Floriduh! Something: Tales of Lust From The Mangroves Of Myakka

Someone (cough, BettyC, cough) got’s some explaining to do…

Also, a traveler’s service dog had puppies at Tampa International Airport today. PUPPIES!!!!!

Stay lusty! And, if you’re in Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, and/or parts of Georgia this weekend, stay dry and safe!

Open thread.


Friday Evening Respite Open Thread

It’s been One of Those Weeks, my sleep schedule is gehfuckten, and there are still mail-order tomatoes that need to be tranplanted. How’s your day been?

Proxy Pet Blogging Open Thread: Two Good Dogs, One… Not So Much

I have been in Chunk’s momma’s shoes. (Yes, and I have introduced myself, more than once, as “[insert dog’s name] mommy”, because social norms stop being embarrassing, eventually.)

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Weekly Chemo and Menagerie Update

Lily had her fifth chemo treatment today, and while we were there I saw the most curious looking dog:

From some angles, it looks like he has NO legs whatsoever, but I thought he looked kinda like a Jawa Landcrawler. He shuffled when he walked.

At any rate, the only note from my doctor this week was “Lily continues to be amazing.” Which is true! All her bloodwork was fine, her platelet count dropped, and everything seems to be ok, so we are just gonna keep on keeping on. She got showered with attention by all the nurses and vet techs, and got a pretty new bow:

After we walked out of the hospital I tried to get her to go on the grass and potty, but she headed straight toward the car and was ready to get on the road.

Got home, and the peeps are doing well:

And just because I love you, here are pictures of Rosie and Lardass. Rosie is too stiff (like all JRT’s) to curl up, so she just makes the bed work:

And Steve just sleeps wherever the hell he wants:

Remember, that recliner is a chair and a half oversized job.

I have no idea what happened in politics today and plan to keep it that way until tomorrow.

Cat “Semi-Bleg” — Houston Area

From commentor Kirk S:

The background:
I live in an apartment complex in Houston – been here for three years now. There’s a cat colony in our section that has an extremely prolific mother. Unfortunately she’s also very smart about traps and completely opposed to a hand or other human body part within a couple of feet. At the same time she knows – and teaches her kittens – that people are where the food is. (We are not the only ones. We put out water as do a few other apartments. Sometimes we put out dry cat food.) As a consequence the descendants range from skittish to pet-like in behavior.

The cat you see in the picture was one of Mama’s litter from a few months ago. She’s one of the ‘wants to be a pet’ cats – though cautious of new people, she wanted to be petted and held, and would try to come inside. The kittens were her first litter at what is way too early an age.

How much too early? Wednesday afternoon she dropped 8 kittens in a circling line, crying in pain, and once the last was out she ran. A neighbor and my wife saw the later end of this and gathered the living kittens – the four survivors – brought them into the apartment in a small box, and gave them a little water.

Soon after this cat came to the Mrs. wanting to be held and comforted. So Mrs. brought her in and put them all together. The cat was panicky and kept pushing the kittens away till Mrs. found a larger box (a microwave box headed for the trash), put a towel in the bottom, put kittens and cat inside, and lowered two flaps to form a cave. A few minutes later the four kittens were nursing.

The plea:
My apartment allows me to have two pets. I have two dogs. Now I’ve got a cat and kittens and they can’t stay.
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Chemo Week 4

Spent the day in Pittsburgh at the vet and chemo had her 4th week of treatment. Lily was such a good girl she got a treat (who knows how many she got while in the back):

Every time I go I have to fill out update paperwork, put down any symptoms she might be suffering, request any refills, etc., and note any other things I want done, and this week all it was was “toenail trim and she needs a new bow and her gas can clear a room.” Apparently one of the nurses hand makes the bows (I thought they just bought them en masse), so when I left for lunch I stopped by Joann Fabrics (is that a local chain or national? The other type of place like that we have around here is Michael’s) and picked up a bunch of rolls of ribbon so she would have supplies to make them for more dogs because they’re all good dogs.

As far as her health, she is doing well, although now her platelets are getting too high, so we are scaling back the prednisone and adding a little plavix. She gained some weight (about a .3 kg) and all her other vitals are fine, and on the end of the seventh day of each treatment she is doing better than she has for months. That doesn’t make sense so let me explain more. On the day of treatment, she is fine and doing well, then the day after and the next day after treatment she is a little morose and less energetic, but then she quickly rebounds and every day she progressively gets better until the final day before her next treatment, when she is in peak form and better than she has been by months. Each week, the day 7 peak is higher than previous weeks. If that makes sense.

When she came out today she had this super fancy bow and a very nice pedicure and was looking very good. Sadly there is not much that can be done about the gas but that is why we have fans and scented candles, amirite?

At any rate, I know I am biased, but I still think Lily is perhaps one of the most adorable dogs on the planet:

I just love her delicate eyelashes and the fine whisker around her muzzle and the coal black wet nose and those big eyes. And we have been together so long I just know how she is doing by looking her in the eyes.

At any rate, it was a long day and everyone has been fed, pooped, and peed, so now it is time for the herd to nap. I’m tired. It’s been an exhausting year.

The View from the Potting Shed

My pack and I have been under the weather system that’s been dumping rain on the entire East Coast all week, but the sun broke through a little while ago, and we hardly know how to act.

I’m off to the grocery store soon, and after that, cocktails on the Lido deck. You?