Late Night Open Thread: Challenge

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Here’s to a quiet weekend, for once, irregardless…

Monday Morning Open Thread: Everybody PIVOT!

President Donald Trump, who became a reality television star with a show called “The Apprentice,” will spend a lot of time next week promoting a plan to expand apprenticeships to help companies find more skilled workers to fill jobs, the White House said.

It would be the second consecutive week in which the White House will make a push to show Trump is moving ahead on his top domestic priority – jobs – in spite of investigations into whether he had anything to do with possible Russian meddling in the 2016 U.S. presidential election…

Next week will be “workforce development week” where the White House highlights plans to combat the skills gap. U.S. job openings surged to a record high in April with government data showing employers struggling to find workers with the right skills.

Trump’s plan has been in the works for months, led by his daughter Ivanka Trump, adviser Reed Cordish, and Trump’s secretaries of labor, education and commerce…

One thing that likely will not be in Trump’s plan: a surge in spending. The White House expects the private sector to take the lead.

A senior White House official said the federal government had allocated $16.7 billion to 43 job training programs in 13 agencies in fiscal 2017.

“It’s not a money question. There’s a lot of money out there being thrown at this,” the official said.


What’s on the agenda as we gear up for another week?

Saturday Night Open Thread: Too Friendly, Too Sweet

Looks like we could use an open thread.I don’t know if we’ve covered this little guy here yet. Cute little thing flunked out of police training. But it’s all good, he’s got a new job as the Governor’s dog:

He participated in months of training at the police dog academy, but ended up being a doggy dropout out because he “did not display the necessary aptitude for a life on the front line,” according to the BBC.  Instead of tackling suspects or sniffing out explosives, Gavel preferred belly tickles and cuddles from strangers.

But Gavel had made a good friend, who helped him land on his paws: the governor of Queensland.
Gov. Paul de Jersey adopted Gavel and gave him the prestigious job of vice-regal dog.

“He may have missed out on becoming a Queensland police service dog, but it is abundantly clear that Gavel has the characteristics necessary to adequately fulfill duties as Queensland’s official vice-regal dog,” he wrote.

His new job responsibilities include welcoming visitors and attending official ceremonies. He even signed an official contract.

More photos and a cute video are here.

Open thread!

Late Night Open Thread

The little shit is trying to use the force to get me to not get in bed because it would require him to move. It’s not working.

Dogs in Bags!

Dogs on the NY City subway are composed of two separate but equal parts. The dogs and the bags that they go in. These are their stories…

This should definitely discourage pickpockets!

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Non-Sports / No-Politics Open Thread


Let this be your motto.

Thursday Morning Open Thread: Welcome, Finnick

News that doesn’t suck, from faithful commentor Tissue-Thin Pseudonym:

It has been requested that I provide information on the new feline overlord at Chez TTTP: Finncik Neal. I got him at the St Paul Humane Society last Friday. I went intending to get a feisty little girl, since Dirk still misses Monster bossing him around, but that only lasted until I met Finnick. He stayed under the chairs in the visiting room for the whole half hour I was there, but he didn’t shy away when I reached under to pet him, and by the end he was at the edge of the chair I was sitting on, letting me scritch his head.

I thought that was very brave for 10-month old cat only a couple of weeks out of surgery to remove his left hind leg. He was found as a stray, and had multiple torn ligaments and other damage in the knee and they decided that amputation was the best option. He’s still working to master running on three legs, and it can be entertaining to watch him try on the mix of hardwood and linoleum floors in my house.

The integration with the rest of the household is going well. Harry is still perturbed, which was unexpected given how laid back he is about everything else. We made it through the whole day with all of us sleeping on my bed. I left the door to Finnick’s room open while I’m at work tonight for the first time. Hopefully there’s no blood on the floor when I get home.

Apart from cheering on feline overlords — and prepping for Drama King Comey’s latest all-networks appearance — what’s on the agenda for the day?