My Dog Has Fleas

Over the last few weeks, I’ve read several books on raising a dog, watched a few videos, and listened to a whole lot of advice. What I have learned in just a short time is that most of what it takes to make a dog happy and loyal can be broken down to things that are pretty intuitive, and you don’t need to read the Monks of New Skete to figure it out:

1.) Love your dog.
2.) Set a food and sleep schedule and stick to it, and maintain consistent behaviors around your dog.
3.) Walk your dog. Lots.

If you do those three main things, things generally work out ok (at least they have for me)- the rest is nipping around the borders. That isn’t to say it is all useless, just I think the three things I listed above are the big ones, and will be apparent to most people.

Where the advice is really helpful is when it addresses the non-intuitive things. Things like- a harness is probably better for a small dog, use a 6′ lead instead of one of those annoying retracting ones, which kinds of dog food are actually poison and what kinds are good, etc. Things that unless you have direct experience with a dog, you would never know.

Here is one of those things I know nothing about- fleas. Lily apparently has fleas, and I don’t know how to get rid of them. I know there is stuff you can drop between the shoulder blades, one friend swears by something called Frontline, my mother and father swear by stuff called “Natural Chemistry,” and I’ve had a whole bunch of stuff thrown at me and I don’t know how to evaluate, but I do want to get this flea thing under control before the house is infested an Tunch is scratching himself.

So what do I do? Should I get a flea collar? What shampoo should I get, or should I? And so forth.

Monday Night Open Thread

Short walk tonight, because someone (not me), at about the mile and a half mark, decided to roll in something so foul smelling that I couldn’t stand the smell of her. I’m not sure what it was, but parts of it stuck to her flank until I threw her into the damned river before letting her into the car. The only downfall to going without a leash is that there is no margin for error when there are dead things to be rolled in- you just have to deal with it because you can’t control it. At any rate, some pics from before the incident:

Bonus wildlife:

I’m predicting this will be the first deer shot in the 2009 hunting season. As you can see, the underbrush is not thick at all, but this deer was making so much damned noise it was unbelievable. It sounded like a drunk frat boy who had stumbled off the path to the bathroom late at night and had walked into a briar patch.

Also, Tunch fans, he was busy eating while I posted this, so I will take a pic later.

Open Thread

I’ve been informed I need to do a Tunch and Lily update, and I might later on, but right now you will have to be satisfied with this video of Ginny and Guesly playing with a Great Pyreneese who stayed with them while they were at the beach with my parents:

The JRT’s taught the Pyreneese all sorts of bad tricks, like jumping on the bed and what not, and the owner said as she was leaving that “I came with a Great Pyreneese and am leaving with a 100+ lb Jack Russell Terrier.”

I’ll be back later. Behave.

Open Thread

Some pics of Lily from our morning walk, and we don’t even bother with a leash anymore. I just carry it and use it when we are around people in the public areas or when I see someone coming down the path being dragged by a dog they obviously have no control over. Here she is rooting around in the weeds:

And here she is just posing:

I’m not sure what she heard, but we were walking along and she heard something in the woods and stopped for a bit. For a second, I thought I was going to end up chasing her through the woods after a squirrel, but she lost interest a second or two later:

Got a full day ahead of me, so consider this an open thread.


100% not posed:

I turned around and there it was. Thank goodness the camera had charged batteries and was right next to the computer, so I did not need to move.

I like how they are exploring all the space of the futon. You can still see a pile of furmination remnants in between them. They are using it as a border, I think.

And I hate posting this, because I know you pricks are going to pick on Tunch’s not-so-girlish figure and that will upset me.

Another Open Thread

I’m not sure if it is just the beautiful summer and my desire to spend more time outside, but I’ve been struggling to blog substantively lately. As such, pet pics (not that I need an excuse):

I just love the deep red in that top photograph. Here is another open thread.

Open Thread

Here is a video I took on Saturday of Ginny and Guesly freaking out when my mother turns on the hairdryer. I was telling mom that Lily never barks, and mom said “Oh, really? Want to see what I have to deal with?”

I laughed the entire time:

Here is a pic of Lily, who jumped up onto the futon while we were playing and I caught her in mid play. She still has no clue what to do with balls or toys, but I can get her into the play bow, and then start making funny sounds while tapping on the floor, and she starts to drag herself by her front paws and acting all goofy. We were doing that and I chased her into the room, she jumped up onto the futon and I snapped a picture.

The best part is that when she jumped up on the futon, she didn’t look first, and a very asleep Tunch got the surprise of his life and went screaming into the other room. He came back in after he pulled himself together, sat in the doorway with this disgusted look on his face as we played, as if to say “Have you no dignity?” He’s in the other room being pissed off and I’d take a picture, but I don’t think you would be able to tell the difference from any other day. I can’t. What I love about Tunch is he has two moods- “go to hell” and “no, really, I said go to hell. Also, where is the food?”

*** Update ***

And as I wrote this post, Tunch came in, reclaimed his throne, and proceeded to noisily clean himself while glaring at me:

He’s going to kill me in my sleep. I know it.

Also, someone remind me to start posting other people’s pet pics. I’m back up to over 100 in the pet folder and need to start putting them up again or I will never catch up. Lily has been hogging the spotlight since I got her two weeks ago.