Pet Rescue Help Bleg – Loki

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From commentor Manyakitty, a link to her friend’s GiveForward page:

On Friday, April 29th, my friend bought a hydrangea from Trader Joe. There was no warning about potential toxicity to children or pets. Her 2.5 year old cat, Loki, nibbled the edge of a leaf that night. Loki is now struggling to survive. He is suffering from suspected cyanide family poisoning (as Cyanogenic glycoside is found in hydrangeas), and grayanotoxin poisoning (a neurotoxin usually found in rhododendrons)…

“The doctors believe the hydrangea was either cross-bred or cross-pollinated with a plant in the rhododendron family, and that is why Loki is struggling to survive. They did not expect him to survive beyond 24 hours. It has been almost 5 days now, and Loki is still fighting hard for his life. We are doing everything we can to support him. He is 100% blind and deaf from the poisons. He has a significantly diminished sense of smell. His balance is compromised, and he has a drop paw and a limp leg. His heart rate shot up to 220bpm, but it’s back down to a normal 160 now.

We have taken Loki to the doctor three times already for blood work, testing, subcutaneous fluids, and activated charcoal treatments. We are taking him back to the vet tomorrow, and several more times to check his kidney function and hopefully keep him out of renal failure.

Initially, Loki could not eat or drink on his own. Now he can! Initially, Loki was dying. He is now stable! We have a lot of treatments ahead of us to monitor his condition. Also, our local vets are unsure if his neurological deficits are permanent, so we are taking Loki to see a feline neurologist in Fort Pierce. Her examination will determine our next steps, but we hope she can suggest therapies to accelerate his recovery.

Our hearts are breaking for Loki. It is so hard to see him like this, yet his spirit continues to impress us. We are hopeful that with the best care possible, and time, our little kitty will rebound. He has an indomitable spirit. He is fighting. And we are all rallying around our baby. Go, Loki, Go!! We love you so much!”

Again, the link is here if you need more information.

Wednesday Morning Open Thread: Cats Down Under

mtrowel gambit n stormy

From overseas correspondent The Mighty Trowel:

I’ve spent years looking at cat rescue threads and seeing photos of peoples lovely babies on BJ while feeling extremely jealous. I’m finally in a secure enough job and have a house that’s big enough that about a month ago I got 2 lovely cats at the local RSPCA.

Storm is the grey tabby and Gambit is the ginger floof (they came with the names and we liked them). They’re about 1 year old brothers (neutered OFC!) and we’re keeping them as indoor cats – to protect them and to protect the native fauna – cats do a lot of damage to Australian wildlife (e.g.).

They’re really sweet boys: both like to be carried and cuddled, they don’t bite or claw and they follow us around the house – they always take their afternoon naps in the rooms we’re occupying. Stormy is a very adventurous little trouble maker (my partner has taken to calling him Pesty) who likes to jump onto high things (including the tops of doors, from which he’s had to be rescued twice) and Gambit is a total lap cat who’s never happier than when he’s cuddling and licking your hand. So far, in true cat form, their favourite toy isn’t one of the ones we purchased but is a wine cork they can roll around on the wooden floors. One of the best parts of adopting these boys is getting to watch their personalities slowly unfurl as they become more and more comfortable in my house.

I’ve attached some pics (which feature some bits of my partner as well) – my phone isn’t great at catching them in action, and some of the fuzz is worthy of John Cole, but I hope they’re enough to show what lovely silly boys I’ve brought into my life.

Apart from enjoying a moment of Morning Cat Zen, what’s on the agenda for the day?

mtrowel stormy

mtrowel gambit

mtrowel stormy n gambit

Balloon Juice Bunker Standoff Update: Won’t Someone Think of the Cows!

Earlier today efgoldman asked about what was happening with Cliven Bundy’s cows.

The short answer is that the BLM, coordinating with the Department of Justice, is trying to figure out what to do with them. They are still under a seizure order from a Federal court due to the unpaid grazing fees and the overdue fines on those fees.

However, BLM has several concerns:
1) There are still Bundys and their supporters at his Bunkerville Ranch and in the surrounding communities that could place BLM personnel at risk.

2) In relation to item 1, Cliven Bundy has sent violently threatening letters to many of the companies that BLM would contract with to do the removal, transport, and/or house the cattle. So none of the companies want to get involved. This is almost a textbook example of the state level crime known as terrorizing/making terroristic threats.

3) The cattle are a special breed of Brahman, imported from India, that can handle high heat, little water, and sparse vegetation. They are also known for having particularly unpleasant dispositions and have been compared to Cape Buffalo. So they are naturally smart and ornery and Bundy has essentially let them go feral. So this isn’t like rounding up the normal, dimwitted cows we often see on TV. Rather it is trying to round up large, nasty, smart, aggressive, feral animals. And trying to do so in harsh conditions with a potential threat of human directed violence against those doing the round up.

4) It is also important to remember that Bundy doesn’t brand his cattle – it is estimated that 3/4 of his herd (approximately 750 out of 1,000 total) are unbranded. Nor has he taken proper care of them. So in addition to being feral, and a specialty breed, because they’ve not had proper veterinary care there is no telling what they are carrying disease wise. This means that bringing them anywhere where they can come into contact with other ranchers’ cattle, or even people, is not a good idea. In order to do this right they would have to a) round them up, b) transport them in a controlled manner to a containment facility – at this point they become temporary property/in custody of the State of Nevada, c) have each cow evaluated by a veterinarian, d) go through a complete course of treatment for whatever they might have, e) be reevaluated to make sure they’re disease free, and then finally to f) be made available for auction with the proceeds going to pay off Cliven Bundy’s outstanding grazing fees and the fines and interest that has accrued on them. That last step of putting them up for auction only comes after Cliven Bundy is given a chance to pay his overdue fees and the fines and the court costs to reclaim his cattle. If he refuses to do so, or fails to do so, the BLM can apply to the State of Nevada Brand Inspector to sell the unbranded cattle. If the application is approved the cattle can then, finally be auctioned, but only the approximately 750 or so without brands. I do not know what happens to the remaining branded cattle.

