A Little Reminder That Good Things Still Happen and Make the World a Better Place

So this happened earlier tonight (h/t: Josh Marshall’s twitter feed):

(FYI: This is Noni crashing in the apartment building hallway)

Enter good people (in addition to everyone offering to help out in all the replies to the tweets)!

Little things, small actions, make all the difference in the world. Sleep well Noni! And well done Sara Morrison, Carmen Rita, and Chandler for stepping up and making things just a little bit better!

Easter Sunday Morning Open Thread

(Vinny & Patsy, thank you commentor Ruth)

… And, now that we’ve all had a quick larf, some more garden shots from dedicated commentor Raven:

Here north of Boston, the earliest of our daffodils got blasted by late March storms, but the white narcissi are starting to bloom. The Siberian iris leaves are greening up, and it looks like we’ll have at least some lilac blossoms in a couple of weeks. And it’s supposed to be almost 80 degrees today — time to get out and start cleaning up the winter detritus…

What’s going on in your garden(s) planning this week?

Cuteness Open Thread: Puppies!

I don’t know about you, but my day needed some much welcome puppy relief today. So was glad to get a bunch of new photos from my friends and their foster brood.

My heart still belongs to Lolly. She had her checkup last week and besides being extremely underweight, a lot of her teeth are broken from gnawing at wood, wall board and other things while locked in the abandoned house. It looks like she’ll be with LFern until she’s ready to leave foster care, so I’ll get to see her again with any luck. She’ll be fully recovered and healthy in no time.

The puppies are all doing well and are 7 weeks old. They are weaned and four have gone on to another foster home so everyone gets lots of personal time in order to help them socialize. I know it was difficult for the Fern family, but important for puppy development, so they were happy to do what was best for them.

Again I couldn’t get the pup photos to just copy over here, so you’ll have to click here to see all the puppies.

Open thread.

Puppy and Writing Group Updates

Bixby blocking the door when he realized we were going out to lunch without him.

There will be a Writers Chatting post tomorrow – 12:30/11:30/10:30/9:30. Hope you can pop in. I also am in contact with our favorite Wiley Cash about doing another chat – for sure when his new book comes out, but maybe I can persuade him to pop in before that date.

Sad puppeh is sad.

I spent time with LFern’s foster puppies on Wednesday (original photos here) and I’m afraid I didn’t have a chance to take any photos. Mostly because I spent a great deal of time with 8 snuggly, fluffy puppies sleeping on me. I can’t tell you how completely relaxing that was and it was difficult to tear myself away. Lolly, the mom, has really stolen my heart and her adoptive people will surely get much scrutiny from myself and Lfern’s entire family. She’s a keeper.

They all had a vet visit late this week and I’m waiting to hear how that went. Lolly is horribly thin (think Walter, RIP, thin and still feeding her pups) because she and another mom were locked in an abandoned house with 15 pups. And still, she is the sweetest thing who totally loves people and wants nothing more than to sit in your lap and be rubbed all over.

Just as I was about ready to leave, we decided the weather had cleared enough to bring them all outside and romp around. Which completely killed another 45 minutes with fun. Despite their rough start, these are a smart, social and sweet bunch and will make great pets for some very lucky people.

We are all suspecting that maybe, possibly, the litters got mixed up – most of the pups have some resemblance to Lolly, except two – who look suspiciously like their dad was part Chihuahua. Especially Scout, who I renamed Scooby, because he looks so much like a tiny Scooby-Doo when he’s running around on his short Chihuahua legs.

If I have the chance to visit them again before they are placed, promise I’ll get photos.

Open thread.


We Have Puppies!

In case your day needs some cuteness, foster puppies!

Friend of mine, LFern, is fostering…again. She and the rest of the Fern family have been very successfully fostering this past year (since losing their beloved Kodiak).

Doing the foster dog thing again. This time I have a mama and 8 puppies. There were 9, but only 8 by the time they got to me. I’ve never had puppies this young. They are so adorable. they should be weaned in about 2 weeks, neutered about two weeks after that (at 8 weeks old) and then ready for adoption. Let me know if you need a puppy or check with Weld County Humane Society. Lolly the mom is an amazing dog too.

Previous fosters have all been successfully placed..now we’ll need homes for these guys. We’re going to go see them this week, I can’t wait. Bixby won’t be able to do his foster magic (he’s been so good with all her fosters) until they are much older, so he and Bailey will have to stay home for now.

Lolly, the mom, has already stolen my heart.

To see individual photos of the whole gang, click here (I could not get them to embed properly and didn’t have time to upload them again).

Open thread!

Also, Writing Group update – anyone who wants to write up something about their experience of self-publishing or traditional publishing, please email me. (whats4dinnersolutions at live dot com)

In Barkest Night!

In canine day, in barkest night.

No squirrel shall escape my sight.

Let those who worship feline might,

Beware my power — Dog Lantern’s light!

I give you the Dog Lanterns of Space Sector 2814.

Open Thread!