Saturday Recipes: Electric Pressure Cooker Update and Bonus Pups

First up – we have an Authors in Our Midst/Writers Chatting tomorrow. Same chat time, same chat place (12:30/11:30/10:30/9:30).  Now back to our recipes:

Yummy photo by the great JeffreyW

I have used my Multi-Pot consistently for the last few weeks. I made two batches of soup, pulled pork, pasta sauce and two batches of rice. The first batch of rice I was all cocky and used the simple pressure cooker setting and my own time – because you know, I’m the Queen of Pressure Cooking – well, that didn’t turn out very well. I mean, it was great sticky rice, but I was going for light and fluffy. So the next batch I used the Rice Button! I mean, come on, a pot you can just push RICE and 10 minutes later have fluffy rice – why was I fighting it??

The buttons on this brand are easy and intuitive to use. It does help that I’m familiar with what times work well with my stove top cooker and there are good resources in the booklets that came with the machine to help pick timing.

My first batch of soup was to make Beef with Barley Soup:

I used this recipe (click here). I was excited to try out the browning feature and the pressure cooking setting.

I quickly and easily sauteed the onions and browned the beef with about a tablespoon of olive oil. Then added the remainder of the ingredients, sealed it shut and turned it to the Meat/Stew setting and set it for 30 minutes.

It took it 10 minutes to come to pressure – which didn’t surprise me because I filled it to the highest mark allowed.

The soup was delicious – I could easily leave it on warm, open the lid and let sit and fill the house with yummy soup smells as long as I desired.  And clean up was a breeze – just tossed the insert into the dishwasher.

The one part of this electric pressure cooker that has been a learning curve for me is the quick -release method. I am so used to taking the pot over to the sink and running cold water over the top. With this, they say to just turn the pressure valve to open. Which sounds easy-peasy.  EXCEPT it spews greasy, starchy steam all over my kitchen cabinets.

The solution is fairly simple – I grabbed an old kitchen towel and cover the valve with that as it releases. Takes a bit longer, but no mess and no risk of a scary steam burn.

So for this recipe, I’d give the Multi-Pot a solid A.

This was almost two weeks ago – her 16 week photo.

Bonus puppies and ducks – there are more updates here and here (bonus ducks, too) – I’ve been terrible, I’ve been posting updates but not getting over here to cross-post.  I’ll do better.

What’s on your menu tonight? I know it’s St. Patrick’s Day, but I’m assuming many of us are beyond heading out for the green beer and pub crawls. All you Instant Pot people, what are some of your favorite recipes for it?

Help, I’m Being Mauled by a Bobcat

Steve had a nice dinner of some canned mackerel and kibble that I warmed up and stirred together so he would not just eat the fish, and then he got a good brushing and is now so sound asleep on my shoulder he is drooling. Every so often in his sleep he reaches out with his paws and rests them on my chest, and he is snoring slightly in my ear.

It’s kind of our nightly routine. He comes in from outside, has dinner, I come downstairs from the home office and make his dinner and mine, and then we watch tv and surf the internet. Lily is on my lap, Thurston is on the ottoman on my feet, and Rosie is in her doggie bed. When I have called it a night and head upstairs for bed, usually by the time I have brushed and flossed, washed my face, and put on lotion, Steve, Lily, and Thurston are all in bed and Rosie is in the doggie bed in my bedroom.

It’s good to have routines.

Good Dogs. Bad Humans. (Alternate Title: No, Virginia, The US Military Is Not A Flawless Band Of Heroes)

This story, tweeted out by the redoubtable Twitterer Angry Staff Officer (@pptsapper), breaks my heart:

In a report released on Friday, the Inspector General said that canine heroes, which saved the lives of U.S. soldiers in Afghanistan while working with brigade combat teams to sniff out roadside bombs, were mistreated by the Army after they returned to the United States…

The report said that some dogs were left in kennels for up to 11 months, beyond a deadline for giving them away for adoption or re-using them in the military or other government agencies. It said they were mistreated through lack of care and attention, and others may have been put down.

To its belated credit, as a spokesman told Reuters, “The Army concurs with the DoDIG (Defense Inspector General) report” and is implementing its recommendations.

But damn.

I mean, damn.

I know this isn’t really surprising, given the wretched history of US abandonment of local colleagues in too many conflicts.  Those people’s lives should have counted for much more than they did, we owed them more, and the costs they’ve born outweigh, to me at least, the mistreatment of animals.

But that our armed forces, acting in our names, may have committed greater sins doesn’t make lesser ones any better.

And in some ways, this story is worse, or grates more than larger tales of betrayal, because doing the right thing would have been easy.  Treating these dogs well would have made their lives better, while making the lives of their human comforters richer as well.

F**k it.

People don’t always suck, but some days, it sure seems like the default condition.

Miserably open thread.

Image: Passarotti, Portrait of a gentleman with two dogsbefore 1592.

Lily Dropping Hints

It’s a sunny, crisp morning and I was trying to figure out what I am going to do with the day, and Lily is dropping some subtle hints:

Ok, Lily. I will finish cleaning my home office.

*** Update ***

What happened to Sarah, Proud and Tall. Do we need to bust her out of the old folks home?

Late Evening Cute Doggy And Kitty Videos Open Thread!!!!!

The cuteness, it burns!

And courtesy of commenter MaryG:

Open thread!


Commenter WaterGirl is, as many of you are aware from her comments, puppysitting. Apparently some of you who are aware have been asking for pictures. Well here they are. I have no ideas what the puppies’ names are, that wasn’t included (apparently I don’t need to know), so pester WaterGirl in the comments for the specifics. Her dogs, Tucker and Henry are marked below their individuals pictures.









Open thread!

Fur Buddies Open Thread

I’ve had a couple of requests for a reprieve from the madness, so here are two of the seven feathered and furry friends who make my day better:

Not the best quality, but I had to grab it with my cell phone before they stopped with this cuteness and moved on to different cuteness.

I know I’ve been remiss on Scout updates – you can find more photos of her here and here  And if you haven’t seen Lucas the Spider – his video is here – I must tell you that Scout LOVES him and sits on my lap and wags her tail while she watches. She is definitely a tv watching pup. And her lap sitting days are quickly coming to an end. :-(

I do have a recipe post planned for tomorrow and if I can get my act together, I should have a Bear and Scout 14 week (!) photo for you, too.

I hope those two cuddling help you get through at least the next hour…

Open thread.