Wednesday Morning Open Thread: “My Pride of Tigers”

Some much-needed happy news — a rescue update from catspaw commentor Marc:

A little over two years ago, DemTaters had a sweet kitty show up at her home, and sent out a bleg, as she could not take in another pet. I responded, having lost my little kitty Sabrina two months prior, and my condo was feeling a bit empty. Dropped off along with Miri was a generous donation by juicers for her spay. I setup an appointment with Banfield for her checkup and wellness care. During her vet visit, she was pronounced to be ‘in the family way’ — with three little ones. On 14 August 2015, five little ones came into the world.

When the time came, I was able to find forever homes for two – several people stated they were interested in getting one of the others, but all backed out for various reasons. November rolled around and I was starting to worry about the three left – if they stayed too much longer, I’d get attached. Shortly after Thanksgiving was when I threw in the towel, and so Miri wound up filling my home more than I expected.

Here are a few pictures of my Tribe of Tigers at Two:

Miri is the most ‘people’ cat I’ve known. While her kids scatter if another person comes into the condo, she walks up to them ‘meows’ and asks to be petted. While not a lap kitty, she loves lounging on the computer desk while I’m using it.

Tigger is the biggest of the Tribe – and a real bird toy killer. He played so hard with a chirping toy, that the soundbox came out of it – but only after it had run out of power.

Sylk is a sweet Princess – still adventurous, but also very much a lap kitty. I’ve found her on top of doors, and on top of the plate cabinet in the next photo.

Flynn is the clever one – he opens cabinets, dresser drawers, and the door to the computer room (if left unlocked).

You can’t spell homeowner without a ‘meow’.

If Miri doesn’t have some ‘oriental’ Siamese-style genes — and her nosiness about people coming into her home argues she does — her kittens sure do. Even apart from Sylk’s blue eyes, those aerialist climbs and drawer-opening skills are well-known Meezer stunts. Meezer-type cats can be hella aggravating, but they’re never boring!

Apart from blessing all the rescuers, what’s on the agenda for the new day?

I Suppose It’s Bad I’ve Named Them: Thursday Evening Open Thread

Just wanted to let you know there will be a Writing Group post this Sunday. Get your pens ready.

Last week a couple of people asked me for an update on the ducks. They are still here. I’m in foster mode, so not too attached. But they did acquire names. It’s difficult when you have a ten year old for the week to NOT name them.

Mabel (the Rouen – brown with iridescent green markings) is recovering nicely. She was quite weak and wasn’t eating well for the first few days. Now she eats all the time and keeps trying to steal Bailey’s dinner. I’ve addressed that, so poor Bailey can eat in peace. The Blue Swedish is Maddie and she’s hell on wheels. And keeps an eye on me.

That’s not creepy at all, right? They are clearly hand raised – they eat out  of my hand, they come running when I go outside and are unfazed by cats, dogs or 10 year olds.  Funny thing, yesterday I was sitting on the steps, feeding them when Mabel mistook my nicely painted toenail for a snack. We both got a surprise.

I suppose none of us will be surprised if this turns out to be a foster fail. But I’m not there yet.

How about a happy news, politics free open thread? Have any good news to share?

ETA: Thanks to dmsilev for this

This Was Not How I Expected To End My Day

After a very long week away and an even longer 8 hour drive home, this happened. A neighbor spotted these two at the local playground (with pond) and they tried to follow him home. This was yesterday and he was worried. So, since my niece and I had been driving all day, we decided we could use a walk and went to see what we could see.

These two came right up to us. They were hungry, friendly and completely ill-equipped to survive on their own. I had brought cat food along (mine ate cat and dog food along with chicken feed for that well rounded diet, LOL – or just to annoy the four-footers in the family) and they took it right out of my hand.

The only thing I had to capture them with was a cooler a friend had lent me for the trip. Deciding I’d just buy her a new one, I corralled them (one in the grass, the other I had to snag from the water) and brought them home.

