Dayton, Ohio Dog Rescue Assistance Needed Immediately ASAP Bleg!!!!!

This is Murrey:

From commenter CliosFanBoy:

This little guy needs a home quick! He is in the Dayton, Ohio  area. My cousin told about him. A friend of hers adopted him but decided she can’t keep him as she  lost her old dog too recently. So she is going to return him to the shelter. It’s a kill shelter though and my cousin is frantic to save him. Apparently he’s a sweet little guy and house broken.  Can anyone in the SW Ohio area help? My cousin would take him but her dog is the jealous type.

His name is Murrey. He is about 2, chipped, neutered, well behaved, house broken, smart. Please, if you can’t adopt him can you help us find a rescue group in the area to help.  Thanks.

If you live in the Dayton area, or other areas somewhat near Dayton in Ohio or West Virginia and you think you can help or know of someone who might be able to, please sound off in the comments. CliosFanBoy will be checking in to see what you all come up with to help out this exceptionally good boy.

No pressure!

Open thread!

Thursday Evening Respite Open Thread: Did Someone Say ‘Sea Lion’?…

Also: Me, reading political twitter!

Since at least one Jackal asked about them, good news: Steve look-alike Kitty and his companion chihuahua Leila have a new home together:

… “A 6-year-old cat named Kitty and a 2-year-old dog named Leila arrived at the shelter on March 14 inside the same pet carrier.
They are each other’s best friend and keeping them together has made a very difficult situation much easier for them to handle,” Anna Rafferty-Fore, associate director of the MSPCA’s Boston adoption center said.

The inseparable pets share a makeshift quarters in a room apportioned for them, breaking MSPCA’s traditional housing protocol…

The tabby cat and chihuahua lost their home when their owners were forced to move and could not find housing to accommodate their pets.

Saturday Morning Open Thread: Happy National Puppy Day!

Of course, isn’t every day Puppy Day, in our hearts?

Meanwhile, this is me, trying to keep up with the news:

Spent Friday evening seeing the Russian National Ballet perform SWAN LAKE (highly recommended, especially by the Spousal Unit, who’s the knowledgeable one). We’re talking about going to see HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON: THE HIDDEN WORLD (if we can stand two such exciting excursions in one weekend; yes we’re old and introverted).

Who’s got plans for the weekend?

Tuesday Morning Open Thread: All the Way to the Finish Line

Proud to be a Democrat:

As the primary process kicks into full swing, some Democrats are bypassing the kind of experienced Washington “wiseguys” who operated in the caldron of beltway politics — famous strategists like David Axelrod, James Carville and, more recently, Robby Mook. Instead, campaigns are increasingly filling senior positions with a new generation of activist-driven operatives, whose political formation took place in grass-roots movements.

The shift has resulted in greater staff diversity than in previous cycles, but it has also influenced strategy, according to campaign officials. New voices are joining with election-cycle veterans to bring fresh ideas and political approaches to the presidential stage…

Kelly Dietrich, the longtime Democratic consultant, said the surge in Democratic voter enthusiasm since President Trump’s election has helped issue-driven activists become more interested in traditional electoral politics. It has also forced campaigns to take new ideas more seriously, he said.

“We’re seeing a lot more people across the spectrum, both in terms of diversity and political agenda, step forward and want to make change,” said Mr. Dietrich, who founded a campaign training organization called the National Democratic Training Committee. They are “fed up or scared; they are frustrated and are ready to fight back.”

The Democratic Party needs to bring in these activists, Mr. Dietrich said, “so that five years, 10 years, 15 years down the road, this is the norm.”…

Sunday Morning Open Thread: Arctic Adventure Iditarod Tales

[Warning: Harry Smith’s audio is pretty loud]

Everyone who’s lived with multiple dogs knows this stalemate — although most of the time, the consequences are smaller:

Nicolas Petit of Girdwood, Alaska, and his 10 dogs were just off the Shaktoolik check point on a stretch of Bering Sea ice when a disagreement between two dogs, a veteran and a younger dog, caused the sled to pause, then completely halt, when Petit raised his voice to discipline the animals.

The 38-year-old’s sled earlier in the day left Shaktoolik in the lead “like a rocket,” he told local television station KTUU. But then one of his dogs wanted to stop for a bathroom break and an older dog jumped on top of it in disagreement. Petit raised his voice and it spooked the rest of the team, which refused to mush.

“Everybody heard daddy yelling. Which doesn’t happen. And then they wouldn’t go anymore. Anywhere,” he said to KTUU.

Petit took his dogs back to a cabin at Shaktoolik to rest, but later decided to drop out of the race entirely for the good of his dogs.

“They’re all fine, they all ate good, no orthopedic issue. Just a head thing,” he said Monday.
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