Cloud Compass Canoeing

If not for the bow, it would be impossible to say which was the sky and which the reflection.

Also, Badger naps dangerously:

I don’t voluntarily sleep with my nose in such close proximity to Daisy’s ass. She’s a gassy critter.

This thread doesn’t have to be about dog farts. Use your imagination — open thread!

Saturday Night Open Thread: Scout Turns One

I believe I promised a birthday photo of Scout:

Compare and contrast:

Scout 8 weeks

Bonus game of tug:

Scout growing up photos here.

I am putting the finishing touches on dinner for guests tonight. Hopefully, I’ll remember to take photos and have a recipe post for you tomorrow. Doing my best to provide some distractions.

What’s up for you tonight?

Open thread

Saturday Open Thread: Welcome Cleo

This adorable fluffball was found in the garage of geg6. That cute face has now convinced her to become a cat person (welcome to the cult).

… she’s a sweetie and quite smart. She has made me go out and buy a bed, fancy food/water bowl and numerous toys. She’s very manipulative like that. 😉

Welcome, Cleo!

Open thread.

Friday Night Open Thread: Puppies Make Things Better

Remember this little thing? She turns one year old tomorrow. Her current mood: “Where are my treats!”

She is a sweet, rambunctious, awesome little girl. Well, as little as she can be at 105 lbs and almost as tall as Bixby.

Update on the CBD oil (and thanks to everyone for the input). I started Bixby and Emma on it earlier this week and the results have been dramatic.  I hope it continues to work for both of them. I feel like I have my old Bixby back.

What’s up with you?

Open thread

ETA: Pictures of Gabe here. He’s settling in and more of his personality is beginning to show. He and Bixby are so freakin’ cute together, I have to get photos of them. I think Gabe thinks Bixby is his spirit animal. LOL

Thursday Afternoon Open Thread

How about some uncontroversial birds to look at? Here’s a gorgeous Little Blue Heron, who was stalking fish by the riverbank yesterday:

That slate-blue color just knocks me out!

And here’s an Anhinga drying his extra-fancy wings:

And here’s a glimpse of the elusive Black-and-White Banded Bra-Snatcher:

Sorry about the poor quality of that last shot; it’s hard to get feral creatures like that to pose. Fortunately, this species only steals undergarments from laundry baskets rather than heisting them from one’s person.

That’s all I got. Open thread!

Monday Morning Open Thread: Positivity Is GOOD!

Non-Political Open Thread


I’m just gonna watch this, over and over, for the next few hours…