Dog Rescue Bleg – Nashville Area

From “long-time reader, infrequent commentor” Gary F:

Our dog Huxley, a 20 lb shi-tzu or pekingese mix, needs a new home. We got him from a shelter in 2010 and he clearly wasn’t treated well. He’s sweet, playful, loves to cuddle in bed. He’s crate trained. He barks a lot-cars pulling up, other dogs, sirens, mosquito farts…

After a family vacation where we stayed with relatives and their two delightful shih-tzus in 2010, we thought maybe it was time to add a dog to our family. Our kids were 3-5 years old, and we wanted a pet they could grow up with, so after talking it over for a few months, we decided to visit the local animal shelter where we met Huxley. Huxley is a small, gray, mixed-breed dog who looks a lot like Wicket when his fur grows out (and in retrospect, I think this would be a more fitting name for him).

When we adopted Huxley, our vet said that he probably had some Pekingese and/or Shih-Tzu in his bloodline and that he was fairly young, under three years old. He was in good health, and we welcomed him into our family and got some basic training (sit, stay, down, leave it, etc.). The only issue that arose was that he’d snuggle down by the sofa when the kids were up there reading or watching television. They’d hop off, and often land on him, and he began snapping at their heels. We worked with dog and humans to be more aware of each other, and to have positive and fun interactions, and all was well.

In Spring of 2013, when I was TDY for training for six months, Huxley got out and tried to outrun the garbage truck and my wife watched, horrified, as he went under the wheels. Our vet pieced him back together and he’s now a bionic dog, thanks to the metal pin in his leg. I said earlier that Huxley likes to bark (Car! Dogs! Far-away train! Squirrel! Leaf!), but I’ve never heard him bark at anything else the way he barks at that garbage truck.

He’s wary of strangers, especially men, and several times he’s growled at someone new who’s reached out to offer a friendly pat. Huxley has always been leash-aggressive, but off-leash he does pretty well around other dogs, though he generally plays only a little and stays mostly to himself. He’s a little anxious, and a little neurotic…we suspect he was not treated well in his formative years, but he’s generally a sweet little snuggly dog.

Once we got things sorted with the sofa and nipping, Huxley has gotten along well with our two kids. They are now 9 and 11 and have participated in feeding, brushing, walking, and playing with him. Now, if they start running around and getting loud; he responds to that excited energy by barking, and jumping and just getting more and more wound up. We can calm him down, but it’s just part of his makeup to get wound up when there’s a lot of noise and excitement. We send the kids outside if they’re running or yelling, which helps everyone. If the kids have more than 2-3 friends over, though, we usually have to put him up in the bedroom unless two adults are home, because keeping him calm is a full-time job. If he’s overexcited, we know he’s not in control of himself, and given his other aggressive proclivities outlined above, we’ve just never wanted to take a chance. We sedate him for birthday parties.

This fall, he nipped our 11yo on the ankle, unprovoked. Our son was tucked up in a chair reading, and when he got out of the chair, Huxley ran over, nipped him on the ankle, and ran away. We talked about this with our kids, and how we can’t have a dog who bites, even a nip, because he could really hurt someone.

A day or so later, he started limping, so we took him to the vet and the found he had a fractured hip. After some consultation, they pulled out the old X-rays from his garbage truck incident and determined that he’d had a hairline fracture that had been missed with all the other injuries. He was on anti-inflammatory meds for a few days, but seems to be back to normal.

The kids made the point that maybe he was in pain and that was why he did this, so we continued to talk about it. It’s not an easy thing to give away a dog who has been part of your family for 7.5 years. Then a month ago, he did it again…nipped the 11yo on the ankle, unprovoked, so we set ourselves to the task of finding him a home, preferably one without kids.

His ideal home would be one where someone is home for at least part of the day most of the time. He would love to have a small yard where he can run around and bark at squirrels, and an owner who will take him for walks and throw things for him to chase (though he has never figured out how to bring it back). He can be left alone for the day, but he likes the company. He spends most of his day napping, or following us around the house as we engage in our daily activities.

All of the no kill shelters in the area are full, and I can’t find a good home using my network. We contacted a local senior dog rescue to find they only accept dogs from shelters. We’ve asked family/friends, and plan to talk with our vet. We want to find him a home where he’ll be loved.

We live in the Nashville area, but I would be willing to drive a good ways.

