Monday Open Thread

I have really slacked lately on the pet pics, so in honor of the new First Dog, here are some of your pets:

Claim your pets and consider this an open thread. I will be back later on today.

Open Thread (Update with More Tunch)

I was threatened in the last one, so here are some pics of Ginny and Guesly:

Have at it.

*** Update ***

By request:

Tomorrow we hit the vet, btw.

Puppy Update

The parents came to town for a visit, so you know what that means. Puppy pics:

They are getting more adorable, which is hard to believe.

The Graduates

Big night at Cole HQ last night, as Ginny and Guesly both graduated from the first round of obedience school.

Mom says they will start the next round in a couple of weeks.

Open Thread

Here is a pic of a recently departed pooch who died last week, so I thought I would throw this up to cheer up the owner:

Just try to move a Great Dane off a couch. I challenge you. In other news, I apparently did not put my toothbrush in the holder last night after I brushed my teeth, and when I woke up this morning I walked into the bathroom and saw Tunch sitting squarely with his butt right on the business end of the toothbrush while he was drinking out of the sink (despite having a water fountain in the kitchen). I’m not sure people understand that once you get a pet, you simply don’t own anything anymore. They own it all. Sometimes they let you use it.

Open Thread

Some pics:

Claim your pets. Serious upset in the making right now in the Big East tournament.

Open Thread

No more politics.

Claim your pets.