Lily Update- Things Are Still Going Great!

Just got back from our weekly chemo, and it was a long one today. There were lots of emergencies with animals that took precedence over a routine treatment, so instead of a four hour trip it took us six hours. Long story short, everything is doing well with Lily, she gained another half lb, all her bloodwork was good, and we’re down to a quarter tablet of prednisone a day and a quarter tab of plavix.

While it took a long time, it was not that terrible because it was (and still is) such a gorgeous day. It’s the first time in weeks where there were no clouds in the sky, and it is a comfortable 80 degrees with (for WV) very little humidity. When I woke up this morning and went outside, I was hit with a wall of smells- everything is blooming at once, and all you can smell anywhere in my littler area of the world is honeysuckle and sweet blooming everything. I swear I smelled some lilac, but it is kind of late for that, I thought. It was so strong I called my dad- “Have you been outside? Am I having a stroke or is the air thick with a floral scent?” He assured me that I am not having a stroke and that he planted some gladiola bulbs three days ago and there are already shoots.

At any rate, it was so nice that after I dropped Lily off, I went to Trader Joe’s, which I know a lot of people just swear by and I like, but I am consistently underwhelmed by it. Regardless, I picked up some of those sesame crackers I adore and I got a container of cauliflower tabbouleh that was AMAZING.

I wish I could describe just how lush and green everything is for all you folks in cities and out west, but I guess pictures will have to do. If I had to describe it I would say it is what everyone thinks Ireland looks like or maybe I would say it looks like video game jungle green- it’s that green! Here are some pics from the ride home:

Since I know my audience, let me say some things before you go nitpicking ballistic in the comments. I the first picture, I was going 3 mph when I took the picture and no one was behind me so, no, I was not being unsafe in the middle of the road. This is WV. I could have stopped and taken a piss in the middle of the road and likely not seen anyone. And for the exceptionally curious, I was listening to OutKast ATLiens. In the second picture, yes, I am aware dogs should not ride with their heads out the window and that airbags can kill a dog but she only rides like that when we are on rural roads going very slow and also she has cancer so we’ll just roll the fucking dice and live a little. So don’t even start with me. Also, in the second picture, that’s one of the corn plots for a local farm and it has grown a full foot in just the last week.

Finally a shot of our girl, happy to be home and strutting her stuff after helping to water the lawn:

Finally, check out the grass we planted last week:

Tomorrow afternoon and Saturday we are planting the shrubbery, digging half the hostas and transplanting them out back, tilling the back yard, and hopefully putting down the top soil and then seeding it.

Ok, there was your break and Lily update, back to our regularly scheduled dystopic Trumpian horror show.

Cat Bleg- Two Good Cats Need a Home

I have horrible news from my good friend Nikki, but it could be very good news for someone who wants to adopt two wonderful kitties:

For the past couple of months, my five month old has been dealing with a lot of skin issues. Rash, itching, scratching, and occasional hives. She’s been to her pediatrician, a dermatologist, and most recently, an allergist. Two weeks ago she had allergy testing and we found out that she is allergic to our cats. We have discussed our options and have decided to follow the allergist’s advice for what’s best for baby. We need to rehome our cats.

The cats don’t deserve this and if we could keep them and the keep the baby healthy, we would. We have reached out to our family and our friends, but people are reluctant to take in a “used” cat. But let me tell you – these are GOOD used cats. Chelsea (the gray shorthair cat, female) is about 10 years old and is very affectionate. She loves to be held and and rubbed and enjoys napping all day. She likes the occasional can of wet food and loves to look out the window. Jozy (the fuzzier cat, male) is about 7 years old. He loves winding around our legs and is very friendly. He prefers to lay near the humans and not ON the humans. He purrs like a jackhammer and is a big, happy boy.

Both cats are fixed and have been indoor cats their entire lives except for the rare visit outdoors when we forget to shut the front door. Chelsea will explore outside for 5-10 minutes and then come back to the door. Jozy will demand to come back inside once he realizes that he has escaped, which is usually less than 30 seconds. They are good with kids. We have a 2 year old that loves on them every day. We have never had a dog, but my mom’s small dogs used to visit and they tolerated them just fine.

We would prefer that they find a new indoor home together, as we assume they are good friends. But more importantly, we want them to find a new home that isn’t a shelter, because we know what their fate would be if they were to go there.

