Lost In The Rain…Again

So April 2018, I found this guy wandering in the streets and posted his story here:

I found this little guy walking in the rain not far from my house yesterday. Weighed all of 3-4 lbs, wet.  No tags, no chip, no idea where he came from, I let him sleep in my car (wrapped in a blanket sitting atop a puppy pad) all day while we searched for his owners. I thought it was less stressful than a crate and/or bringing him anywhere near my  pups. It was warm enough that I wasn’t worried about him.

I let the Humane Society know I had him, put notices on the local message boards, drove around the neighborhood. Around 5 pm the HS called and asked me to bring him in for intake and I agreed. I’d felt like I ran out of options and he really couldn’t stay with me overnight,  but told them to call me if no one claimed him.

He was a little grumpy old man – my guess part terrier, part Chihuahua – but sweet as could be.

Around midnight last night got a message from the neighborhood message board about a missing dog. It was him. They were successfully reunited this morning.

Happy ending. I on the other hand got absolutely NOTHING done yesterday.


So tonight my niece – the same niece who was my accomplice when we rescued Mabel and Maddie from the park- and I turned onto my street after a day of driving to find this little guy once again wandering down my street – the complete opposite end of the street from where he was last time.

He still has no tags with his name or owners’ phone number. He does have a city license. So I’ll call the Humane Society tomorrow and see if there is a number on file. I don’t want to turn him in again because I think the fine is double the second time.  I know last time he slipped out of a small opening (he weighs all of 3lbs, it doesn’t take much for him to get out, I’m sure) and they were worried sick. I’m sure something similar happened this time, too.

It was once again, pouring rain. He’s safely tucked in my garage in a crate. I’m headed out to get him a blanket for the night.

But how the heck we found each other again…well it is one of the mysteries of the universe.

Meanwhile…open thread.

Umpteen Down, One to Go!

Lily is very excited to announce that after this morning’s visit to the doctor, she only has ONE more chemo treatment left!

Also, who looks amazing in her new bow and bandanna- YOU DO LILY!

Tuesday Morning Open Thread: Too Much Noise!

Speaking of ugly noises…

Then there’s this, FWIW:

Sunday Night Open Thread: Sweetest Couple On The Block


I was going to wait until I had video before posting about these two, but who knows when that will be. When I go out into the yard, it disrupts the dynamic.

Penelope Pearl has a crush on Bixby (more photos here) and I melt watching her follow him around.

I mentioned in a previous thread that her hormones have hit hard. She comes to me for skritches when it gets to be too much. Which is adorable.  But her main focus has been Bixby and he’s all cool with it. I just worry about him stepping on her accidentally.

I’ll keep trying for video, because she calls after him as she goes.

Open thread


Pets Open Thread

Just getting some work done for my family tonight:

picture of tombstone

This is my godson’s dog, Tulip, who returned from obedience school and appears to not have been properly inflated:

This is my sister Devon with her current foster pup, Milton, who is approximately 62% ears:

picture of dog

He’s very sweet, and his coat is like Boghan’s (my brothers wire haired pointing griffon), but softer and jet black. He is available for adoption if any of you are interested.

I think I speak for everyone when I say we could use some more pictures of Pearl.