Another Open Thread

That’s all I’ve got.

This Majestic Motherfucker

I was reading the news and about to write yet another fucking post about Trump when I heard Steve cleaning himself behind me, turned around and look, and with the lighting and his current playful mood he was looking majestic as fuck, so instead I took some pictures:

He was pretty clearly in one of his rare moods where he was ok with being photographed, and allowed me to get some closeups:

I don’t care what people say about my photography skills, Steve more than compensates for my shitty picture taking, because that right there is the cover of some Cat Fancy magazine. One of my favorite things about cats and dogs is the super fine hairs around their noses, and how you can just see the texture. That is some fucking cat, I tell you. I love him so much.

Also, here is a bonus picture of Lily:

She was pouting because I would not give her more wet food. I broke down, of course, and gave her a treat.

Trump can wait. Feast your eyes on that amazing fucking lion I have shitting in a box in my house. Crazy he lets us all live.

Saturday Night Open Thread

Here’s handsome Mr. Badger snuggled up in a pile of Mexican blankets:

No reason he should be chilly — it’s 69 degrees F right now, but apparently he’s a Miami terrier rather than the Boston variety. He really is a wimp about the cold — shivers like mad if it drops below 70 F.

Because I’m an idiot, I bought a car today. I gave my vintage Caddy to the spawn because the terrible dirt road we have to traverse now that we live in the howling wilderness would have eventually killed poor old Cruella DeVille, and I bought a little Jeep.

First new car I’ve ever purchased! (I don’t count the pickups the mister and I have acquired over the years since, although they were technically partially mine, I wasn’t the primary driver.)

Please don’t tell me terrible things about Jeeps in comments. The “Car & Driver” review of my model said it was rugged off road but “slow as a three-legged turtle.” Whatever, man.

Open thread!

Monday Morning Open Thread: Where Trump Goes, the GOP Will Follow

Speaking of mocking those who #FallShort, let’s hear it for Repubs in Disarray!

With a brutal finality, the extent of the Republicans’ collapse in the House came into focus last week as more races slipped away from them and their losses neared 40 seats.

Yet nearly a month after the election, there has been little self-examination among Republicans about why a midterm that had seemed at least competitive became a rout.

President Trump has brushed aside questions about the loss of the chamber entirely, ridiculing losing incumbents by name, while continuing to demand Congress fund a border wall despite his party losing many of their most diverse districts. Unlike their Democratic counterparts, Republicans swiftly elevated their existing slate of leaders with little debate, signaling a continuation of their existing political strategy.

And neither Speaker Paul D. Ryan nor Representative Kevin McCarthy, the incoming minority leader, have stepped forward to confront why the party’s once-loyal base of suburban supporters abandoned it — and what can be done to win them back…
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Open Thread: Now For Something Completely Different

Okay, Facebook gave me my laugh of the day. I posted this link and the preview to it on my FB page and FB removed it:

I Think Gabe Misses Bixby

I have moved the actual photo below the fold, because, you know, it’s clearly sensitive.

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Thanksgiving Midday Open Thread

Here’s someone I’m extremely thankful for: Badger.

Isn’t he a handsome boy? Open thread!

Sunday Night Open Thread

Watching Homecoming with my girl.

Lily jumped up on to the bed today for the first time since she was diagnosed with cancer. I’ve had to lift her ever since. Until today.