Friday Pet Blogging

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Ok- I got a lot more responses than I expected (we are at around 90 and counting), so I just picked two a few (math is HARD):



Ollie strikes a pose.



I just love the coloring on Pati.

This is Honey, who looks like she belongs at Cute Overload.

And finally, video. The sound here is rough.

I am busy saving all the other pictures.


I forgot to tell you all, we are starting up petblogging again now that I know the server can handle it, so send your pet pictures to the email address to the right.

RIP, Russell Cole (1992-2008)

Some really sad news, as I just got off the phone with my parents, and they had to put down Russell, the family Jack Russell Terrier. This was not a great surprise, as he was sixteen and had a tremendous run followed by a slow and steady decline, but it still is rather upsetting for the family, particularly my mother and father.

For those of you who have never had the privilege of meeting a Jack Russell terrier, they are not so much a pet as they are a person and a presence. We got Russell in the middle 1990’s when a family friend, David Judy, had a stroke and could no longer control him. When we got Russell, he was wild. He was the closest thing to feral that you can get with a domesticated breed of dog, but we have learned that Jack Russell terriers are only energetic for the first 14-15 years.

It wasn’t his fault- he was just having too much fun, and he had been graced with more than his fair share of energy, all jam packed into that tiny little body. Don’t get me wrong, and don’t let the pictures fool you- this was the biggest dog I have ever known.

There were so many wonderful things about Russell that I could talk about that it is hard to figure out where to start. He was wild, but obedient. He would spend hours in the yard with dad, “helping” him tend the gardens or mow the lawn or clean the porch or whatever. He spent every night under the covers, snuggled up against mom’s leg- an arrangement that was comforting and secure for both of them.

Russell giving “the look,” which meant it was time to play with the ball in the background. With Russell, it was always time to play ball.

He wasn’t too fond of other dogs, but he did love balls. He could smell them. You could put a ball in a cabinet while Russell was nowhere around and come back later and find Russell parked in front of the cabinet. He somehow was able to sense the essence of ball, even behind closed doors and when he should have had no idea it was in there. My mother and brother played fetch with him for so many hours that last year my mother had to have a medical procedure because she had suffered the same injury that most major league pitchers have at some point in their career- a torn rotator cuff.

One of my favorite memories of Russell was listening to the terrorized yells of the fraternity boys when they saw him. My parents live in a college town, Bethany, and the fraternity houses have large expansive yards and are interspersed throughout the neighborhood with the town folks. One of Russell’s great joys was to steal the volleyball from the outdoor volleyball court at the frat house, and then push it around their yard with his nose with 20 college kids chasing after him trying to get the ball back. They never could, and so it was not uncommon to hear shouts of “Here comes Russell, grab the ball” drifting through the neighborhood. On one memorable occasion, Russell got loose during a college soccer game, and the entire crowd got to watch him dribble the ball through dozens of soccer players for 15 minutes before they could catch him.

Relaxing on the couch.

He was not the most photogenic dog in the world, but he was much better looking in person. And I mean in person. This was not just a pet, as Russell really was a member of the family. When you talked to him, you knew he understood, because he had people eyes. I have never known another dog like this, and I am convinced that Russell, unlike any other pet, knew what we were saying when we talked to him.

But all of that slowly came to an end the past few months. He was sixteen, and he was slowing down. His vision started to go, his hearing went, and he would walk around the house, head hung low, a shell of his former self. He was never in pain, but it was clear the end was near the last time I saw him this summer, and I made my peace with him then.

At any rate, I just got the call from mom, and he is gone. I had hoped he would pass on his own, but we just took too good care of him, so they had to make the decision no pet owner ever wants to make. He went gracefully and quietly and without any pain. My parents are both distraught to the point that even the vets cried during the procedure, but that too, will pass in time. Russell is better off where he is now, even though right now we are not.

We were, however, lucky for all those years we did have with him. RIP, Russell. We will miss you.

Many of you will not understand how upset we are right now. For those of you who do, here are links to donate to the Humane Society and to the ASPCA.

Surgery Blogging

Charlotte had surgery yesterday to remove the ligament that connects the femur and tibia and replace it with a plate and screws. Can’t quite remember what the surgery is called – TPLO or something like that. She looks very strange.

Charlotte Post op

Apparently, the plate that is replacing the ligament will be even better than the original ligament and she’ll be running circles around me in about 2.5 months. Charlotte realizes that this surgery is nothing compared to spending 5 years as a guest of the North Vietnamese, so she is not complaining.

It’s Me or the Dog


So it turns out that Animal Planet will be at my townhome complex on Sunday night to film an episode of It’s Me or the Dog. We’ve all been asked to be in the greenspace with our dogs for the episode (I’m not sure if it’s for scale or voluntary!) My neighbor, Dannee, has a recently-adopted dog that is a bit aggressive and is going to be the subject of the show. But we’re all expected to be there for filming. Should be fun. I’m sure Charlotte, who has no time for other dogs, will be the star of the show.

Dog Blogging

I have been terrible at the cat blogging lately because my digital camera broke again, and I just have not replaced it. I guess I get tired of replacing cameras every 2-3 years when all I take are some pictures of my fat-arsed cat, then a few months later, I go to take some more pictures of fatty, and the camera is broken. Maybe if I used it for something else I would be more motivated to buy a new one, but right now I am not.

At any rate, to make up for the lack of Tunch-blogging, I have some pictures of my friend Tammy’s brand new “Morky,” which I am told is a Maltese/Yorkshire Terrier mix. While I generally do not like little “yippy” dogs (I like labs and mastiffs and boxers myself), I have to say that after a few hours with Samantha (the dog’s name), I can faithfully report that she is adorable. See for yourself:

What you talking about, Bubba?

Playdog Centerfold, May 2008

At any rate, I am off to Unity Pony HQ to help keep down the margins tomorrow, so I won’t be back until later tonight.

Early Saturday Open Thread

I’m watching a re-run of the Eukanuba Championship from 2006.

…and reading about the dumbest lawsuit ever.