Open Thread: Useful Dog Tricks

Hey, Cole — if you’re looking for a way for Rosie to burn up some of that excess JRT energy…


Early Morning Open Thread: Trio

From commentor TK:

The big, sad-eyed black one is Ceili (KAY-lee), a mix of Irish Setter and Pointer. When my wife was in vet school, she worked at a genetics breeding colony at the university lab. When she was born, she lacked the genetic deficiency that they were seeking to cure, so they adopted her out. As soon as I saw her it was over with. She’s almost 10 now, and still an absolutely wonderful, sweet-natured girl who wants nothing more in the world than to be next to you. And swimming. Lord, does she love to swim. She is the best dog I’ve ever owned.
The beagle is technically named Audrey, but she never answers to that. In fact, we pretty much just call her Beagle. She’s only got three legs – when she was six months old she was hit by a car, and her family brought her to my wife’s hospital. When confronted with the cost of amputation, the owner said, “Eh, I got a kid in college, might as well put her down.” My wife instead had him sign her over to the hospital, and brought her home “just to foster her for a few days.” Yeah, that was three years ago. Audrey is scared crapless of thunderstorms, sleeps burrowed under blankets at the foot of the bed, and periodically bays/howls at absolutely nothing. But she’s completely adorable and despite my initial misgivings about taking her in, I love her.
Finally, we come to Louise, aka Weezer, the tiny black dog sitting on top of Ceili. Weighing in at a whopping 9.5 pounds, she is roughly 100 pounds worth of trouble. She and around 50 other dogs were being transported from a puppy mill to local pet stores when the truck broke down. Cops found 50 dogs inside in cages with no food or water in the back of the truck. Needless to say, the dogs were confiscated and distributed to various veterinary clinics around the area, one being my wife’s. When my wife asked me if we would foster one of the dogs, I told her “absolutely not.” A couple days later I went on a camping trip, and then came home to find Louise in my kitchen. My wife swore she was only temporary, but I’m not one of those people who can let an animal go after a couple of months. Especially not Louise. She’s so disgustingly adorable it’s borderline criminal. She loves to kiss your face, snuggle in the crook of your elbow, and belly rubs earn you a friend for life. She adores her big sisters and follows them everywhere, refuses to sleep alone and will aggressively snuggle up to one of them. Of course, she’s also massively destructive – she’s only a year old, but she’s destroyed books, doorframes, chair legs, dog beds, you name it. But damn, she’s cute.

Early Morning Open Thread: Roxie & Fitz

From commentor Serge:

The dog in the foreground is Roxie, and the big galoot on whose tail she is resting is Fitz. Why he lets her lay on his tail, I’ve no idea. We got them fairly close together as it seemed we were going through dogs at an alarming rate. We’d had four, all rescues, and we’re down to these two. They’re now inseparable.
Fitz was a rescue straight from the SPCA right before Christmas. His entire litter was just dumped on their doorstep. In appearance he looks like a golden retriever, and his demeanor is very golden-like (i.e., he always has a ball in his mouth). Roxie was rescued by a friend of ours who bred great danes in Florida. She and a group of agitating animal activists had received word of a mother dog who had just delivered while being chained to a tree with no food and no water. They went in with a bolt cutter, stole rescued the mother and placed all of the puppies in homes. We got her when she was two weeks old and had to be hand fed.
Roxie’s not exactly wired right. She can make a nuisance of herself barking, but she and I are attached at the hip. She comes to remind me when it’s her bedtime every night, so come on, and I have to remind her that maybe I don’t want to go to bed just then. Later I find her on my pillow, fixing me with a doleful look of reproach. Usually it takes about eight seconds for her to forgive me. She’s a pure junkyard dog and I love her to death. Fitz just coasts through life, handsome and carefree (as long as dinner isn’t late). Two dream dogs…
(The second pic is the two of them as pups.)

All Dogs Are Different

I’ve been around dogs my entire life, whether they be family pets, gf’s pets, sister’s dogs, friend’s dogs, etc., and thought I knew a lot about them, but I’ve realized no that you don’t know anything about dogs until you are their sole provider. Then, you begin to learn, but they still keep you guessing.

