My Dogs are Assholes, a Neverending Story, Part 90219393

For the past few weeks, Thurston and Rosie have been dragging the blankets and the quilts off of furniture, pulling them to the floor, and creating dog beds for themselves to sleep on. Now, mind you, over the past few years I have purchased at least half dozen god damned dog beds, AND THEY NEVER EVER USE THEM. EVER.

So last week on digital Monday or whatever, I found a big dog bed on sale for dirt cheap, and I ordered it. It came, it was big enough for all three dogs and cat to sleep on, and I promptly put it on the floor where they had been pulling the blankets. Within fifteen minutes, Thurston and Rosie began what can only be described as a vicious gangland turf war over the pet bed. There was barking, growling, howling and all hell broke loose to the point that I had to put the damned bed up and I ordered a second one so they wouldn’t have anything to fight over.


Today, I took a nap because my sinuses are killing me and it feels like my eyes are about to shoot out of my face, and I woke to the sound of another scrum between Rosie and Thurston. I walked into the living room and this is what I found.


That is the dog bed that one of them had somehow pulled down from the table, placed on top of a blanket one of them had pulled down from the couch, and it is decorated with care with the stuffing from a pillow they shredded during their melee.


Yeah. You Nailed That

If commenter Starfish only knew how accurate this comment is:

I saw this video earlier today, and I was convinced that this is John Cole’s life.



That is my existence of every minute of every day.

I laugh in people’s faces when they ask me if I ever get lonely living “alone.”

Thursday Morning Open Thread


From commentor Wade S, concerning his Boo:

Choose a caption:

“Stunned by political reverses, Office Dog develops thousand-yard stare.”

“Office Dog maintains attitude of imperturbable equanimity.”


What’s on the agenda as we buckle down for the fight going forward?

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In Moments Of Quiet I’m Strangely Drawn To You


I posted a link to this last night, but thought we could all use some cute today, so posting it here. Seriously, these guys help me cope. I’ve gotten us back into a morning walk routine. I have been so busy with work and house stuff, I hadn’t been walking Bixby with regularity for the last couple of months. Then Bailey arrived and I had to ease us into our group walks. They are doing great with it. If you’re doing the math, it’s 260 lbs of muscle…

I want to post a pre-holiday recipe thread on Friday, again trying to get back to routines. Anyone need something specific? I’m thinking it will be about side dishes. I can direct you to a bunch of good turkey recipes and desserts, too. Let me know in the comments.

Otherwise, open thread. I’m about to get into today’s work and wait for my door guy to come install my pretty door. What’s on your mid-day agenda?

Wednesday Morning Open Thread: “A Forest Miracle”


From commentor T R:

Thought I’d share a few photos. The first is the pup enjoying her walk on our daily route. Notice all the fallen leaves.

Saturday I was feeling really awful so I took my youngest son and the pup for an extra walk. Of the millions of brown leaves in the woods my son picked one with a surprise. When he flipped it over he found…

A poem!

White clouds gather and billow
Thin grass does for a mattress
Blue sky makes a good quilt


Another commentor reminded me — for those of us who tend to get depressed during the shortest days of the year, this is probably a great time to break out your lightbox or invest in one. And getting outside when the sun is up (even if that means getting up a bit earlier) can’t hurt, either.

What’s on the agenda for the new day?

Puppies and Kitties Make Any Day Better

Even this one. I thought we could use a little distraction before the big predictions come in.


I finally reloaded my video software (thanks a lot Win 10 update) and downloaded their play session. The video is much TOO long, but I love watching them and got lost in the joy of it all while editing.

And in the interest of equal time – two of my kitties relaxing in the morning sun:


There is an actual Bixby and Bailey update here, along with more kitty and puppy photos.

In election news, my FB feed is flooded with positive Hillary posts because I was lucky enough to be added to a secret group (keeps out the trolls). It is inspiring and makes me smile. One woman flew back to Colorado to vote because her absentee ballot was lost. And it seems to be a trend to give your barista your name as Nasty Woman. Love it!

Open thread!

Late Night Open Thread

I need to clear something up. In the house posts, when I say we, I mainly mean the royal we. He, with the help of our next door neighbor who is unemployed and who I am paying, have done most everything. We have a plumber doing the plumbing, and an electrician doing the wiring, and now we have a traveling handyman/carpenter doing a bunch of stuff, but this army is mainly a one man band, my dad. I’m incompetent and can’t do much with my pos shoulder anyway other than light stuff. Most of what I do is daily pilgrimages to the lumber yard or Lowe’s or hell on earth Home Depot.

Next, here are some of funny pictures of my brother’s dog Boghan, the wirehaired pointing griffon and my sister’s spastic dog Lola:



He’s the most laid back dog in the world- he’s just happy to do whatever. He’s probably just lying there thinking “Are we playing? Is this fun? Are we having fun? I’m having fun?”

Finally, I ADORE THIS WEBSITE. Cats with Cartoon Eyes and Mouths:


Go. You know you want to.

Oh, also, POTUS was on Real Time with Frum, Granholm, and Martin Short, who I still think is one of the funniest people ever.