Their photo is now on the neighborhood lost and found website page and they are tucked away in the garage, with food, water, cilantro – a duck favorite. Bixby is beside himself with curiosity, but I don’t want to stress them, so he’s banned from the garage.

The good news, the excitement has tempered any disapproval from the dogs about my long absence. The bad news? I’m attached (I love ducks) but am in no position at the moment to add more critters to my menagerie. There may need to be an intervention.

I. am. exhausted.

Open thread!

Thursday Morning Open Thread: Welcome, Finnick

News that doesn’t suck, from faithful commentor Tissue-Thin Pseudonym:

It has been requested that I provide information on the new feline overlord at Chez TTTP: Finncik Neal. I got him at the St Paul Humane Society last Friday. I went intending to get a feisty little girl, since Dirk still misses Monster bossing him around, but that only lasted until I met Finnick. He stayed under the chairs in the visiting room for the whole half hour I was there, but he didn’t shy away when I reached under to pet him, and by the end he was at the edge of the chair I was sitting on, letting me scritch his head.

I thought that was very brave for 10-month old cat only a couple of weeks out of surgery to remove his left hind leg. He was found as a stray, and had multiple torn ligaments and other damage in the knee and they decided that amputation was the best option. He’s still working to master running on three legs, and it can be entertaining to watch him try on the mix of hardwood and linoleum floors in my house.

The integration with the rest of the household is going well. Harry is still perturbed, which was unexpected given how laid back he is about everything else. We made it through the whole day with all of us sleeping on my bed. I left the door to Finnick’s room open while I’m at work tonight for the first time. Hopefully there’s no blood on the floor when I get home.

Apart from cheering on feline overlords — and prepping for Drama King Comey’s latest all-networks appearance — what’s on the agenda for the day?

Buddy Update: He’s Home!

BL emailed me and asked that I move her update via comment to the front page:

I just returned Buddy to his home. The owner had returned from his trip.They had to leave suddenly to attend a funeral in Detroit. He is elderly but clearly cares for Buddy, whose name is Buddy. They live on 4 acres and normally Buddy has the run of much of it, but there was some confusion when they had to leave suddenly.

Hopefully he does not leave Buddy in the care of the neighbor who lost track of Buddy.

I checked with YouCaring, but there is no method for refunding directly through YouCaring. However, YouCaring did provide me with a list of donors, amounts and email addresses. I will be sending an email to all who donated to Buddy asking your preference – I can make a donation to John’s animal charity or send you a check. Please check your emails for a gmail from b l a m b 1 0 1 0 and let me know your preference. If you want a refund, and I know there are those on BJ who are struggling, I am happy to send a check. If I havent heard from you within a week, then I will assume you are ok with donating your portion to John’s favorite animal rescue charity. Another alternative is forwarding the donation in honor of greennotGreen.

Also, I was in discussion with the Senior Dog Sanctuary of Maryland about taking Buddy when I heard from the neighbor. They had agreed to take Buddy in today, if I wasnt satisfied the person was Buddy’s owner. If you need a rescue for older dogs in the DC area, they are very nice and have a wonderful facility. They also were willing to mediate returning Buddy home if I wasnt comfortable doing it myself.

P.S. What is John’s favorite animal rescue charity?

So if you want a refund, you know what to do. And thanks again for everyone who helped out – from chipping in to offering to foster to offering to adopt.

Pet Bleg III: The Buddy Update

Look at that face! You know you want to help that face!!!!