It is important to keep in mind that Bundy owes over a million dollars in fees, fines, and court costs, but his 1,000 head herd is only valued at around $800,000 and only the unbranded 3/4 (750) can be auctioned or sold to recoup the fees and fines. So that reduces the estimated value of a sale to about $600,000. The estimates of a round up are right around the same price as the estimated value of all of Bundy’s cattle. So no matter what happens he’s going to cost the taxpayers more money than can be recouped in settling the matter. I’ve not seen anyone provide an estimate on damage his cattle has cost, or even how that money could be recouped, but it probably raises the financial stakes here a lot as well.

Since all of the above is a real pain in the tookhas, right now no one is doing anything but monitoring the situation. Some of it is that I’m not really sure anyone really knows the best way to go about all of the above so that Cliven Bundy and his cattle don’t cost the taxpayer any more money than they already have. You’re only other option is to basically slaughter the entire herd where they currently are, which I’m pretty sure is not legal at all.

Tuesday Morning Open Thread: KITTEN!

ham kitten best

Excellent news from commentor Daryljfontaine:

Here is proof of life for the rescue kitten (thanks Alien Bunnyman and her mom for taking great care of him!). He’s been checked out by two vets, and cleared for FeLV and FIV. I have some drops to put in his ears, and appointments for his distemper booster and rabies vaccine in a few weeks. He is a proper little monkey, climbing like a pro, eating like a horse, and sleeping like he invented it. He’s currently laying on my stomach buzzing away. Still a day or so before he and Mango, my five-year-old cat, get to meet.

His name? Hamilton, or Ham for short. (*wave* at Mnemosyne)

He’s just like his country, he’s young, scrappy and hungry.

Is there a better way to start the morning? Even a Mardi Gras morning!

Apart from happy kitten news, what’s on the agenda until we start scrapping about the NH primary results?

ham kitten first
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Cat Rescue Bleg – Chicago Southside Suburbs

alien b kitten

Former lurker Alien Bunnyman:

Hey, some old neighbors of mine recently had a kitten follow them home and no one’s responded to the signs. They can’t keep it, and when they asked me if I could or if I knew anybody who could my answer was a sad no.

They don’t know quite how old it is, but they’re guessing a couple of months. From what I’ve seen it’s pretty energetic (I don’t think I ever saw them tire it out) and very affectionate. It very much likes to climb into people’s laps and nap and purr up a storm. Actually it just likes climbing people in general, (I saw it perched on several shoulders while I was in its presence) so anybody who would take it should probably invest in a cat tree if they don’t have one already. Also nail clippers, as soon as possible, because ouch. It is very litter box trained and has a somewhat silly personality. I think if you have the energy and attention it needs it would make for an awesome pet.

If you’re interested in this little guy, know someone who might be interested, or have advice on good shelters / fosters in the area, leave a comment or email me (click on my name in the right-hand column, or annelaurie at verizon dot net).

As always, financial assistance towards the costs of that nail clipper and other necessary veterinary or transportation costs can be arranged, if needed.

alien b kitten pouf

Wednesday Morning Open Thread: Good Dog

From loyal commentor Ozark Hillbilly:

After we bought our place in Spring 2010 the wife wanted the dog she had been so long unable to have in our previous rentals. We had decided on a lab or lab mix because of their gentleness with children and the last thing we wanted was to worry about him with our granddaughter. I went to the local small town no kill pound where they actually had one.

I met the Woofmeister on a Monday after a weekend during which he had no visits from the animal control officer since Saturday. His cage was perfectly clean, no poop, no pee. When the ACO opened the cage so I could introduce myself, the poor dog shot past me and bolted for the open door where he ran to a semi secluded spot behind a sign and proceeded to empty both bladder and bowel. I do not kid when I say it took well over 5 minutes to finish the job.

I thought, “Damn. No worries about house breaking him.” and brought him home. We named him “Woofie” because to Baby Girl all dogs were “Woofs”.

His 5 favorite things in the world are belly scratchings, butt scratchings, chasing his frisbee, laying on the couch between Momma and Daddy, and belly/butt scratchings. Oh, he’s kind of fond of bones too.

Apart from happy pets making people happy, what’s on the agenda for the day?

Wanted: New Home for Puppies


Hi everyone! Pet bleg.

My dear friend Jackie lost her son unexpectedly this past week and now these two little ones need a new home. They are located in the LA area and I’m sure could find a ride around the California area. Although, Jackie might want to meet you and let me tell you from experience, that would be fun. They are about 5 years old, well trained and good with people and other animals.

They are living with a friend of the family right now, but that is very temporary. I know it would take a lot off of Jackie’s mind if she knew they had found a good home.

I have hope with her large circle of friends they will find a home soon, but so far, they’re still uprooted and confused.

If you want to know more or are interested, shoot me an email at whats4dinnersolutions (at) live (dot) com


ETA: Thanks to Raven for reminding me, it’s preferred they are kept together. And I mean, come on, how much room could these two take up? Asks the servant to a Great Dane.