Wednesday Night Open Thread

It appears the turf wars of 2009 are finally over, and Lily has ceded the futon to his royal highness Tunch, and now has made this old hand-me-down chair (every family has a chair like this- it was in my house as a toddler, then in my mom’s office for decades, then when she retired I didn’t say no quick enough when she asked if I wanted it):


At any rate, don’t forget to vote for Bitsy. We are doing well this week- over 1600 already. I know we can crack three k.

Also, this:

Michael Steele, hamburger helper.

Tuesday Night Open Thread

Vote Bitsy:


We have been slacking and really need to push hard this week. Big write-up about her in a local NC newspaper.

Go vote.

Best Cheery SPCA Commercial Evah!

Thank you, Jezebel, for a much-needed LOL…

Happy weekend, y’all!

Late OT & Thursday Night Menu

Our “new” dog Gloria’s status is changing from foster to permanent, and she is totally taking advantage. Eight-year-old Zevon is limping from a hard shoulder check, Syd Viscous is reverting to his old abused Worm Boy persona, and don’t even ask what the three cats think. Gloria automatically goes to the Time Out crate when I raise my voice now, but you can see the “Whatevs — totally worth it” thought balloon hanging over her head, the little menace. Time to re-enroll at the doggy training classes…

Here is Bad Horse Filly’s First Snow Thursday Night Menu:

This is not your mamma’s canned tomato soup and grilled cheese, and can I say, the flax cookies are addictive (they’re a friend’s recipe, so I can say that.)

Hearty Tomato Soup
Totally Awesome Grilled Cheese Sandwiches
Flax Cookies

(Click the blue ‘First Snow’ link for the complete details.)
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This Is Her Week

Vote for Bitsy:


Rumor has it, Bitsy has long been a fan of Colbert and his understudy Jon Stewart. Go vote.

The *Official Saturday Night* Open Thread

I know you are all sick of hearing about my dog, but I lover her to death and loved this pic:


And here is the view from my lap on any given night, as she has the perch down and sits on my thigh for hours on end:


Calling that the view from my lap reminded me of this.

Back to the 70’s/funk youtube wars.

Friday Night Open Thread

I need one. Here is one of yours:


I’ve been assured Lily is doing fine, but she refuses to pee for Tammy.

At any rate, a shiny new thread for you. Because I care. Really, I do. And I will respect you in the morning.