Another Open Thread

Because I am too lazy to blog, just finished my book, turned around to head to bed, and look what I found:


I give it another two months before they spoon.

Open Thread

Someone loves the rails to trails:


If you are interested, tonight’s Fresh Air is featuring a story about Puppies Behind Bars. I figure the reason there is no Kitties Behind Bars is because the cats would teach them how to escape.

*** Update ***


Also, via Redkitten/Krista’s Facebook page from an hour ago:

“Is at hospital. water broken. induction tommorow if nothing tonight.”

Dog Friendly Training

Via Jim Henley, who has an adorable new pup, this TED presentation with Ian Dunbar is well worth your time:

Good stuff.

Friday Night Open Thread

We need some pets. This little fellow was sent in recently, and the owner thinks he sees a little Lily in him. I agree:


And this lucky lady was just recently adopted, and according to the owner, he had resisted getting a dog for years until the Lily stories made him change his mind:


I’ll gladly take credit for that.

BTW, not sure how many of you read Cleek, but he has had some great photography lately. Just scroll.

*** Update **

New Monk tonight.

Site Re-Design

Next stage in the re-design is to figure out what all you need to have fixed and upgraded and what not. The list I can think of so far is:

comment editing function
comment buttons for html functions
rss feed
iphone app.

Is there anything else that is fubared? Also, someone is pestering me while I write this, and clearly wants to say hello:


If you can think of anything else to add, throw it in here.

And Yet Another Open Thread

Since I apparently can’t be bothered to actually read anything and comment on it, here is another open thread, this time with the greatest doggie who ever lived:



Tunch and Lily stand out as probably the only two good decisions I have made as an adult.

As an aside, you will either understand this or you will not, but for the last couple of weeks, I keep coming back to Jane’s Addiction Then She Did. And no, I am not on heroin (or anything else, for that matter. I’m just that boring these days). Just I keep coming back to that song.

Open Thread – Non-Political Summer Sillies

Daylilies (<i>Hemerocalllis</i>)   are the perfect flowers for the lazy gardener.   They’re tough, drought-resistant, and colorful during the difficult high-summer period.   They can be transplanted even while in full bloom, and you don’t need to dig a really deep hole either.  Finally, since the blooms last for only one day,  the unambitious among us don’t need to feel guilty about not bothering with indoor flower arrangments.

Note to Lily:  All parts of the plant are edible, even for humans.  My dog Zevon says the fresh blossoms are best, but the damp rhizomes (roots) are not to be despised in a pinch. 

(Don’t try this with “real” lilies — Asian or Oriental lilies,  class <i>Lillium</i>, the ones with the tiny leaves all up the flower stems.  Those guys are poisonous.  The edible kind, the ones that show up in <i>moo shi</i>, have “strap-like” leaves like ornamental grasses.)