If you have any suggestions, or know someone who might be interested, leave a comment. Or contact me directly, using the ‘Contact a Front-Pager’ form under ‘Quick Links’ from the top bar, or directly at annelaurie (dot) bj (at) gmail (dot) com, and I’ll forward your message to Gary.

Great Dane Rescue: Florida

I know this is probably a long shot, but I wanted to bring Hank to your attention. Reading his story (ok, reading every rescue story while I was looking to rescue over the last two years) breaks my heart. There is just something about Danes.

Hank is NOT for anyone who is not Giant Breed experienced. But anyone who has that experience, understands the special challenges that are ahead for this guy, and are big hearted enough to meet those challenges, this might be your dog.

We just walked Bixby and Scout through Murdochs tonight to pick up dog food and what should have been a quick 15 minute trip turned into 45 minutes of loving on Bixby by a whole bunch of kids and a 6 month lab mix who seemed to be slightly in love with him (Scout got her share of scritches, too, but since she’s not allowed out of the shopping cart yet, it wasn’t the same for the kids as having this 160 lbs slobber monster lean and love on you).

Hank will not have those experiences. But he does need a loving home. Pass it on…

Here is Hank’s adoption information, Northwest Florida Great Dane Rescue

Bixby, Scout (and Bailey for sure) thank you.

Ann Arbor Cat Bleg Happy Update


Remember Freya and Sweetpea, who needed a new home after their disabled owner died? Just got a great update from Alexi:

I am glad to report that we have a happy ending for Freya and Sweetpea! They have a new home in Ann Arbor with Asuki, who was newly catless.

We used the wheelchair lift van to transport the gigantic cat tower and all their other stuff.

As you can see in the photo, Sweetpea is already using the tower to surveil the Huron River and the critters who live by it.

Freya mostly stayed under the couch, but she did venture out to investigate her litter box’s new location. Their new human guardian is semi-retired, so they will get plenty of attention.

Thank you to everyone for networking and brainstorming to help us relocate Sweetpea and Freya. It’s a huge relief for my friend, B, because she isn’t able to keep her apartment now that her partner has died. Having the cats really complicated the search for affordable housing, and she was worried about future vet bills. Now B knows that the cats at least will have a good home.

P.S. I asked about setting up donations, but B isn’t comfortable with that. We didn’t end up having any cat relocation costs except driving them across town. Thanks again to everyone who offered help!

Always good to have some happy news on a politically stormy day… which is just about *every* day, right now…

Yuki Found Her Forever Home

This is bittersweet- Yuki, one of the sweetest and most gentle dogs this side of Lily found her forever home. Devon (my sister) texted me in tears to “please don’t be mad at me” to inform me. She was adopted by a couple who foster-failed for Furkids, and the wife works with kids with Cystic Fibrosis and they are going to train Yuki to be a therapy dog. Here she is with her new big brother Bogart (the foster fail):

And here she is snuggled up with her new bff:

She looks like his mini-me. Such a sweet doggie.

Cat Rescue Bleg — Ann Arbor, MI


From “longtime BJ lurker/infrequent commenter” Alexi:

I’m hoping you might help lend your megaphone to the effort to find a home or homes for Sweetpea and Freya.

Sweetpea is a neutered male, 5 years old, dark chocolate colored with black markings. His name comes from his bright green eyes. He is affectionate with family, though shy with strange humans. He gets along well with other cats and dogs.

Freya is a spayed female, about 3 years old, tortoiseshell. She is friendly to humans, dogs, and other cats.

Both cats currently live in Ann Arbor, Michigan; we are looking to place them together or separately. They have only lived with each other for a year, so we think they could adapt if separated.

They belonged to a good friend of mine who died in December. Her family doesn’t have any resources to take care of the cats due to the inhumane nature of the Medicaid/SSDI system. My friend had spinal muscular atrophy, which causes progressive paralysis. She wasn’t allowed to have savings of more than $2000, and her partner (also disabled; they couldn’t marry due to Medicaid) was employed as her care aide for the last 20 years, so now the partner has no income until she can get herself back on SSI. It’s just a tough situation, and it would be a big help if we could find placements for the cats.

I have attached photos of each kitty. Apologies for the quality on Sweetpea’s portrait.

