Surgery Blogging

Charlotte had surgery yesterday to remove the ligament that connects the femur and tibia and replace it with a plate and screws. Can’t quite remember what the surgery is called – TPLO or something like that. She looks very strange.

Charlotte Post op

Apparently, the plate that is replacing the ligament will be even better than the original ligament and she’ll be running circles around me in about 2.5 months. Charlotte realizes that this surgery is nothing compared to spending 5 years as a guest of the North Vietnamese, so she is not complaining.

It’s Me or the Dog


So it turns out that Animal Planet will be at my townhome complex on Sunday night to film an episode of It’s Me or the Dog. We’ve all been asked to be in the greenspace with our dogs for the episode (I’m not sure if it’s for scale or voluntary!) My neighbor, Dannee, has a recently-adopted dog that is a bit aggressive and is going to be the subject of the show. But we’re all expected to be there for filming. Should be fun. I’m sure Charlotte, who has no time for other dogs, will be the star of the show.

Dog Blogging

I have been terrible at the cat blogging lately because my digital camera broke again, and I just have not replaced it. I guess I get tired of replacing cameras every 2-3 years when all I take are some pictures of my fat-arsed cat, then a few months later, I go to take some more pictures of fatty, and the camera is broken. Maybe if I used it for something else I would be more motivated to buy a new one, but right now I am not.

At any rate, to make up for the lack of Tunch-blogging, I have some pictures of my friend Tammy’s brand new “Morky,” which I am told is a Maltese/Yorkshire Terrier mix. While I generally do not like little “yippy” dogs (I like labs and mastiffs and boxers myself), I have to say that after a few hours with Samantha (the dog’s name), I can faithfully report that she is adorable. See for yourself:

What you talking about, Bubba?

Playdog Centerfold, May 2008

At any rate, I am off to Unity Pony HQ to help keep down the margins tomorrow, so I won’t be back until later tonight.

Early Saturday Open Thread

I’m watching a re-run of the Eukanuba Championship from 2006.

…and reading about the dumbest lawsuit ever.

The Dog Starvation Exhibit

Here’s how it went:

  1. Artist ties a dog to a tether on one corner of a room in a museum
  2. Artist places bowl of food just out of reach in other corner
  3. Over a period of days, dog dies of starvation.

I first read about this here, and I was livid; however, it turns out that what people believed was happening was not happening at all. In fact, the dog was well cared for, and was fed daily. The point of the exhibit was that the artist

… intended the work to be a stunt to show how a starving dog suddenly becomes the centre of attention when it is in a gallery, but not when it is on the street. The work was intended to expose people for what they really are – “hyprocritical sheep”. He said that in order for the work to be valid, he and the gallery had to give the impression that the dog was genuinely starving to death and that it died.

In retrospect, he certainly did prove his point, didn’t he? There are two million signatures on the petition and nearly 73,000 members on the Starving Dogs is not art Facebook Group.

Clever, in a morbid kind of way.