To be clear, we are devastated to have to get rid of these two. We love them so much but our baby is clearly suffering. We are hopeful that someone else will see their potential, take a chance, and love them like we do.

I recommended putting the five month old up for adoption because she’s so young she probably wouldn’t remember anyway and the cats were there first and will be less expensive and less trouble in the long run, but apparently Nikki has become quite attached to her, so I guess we need to find a home for the cats. I’ve met both of them and spent quite a bit of time with Chelsea who is an absolute dear, and I feel just horrible for Nikki.

As you can tell, they are happy, healthy, well-adjusted kitties, and if you are interested, please email me.

Open Thread: Why I {Heart} the Internet

But srsly, folks…

Puppy Rescue Bleg – DC Area

From commentor Kay (not the front pager):

My DIL’s best friend is very ill. She is hoping to go home to Korea in 2 weeks so her mom can take care of her if she is well enough (she’s in the hospital now, just out of ICU). She has a 12 week old part-chihuahua puppy she was planning to take with her, but she just found out it would have to be in a long quarantine.

Does anyone know anyone who would be interested in this (really adorable) puppy? I can’t take him. I already have two very large and cantankerous cats and a very small and cantankerous dog. None of them will take kindly to a happy little puppy soaking up all the attention.

The little guy came to visit yesterday, and he really is a sweetie. He is trained to a pad indoors (100% pee, ~80% poop), but had not been outdoors until yesterday. My son spent quite a bit of time outside with him, trying to train him to go outside to “do his business.” He did finally get the idea, so it looks like he can be trained for walks.

He’s been trained to the “sit” command, but probably will need additional obedience training. He loved our dog, and followed him around outside (we had to keep him in his crate in the basement inside to keep him safe from the dog and cats). He’s a little shy, but a little kibble in the hand quickly makes you his best friend.

Seeing him in person, I have my doubts about his parentage. He is a lot longer than our chihuahua, and his legs are a LOT shorter. I’m guessing there is dachshund in there somewhere… Anyway, he (probably) won’t get too big, but he won’t be so tiny that his bones are fragile like chihuahuas and mini pincers.

He looks a little dour in these pictures, but he has the cutest grin when he’s outside!

His current name is Snowee (I assume because of his snowy white tux shirt), but he’s young enough to learn another name.

I’m in the DC/Metro area. If you know anyone in the surrounding area (within like half a day’s drive or so), I would be glad to bring the little guy around. He’s 12 weeks old, has his shots current up to 12 weeks, and is pad trained.

Chihuahuas and dachshunds, even more than most small dogs, are notorious for bonding to their person, with all their considerable hearts (cf: Lily Cole). This little guy is at a prime age to become someone’s soul-friend for the next fifteen to twenty years…

If you know someone who might be interested, leave a comment below, or contact me (annelaurie [dot] bj [at] gmail [dot] com) and I’ll forward your message to Kay.

Open Thread: I’m Objectively *FOR* Getting Trump Out of the White House

Because some of us are capable of as much discrimination as that dog, pundits…

Bonus Lily Pic

I delivered some new ribbon today, and I forgot to show you the new bow she got (they made it while she was getting treated):

Two other things about this picture- A.) She is on the ottoman on her own- she is jumping again. When she was super sick I had to pick her up.

B.) She’s starting to look a little thicc (by Lily standards). Doctors were super happy about her weight.

And I am telling you, when Lily goes up there the nurses and receptionists just go nuts over her. So do a lot of the people waiting on their pets. I guess they just love how I carry her in like a toddler, and then instead of putting her on the floor she sits on my lap or on the chair next to me while I fill out the weekly paperwork and just crosses her paws and sit there like a lady. When other dogs start acting the fool she just sits there and behaves.

Just the best doggie.

Badger Aloysius McMurtry: Super Genius

This guy is three months old and already fully potty-trained:

I probably just jinxed him and he’ll shit on the rug tonight, but I don’t think so. When he needs to go out, he goes to the back door and issues a single bark and waits to be let out. He does the same to request reentry.

Badger is my first micro-dog, and as I got used to having a small dog around, I immediately understood why the Queen chose an attrition policy for her Corgi herd as she aged: it’s so easy to trip over the little guys! But their portability has advantages too.

Hubby and I are taking a motorcycle trip this weekend, and family members who are well known to both dogs will be house/dog-sitting. But I’m missing the mutts already and will worry.

Open thread!