Afternoon Moment of Zen

It’s absolutely beautiful here so I was opening all the windows to get a good breeze going and to air out all the stank, and I saw our girl Lily out in the backyard just living her best life, sniffing, pooping, peeing, rolling around, and I stood and watched her for a bit. Realized you all could use a bit of this dog therapy and grabbed the camera for you:

She’s just such a happy, gentle, sweet dog. Once again, I can not thank you all enough for chipping in and helping with the initial hospital stay and helping to save her life- it was so expensive! The costs are so much more manageable now that we only have to go every two weeks (and in a month or so, every three weeks), and as you can see it was worth it because look how good she is. So, thanks again!

Tuesday Evening Open Thread

Badger is growing! Here he is on May 14:

Here he is today in the same dog bed:

Unfortunately, shortly after that photo, he ripped open the dog bed and distributed chunks of mattress stuffing all over the house. He’s a good boy, except for the dog bed thing. This is the third he’s destroyed.

We start puppy class tomorrow, and I’ll try to find a more durable dog bed and maybe get some of that sour apple spray that allegedly prevents chewing.

If y’all have any suggestions, please share. Open thread!

Tuesday Morning Open Thread: Respite Kittens

Beloved commentor and intrepid kitten-pusher Satby:

It’s been long enough that our momma cat Turtle’s babies are all vetted and ready for adoption. They made their public debut yesterday (Sunday) at the South Bend PetSmart on Ireland Road and were ready for their close ups along with a few other kittens in our rescue, and a glimpse of kitten whisperer Becky.

So, for a mood lifter, I present our rescue cuties…

Saturday Afternoon Open Thread

If you promise not to berate me about my dirty floor, I’ll show you a 9-second video of Badger walking on his hind legs:

As you can see, he’s a talented boy. If I had sufficient cold cuts, I could probably teach him calculus.

He’s four and a half months old now, and we’re starting puppy school this week. I wonder what house he’ll be sorted into? My guess is Hufflepuff, which has a badger as its mascot. Or maybe Ravenclaw since he’s smart. Definitely not Slytherin — he’s not ambitious enough. And certainly not Gryffindor since he’s a little chickenshit.

Seriously, he runs away from every loud noise — he almost poops himself when I crank up my bike. And when Daisy barks at an “intruder” (i.e., a squirrel, a kid passing by on a bicycle, a mother wheeling a baby down the road in a stroller, etc.), Badger positions himself as far as possible from the “danger” but barks as if he too is a bad-ass.

Open thread!

Another Good Report from the Vet

Lily and I just got home from the vet, and the doctor is very pleased with her results, all the numbers are where they should be, she is back up finally to 18.5 lbs, her platelet count is still a touch high but dropping and we are now down to a 1/4 pill every other day of prednisone and will be done with it totally in two weeks, and they said she was playful and perkier than normal. Our customary post chemo front yard picture:

The ride was nice- still hot as hell but the skies were blue and the roads clear, and I listened to Section 80 on the way up and To Pimp a Butterfly on the way back, and stopped by Costco while Lily was being treated. I had to have words with a man at the vet hospital, though, so the trip wasn’t completely pleasant. Some large man (prolly two inchers taller than me with the same girth) who was easily in his late 50’s- had short white hair in a buzz cut, was getting a coffee at the coffee stand, and he turned around abruptly and bumped into a woman walking to the bathroom and spilled hot coffee on himself. She immediately apologized even though he was as much to blame or more, and then started bitching about “stupid fucking people” and cussing up a storm. I just blurted out “I’ll take stupid over loud and obnoxious,” and he sized me up and then simmered down. One of these days I’m going to get shot, but everyone else was just sitting there letting it happen. Home team needed a time out.

Just no reason for that kind of behavior. He knows he’s a large man and he was intentionally having a fit to intimidate that little woman. Made me think of Pink Floyd- “and it’s too late to lose the weight you used to need to throw around, so have a good drown, as you go down, all alone” which is ironically from the song Dogs.

At any rate, uneventful otherwise. Picked up a new hose to replace the one that broke the other day, and I’m going to take a nap until it cools down a little and go out and putz around the back yard.

Speaking of large, loud men, Ed Schultz has died at the age of 64.

Wednesday Morning Open Thread: Happy Fourth!

Not that you guys are liable to need it, but handy format for sharing…

(Plenty humans not crazy about ‘spontaneous’ bang-bangs, either. Have a thought for your friends & neighbors with PTSD, as well as the fourfoots among you.)
But at least it’s a day off, mostly…

Do we need or want a separate post for the many amazing #SecondCivilWar tweets? So many great examples have been shared in various comment threads already, not to mention that twitter feed in the right-hand column —->

Tuesday Morning Open Thread: Hot, HOT… Cold!

It’s all fun’n’games until the cops start pleading “Ma’am, this is *not* a clothing-optional area… “

… But at least we’re not facing the brutal chill of getting iced out on the Vineyard…

Of course, I too remember the fvcktons of media grief our most recent Democratic presidents took over their MV vacations…