The biggest surprise to me is how different their personalities are. I knew that the personalities varied, but I didn’t know how much until I had Rosie and Lily. They are as different as is possible while still both being dogs. I don’t know if you remember this old SNL skit with Mike Myers and Nicole Kidman:

Rosie is Phillip. Lily is Grace.

It is amazing how different they are with everything. When I give Rosie a treat, she lunges for it, grabs it, and runs racing into the bedroom to devour it. Lily daintily grabs it, careful not to bite fingers, and chews on it a bit and then hides it for future consumption. When we go out in the snow and rain, Rosie goes “BWHAAHAHAHAHAH” and screams out into it, jamming her nose in the snow, rolling around, loving the rain. Lily looks at me and says “Why do you do this to me? Why must my bathroom be wet and cold. My feet are cold. This sucks.” When we go to bed, Lily is usually already in bed, because she goes in at ten and makes herself comfortable. When I lie down, she delicate arranges herself in a pile right next to me under my right arm next to my chest, under the covers. Rosie waits till the last minute, staying up with me until bedtime, and then, after I get in bed, she flings herself violently onto the bed. She then walks over me and Lily until she decides where she wants to be, and then thrashes around until she can get the covers up, often pulling them off me and Lily, and then flops down. It doesn’t matter if she is on top of me or on top of Lily, THAT IS WHERE SHE IS SLEEPING GODDAMNIT. When I grab the leashes, Rosie gets so excited- “We’re going for a walk. A WALK! WALK WALK WALK WALK I LOVE WALKS!” and darts around in circles all excited, impossible to get the leash on. Lily sits next to my feet waiting for me to put the leash on- “Thank you. I did have to potty and would like to sniff some foul things. You are so wonderful.”

It really is funny how different they are.

And for those of you wondering, Tunch sleeps in a kitty bed from Petco on the top left portion of the bed next to my head, and he has his own ten minute ritual before we are allowed to sleep, which includes pacing up and down the length of the bed, purring, demanding I pet him while headbutting me. Then he gets in his kitty bed and circles around it for a bit before settling in. I’d probably get a half hour more sleep every night if the animals did not have their bedtime rituals.

Save an Animal and Have a Very Merry and/or Happy Christmakwanzakkah

Mr. Kitten Mittens and me.1

Late last Sunday night, I saw a link on Facebook asking if anyone in the area (SoCal) could save a dog that was scheduled to be sent to the Great Farm in the Sky on Monday. He looked like a cocker spaniel and since Nate Dogg is a cocker spaniel, I figured it would be downright un-Christmas-like un-Holiday Season-like of me not to snag him. I haven’t fostered a dog in ages, and my dog is an old man who is content to lie around, fart, and feast on treats all day. I’m not sure my tired old ass can handle the energy of a younger dog. Still, I figured I could at least hang on to him for a few weeks; fatten him up; get his cherry eye removed (a common condition for cocker spaniels); and shine him up like a new penny, so the odds of him finding a permanent home would be better.

So, on Monday afternoon, I popped down to the shelter, had a brief chat with the dog, decided he’d do, paid for him to be neutered, and stayed his imminent execution.

Five days and one junk-removal surgery later, Foster the Dog aka Mr. Kitten Mittens and I were posing with Santy Clause:

Happy December 25th to all and to all a good night!

Every Saturday in December, OC Animal Care is offering free pictures with Santa. Click here for more info, and for the love of humanity, if you’re planning on getting a dog for yourself or for a loved one, ADOPT! ADOPT! ADOPT! There are so many adorable dogs that need homes. There are so many adorable dogs — like Mr. Kitten Mittens who is currently fast asleep in his crate after having been completely ignored by Nate Dogg — that are being killed because shelters and rescue groups can’t find good homes for them. Seriously. Don’t buy a dog. Don’t make me come over there. I will cut you. And then I’ll sing that “In the Arms of the Angels” song until you lose your mind.

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