Dog Bites Man

The First Pooch bites a Reuters reporter:

Not Sure When This Happened

Years ago, when I was going somewhere for four days, the entire preparation stage consisted of throwing two pairs of boxers and a toothbrush in a bag, finding a spare button-down and a t-shirt, hitting the bank, grabbing a half-gallon of off-brand spiced rum or some other swill, and heading out.

Now, I go anywhere, and it is like planning to invade a sovereign nation, complete with checklists:

Itouch- check
Laptop- check
Camera- check
power cables- check
earphones- check
cell phone-check
vitamins and aspirin- check
credit cards- check

And I don’t even have kids. I just remember it all being a lot simpler than this. At any rate, some parting pet shots for you all:

Lola wants to know if you voted. See you all later.

Swamped- Here Are Some Pets

I have a ton of things to do before I head out of town tomorrow, and Tunch can tell that I am busy, because he is sitting on the futon behind me bitching non-stop. I could spend 12 straight hours watching football on the couch and he will not so much as look at me, but the moment I have things to do, here he comes. Jackass.

At any rate, here are some pet pictures. First, my friend Kris sends in Rowan:

Keeping with the bunny theme, here another little fellow:

Finally, this image of forbidden love:

I will be back this afternoon. This will have to hold you.

*** Update ***

Tunch in action:

Tunch, a moment ago, after jumping onto the desk, knocking over my right speaker and pulling the fan out of the window, sits between the monitors contemplating what else he can break. I came back from the bathroom to find my desk ripped apart and that “innocent” face.


Yet Another Open Thread

Because I don’t hate you.

Bad Mood

I am grouchy as hell today. I didn’t sleep well at all, I still have clogged sinuses, and it is crappy and drizzly outside. I think I may spend the morning drinking black coffee while cranking Pantera-Hostile repeatedly until the neighbors complain.

Here are some pics so you are not grumpy, too:

Claim your sleeping pets, folks.

Once Again, My Chief Flaw Is Insufficient Cynicism

Earlier, I wondered why someone from Fox News would say the McCain election effort is over because of what some crazy volunteer did, and then it turns out the McCain camp was pushing the mugger story after all. I hate people.

(Update- TNR says it did not reach the national level, which would be nice to believe).

It is Friday, so here are some pictures of pets. Start with a roll in the leaves:


This face is just damned adorable- you just want to squeeze this fellow:

And finally, another picture of my own cat, Tunch (named after former Steeler lineman and current Steelers announcer Tunch Ilkin, for those of you who were wondering), playing with one of his favorite toys:

He is not fat. I think maybe if he were a darker color, it would make him look slimmer. At any rate, ample evidence here as to why pets are better than people.

Meet Tara

I will be out of the loop for a while. My sister sends in these pics of Tara, a six month old blue heeler/lab mix, who needs a home. Her sister was adopted and she is apparently lonely.

My sister is constantly bombarding me with pets that need adopted, so if you live in the Pittsburgh area and would like a doggie, drop me an email and I will get you in touch with her.

Consider this your open thread.