If you’re interested / know someone who might be / have a lead for an alternate placement, leave a comment below, or email me directly at

Happy Cat Rescue Update: Tripod Tex

The little ex-feral is doing most excellent! Heard from Reilyn, who couriered Miss Callie:

A quick follow-up…I sent a note to Lori, the organizer, right after the donation; letting her know this was the leftovers from the Callie collections from the BalloonJuice community and therefore asking that she use the rest to either cover additional vet care for Tex or use to help other kittehz in need:

“Thank you! I will use extra money towards insulated outdoor shelters for the cats in Tex’s colony, and to help defray costs of TNR of the colony (and any friendly kittens we can adopt out)…

“I cannot thank you and the folks in your group enough for all of your incredible generosity for Tex!! My husband and I are pretty much speechless to receive such support from people we don’t know, for this wonderful little cat.

Tex loves to run and play. He purrs if we just look at him. I took him to our vet last week for his rabies vaccination and his first distemper vaccination. He’ll be neutered before he’s adopted out.

I have one couple that might adopt him, but if not, he’ll be on soon through the no-kill cat shelter I volunteer with,, here in Albany, NY.

Again, please thank everyone for me — Tex is such a happy little guy. That bad leg would have killed him with that bone infection … He is definitely worth keeping in this world for as long as possible! :) Lori”


I just heard from Lori that the Balloon Juice contribution for Tex’s GoFundMe—which brought her to and over goal — arrived. As a thank you, she’s sending a few pics of Tex for you and the Juicers.

Thanks so much; it means a lot to la Caterina and me, but far more to Lori and Tex.

We did good, guys.

Pet Bleg Funding Reallocation Request (Tripod Tex)

Remember calico kitten Miss Callie, who needed help getting from Minneapolis to Maryland? I’ve heard back from her special courier, Reilyn:

Alright, finally had a chance to sit down and run the #s. The total donations was $1,018 and expenses (flight w/ pet fee, carrier, harness/leash, and my uber to the airport) totaled $477, so the leftover funds total $541. :)

Fortuitously, longtime commentor and cat-rescuer Johannes just sent a plea:

I’m forwarding a request to help my cat sitter, Lori Doyle, defray the cost of having a kittens leg amputated. Lori does TNR work up in Albany, NY, is good people. Juicers helped my wife la Caterina and her friends rebuild the Brooklyn Navy Yard cat shelters, and, at the risk of coming a-begging once more, Tex is a kitty in need of help….

That’s Tex at the top, and here is his GoFundMe page:

This little cowboy, now named “Tex,” was born and living outside of a store on the outskirts of Albany, NY. Tex and his many siblings, mom, and several other cats were fortunate enough to be fed by the store owners, but the area around the store is industrial, with lots of equipment, pallets of supplies, and storage areas. Not really safe or cat-friendly — and somehow Tex hurt one of his hind legs during his first three months of life.

The store owners noticed Tex wasn’t using his back leg. All the cats and kittens seemed semi-feral in that they would come close to eat, but if anyone tried to reach out and touch them, they would run away. Even Tex, on his three good legs. There seemed to be no way to help Tex.

So, the owners started talking to people about Tex, and this is how things start to happen. Word of mouth…

Tex had three problems with his leg. He had an old tibial fracture that was in many pieces. He also had a wound on the inside of his hind foot and the X-ray showed that the foot bone next to that was infected to the point that the bone had already been eaten away by the infection. I didn’t even know that was possible. On the X-ray there is just a blank area where the bone used to be. And one of his toes had a problem (it just looked black), which could not be fixed… Anyway, Tex went in for a consultation with the surgeon and she recommended full amputation of his hind leg for the best recovery and long term result…

Tex did great! He stayed at the hospital one night. I picked him up the next day …. a technician carried him out, on his back, like a baby, holding a little toy mouse. How adorable is that? She said she didn’t want to give him back. ;)

By day three at home he was taking off his Elizabethan collar and scurrying around on three legs. Today is officially two weeks since I trapped him. Two weeks from his surgery he will get his stitches out and he will be ready for the rest of his vetting and will be ready to find his forever home…

Much more at the link. Tex’s rescuer has already collected $1,980 of their $3,232 goal. If it’s okay with the rest of you who chipped in for Miss Callie, I’ll tell Reilyn to redirect that $541 directly to Tex’s GoFundMe.

If you have questions / other suggestions, let me know. If you don’t want to leave a comment here, contact me directly at