Puppy Pictures Open Thread

As promised. Scout at 5 months with her favorite guy.

Don’t let that face fool you – she’s all mischief and trouble.

There are a ton more photos here. I got kind of carried away yesterday. There were a lot of requests for ducks in the last thread I put up – even though it was literally a duck post.  So here are most of the duck photos I have. I don’t take a lot of them because most of the time I just get their little fluffy butts. Most of their charm is in their daily yard duties. They take their job very seriously. I should be taking more  video of them.

I suppose my cats deserve equal time…maybe next week.

Time to update us on your critters! Share your photo links in the comments.

Open thread

Crime of the Century

Nothing special to see here. Just a couple of dogs. What’s that red disk? Seems out of place…

Ah, yes. That is where that disk goes. On top of this jar. Which was full 10 minutes ago.

“In exchange for lenience I will confess. I temporarily had possession of 1/3 of that jar of bickies. You will find the evidence in the kitchen and backyard!” Great. Where’s the other 2/3?




“I regret nothing.”


















Here is the fund that’s split between all eventual
Democratic nominees in House districts currently held by Republicans.

Goal Thermometer


Open Thread: Happy Monday (*Crosses Fingers*)

Weekend flowers are always welcome, but isn’t Monday when we really need them?…

Yes, there is plenty to post about, but none of it seems appropriate before readers have had the chance to armor up & ingest their adult beverage of choice (that would be Diet Coke, in my case).


Finally, in the name of companion animal fairness:

Happy Easter

Irie, the bestest dog ever, in my favorite Easter tradition.

One of my favorite Irie stories of all time is sometime in 2004-2005, when he was deep in his decline, and sort of blind and kind of deaf and his coat had gone to hell and his legs were feeble, my sister went out of town one weekend and left him with me to dogsit. As usual, she forgot to bring his leash. I was only 34 and still a wild man, so I went out that night and got rip-roaring drunk, and the next morning, Irie woke me up letting me know he had to go to the bathroom.

I was hungover/still drunk, and planned to go right back to bed, so I just put on flipflops and a tattered bathrobe. Having no dog of my own, the only “leash” I could find was a 30′ orange extension cord. So I looped that around his neck, and then proceeded to walk the gimpy dog around the block. Me with my hair standing straight up wearing sunglasses, a bathrobe, and flip flops, and my decrepit gimpy dog with an extension cord tied around his neck, with all the church goers slowing down their cars as they passed us to figure out just what the hell was going on.

Good times.

Readership Capture: Cat Book Bleg

From wise commentor and cat rescuer Werebear:

Would you be able to let my fellow jackals know about my long-in-the-making The Way of Cats ebook?

Pre-order link: Amazon

This is pretty important to me. My health has been a real struggle for the past few years, and even though I did manage to figure it all out, it’s something that can only be managed, not cured. So I have made some job changes, and some lifestyle changes, and I am still stubbornly helping cats and their people.

If the book does well it will let me keep up with my cat advice. My readers donate as generously as they can, but the website popularity, and then the website bills, just keeps growing. This is my attempt to make the whole enterprise self-supporting. For the kitties! And their people.

Everyone please spread the word!

Friday Evening Respite Open Thread: NATIONAL PUPPY DAY!

Our three are rescues, so we don’t have puppy pics… but even at ages 16 (Zevon), 13 (Gloria), and 9 (Sydney), they’re still our puppies!

(You don’t have to join Twitter… go to twitter.com, type #nationalpuppyday into the search bar, and prepare to ‘waste’ ten minutes… )

Thursday Afternoon Open Thread

Saw this pretty and skittish little palm warbler during my travels this past weekend:

A few minutes ago, my dog was barking her head off. I didn’t pay any attention to it at first. She’s the classic “boxer who cried woof” — she barks at molecules, squirrels, falling leaves, UPS delivery people, etc.

But this time, she had good reason: A marauding rottweiler had chased someone’s cat into my yard and cornered it. Luckily, before I was required to risk being maimed to save the cat, the rottweiler’s owners arrived with a leash and hauled it off. Whew!

I know we’ve got some gear-heads here, so, a question: My daughter’s roommate blew up her (my daughter’s) car by driving it overheated. The car is fairly recent vintage (2014) and was reliable until this incident (bad thermostat that was ignored until knucklehead blew the head gasket by driving it hot).

Is it worth rebuilding the engine, which would cost about $3K? Or would she be better off buying a crappy old beater for $3K? Those are the only choices at the moment. Any expert input would be greatly appreciated!