Rescue Bleg (Charlie’s Angels)

Evelyn of Charlie’s Angels forwards a plea:

TIFFANY: Oh my, where should I begin. I guess the part where my other family took me to the cemetary and left me to starve. I’m a good girl, honest. But I have this deformity of my left front leg, requiring Angular Limb Deformity Correction Surgery so that I can lead a normal life and not be in pain. I’m sweet as sugar and a brave little soul. But there were lots of strange critters wandering around that cemetary and I was so scared. But then these nice folks (Charlie’s Angels Animal Rescue) found me wandering and took me to the doctor and he said I’m healthy; they gave me shots and even spayed me. Now I’m all better from that but I need this operation to fix my leg so I can run and play and get to do all the things I’ve missed out on.
I’m not even a year old yet–and I only weigh 5.2 lbs. I really want my leg fixed–I want to be able to chase leaves and bugs and even cuddle with my foster mom and not have to wiggle to get my leg in just the right position so it doesn’t hurt.
Will you help? You see, the corrective surgery I need will be approximately $2,500 with a “rescue” discount. I put weight on my leg, but not for any length of time and its not a normal gait when I walk. I just have to stop and it feels bad so I hold my paw up to make it quit hurting.
A note from Linda: Tiffany deserves the chance to be a carefree pup–something that obviously she hasn’t experienced yet. SCRATCH wants to afford her that opportunity but we need your help. Your donation will get us closer to having the funds to schedule Tiffany’s surgery so that she, too, can run and play and find a loving home where she can learn to trust and be loved.
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Saturday morning with the dog

Are you going to finish that?

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Open thread.

Friday Morning Open Thread: Fairness!

Another shot from the calendar submissions. From commentor Josie:

Here is Teddi, my Akbash goat-guarding dog, who guards me and any other creatures who take up residence here, currently consisting of two other dogs, two cats, two parrots and several doves. Also included is Emma, my son’s pug, who is with us temporarily. Teddi is not overly fond of her, but she guards her just as seriously as she guards the rest of us. Teddi reluctantly shares her bed with the little pest – note how they divide the bed exactly in half, as though they were the same size. Teddi is very old and arthritic and has a bed in each room, which Emma finds very handy.

Cat Rescue Bleg (Baltimore Area)

From commentor Starfish:

This is Casey. He has been living with me and my husband for the past 7.5 years. The trouble is that my son has been living with me, my husband, and the cat for the past 14 months.
When my son was seven months old, the allergist told us that the sensible thing to do was to get rid of the cat because the boy was allergic. However, we are not sensible people when it comes to our pets so we decided to wait and see what happened. I asked my friends if they needed a cat, and most of them offered to take the boy after seeing the photographic evidence of Casey’s disdain for me.
But for the past month, the boy has had a runny nose and a cough that haven’t gone away. He hasn’t been able to sleep, and he hasn’t been able to hold down a lot of food because he chokes from all the coughing.
Casey is an alpha cat. He enjoys the company of men and opera singers, but he does not like the company of other cats. When we lived in a garden level apartment in Colorado, he was allowed outside and would frequently follow people home. We would get phone calls from people that he had followed home. The funniest was the time that he walked through an open door and perched himself atop someone’s hamster cage.
Neighbors in that area would decorate him for Christmas.
Since we moved to Maryland, he has been an indoor cat. Occasionally, we open the window, and he tells the world how tormented he is with his free access to food, his electric water fountain, a little box that is cleaned twice a day, and a variety of snacks.

Anyone interested, contact me at (or click on my name near the top of the right-hand column) and I’ll forward your email.

Open thread

Classic Max. He has gotten somewhat bigger in the sixteen months since then.

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