Sunday Morning Open Thread: Joyous Season

Minor household crisis here — we haven’t put up a tree for the last couple years, but enough progress has been made in the ongoing stream of renovations (aka, the Great Niggle) that we were ready to Do It Right again. First step, take out the big box of precious, personal, mostly irreplaceable ornaments I’ve been collecting, one or two per year, since the mid-1970s. Went to the closet shelf where it’s always lived, off-season, and the box IS NOT THERE.

Spousal Unit swears of course he didn’t throw it away, not even accidentally, not even when The Guys had the utility dumpster in the driveway and they removed 2500lbs of basement walls & partitions and stuff. He wouldn’t throw away his own personal dinosaur ornaments, after all! The box could be in the (unlighted, overstuffed) shed in the back yard… or maybe in the rental storage unit (only open during weekday business hours)…

And, yes, there’s more important things in life than tchotchkes, even ones with 40 years of memories behind them. But I’ll be much more ready to enjoy The Holidays if (when) that box turns up!

What makes “the season” special to you?

What’s on the agenda as we prepare to count down to the new calendar year?

Monday Morning Open Thread: Remember Joy?


What’s on the agenda as we start the new week?

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Friday Morning Open Thread

I’m off for computer repairs so I thought I would leave this for you in case you get tired of talking about Flynn:

That’s the “I’m not moving, I’m pretty firm about this, and really there is nothing you can do about it even if you wanted to” face. And to be honest, what kind of monster would make her move?

Afternoon Open Thread

Find someone who loves you the way Rosie loves her new doggie bed.

She has one in the living room and one upstairs in the hallway because she’s old and she’s got a hitch in her giddyup and her ups are on the decline, so she can’t get into bed on her own.

(New) Cat Rescue Bleg – Denver Area

From commentor Hedgehog:

A friend of one of my co-workers has been keeping a couple of cats in her shop. The shop owner has told her the cats have to go. I’ve posted to all of my social media contacts but no luck. The cats are in Denver metro.

The black one, Bubby, aka Mr. Bubbles, is about 6 and has been living inside with us for 2.5 yrs. Before that, he was living in our shed as a stray. He has a very shiny, medium length, black fur with mahogany tones. He keeps himself very clean and is a pretty easy going guy. His favorite things are to sit in your lap, and to eat!

He loves attention, but is used to spending a lot of time on his own. His eyes are often a brilliant green.

The tortie is Mama, as she had 3 kittens in 1 of our sheds at a very young age. Consequently, she is on the small side. She has bunny soft fur, and only has ½ of a tail.

She was feral when I trapped her and the kittens, but she has learned to like people. She loves to be petted, and is a bit of a talker. She is about 3, and moved inside 2 winters ago. She can be a bit sassy, after all, she is a tortie, but is a very sweet girl and likes to flirt.

Both cats have been neutered. If you know anyone who would like to meet them, I’d be happy to have them come by and visit. They are both really nice cats.

They could go together, as they get along, but they are not bonded so could easily go separately.

If you know anyone who might be interested in one or both of these sweethearts, leave a comment, or email me (‘contact a front pager’ or and I’ll forward your message.

Quick Miss Callie (Minnesota to Maryland) Update

Kitten-courier Reilyn has booked her roundtrip flight from DC to Minneapolis, and purchased an airline-approved carrier for little Miss Callie. The hand-off is scheduled for the weekend of December 8th.

Because you guys are awesome, we’ve already collected more money than we need for this particular mission. Unless anyone has an objection, I’ve told Reilyn to hold on to the extra at this point in time. (You can contact me directly, if you need more information.)

We already have another pair of cats looking for new homes in Denver (check back for that post around lunchtime EST) so she may be sending part or all of the money directly to the next “angel”. Any money left over will go to pet rescue, if you want to nominate a recipient…

As Promised, Bath Pics

Ornery beasts. Steve bled us pretty good so there are no during pics of him.

No Lily, because she got a bath last week.