Cat Rescue Bleg – Chicago Southside Suburbs

alien b kitten

Former lurker Alien Bunnyman:

Hey, some old neighbors of mine recently had a kitten follow them home and no one’s responded to the signs. They can’t keep it, and when they asked me if I could or if I knew anybody who could my answer was a sad no.

They don’t know quite how old it is, but they’re guessing a couple of months. From what I’ve seen it’s pretty energetic (I don’t think I ever saw them tire it out) and very affectionate. It very much likes to climb into people’s laps and nap and purr up a storm. Actually it just likes climbing people in general, (I saw it perched on several shoulders while I was in its presence) so anybody who would take it should probably invest in a cat tree if they don’t have one already. Also nail clippers, as soon as possible, because ouch. It is very litter box trained and has a somewhat silly personality. I think if you have the energy and attention it needs it would make for an awesome pet.

If you’re interested in this little guy, know someone who might be interested, or have advice on good shelters / fosters in the area, leave a comment or email me (click on my name in the right-hand column, or annelaurie at verizon dot net).

As always, financial assistance towards the costs of that nail clipper and other necessary veterinary or transportation costs can be arranged, if needed.

alien b kitten pouf

Wednesday Morning Open Thread: Good Dog

From loyal commentor Ozark Hillbilly:

After we bought our place in Spring 2010 the wife wanted the dog she had been so long unable to have in our previous rentals. We had decided on a lab or lab mix because of their gentleness with children and the last thing we wanted was to worry about him with our granddaughter. I went to the local small town no kill pound where they actually had one.

I met the Woofmeister on a Monday after a weekend during which he had no visits from the animal control officer since Saturday. His cage was perfectly clean, no poop, no pee. When the ACO opened the cage so I could introduce myself, the poor dog shot past me and bolted for the open door where he ran to a semi secluded spot behind a sign and proceeded to empty both bladder and bowel. I do not kid when I say it took well over 5 minutes to finish the job.

I thought, “Damn. No worries about house breaking him.” and brought him home. We named him “Woofie” because to Baby Girl all dogs were “Woofs”.

His 5 favorite things in the world are belly scratchings, butt scratchings, chasing his frisbee, laying on the couch between Momma and Daddy, and belly/butt scratchings. Oh, he’s kind of fond of bones too.

Apart from happy pets making people happy, what’s on the agenda for the day?

Wanted: New Home for Puppies


Hi everyone! Pet bleg.

My dear friend Jackie lost her son unexpectedly this past week and now these two little ones need a new home. They are located in the LA area and I’m sure could find a ride around the California area. Although, Jackie might want to meet you and let me tell you from experience, that would be fun. They are about 5 years old, well trained and good with people and other animals.

They are living with a friend of the family right now, but that is very temporary. I know it would take a lot off of Jackie’s mind if she knew they had found a good home.

I have hope with her large circle of friends they will find a home soon, but so far, they’re still uprooted and confused.

If you want to know more or are interested, shoot me an email at whats4dinnersolutions (at) live (dot) com


ETA: Thanks to Raven for reminding me, it’s preferred they are kept together. And I mean, come on, how much room could these two take up? Asks the servant to a Great Dane.

Wednesday Morning Open Thread: Faithful Old Friends

thoms kara

From commentor Thom:

This is Kara. We adopted her ten years ago from a Lab rescue group in Virginia. (We live in New Jersey!) She was found abandoned in Maryland. Our vets think she was maybe 3 or 4 years old. So now our girl is 13+. In October of 2014, she developed diabetes. She gets her insulin shot after breakfast and dinner. She’s also pretty much deaf at this point but if you shout loud enough she hears you. Especially if the word is dinner. The diabetes also caused cataracts so she is fairly blind at this point though she sees shadows and movements at a distance. She has no problem getting around the house or out in the backyard. She also has her two big brothers (two more Yellow Labs) as guide dogs. All that being said, she’s as happy as a clam. Sleeps a lot. But she still knows when it’s time to eat and wags her way to her dish. She is our treasure, our joy, and our pleasure.

Nothing like a happy sleeping pet to make the noisy world seem calmer…

Our rescue dogs Zevon and Sydney came through their dental surgeries in good form, and were very happy to be home again last night even though they are still quite woozy, partly due to the painkillers. Turns out Sydney the puppy-mill product had even more mouth issues than his geriatric ‘sibling’ — including an extra molar and ‘tooth wear due to malocclusion’. Gloria, who didn’t get to go have a surgical adventure, is suspicious of the both of them and angry at the two humans who she assumes are trying to put one over on her. But it’s very tranquil, for the moment!

Apart from that, what’s on the agenda for the day?

ETA: More good news, from the Washington Post:

Iran has freed the sailors from two American naval vessels that had strayed into Iranian waters, prompting their seizure and detention by Iranian coastal forces.

“Ten U.S. Navy Sailors safely returned to U.S. custody today, after departing Iran,” said a statement early Wednesday from U.S. Naval Forces Central Command. “here are no indications that the Sailors were harmed during their brief detention.”

According to the statement, the Navy will investigate “the circumstances that led to the Sailor’s presence in Iran.”

Tuesday Morning Open Thread: Survivor

danielx eric jan 16

From commentor DanielX:

Thought it would be good to update with a couple of shots of our boy Eric, who is currently celebrating his 19th – yes, 19th! – year. He’s shown in his favorite location (his kitty bed beside the fireplace) and at his favorite occupation these days (sleeping), one with more or less full facial and one with nose carefully tucked into tail for warmth.

He came back successfully from his hostile encounter with the pit bull summer before last, though it took a major toll on him. He’s a mite decrepit these days, what with arthritis and so forth, but still enjoys eating (several times a day in small meals), enjoys his catnip, and wants a great deal of attention – when he wants it, that is. He moves pretty slowly unless there’s a stranger around, and watching him turn around between the couch and coffee table is like watching an aircraft carrier backing and filling. We’re just letting him enjoy life as much as he can and giving him everything we can give him. I got a reminder email of a six month checkup at the vet a month or so back. I thought about it and said nah, his shots are current and he doesn’t seem to be in pain, no point subjecting him to any stress he doesn’t need, since odds are these are his last holidays. Our best boy….

Speaking of survivors — this morning our 14-year-old rescue dog Zevon and 8-year-old Sydney are scheduled for dental work, which especially in Zeev’s case is liable to be a prolonged bout of extractions. Surgery is in the hands of the top canine dental specialist at Angel Memorial (the Spousal Unit insisted), so odds are good they’ll be home by evening, but I’d appreciate any positive thoughts y’all have to spare.

It’s been a while since I did any purely-for-love pet story posts… if any of you have photos / stories about your animal companions to share, email them to me (click on my name in the right column, or annelaurie [at] verizon [dot] net) and let’s have some day-starters that aren’t depressing, yes?

danielx eric jan 16 ii

Sunday Morning Happy Tales Open Thread

(via The Cut, NYMag)

Derby’s a cool dude. I’m not sure there’s enough bitter apple in the world to discourage my idiot little dogs from treating prosthetic limbs as chew toys!

Earlier versions of Derby’s prosthetics shown here.

Apart from feeling good to watch a dog smile, what’s on the agenda as we wrap up the “holidays” and prepare to buckle down for 2016?

Monday Morning Open Thread

miri kit tupperbox 29 nov

From cat-rescuer and kitten-wrangler Marc:

Used all my mismatched Tupperware to send leftovers along with my guests. Went out and bought this box for the kitties, and it happened to have a brand new set inside.

Apart from life’s simple pleasures, what’s on the agenda for the start of another week?