Tuesday Morning Open Thread: Hot, HOT… Cold!

It’s all fun’n’games until the cops start pleading “Ma’am, this is *not* a clothing-optional area… “

… But at least we’re not facing the brutal chill of getting iced out on the Vineyard…

Of course, I too remember the fvcktons of media grief our most recent Democratic presidents took over their MV vacations…

Happy Heeler Open Thread

It’s time for a no-politics no-doom-and-gloom open thread. I had a great time with family last week. How are all your pets? What have you created lately? Or how about just kicking back tonight with a video?

Here’s the happy heeler. Her name is Bella.

Emergency Badger (Open Thread)

Tough day. Please accept this cute puppy as a balm for the troubled soul:

The ground cover reminds me of the background in the official portrait of President Obama.

Open thread!


I wound up at the Vet’s early this AM because both my four foots got sick last night. The older lab mix’s GI system goes wonky once or twice a year. No big deal – boiled chicken and rice and she’s normally good to go. Unfortunately, that wasn’t really working this time and after taking her out last night every 45 minutes or so, the younger lab mix decided she wanted in. And for her opening act: PROJECTILE VOMITING!!!!! This was also her second, third, fourth, and fifth act over the next hour. The good news is I have tile or bamboo floors. The bad news is I had steam mopped them yesterday afternoon…

They both survived the night. I got no sleep. Called the Vet’s as soon as they opened and was in the waiting room 15 minutes later. They worked us in within the hour. A history of what’s been going on, or rather out and coming up, since Thursday, an exam, two shots a piece, some follow up pills, and a bill later and the girls are resting comfortably.

Anyhow in the Vet’s waiting room were two different sets of kittens they’ve got for adoption. And, of course, the Veterinary practice’s large, orange swirl sherbet colored Maine coon. Because I was close to tapping out from exhaustion and needed to handle my girls, I couldn’t get too close to the kittens, but I did manage to snap a couple of pictures. And since we’re overdue for a new thread and since I’m completely exhausted and not going to do anything substantial, here they are.

First up what looks to be three wildcat or wildcat/Main coon mix kittens. Since I couldn’t get too close, and only had my iPhone with me (so I’ve tweaked the sharpness, etc a bit so you can get a better look), you can’t really see it, but they have both the spots on their foreheads and the “M” marking. They also have horizontal stripes ringing their legs and tails. From left to right – one is sort of the color of a conch shell – not pink, not orange, not coral, not peach – just sort of a mix. The other two are different shades of gray.

The two other kittens were both black. This was, I think, the only time they were not moving around and playing the entire time I was sitting there.


And this is the clinic’s cat:


Stay fluffy!

Open thread.

Thursday Evening Open Thread

This is a good-looking white-winged dove (sings a song sounds like she’s singing):

Those feets, though:

Here’s a Badger close-up that captures the progression of his ears:

They stand up on their own now, and they oscillate like fans.

He doesn’t know it yet, but we’re off to the vet tomorrow for his last round of puppy shots and a check-up, which means a thermometer up the poop-chute.

Open thread!

Wednesday Morning Open Thread: There Are Still Heroes

As the owner of a 16-year-old rescue dog who still bolts for freedom every chance he gets, I cannot tell you how happy this story made me. But maybe you can guess!


Olivia Nuzzi is a hero — or at least a media ninja — in her own right:

You too can be a hero…

Open Thread (Bark Collar Edition)

I need a bark collar and I was looking for something that has an iphone app so when I am upstairs and I hear Thurston yapping, I can open the app and send a tone. If anyone has a suggestion, let me know. At any rate, I stumbled across these user reviews of a collar at Amazon and they were amazing:

And no, I am not buying a shock collar.