Oh Boy…That Was Fast

Scout will be arriving a day early. So you’ll get photos by the weekend, unless I’m completely overwhelmed and suddenly realize my folly. I remember saying no puppies ever again! Nothing wrong with an older dog, I said.

Meanwhile, my heart is torn right now – the closer Scout gets, the more I miss this girl.

I may not be ready, but Bixby sure is … he looks for “his puppy” every time we go out somewhere  … or anytime I return home, he practically mugs me for this so-called puppy that’s coming. Then he’ll go away and mope because I haven’t delivered on my promise yet. Ha! Tomorrow he will be in for a shock.

In other beloved pet news, commenter jacy lost her beautiful dog today.  Here are some pictures of the handsome and much loved Bismarck  (2001- Jan. 3, 2018), with his favorite boy.

May Bismark find heaven filled with his favorite treats and endless balls to chase.

Open thread

Wednesday Morning Open Thread: Bundle Up

Yes, this is an East-Coast-centric blog, because that’s where most of the front pagers are. And besides, those of you on the other coast (or in distant time zones) ought to be in bed by now, anyways. Thoughts & prayers to those between Florida and Maine whose personal environments weren’t meant to deal with *this* level of chill!

Apart from “not freezing”, what’s on the agenda for the day?

Since Shirley Chisolm was one of my first real-life political heroes, I truly admire this woman’s style:

And speaking of admirable political figures…

Indiscriminate Belly Rubs

Here’s a video of me fawning all over Yuki. I’m not sure who is having more fun:

Two things- my sinuses blew up and I hadn’t talked to anyone all morning before filming this, and my voice kind of even surprised me.

Second, my favorite phrased from 2017 is “indiscriminate belly rubs,” which I heard first from a story from ABC. Apparently at one point she had a dog, and they hired a trainer to come help them train it and provide some discipline, and I know I am somehow mangling this story, but on the trainer’s second or third visit s(h)e was not impressed with the dog’s improvement and stated “Clearly there has been some indiscriminate belly rubbing going on around here.”

She’s a good doggie.

Open Thread: Speaking of Security Theatre…


I’m just happy to know it’s not only us Balloon-Juice jackals always have a few dog-poop quips ready…

Thursday Afternoon Open Thread

This probably counts as animal abuse:

I’m on the phone with Amazon customer service, and my issue has been escalated! Weee! Hope your day is better.

Open thread!

Mid Morning Open Thread

I know there are lot of posts up for you right now, but I just had to share this picture:

I was sitting here working, heard tandem snoring, looked around and found the two top fillies in my heard snuggling like they had been together forever. I can’t tell you how remarkable this is. Lily has always been an angel, but she is not really fond of snuggling with other dogs. It’s not that she is mean or aggressive, she just has no interest in them. When Thurston gets up in her grill she’ll just turn her head and look away and leave the area.

But with Yuki, they just seem to get each other- the “Yeah I was on the dark side in a bad place too we’re safe here.” I’m starting to think that Yuki needs to become a canine good citizen and go to a home with a special needs child.

And then there is Thurston.

So She is an Angel But a Touch Clingy

Yuki is an absolute princess and I love everything about her, but she is a touch needy. She has been surgically attached to me all day, and she must have some part of her body touching me at all points:

Here she is helping your fat host surf the internet:

Whoever gets this dog is hitting the jackpot. She does snore like a jetplane with asthma, though, and it appears that chicken nuggets give her the farts. But other than that, she is perfect.