Open Thread

Got a new doggie bed to help protect the couches, and someone claimed it immediately:

In the top picture, she was so asleep she was snoring.

And one more thing

I call this look “blue steel”.

he's got the look

Wednesday Morning Open Thread: Nina

I only met Nina the other day, but she’s another one of those rescues who helps to explain why people rescue dogs.


Nina is about four years old. Her owners, who were looking for a Collie/Border Collie mix, drove from Pittsburgh to a shelter in West Virginia as soon as she came up on PetFinder and, as you can see, from looks alone she is a great catch. I cannot say whether shepherding was specifically on their mind; if so, they got their wish. Nina might be the purest herding dog I have ever seen. She sticks to her family like a sock burr except to corral one small kid or another back to the pack. A game of hide-and-seek would drive her to distraction. Nina picked up the major commands in a day, of course, and any time she has a job she beams like sunshine, even if it’s just to sit and wait for a treat. Watch her posture as she goes all Lassie on Blue and a big mean Doberman.

I wish I could explain why someone would give up such a gorgeous and affectionate dog. Whatever the reason, she has a forever family now and the match is working well on both sides.

Attention Must Be Paid

This is how Max is looking at me right now while I peck at the inanimate plastic rectangle in my lap.

captain grumpy

If internet widows start some sort of club, he’s so there.

Early Morning Open Thread: City Cat

From commentor Sarah in Brooklyn:

When our cat Louie died, I wanted another cat right away. Louie’s pal, Max, was sad, and I hated having only one cat. I called one of Brooklyn’s cat rescuers (aka crazy cat lady), who said she had a kitten. We went out to her place, which was surprisingly sane considering that she had many, many, many cats and some dogs there. In one of her cat rooms were a lot of adult cats. It was a swirling mass of cat bodies, but I looked down and this little grey kitten was looking up at me, and it was all over.
That was about 5 years ago. Strummer and Max have never gotten along well, but I adore him. He’s a secret love cat – most of the time he’s stand-offish, but he gets under the covers with me at night, curls up against my belly and purrs like a steam engine. He’ll sleep like that for hours, with his head on my arm. He’s also a champion jumper, as you can see from the picture (full disclosure: he can’t jump from the floor to the top of the door, but he goes from floor to bookcase to door with great ease). He’s an intelligent and mysterious cat, and I feel honored that he actually likes to spend time with me. He also has a really impressive set of whiskers.