Late Night Open Thread

I’m lying here with Lily on my chest, and while I love Tunch, I honestly don’t think I have ever loved any one or thing as fully and unconditionally as I love this dog. I know there are some of you who will not understand and think this is an attack on Tunch, but it just isn’t. I love him, too.

But this dog is just my once in a lifetime dog. I know how many whiskers she has, I love the feel of her wet nose, and when I look at her it just makes my chest ache I love her so much.

Wednesday Night Rescue Thread



The story:

I live with my girlfriend here in Durham NC, and we had been together about two years when we started talking about getting a dog. We had just discussed the idea that morning when her mom calls (they live in Clayton) to tell us that there was a stray in their yard, and she was really pregnant with their boxer’s pups (I wish I had a picture of their boxer, but let me just say he is the largest boxer you’d ever meet. If you want to make a really big dog, feed it a steak every night.)

Well, lo and behold, 2 days after she told us that, the stray had the pups on their property, all 8 beautiful boxer mixes. We took one (Lola, the white and black one) and we helped to find homes for all of the rest.

Cue to 1 1/2 years later, where after months of Lola whining like there’s no tomorrow, we decide we need to get her a sibling. This time we actually got to shop around and look for the dog that would best suit us. We went for a couple of months finding dogs on craigslist and boxer rescues, but by the time we put in a bid to adopt, each dog was already taken (which is a damn good thing, so we weren’t complaining.)

We finally found a dog that was at a shelter and was a nice boxer mix, male, and the description said he was really friendly. However, when we had been looking for dogs, we also saw the ads for Sweetie, the brown and white American Staffordshire terrier mix in the other picture. All the ad said was that her name was Bebe, and she was really sweet, and that she was a boxer mix (which she’s not.) So we knew that Sweetie was at this same shelter, but we really wanted to get a male because Lola was a female.

The day comes where we get down to the shelter, and as we pull into the parking lot, my girlfriend turns to me and tells me she’s going to fall in love with the first dog she sees. Well, sure enough, we walk into the cage area and right there, first cage on the left, is Sweetie. She was stick skinny, hair matted, and the backs of her paws had blisters on them from where she constantly pawed on the cage at the people that came in there. It was a very sad sight, but we wanted to take a look at the boxer mix we had originally gone in to see. We get him into the acquaintance room, and he doesn’t pay attention to us whatsoever. He just sniffed around the room, and then peed on the wall. Needless to say, we were a bit disappointed. However, the entire time we were in the room, Sweetie could see us from her cage and she was DYING for us to pet her. She had her ears fully back and was doing the little “I gotta pee” dance to the full hilt. We had the male boxer taken back to his cage, and we said we wanted to see her as well. Well, the second we got her into the room, she was all over us, just loving being petted and licking our faces. At that moment, we knew we didn’t even have to make a decision, Sweetie was going home with us.

Little did we know that we would be adopting the world’s most hyper dog. From the moment she stepped foot in our house, she has had a ball in her mouth at least 18 hours a day, just wanting us to throw it for her. I’ve even spent 6 hours straight throwing the ball with a chuck-it, and the only reason we quit was because we had to go in and eat dinner. She was still bringing us a rope toy at the table.

We originally got Sweetie so Lola would maybe stop whining, but now Lola whines and Sweetie wants us to throw the ball, so they now both require constant attention, but I tell you, I couldn’t be happier.

They’re both about 3 years old now, and every day we spend an hour and a half at the local dog park (Pineywood dog park, it’s on facebook!) throwing the ball for Sweetie and the frisbee for Lola.

Having these two dogs in our lives is the best thing I have ever done, and I still tear up when I’m remembering how sad Sweetie looked when we first got her.

I really just want to thank you, John, for all these wonderful stories about Lily and all the other dogs. I look forward to reading your blog every day, and though I love the snarkiness, the posts about the dogs are definitely my favorite.


Consider this your open thread.


Tammy and I took Samantha and Lily to “woofstock,” a dog show sort of thing run by a local animal group. Was kind of fun, with lots of pets and their people, some booths selling pet goods, and some silly stuff like a “Boston Marathon” where they raced Boston Terriers. Both dogs behaved very well, and here are some pics:


Yes, I know she is not supposed to ride like that, but sometimes I let her anyway.


The girls behaving. They both were really good, especially considering how many dogs were there. This pic is for Tbogg:


That was Daisy, the most adorable little Basset Hound puppy. And finally, this is for Oliver Willis:


You haven’t lived until you have watched a Dachsund run agility drills.

I’m heading to tTammy and Brian’s to make dinner, so you all behave.

Wednesday Night Pet Rescue Open Thread

Here is tonight’s rescue story:


Bigger dog Onion was abandoned as a pup. He was the last of his siblings to be adopted because he was scared and neurotic after whatever happened to him before he came to Scottsville Veterinary Adoptions, near Rochester, New York ( I saw him during one of the shelter’s adoption days at a big-box store. He was in a crate, terrified, and when I walked in, he looked over his shoulder at me, and I was smitten. He’s been with us for almost 10 years, and has done a really amazing job of stabilizing himself. He’s still terrified of thunderstorms and skateboards–of course, Dogs at Play dog daycare is right next to a skateboard shop–but he climbs trees, barks his fool head off at all parcel delivery people, and basically has a happy life as a dog stereotype.

Little guy spooning him is Tater, who came from a high-kill shelter and Ohio through, also near Rochester, NY. The little guy and the big guy are totally in love, despite little guy’s piercing ‘yip,’ obsession with stealing tennis balls, and near-total breakdown due to an immune response to a silicone-coated microchip. Microchip is gone (insert jokes about saline, rather than silicone, implants here), little guy is recovered, and the humping has begun again.

