Late Night Open Thread: Canine Blogging

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Friday Afternoon Open Thread

Fall arrived around midnight. I had to shut several windows against the chill and find a pair of socks to wear for the first time since…March? The dogs have been extra-snuggly. Here’s Badger catching a little sun on a landing:

He looks jet black with white trim in the shade, but in the sun, his true brindle nature reveals itself.

Got any plans for the weekend? I may be going to a stone crab festival to gorge myself on crustacean claws. Fun fact about Florida Stone Crabs: if their claws are removed properly, the creature can regrow the lost limb on go on about its business.

Open thread!

Thursday Morning Open Thread: Happy Howloween!

(Lucy is a Very Good Girl, and it seems like she always carries her ears at that angle.)

Among our (culture’s) Northern European ancestors, this was the ‘Batten Down’ season… when the waning daylight and overnight freezes signaled it was time to finish preparing for months of spending entirely too much time huddled together with the entire clan, including whatever livestock hadn’t been slaughtered because there wouldn’t be enough forage to last until the blessed early dawns of spring. Not really surprising that the annual pivot would spark thoughts of mortality, missed opportunities, unwise choices, and angry / miserable ghosts wandering in the sudden darkness…

Fortunately, we have companion animals to entertain us. I am of the opinion that many dogs actually enjoy wearing costumes, now and then. Or at least are willing to be good sports about the idea, since pleasing their people means more than a temporary loss of dignity. (Cats, on the other hand… ) Some dogs, and not always the ones you would expect, really get into the party spirit — they would absolutely volunteer to wear funny headgear and lead a congo line, were they humans. Of course there are some who are dubious about the whole idea, and others who just can’t get into the concept… at least until the treat jar comes out!

(Apparently, that’s a shark costume — not, as I assumed, a charming little medieval jester. And the dog is a fairly recent rescue, which may be why he looks so uncertain about his new role.)

This, on the other hand, is an exceptionally Good Dog, who shares:

Respite Open Thread: Some Serious Respite

Okay, before I turn everything off for the night, I needed some respite. And then suddenly babies started showing up everywhere. So here they all are.

And my very own daily cuteness. Sometimes I just sit in the backyard and watch everyone play together. Dogs, cats and ducks.

great dane and duck friends

Feel free to add to the momentary relief with cuteness of your own.

Respite open thread.

Respite Open Thread: My Quarterly Review Is Not Looking Good

2 great danes and 1 great cat have a meeting

I came out of my office the other day to find this going on.

Either they are:

  1. Having a quarterly staff meeting, and it’s not looking good for me
  2. Gabe is explaining “he who has the remote controls the picture box” rules
  3. This is the monthly book club and they’re reading my novel

I’m completely done in. News is off, music is on. How about you?

Respite open thread