Windows 7

Never had a problem with Vista, but am about to upgrade to Windows 7. If you don’t hear from me again, you know why. Also, vote for Little Bitsy:

Every vote counts.

Open Thread: Mark of in the Beast

After Tunch’s Excellent Adventure (aka John Cole’s Very-Bad-No-Good-Terrible-Horrible Evening), possibly I was just primed to pick up this local news story…

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Little Bitsy

This is the final week, and we are only 200 votes behind right now, so go vote.

Give This Dog A Home


If you live in the Philly area and want to help a hungry dog out, drop me an email. This fellow was found by one of our readers starving to death in the cold rain by the side of the road, and he needs a good home. According to the email I got, he is playful, but very weak and hungry.

Thursday Night Open Thread

No animal pics tonight. You want pictures of cute critters, click on this link and vote for Bitsy.

Or else.

Wednesday Night Open Thread

It appears the turf wars of 2009 are finally over, and Lily has ceded the futon to his royal highness Tunch, and now has made this old hand-me-down chair (every family has a chair like this- it was in my house as a toddler, then in my mom’s office for decades, then when she retired I didn’t say no quick enough when she asked if I wanted it):


At any rate, don’t forget to vote for Bitsy. We are doing well this week- over 1600 already. I know we can crack three k.

Also, this:

Michael Steele, hamburger helper.

Tuesday Night Open Thread

Vote Bitsy:


We have been slacking and really need to push hard this week. Big write-up about her in a local NC newspaper.

Go vote.