Finnish Laphund Bleg

From Aleta:

Do you happen to know personally anyone in the northeast who would be a good, very stable home for two female Finnish Laphunds (6 and 8-9 yo) who just lost their person, my friend. They are not aggressive herders, gentle but very alert to change. Bark a short time, then quiet. The current hope is to find someone w/ no other dogs right now. They been living w two cats. If needed, can be separated. Thick overcoats that shed. I’ve known them for years.

Aleta, if you’ve got photos, send them to me and I’ll update this post with them.


Respite Open Thread: Bixby Update

Look at that face

It’s Monday, so I’m swamped with work stuff (okay and gardening stuff – one of my clients gave me a gift certificate to the local garden shop and I HAD to use it today, and then of course plant stuff, too). But I wanted to give you an update on the Big Guy, since I hadn’t in a while.

It’s mostly because things are pretty much back to normal. He gets stronger every day. His gait is almost normal, most of the sway is gone and he’s stable on all four legs. I pinch myself at how lucky we are and the nightmare of a month ago is fading. We are down to treatment every two weeks. I caught Scout literally standing with her front legs on his back yesterday and he was completely steady. Unheard of just a week ago.

And I cannot thank you enough for giving me a space to share it all – I was so overwhelmed with sadness and fear and leaning on you guys helped get me through the weeks.

So you good people get bonus Scout:

I will try and get you some Pearl photos tomorrow. She’s doing well and has pretty much fully integrated with Mabel and Maddie – though I have some funny stories about that. Also, I could use more pet photos if you want to send them to me. I’m determined to keep up these respite threads – if only for my own sanity.

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Open Thread: Look at this Sweet Thing

A few days ago, Aleta asked us to keep good thoughts for her pup

I am happy to report he is home and recovering. As she waited for him to come home, at my request, she put together some photos of him. His rescue story is heartwarming. Let’s wish him continued good recovery and hoping Aleta gets some rest.


2014  First few months 

He’d never been on a leash or asked to do things, but learned quickly. He blew away all our low expectations and proved the opposite.

He went into a trance when touched gently—a new feeling.   He got a certain look when fussed over.  Still true.  

Kid soon fixed him up for an imaginary birthday party and he took it in stride.  

He was like an exchange student who didn’t know the language or understand the culture.  He trusted his host family to shepherd him around, but stopped to study every extraordinary thing in our neighborhood.  

Walking with him was like beginner’s mind.  Man vacuuming out his car.  Black garbage bags that landed in the night,  lining the entire street one morning.   A dog running back and forth doing some strange thing together with a person.  

He didn’t know what to make of reflections on water or surface flow patterns.  

I think he hadn’t learned to process heights or reflections yet, having never lived in a house.  The water and  its visual complexity unsettled him for quite awhile.  He’d watch the river intently, his mind engaged.  After a few years he figured out he could drink from it.   After that he carefully made a point of it. 

We took things slowly, putting several days of absolutely zero stress in between each new experience. 

He enjoys tearing apart a good egg carton.  His teeth were worn down and cracked from chewing wire so I couldn’t give him hard things.  The 3-D and the contours seem to interest him intellectually. 

The first summer walking around, whenever we came to a halt no matter how briefly, he acted like a soldier on an endless march who dropped and slept any time he got a chance. 


What’s everyone up to this afternoon? Open thread.

Meanwhile In Canada…

Apparently since all of the Canadian teams have been eliminated from the Stanley Cup playoffs, there’s not a whole lot going on in the Great White North…

From The Ottawa Citizen:

An apparently dog-tired pooch diverted traffic in Oxford Mills on the weekend until police picked him up to continue his snooze in the back of an OPP cruiser.

Grenville County officers got the report at 3:30 p.m. Saturday of a large dog lying in the middle of Water Street.

“The dog appeared content and refused to move, thus causing vehicles to drive around him,” officers noted.

“Fortunately, police were able to persuade the uninjured dog to continue his apparent much-needed rest in the back of the cruiser.”

Officers returned the pup to his home in the village about 50 km southwest of Ottawa where he’d escaped from a fenced backyard.

“The dog was happily reunited with his owners but sadly missed by the officers,” police said.

The dog, having successfully slept on the yellow line, is now a member in good standing of the local outlaw motorcycle club!//

Open thread, if you can stay awake.

Open Thread: Bixby Rehab Update

Bixby had his first rehab session today and now he’s exhausted. In a good way. Acupuncture and chiropractic adjustment. He’s getting stronger and hasn’t fallen in a few days. More on his recovery here.

Scout has been a sweetheart (you know, except for killing my laptop with coffee – I settled on an HP Pavilion for replacement).  Worried about her best friend and forever patient with my stress.

This cracked me up last night:

I’m easily amused these days.

Don’t forget, we are having a guest author post this weekend for writers chatting on Sunday.  12:30/11:30/10:30/9:30

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