from a rescue group in D. C. but he was born in West Virginia. He has been a total (wonderful) nut with an obsession for the cat TVs (aka windows). Not much of a talker my Snowshoe Siamese, but he is a champion cuddler.

I always have a soft spot for meezers, since I probably wouldn’t be here without one (my dad convinced my mom to marry him by offering her a purebred Siamese — still rare in the mid-1950s — instead of an engagement ring).

What’s on the agenda as we (well, many of us) start another work week?

ellen t bean

Friday Morning Open Thread: Cat Funding Bleg

diffbrad binkley

Balloon Juice lurker, former Sadly, No! regular, and founder of FireMeganMcArdle has a bleg:

My 17 year old snowshoe siamese Binkley has been very sick the last few months. The good news is he’s going to be ok, the bad news is his treatment so far has cost more than my rent at a time when that alone is not so easy for me to cover, and he’s probably not done yet. So I’ve swallowed my pride and started a gofundme

I just tweeted a good shot of him looking at Obama on tv in 08, if you’re curious about the fuzzball in question.

GoFundMe page here, if you have a soft spot for meezers.

What else is on the agenda, as we wrap up the week and/or prepare for the holiday weekend?

St. Francis Cutie-Pies – All Available For Cuddles

JeffreyW often posts pics of the available animals at St. Francis Care animal rescue near his home in Illinois over on our blog. I thought they deserved a wider audience and we could use a respite from politics on this beautiful Saturday.

JW tells me all the credit goes to Mrs. J, who provided all the photos and descriptions below. She volunteers regularly at the center and also stitches up beds for the crew there.

Without further ado – here are some of the cutest critters eveh:


You know you want to read more…

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Thursday Morning Open Thread: Mentoring

werebear rj n mithy

From wise commentor Werebear:

This is RJ (big) and Mithrandir (small). Only now Mithy is bigger than RJ!

Maine Coon mixes rule.

This, I can attest, is true… whether or not one wishes to be ruled, Maine Coons will take charge. Lucky for us thumbed primates, they are (mostly) benevolent dictators.

What’s on the agenda for the new day?

Wednesday Morning Open Thread: Happy Birthday, Satby!

edinnj dorgi bella

From commentor EdinNJ:

Here’s the newest addition to our family, our rescued 1 year-old Dorgi (Dachshund/Corgi mix), Bella.

Bella is a cutie, but I bet she’s not gonna share that chewie…

Many happy returns to generally beloved commentor Satby, pet rescuer, exchange student host, soapmaker & generally all-around good person.

What else is on the agenda for the day?

Pet Rescue Help Bleg – Loki

loki givingforward

From commentor Manyakitty, a link to her friend’s GiveForward page:

On Friday, April 29th, my friend bought a hydrangea from Trader Joe. There was no warning about potential toxicity to children or pets. Her 2.5 year old cat, Loki, nibbled the edge of a leaf that night. Loki is now struggling to survive. He is suffering from suspected cyanide family poisoning (as Cyanogenic glycoside is found in hydrangeas), and grayanotoxin poisoning (a neurotoxin usually found in rhododendrons)…

“The doctors believe the hydrangea was either cross-bred or cross-pollinated with a plant in the rhododendron family, and that is why Loki is struggling to survive. They did not expect him to survive beyond 24 hours. It has been almost 5 days now, and Loki is still fighting hard for his life. We are doing everything we can to support him. He is 100% blind and deaf from the poisons. He has a significantly diminished sense of smell. His balance is compromised, and he has a drop paw and a limp leg. His heart rate shot up to 220bpm, but it’s back down to a normal 160 now.

We have taken Loki to the doctor three times already for blood work, testing, subcutaneous fluids, and activated charcoal treatments. We are taking him back to the vet tomorrow, and several more times to check his kidney function and hopefully keep him out of renal failure.

Initially, Loki could not eat or drink on his own. Now he can! Initially, Loki was dying. He is now stable! We have a lot of treatments ahead of us to monitor his condition. Also, our local vets are unsure if his neurological deficits are permanent, so we are taking Loki to see a feline neurologist in Fort Pierce. Her examination will determine our next steps, but we hope she can suggest therapies to accelerate his recovery.

Our hearts are breaking for Loki. It is so hard to see him like this, yet his spirit continues to impress us. We are hopeful that with the best care possible, and time, our little kitty will rebound. He has an indomitable spirit. He is fighting. And we are all rallying around our baby. Go, Loki, Go!! We love you so much!”

Again, the link is here if you need more information.

Wednesday Morning Open Thread: Cats Down Under

mtrowel gambit n stormy

From overseas correspondent The Mighty Trowel:

I’ve spent years looking at cat rescue threads and seeing photos of peoples lovely babies on BJ while feeling extremely jealous. I’m finally in a secure enough job and have a house that’s big enough that about a month ago I got 2 lovely cats at the local RSPCA.

Storm is the grey tabby and Gambit is the ginger floof (they came with the names and we liked them). They’re about 1 year old brothers (neutered OFC!) and we’re keeping them as indoor cats – to protect them and to protect the native fauna – cats do a lot of damage to Australian wildlife (e.g.).

They’re really sweet boys: both like to be carried and cuddled, they don’t bite or claw and they follow us around the house – they always take their afternoon naps in the rooms we’re occupying. Stormy is a very adventurous little trouble maker (my partner has taken to calling him Pesty) who likes to jump onto high things (including the tops of doors, from which he’s had to be rescued twice) and Gambit is a total lap cat who’s never happier than when he’s cuddling and licking your hand. So far, in true cat form, their favourite toy isn’t one of the ones we purchased but is a wine cork they can roll around on the wooden floors. One of the best parts of adopting these boys is getting to watch their personalities slowly unfurl as they become more and more comfortable in my house.

I’ve attached some pics (which feature some bits of my partner as well) – my phone isn’t great at catching them in action, and some of the fuzz is worthy of John Cole, but I hope they’re enough to show what lovely silly boys I’ve brought into my life.

Apart from enjoying a moment of Morning Cat Zen, what’s on the agenda for the day?

mtrowel stormy

mtrowel gambit

mtrowel stormy n gambit