BL has sent along an update about Buddy. First the good stuff:

Buddy now likes to play ball. At first he was horrible at catching balls, but is getting better. His walking is also improving daily. At first he could hardly walk; now he is trotting short distances. He loves scratches and sleeps next to me as I work. He’s a really happy dog and should make someone very happy.
And now we tug your heart strings and ask you to reach deep, deep, deep!
Thanks for your help so far.  I have sent emails and phone calls to about 10 rescue groups so far, and heard back from one. That one (a lab rescue) is processing the information to see if they will accept Buddy. I think we will have better luck if I get him all his tests and vaccinations.
Buddy will spend the next few days at my daughter.
I am scheduling Buddy for vaccinations, tests and to be fixed later this week.
I estimate the initial costs for Buddy, not counting the $300-$500 that Rescue Groups ask for in donation to be $1710.
Doctor visit $52
Anasthesia Check/Fix (checked w/vet) $520
Fecal check $51
Bordatella $37
Influenza $43
Lepto $37
Lyme $43
Heartworm screen $57
Cardiologist $700
Heartworm Prev – 6 mon $60
Lyme screen $50
Tick-Flea Prev – 3 mon $60
I already paid for a rabies shot so it is not in the above costs. The estimate for the cardiologist to check his potential arrhythmia came from my daughter that has a dog with arrhythmia and recently saw a cardiologist.
I started a youcaring fundraiser, since they seem to charge the least in fees.
Here is the link.
Any assistance for BL efforts to get Buddy situated would be greatly appreciated! All lines are open. Operators are standing by.

Pet Bleg II: Sending Out the Signal

Commenter BL wrote and asked if I’d re-up the request for assistance.

Look at that face! You know you want to help that face!

BL writes:

The dog has been lost since at least Friday morning and we have had several bouts of rain. He only had an Invisible Fence collar, and no other tags or tattooes. He is not microchipped and his collar is not registered with Invisible Fence. I have posted on several lost pet sites, facebook, a local neighborhood social media site, and Craigs List. I’ve notified the county animal control and the community HOA. I filed a found dog report with the county shelter.
I have had only one response and that was not the right dog.
Today, the president of the HOA of my development (who is a big dog lover and just took in a puppy today or would help take in Buddy for the next 3 days) drove around our neighborhood and the next development over, and asked everyone she saw if they knew where Buddy belonged with no luck. I also drove around neighborhoods this weekend and saw no signs or anyone looking for a dog.
In my county, if you turn the dog into the county, you have 5 days to pick up your dog and then they start to look at adoption.
Tomorrow will be the 5th day.
I would like to go ahead and ask the Balloon Juice community to help place the dog for adoption somewhere.
Here is what I know:
He is an older, intact, black lab mix and weighs 69lb. The vet said everything looked good except for his heart (he may have an arrhythmia). He is stiff, and had trouble walking for me on Friday, but the vet says his hips and knees seemed good (at least as much as he could tell without an xray). The walking/stiffness may be more back related. He can go up and down stairs, but it is difficult for him. His teeth are in great shape. He is very friendly with people and ok with my dogs. He is a little protective of his food with my dogs, he is ok with me taking food from him. He, unfortunately, wants to chase cats, and so, I cant keep him in the house while I travel since I have cats.
However, he likes to mark – including in the house. I have started trying to correct that, but I expect that is going to take awhile as he is old and has years of habit to undo. But I doubt he is an outside dog, since I had trouble getting him to go out into the rain. Maybe the marking is due to some level of anxiety in a new setting, although he seems calm.
I had him vaccinated for rabies while at the vet this weekend to keep everyone safe. I can arrange for the rest of the vaccines later this week, when I get back. I am postponing my travel to WV until tomorrow evening, so I can take Buddy somewhere tomorrow. If I have no other option, I will ask my daughter (but she is pregnant, in that stage where you feel nauseous all the time, and is dealing with her own dog emergency – one of her dogs is going through chemo and had to be rushed to the emergency vet this morning, plus she also has cats). I suppose the last resort is the county shelter, but they do euthanize animals they cant place. They told me they have a 60% placement rate.
Let me know if you need anything else from me. I have been reading Balloon Juice for a couple of years and I’ve seen how the group rallies for pets.
If you can help BL and this fine fellow out, let us know in comments or email me and I’ll put you in touch.
Open thread!