Tuesday Morning Open Thread: Bean, Once of West Virginia

ellen t bean top

From commentor ET:

This is my nut Bean. Back in 2013 I adopted him from a rescue group in D. C. but he was born in West Virginia. He has been a total (wonderful) nut with an obsession for the cat TVs (aka windows). Not much of a talker my Snowshoe Siamese, but he is a champion cuddler.

I always have a soft spot for meezers, since I probably wouldn’t be here without one (my dad convinced my mom to marry him by offering her a purebred Siamese — still rare in the mid-1950s — instead of an engagement ring).

What’s on the agenda as we (well, many of us) start another work week?

ellen t bean

Friday Morning Open Thread: Cat Funding Bleg

diffbrad binkley

Balloon Juice lurker, former Sadly, No! regular, and founder of FireMeganMcArdle has a bleg:

My 17 year old snowshoe siamese Binkley has been very sick the last few months. The good news is he’s going to be ok, the bad news is his treatment so far has cost more than my rent at a time when that alone is not so easy for me to cover, and he’s probably not done yet. So I’ve swallowed my pride and started a gofundme

I just tweeted a good shot of him looking at Obama on tv in 08, if you’re curious about the fuzzball in question.

GoFundMe page here, if you have a soft spot for meezers.

What else is on the agenda, as we wrap up the week and/or prepare for the holiday weekend?

St. Francis Cutie-Pies – All Available For Cuddles

JeffreyW often posts pics of the available animals at St. Francis Care animal rescue near his home in Illinois over on our blog. I thought they deserved a wider audience and we could use a respite from politics on this beautiful Saturday.

JW tells me all the credit goes to Mrs. J, who provided all the photos and descriptions below. She volunteers regularly at the center and also stitches up beds for the crew there.

Without further ado – here are some of the cutest critters eveh:


You know you want to read more…

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Saturday Morning Open Thread: Overamped Ginger Yowls His Own Praises

Irish Setter slander! Had I the skillz, one of those pianos would be labelled “John Miller” and another “John Barron“…

IMO, this is another great HRC jab at the short-fingered vulgarian: While reminding decent voters that Trump is a bigoted sexist pig (‘Miss Housekeeping’ for a Latino pageant winner, really?) it also tweaks Trump on his failed second marriage, his lost pageant ownership, and his once-less-embarrassing combover…

Speaking of which, commentor Rikyrah pointed out an interesting Steve Benen article — “Why it matters that Donald Trump never vetted himself”:

It’s Campaign Management 101: It’s not enough to research your rivals; you have to research yourself. Taking a close look at your opponents’ backgrounds will help uncover their strengths and weaknesses, which in turn will help shape your strategy, but digging through your own background will help you anticipate and prepare for upcoming lines of attack…

… Mother Jones’ David Corn reported yesterday on a detail that should make Republicans nervous.

For most major presidential campaigns, it is a routine act: You conduct opposition research on your own candidate. The reason is obvious; campaign officials and candidates want to know what they might have to contend with once the you-know-what starts flying. But not Donald Trump.

At least not at the start of the campaign that would lead to him becoming the presumptive GOP nominee. According to a source with direct knowledge, when Trump was considering entering the presidential race early last year, his political advisers, including Corey Lewandowski, who would become his campaign manager, suggested that he hire a professional to investigate his past. But the celebrity mogul said no and refused to pay for it…

It would be a mistake for any national candidate to skip this part of the process, but for a guy like Trump – whose record includes a long list of personal and professional controversies – it’s incredibly reckless.

Corn’s report added, “The candidate, who now refuses to release his income taxes, did not want his own campaign scrutinizing his past. He was not willing to be transparent – not even for his own team.”

To be fair, Trump’s doing his whole campaign on the cheap. Maybe he just couldn’t afford to pay for better research.

Apart from waiting for a millipede’s worth of further shoes to drop, what’s on the agenda for the day?

Friday Morning Open Thread: “Cautious Love”

josie emma the pug watches the baby

From commentor Josie:

Here are two pictures of my son’s aging pug, whose life has been recently upended, and my namesake Josie, who did the upending.

I kept Emma (the pug) for a year on two separate occasions while my son was in law school, so I am somewhat attached to her. I am over the moon, however, about my first grand child.

Emma, as you can see, is taking her new duties very seriously.

It’s a great responsibility for a not-so-big dog, after all!
Apart from this evening’s meet-up in NYC, what’s on the agenda as we wrap up a week few people will be sorry to see the back of?

josie emma the pug guard dog

Thursday Morning Open Thread: Mentoring

werebear rj n mithy

From wise commentor Werebear:

This is RJ (big) and Mithrandir (small). Only now Mithy is bigger than RJ!

Maine Coon mixes rule.

This, I can attest, is true… whether or not one wishes to be ruled, Maine Coons will take charge. Lucky for us thumbed primates, they are (mostly) benevolent dictators.

What’s on the agenda for the new day?

Wednesday Morning Open Thread: Happy Birthday, Satby!

edinnj dorgi bella

From commentor EdinNJ:

Here’s the newest addition to our family, our rescued 1 year-old Dorgi (Dachshund/Corgi mix), Bella.

Bella is a cutie, but I bet she’s not gonna share that chewie…

Many happy returns to generally beloved commentor Satby, pet rescuer, exchange student host, soapmaker & generally all-around good person.

What else is on the agenda for the day?