Wednesday Night Open Thread

Too lazy to deal with taking pics of the pets, so here are some of yours. This fellow is going Galt on the couch:

And I’m not sure what this cat is up to:

And this fellow has it all figured out:

Here is your open thread. Don’t abuse it.

Dog Therapy

This is a good Saturday morning story:

Like any other golden retriever seeking a treat, Tuesday nudged his owner’s hand with his snout one recent morning and waited expectantly.

Luis Carlos Montalvan got up from a chair in his small Brooklyn apartment and walked to the kitchen. Tuesday followed close behind, eyes fixed on a white cabinet. The retriever sat alertly as Mr. Montalvan, an Iraq war veteran with severe post-traumatic stress disorder, reached for a vial of pills, lined a half-dozen on the table and took them one by one.

The dog had gotten what he wanted: When the last pill was swallowed, he got up and followed his master out of the kitchen, tail wagging.

Tuesday is a so-called psychiatric-service dog, a new generation of animals trained to help people whose suffering is not physical, but emotional. They are, effectively, Seeing Eye dogs for the mind.

Once again, I marvel at the overall quality of the WSJ’s reporting, and then look at the sewer that is the WSJ Op-Ed page and wonder what could have been.

Proper Dog Grooming

One of the first things I’ve learned about owning a dog is proper grooming, so I thought I would share some tips. First, the right shampoo. I purchased a shampoo my vet recommended for sensitive skin called Efa HyLyt. Not only is it good for their coat, but it leaves them smelling great.

The key is to evenly distribute the shampoo, let it sit for a few minutes in their coat, then carefully and thoroughly rinse out all the shampoo, and then thoroughly hand dry your dog with some old towels.

The next step is to brush your dog. The furminator seems to not do a very good job with Lily, since she does not have much of an undercoat, so I have found a Finishing Touch brush for sensitive skin does a good job.

The third step is trimming the nails. I’m not actually very good at this, but I have been told it is quite important, as long nails can put pressure on our dogs toes and make them uncomfortable. I have been checking every two weeks and trimming accordingly.

The final step takes place twelve hours later, and you will find that your dog is very happy to help with this stage. Take your dog on a walk, turn your back for ten seconds while they are not on the leash, and your dog will find the appropriate perfume. In just a few weeks, I have discovered that Lily is a really big fan of a brand I like to call “dead shit.” She also is very self sufficient when it comes to application. The key to “dead shit” appears to be an even application, thorough enough that it gets down to the skin and mats the hair:

If you will look at the neck area just above the collar, you will see that Lily has applied a good dose of “dead shit.” The more skilled your dog becomes at self-grooming, the better they will get at evenly applying the “dead shit” to both side of their neck. Here, Lily demonstrates an even application of “dead shit”:

Notice how the “dead shit” appears in good, solid doses on both sides of her neck. Lily knows what she is doing!

The best part about the “dead shit” phase of your dog grooming is that not only does your dog seem enthusiastic about it, but the “dead shit” brand is free and widely available. Additionally, it has many uses. It can serve as an air freshener for the car, your dog can break loose from you in the house and apply it to your couch, and even the cat seems to enjoy the odor of some fresh “dead shit.”

Open Thread

Tunch and Lily need the night off:

Claim your pets.

Open Thread

Some pics, fresh off the presses. Not sure what Lily does here, but sometimes I can get her so excited she drags her hind legs on the grass behind her, kind of like a low crawl they teach in basic:

And here is Sam, just being, well, Sam:

Silly dogs.

Open Thread

Good day- long walk on the trails, then my brother and I went home for a picnic lunch with mom and dad (ribs, salmon salad, potato salad, beans, pasta salad, and a blackberry lemon turnover), then took Lily and the JRT’s to the park. They had a good old time, and this is my favorite picture:

Here are two quick vids- the first is Guesly getting gang tackled by Lily and Ginny every time he caught the ball and tried to bring it back to us. The other two couldn’t care about the ball, just want to jump Guesly:

After about a half hour, they were all kind of pooped, and Lily rolled in the grass for a bit:

Life is good. I tried to take Lily for a walk tonight after we got home, got about a mile in and she turned around and started walking back to the car. I can take a hint- she is now snoring on the couch.

Don’t forget a Capitol Fourth on PBS at 8 pm.

Open Thread

Here’s a pic from my parents house, with my uncles dogs, my sisters dog, and Ginny and Guesly all paying a great deal of attention to my sister:

The paps are my aunt’s show dogs, the border collie is my uncle’s puppy, and the bigger dog is Huck, my sister’s pup. You all know who G & G are and who they belong to.