Separately and together, they are marvelous, funny, sweet creatures, and the folks who do this rescue work in the Rochester area are amazing. We are forever grateful.

Remember, pets are great, but they require a lot of money, care, time, and love.

*** Update ***

I was going through old folders and found this gem:


Without a pet, you are missing out on the unconditional love they give.

Another Animal Rescue Story


Kids and dogs go together like peanut butter and chocolate.

Here is another great story:

This is how I found Murphy, the Best Dog in the World. My kids and husband were ready for a dog long before I was. We already have two young cats, and my last dog was difficult to say the least. He was a shelter pup who turned out to have really dominant aggression issues—bit multiple people (including me) before we finally found the right training and routine for him. He never did become a lovey dog, and he was completely untrustworthy around kids, but we worked it out. However, that experience left me somewhat anxious about dogs—especially after we had kids.

This summer, I read all the details of the saga of JC looking for a dog, finding Missy/Lily, preparing for her to come home, helping her adapt, etc. I thought about how happy he seemed, and listened to all you snarky folks testify on the happiness your dogs bring…so I did some research, and found the local breed rescue for golden retrievers. It took me quite some time to make the move, do the paperwork and be evaluated…etc. When they called in mid-July and said they had a young male dog named Buddy (all homeless goldens are named Buddy, it seems), I was overwhelmed with worry. I thought, I don’t know his past. What if he bites one of the kids? What if the fact that he’s not neutered yet means he’ll be aggressive, even after neutering? Etc. My husband and I went to meet him, and though he was very friendly and nice, I still wasn’t sure. DH was ready to bring him home that day, but all my anxieties were making me fear dog ownership. Then we thought, OK, let’s take the kids and see what he thinks of them. We told the children: don’t run up to him. Let him approach. Don’t grab, extend your hand fist down. Blah blah safetycakes. Of course, we got there, they ran flying up to this dog, grabbed him to pet him, and fell to the ground with him, where he flopped over and put his head in my 5-year-old’s lap and started getting belly rubs. So much for caution.

We named him Murphy, and he is the sweetest, most easygoing creature on the planet. He came home to us skinny, with mats all over, three kinds of parasites, and his ears full of gunk. Despite the fact that he spent most of his early life tied to a tree in someone’s yard, he loves everyone, including the cats (who only sort of love him back). He lets all the neighbor children pile on him, he loves to go places and see new people, he lets us do all grooming and stuff, and all he asks is cuddles and food. I feel like John said about Lily—this is one of the best decisions I ever made as an adult. Goldens are sort of the happy stoners of the dog world, and Murphy is even happier and more lovey than most.

Middle TN Golden Retriever Rescue, I started volunteering with them right after we got Murph, and it’s amazing to contribute to these wonderful rescue stories.

So none of you knew that your dog testimonials were helping this lurker along the road to dog life…but never fear, even when he ate my favorite red shoes, I didn’t say “FY John Cole and Balloon Juice!” I just told Murphy, “who’s a bad dog? You are! Yes, you are, you sweet thing!” Thanks, JC and BJ.


Going to be a fun few weeks, because we have a lot of these stories.

The Holidays Are Around the Corner

So why not treat yourself to a furry friend? Lots of adoption stories coming in, but I loved this one because it was a great story plus it had a picture of a pet in a compromising position, and I thought it would break up a dull afternoon:


This is Dolce, she is a greyhound rescued from Ireland. She was hit by a car after being released from the race track because she was too small to race so we don’t know her true age. She was found with a band of gypsies and a badly broken leg and an Irish rescue arranged with our greyhound rescue here in Mass. to fly her here for surgery. Unfortunately they could not save her leg and after multiple surgeries actually removed the entire leg and shoulder blade. This is her halloween costume and as you can see we gave her a peg leg, unfortunately she wouldn’t wear the pirate hat, but she would wear the witch hat. She is a very happy dog and gets around great on 3 legs, she really has been a sweetheart. Greyhounds really are wonderful dogs.

The rescue we use is Greyhound Friends Inc. of Massachusetts. They are at Since we banned greyhound racing in the state they have a lot of dogs at this time. There are 44 currently listed on their website and the rescue is not equipped to handle nearly that many, and we already have 2 in a 500 sq ft apartment. My wife won’t let me get another one.

If you live in the area and think a Greyhound might be a good choice, you know where to go and what to do. But remember, pets are a lot of fun, but they are also a lot of responsibility and they cost money. They need medical care and food and attention and walks, so make sure you are prepared for the commitment.

Adoption Bleg

I’m shooting for pictures of animals that were adopted because of what people here have said in the comments or on the front page. I’ve read a number of you say that Lily and Tunch and other people’s pets have inspired you to get a dog or cat for yourself, now I’d like to see the pictures and a link to your respective pet adoption agency. That way I can show a picture of your pet and direct people in your area to a reliable place to adopt pets.

I just know that my quality of life would never, ever, be the same without these two. Between Tunch lying on my chest every morning purring, waking me up for breakfast, and Lily getting so excited any time I come home that she licks my glasses or slips me tongue while pretending to just kiss me (the SLUT!), I just don’t know what I would do without these two. I honestly can’t imagine life without them, and I don’t think people understand how much they are missing by not having pets. So let’s give more people reasons to adopt. Send us your pics, send us your stories, send us your misgivings before adopting, and tell us why it was the best thing you ever did.

And I’m writing this with Lily on my lap and Tunch attacking my hands while perched on the desk. And I would not have it any other way.

*** Update ***

For example, without pets, you will never have an action packed life that involves seat of the pants drama like this:

Let’s be serious, folks. There is a reason the action packed Tunch Cams are a hit!