Tuesday Morning Open Thread: Survivor

danielx eric jan 16

From commentor DanielX:

Thought it would be good to update with a couple of shots of our boy Eric, who is currently celebrating his 19th – yes, 19th! – year. He’s shown in his favorite location (his kitty bed beside the fireplace) and at his favorite occupation these days (sleeping), one with more or less full facial and one with nose carefully tucked into tail for warmth.

He came back successfully from his hostile encounter with the pit bull summer before last, though it took a major toll on him. He’s a mite decrepit these days, what with arthritis and so forth, but still enjoys eating (several times a day in small meals), enjoys his catnip, and wants a great deal of attention – when he wants it, that is. He moves pretty slowly unless there’s a stranger around, and watching him turn around between the couch and coffee table is like watching an aircraft carrier backing and filling. We’re just letting him enjoy life as much as he can and giving him everything we can give him. I got a reminder email of a six month checkup at the vet a month or so back. I thought about it and said nah, his shots are current and he doesn’t seem to be in pain, no point subjecting him to any stress he doesn’t need, since odds are these are his last holidays. Our best boy….

Speaking of survivors — this morning our 14-year-old rescue dog Zevon and 8-year-old Sydney are scheduled for dental work, which especially in Zeev’s case is liable to be a prolonged bout of extractions. Surgery is in the hands of the top canine dental specialist at Angel Memorial (the Spousal Unit insisted), so odds are good they’ll be home by evening, but I’d appreciate any positive thoughts y’all have to spare.

It’s been a while since I did any purely-for-love pet story posts… if any of you have photos / stories about your animal companions to share, email them to me (click on my name in the right column, or annelaurie [at] verizon [dot] net) and let’s have some day-starters that aren’t depressing, yes?

danielx eric jan 16 ii

Sunday Morning Happy Tales Open Thread

(via The Cut, NYMag)

Derby’s a cool dude. I’m not sure there’s enough bitter apple in the world to discourage my idiot little dogs from treating prosthetic limbs as chew toys!

Earlier versions of Derby’s prosthetics shown here.

Apart from feeling good to watch a dog smile, what’s on the agenda as we wrap up the “holidays” and prepare to buckle down for 2016?

Monday Morning Open Thread

miri kit tupperbox 29 nov

From cat-rescuer and kitten-wrangler Marc:

Used all my mismatched Tupperware to send leftovers along with my guests. Went out and bought this box for the kitties, and it happened to have a brand new set inside.

Apart from life’s simple pleasures, what’s on the agenda for the start of another week?

Friday Morning Open Thread: The Day After

miri kits bathroom 26 nov

From cat-rescuer and kitten-wrangler Marc:

Kittens and bathrooms… kinda like this.

Please note the hot pink ball under the toilet. I’m sure that was what caused this mess.

It always seemed to me that bathrooms were one of the few human inventions cats approved of, whole-heartedly. “A whole room dedicated to sanitation and personal grooming! Now if we could just train them to use their nice hygienic tongues, instead of stinky rags and chemicals… “

Apart from cleaning up after yesterday’s festivities, what’s on the agenda?

Tuesday Morning Open Thread: KITTENS!

miri 16 nov whats for dinner

Praise goddess, and more immediately cat-wrangler Marc, for some happy news to start the day:

The red kitten, who I called ‘Rusty’ has gone to his furever home. Ohana will be going home with my sister at Thanksgiving. As for the other three… I had two people (for different reasons) have to back out of taking a kitten, and then two people at work decided that they were no longer interested in getting a kitten. So, after Thanksgiving I’ll have Miri and three kittens. If I keep ’em much longer, I might as well accept this as my ‘crazy cat person’ starter kit. I’ve already named them, so that isn’t much of a leap.

miri 16 nov ohana

miri 16 nov tigger

They are still growing and learning by leaps and bounds. Tigger is the biggest of the bunch, but Sylk is still the leader when it comes to getting into stuff – she was the escape leader when I had them penned in the bedroom. They seem a little more rough and tumble when they play than when I did the video, plus I don’t have a place to feed Miri, since they are able to get up on the kitchen table where I’d been feeding her. They still sometimes kitten pile when they sleep, but they are getting too big to do it on the pet beds I have. Flynn and Tigger will sometimes sleep on their back, but the girls have yet to do so (at least when I’m around). Once in a while Tigger will sleep in the cat tree with his head over the edge and softly snore – very cute.

miri 16 nov flynn

miri 16 nov sylk

The only areas still off limits are the Guest Bedroom (trying to keep it cat hair free), and the back patio. I don’t want them getting ideas about the outdoors, since I live next to a very busy street. So far, so good.

miri 16 nov herself

miri 16 nov sylk flynn ohana tigger
Programming note: Some of the photos are going to show wrong-side-up on some devices… I reoriented the ones that Marc sent me from his cell, and last time I did that for a Garden Chat some people’s high-class iDevices flipped them back the way the machine wanted.

Apart from that much-needed respite, what’s on the agenda for the day?

Monday Morning Open Thread: Kitten Kaboodle

miri kit 5 oct first

Happy news from Philadephia cat rescuer Ann Marie:

Good news — Lucy and Luna have found a home. A woman at my office was going to go to the SPCA and get a kitten but decided to take these two mature ladies instead.

Anybody know how to convert video iMove (Apple) clips to a (pc) .flv file that WordPress will accept? Until that can be untangled, here’s the latest update from kitten wrangler Marc:

The kittens continue to develop by leaps and bounds (literally). Their territory now ranges from the master bedroom (where they were born and corralled) down to the computer room at the other end of the condo, with the kitchen and dining room on the route in between. They’ve all discovered The Mirror, and watching each interact with the kitten on the other side was something else. Their physical development and increased coordination has given them newfound wings as to where they can explore.

miri kit 5 oct second

The two cat trees in the bedroom are now regular places to romp, which they rapidly climb up and down (and occasionally hide in when I’m doing a kitten count). The bed, which used to be a tough climb for them is similarly open territory to use equally as resting place, playground, or stalking position, depending on the mood of the kittens. They still sleep under the bed, but will kitten pile elsewhere (especially after feeding at Mom’s Diner), and I’ve woken up to a kitten or three snuggled next to me.

miri kit 5 oct third Read more

Cat Rescue Bleg – Philadelphia Area

lucy and luna cat bleg

From commentor Ann Marie:

The two lovely feline ladies in the attached picture are Lucy (red tabby) and Luna (charcoal). The mother of a co-worker of mine recently died and her two cats now need a home. According to my co-worker, Jennifer, they are very friendly and took good care of her mother during her illness. Jennifer can’t keep them and I can’t take them (my condo has a two-pet limit and I already have my two).

They are both 6 years old, litterbox trained and up-to-date with their immunizations. They are declawed in front.

They are good with Jennifer’s children and probably okay with dogs but have met only one small dog. Ideally, they should stay together.

Anybody is interested in these two, or knows someone who might be, contact me (click on my name in the right column, or annelaurie at verizon dot net) and I’ll put you in touch with Ann Marie.