Yuki’s New Blanket

This is the sweetest dog ever. Reminds me, I need to get the adoption info for you all.

Indiscriminate Belly Rubs

Here’s a video of me fawning all over Yuki. I’m not sure who is having more fun:

Two things- my sinuses blew up and I hadn’t talked to anyone all morning before filming this, and my voice kind of even surprised me.

Second, my favorite phrased from 2017 is “indiscriminate belly rubs,” which I heard first from a story from ABC. Apparently at one point she had a dog, and they hired a trainer to come help them train it and provide some discipline, and I know I am somehow mangling this story, but on the trainer’s second or third visit s(h)e was not impressed with the dog’s improvement and stated “Clearly there has been some indiscriminate belly rubbing going on around here.”

She’s a good doggie.

Mid Morning Open Thread

I know there are lot of posts up for you right now, but I just had to share this picture:

I was sitting here working, heard tandem snoring, looked around and found the two top fillies in my heard snuggling like they had been together forever. I can’t tell you how remarkable this is. Lily has always been an angel, but she is not really fond of snuggling with other dogs. It’s not that she is mean or aggressive, she just has no interest in them. When Thurston gets up in her grill she’ll just turn her head and look away and leave the area.

But with Yuki, they just seem to get each other- the “Yeah I was on the dark side in a bad place too we’re safe here.” I’m starting to think that Yuki needs to become a canine good citizen and go to a home with a special needs child.

And then there is Thurston.

So She is an Angel But a Touch Clingy

Yuki is an absolute princess and I love everything about her, but she is a touch needy. She has been surgically attached to me all day, and she must have some part of her body touching me at all points:

Here she is helping your fat host surf the internet:

Whoever gets this dog is hitting the jackpot. She does snore like a jetplane with asthma, though, and it appears that chicken nuggets give her the farts. But other than that, she is perfect.

Anyone in the Market for Christmas Miracle?

My sister Devon and her husband are on the way to the beach to meet my parents, brother, and other sister, so that means I get to sit her foster pup for a few days. You all saw a picture of her the other day, but here it is again:

She dropped her off this morning, and let me tell you, this may be the sweetest dog this side of Lily. She was rescued from Mississippi, and suffered horrible malnutrition, so much so that her brother died. She had rickets, so her legs didn’t form correctly, so she’s as bowlegged as a cartoon cowboy, and she is only 19lbs and the vet thinks she is almost 85-90% grown. At any rate, I can not tell you what a lover she is. She is also my new shadow- everywhere I go she follows me so close that if I stop short she runs into me.

We took a ride to Kroger:

I got her a 4 piece chicken nuggets because I like to spoil Devon’s dogs, and she loved them. At any rate, she is just an angel. She has the softest coat I have ever felt, and loves to snuggle. She slept with the other dogs with no problem, and she and Lily are sitting on my lap right now as I write this.

She is also so delicate when you give her treats and she love to rub noses and I have been administering long belly rubs and she drools on my arm when I do it.

If someone needs a Christmas miracle, holler, because if I did not have three i would totally adopt this dog. She’s a Lily, which as dar as I am concerned is the highest compliment you can give.

Pet Rescue Bleg: Columbus, OH Area

Pogonip put up a comment yesterday about a cat hoarding tragedy in the Columbus, OH area. Apparently someone in Gahanna, OH had collected, for lack of a better term, 166 cats.

GAHANNA, OH (WCMH) –Wednesday, more than 160 cats were taken out of a Gahanna home.

“We did remove 111 alive cats, 55 deceased unfortunately,” said Kerry Shaw with Columbus Humane, formerly called the Capital Area Humane Society.

Columbus Humane said it’s one of the worst cases of animal hoarding it has ever seen.

“The cats were in deplorable conditions and some have serious health risks right now, serious health conditions,” said Shaw.

Unfortunately, this has overwhelmed the Columbus Humane Society’s capabilities right now.

Columbus Humane, which operates a shelter at 3015 Scioto Darby Executive Court on the Far West Side, was so overwhelmed with the cats from Gahanna that they had to shut down operations to the public Wednesday, Shaw said.

Veterinarians were examining the 111 live cats to evaluate their health, gather evidence and determine their future, Shaw said.

Pogonip was hoping that any of you all in the area might be able to help out. Specifically:

Hello, I remember from reading this site before that readers would organize to help pets all across the country.

I lived in Columbus, Ohio for years and still keep up with their news. Earlier this week, in suburban Gahanna, one hundred eleven cats were rescued from a collector. The local shelter is so overwhelmed they’ve had to stop accepting turn-ins. They can use all the help they can get. Details and updates can be found at dispatch.com and nbc4i.com.

So if you live in the area and were considering adopting,  from the Columbus Humane Society, now might be a good time to consider doing so from the Columbus Human Society to ease their sudden overcrowding problem.

Open thread!

(New) Cat Rescue Bleg – Denver Area

From commentor Hedgehog:

A friend of one of my co-workers has been keeping a couple of cats in her shop. The shop owner has told her the cats have to go. I’ve posted to all of my social media contacts but no luck. The cats are in Denver metro.

The black one, Bubby, aka Mr. Bubbles, is about 6 and has been living inside with us for 2.5 yrs. Before that, he was living in our shed as a stray. He has a very shiny, medium length, black fur with mahogany tones. He keeps himself very clean and is a pretty easy going guy. His favorite things are to sit in your lap, and to eat!

He loves attention, but is used to spending a lot of time on his own. His eyes are often a brilliant green.

The tortie is Mama, as she had 3 kittens in 1 of our sheds at a very young age. Consequently, she is on the small side. She has bunny soft fur, and only has ½ of a tail.

She was feral when I trapped her and the kittens, but she has learned to like people. She loves to be petted, and is a bit of a talker. She is about 3, and moved inside 2 winters ago. She can be a bit sassy, after all, she is a tortie, but is a very sweet girl and likes to flirt.

Both cats have been neutered. If you know anyone who would like to meet them, I’d be happy to have them come by and visit. They are both really nice cats.

They could go together, as they get along, but they are not bonded so could easily go separately.

If you know anyone who might be interested in one or both of these sweethearts, leave a comment, or email me (‘contact a front pager’ or annelaurie.bj@gmail.com) and I’ll forward your message.