Saturday Morning Open Thread: Social vs. Anti-Social Media

Michelle Goldberg, smart person in the NYTimes, “Our National Emergency Turns 2”:

I feared, at the beginning of this administration, that Trump would try to exploit American intelligence capabilities against his personal enemies, but instead he gets his intelligence from Fox News. The fact that so many high-level Trump associates have pleaded guilty to crimes is a sign of his corruption, but it also shows he hasn’t corrupted our entire system.

Trump has turned out to be the Norma Desmond of authoritarians, a senescent has-been whose delusions are propped up by obsequious retainers. From his fantasy world in the White House, he barks dictatorial and often illegal orders, floats conspiracy theories, tweets insults and lies unceasingly. But much of the time he’s not fully in charge. He has the instincts of a fascist but lacks both the discipline and the loyal lieutenants he’d need to create true autocracy.

That doesn’t mean, however, that the country isn’t coming undone. Trump’s bumbling incoherence, coupled with his declining political fortunes since the midterms, makes him seem less frightening than he once did. But, two years in, the jaded weariness many of us have developed might obscure how bad things are. We’re living through an unprecedented breakdown in America’s ability to function like a normal country.

The shutdown throws our crisis into high relief. For the first two years, Trump destroyed American norms, standards and conventions. Now he’s cavalierly destroying American lives…

Gropey Glenn Thrush wails: But mah NARRATIVE!…

Friday Afternoon Open Thread

Here’s the exact moment yesterday when Badger realized we were at the vet’s office instead of Grandma’s house:

Poor guy. It was a “well puppy” visit to establish him with a new vet (due to our recent move) and to get a new supply of heart worm / flea / tick meds calibrated to his weight. He got a thermometer up the poop-chute, but that was the worst of it.

Open thread!

Tuesday Evening Open Thread

Here’s Badger looking all bad-ass:

If my area of Florida is destroyed by a hurricane next summer and Trump tours this neighborhood, I know my Badger would sink his fangs into the shitgibbon’s nutsack if he wandered onto our property. Badger has heard Mom and Dad cursing at the Bad Man on TV all his life!

And he’ll hear it again this evening. We’ll definitely tune into the carnival of stupid. You?

I’m looking forward to the Chuck and Nancy rebuttal. And while I generally despise it when pundits — especially neocons! — suggest what Democrats should say in a given situation, J-Rub’s suggestions here are pretty damned on point, IMO. “It’s the lying, stupid!”

Also, a little bird told me that if you want to watch a shouty, finger-wagging rebuttal by a non-Democrat, such a spectacle will be streamed live for your viewing pleasure. That I will skip.

Anyhoo, open thread!

Thursday Afternoon Open Thread

Looks like we could use an open thread after the catharsis of watching Madam Speaker take the gavel again. As some of you said in the earlier threads, I haven’t felt this much hope since November 2016.

Here’s a photo taken yesterday of Badger Aloysius LaBoeuf McMurtry:

He (among others) is a Mr. October in the 2019 Pets of Balloon Juice Calendar. That’s all I’ve got. Open thread!

Lazy Afternoon

I am a touch under the weather, and I suspect it is a combination of an unpleasant reaction to Miami water and and not sleeping more than a few hours each night for the past few days. At any rate, the squad is not that motivated anyway:

BTW- Don’t forget to pick up your Pets of Balloon Juice 2019 calendar. The New Year is upon us.

Balloon Juice Pet Calendar 2019 is LIVE!

Just a reminder that the Balloon Juice Calendar for 2019 is now LIVE:

Thanks to all of you who sent in pictures, and thanks to Beth, who put it all together. As always, all proceeds go to MARC- the Marion Animal Resource Connection. You can pick yours up by clicking on this link or going through the Balloon Juice Store on the right.

Pets of Balloon Juice Calendar 2019- WE’RE DOING IT LIVE

The pets of Balloon Juice calendar is now up and running and available at Cafepress:

As always, all profits go to MARC: Marion Animal Resource Connection.

If you find a mistake or a misnamed pet, please let us know as it can be easily fixed. MUCHO thanks to Beth, our freelance graphic designer who does this thankless task every year. Her website is here if you need someone.