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Earlier today John Aravosis decided to rightly tear the bark off of Waleed Shahid:

Since I don’t tweet, I thought I’d link to and reprise some of my takedown of Shaheed’s attempt to misrepresent Senator Feinstein’s actions back in February, which was fresh on the heels of his attempt to do the same thing to Senator Harris. In both cases he barbered video footage until he got the out of context material he wanted and then weaponized it on Twitter. And I’d appreciate it if those of you who do tweet would tweet this at Aravosis.

Anyhow, as I wrote back in February:

Earlier today Waleed Shahid, fresh off of getting dragged for posting barbered and highly edited clips of Senator Harris from her town hall on his twitter feed several weeks ago, decided it was time to set his sights on the senior senator from California. As I suspected in the comments to an earlier post, Shahid had once again posted heavily edited videos on his twitter feed to go after someone that doesn’t measure up to his purity fanaticism. Fortunately, just like the last time, someone came along to set the record straight.

Shahid was once again full of shit, imagine that!!!!

Unfortunately, for all too many, Shahid’s lies will have already been taken as the gospel truth. It is bad enough that Democratic candidates and Democratic officeholders, as well as the organizations and individuals who support them, are going to be subjected to influence operations from the Russians, as well as a host of other state and non-state actors as we move into the 2020 elections, they shouldn’t have to also worry about being targeted by ideological fanatics like Shahid.

And as for the Justice Democrats, apparently they are running a protection scam where they require the candidates they endorse to send them funds rather than raise funds and send them to the candidates they’re endorsing! 

These fanatics aren’t interested in making things better, they are interested in promoting themselves, fleecing their donors, and ultimately tearing down the people that have the only real chance of ending the current President’s reelection chances and then beginning the long, hard, slow, and frustrating work of fixing all of the messes that the President, his administration, and his Republican Party and conservative movement enablers have created. I’m all for opening up the debate and pulling the center back somewhere closer to where it should be from where the Republicans and the conservative movement have pulled it for over the past 40 years. Waleed Shahid, the Justice Democrats, his fellow travelers, and their attempt to create an ideological inflexible Tea Party and Breitbart of the left is not the solution to any of these problems.

As I’ve been writing here for almost three years, we were attacked and are still being attacked by a hostile foreign power! We are at war! But rather than everyone that isn’t supporting the domestic beneficiaries of the ongoing attacks – the President, the Republican Party, and the conservative movement that supports them –  pulling together to fix our problems, Shahid and his fellow travelers would rather do the enemy’s work for them and pull us apart. With “friends” like these, Democrats, liberals, progressives, the center left to left of center Americans don’t actually need enemies.

Many more tweets and links exposing Shaheed’s and the Justice Democrats’ scam at the original post.

Open thread!



Whether or not Ilhan Omar expressed herself as carefully as she could have, this guy (a 57-year-old former Jesuit Democrat, who represents a D+22 district on the Cali/Mexico border), just gave up the game. For a lot of her critics, anything critical that Omar says about Israel cannot be said, no matter how she phrases it. Also, I’m scratching my head as to why this safe seat Democrat who represents a mostly Hispanic border district wants to weigh in, and the only indication that I can find is that he’s on the House Foreign Affairs Committee, which makes me think that Ilhan Omar belongs on that committee, since she might be one of the few with the guts to say anything negative about Israel.

Yeah, That’ll Work

Google pushes AOC news to my feed, otherwise I would have missed this gem from the shitty gossip rag The Hill, “Some Dems Float Idea of Primary Challenge for Ocasio-Cortez”. Now, to be clear, the story only quotes one Dem, anonymously:

“What I have recommended to the New York delegation is that you find her a primary opponent and make her a one-term congressperson,” the Democratic lawmaker, who requested anonymity, told The Hill. “You’ve got numerous council people and state legislators who’ve been waiting 20 years for that seat. I’m sure they can find numerous people who want that seat in that district.”

I’m sure those numerous council people and legislators are lining right up for the sure failure of a primary run against AOC, who raised $2 million last cycle, and has $400K cash on hand. I give this story four Pinocchios, three Goofys and a dozen Mickey Mouse turds, to use bullshit measurements that DC journalists can understand.

If AOC has a superpower, it is pissing off old school politicians who apparently are scared of popular ideas like restoring a 70% marginal tax rate. I’d love to see a person like the back bencher quoted in this article take a run at AOC – it would be almost as fun as watching a rich wanker like Howard Schultz smear poop all over himself by calling her ideas “un American”.

Andy’s Pissed

Andrew Cuomo might face a primary challenge from Cynthia Nixon, the actress best know for her role as Miranda in Sex in the City.  Nixon is also married to a woman and has done some advocacy for breast cancer research and LGBTQ rights.

A good politician would welcome her to the scene and say a few words about wanting a spirited debate in the primary, while all along knowing he’ll win easily.  An Andrew Cuomo did this:

(I embedded that because Politico NY is subscription only.)

This fool still thinks he has a chance at being President.

I Can’t Believe These Things Still Exist

Well that didn’t go well.

After being turned away from the 2016 caucus because they couldn’t handle the crowds, today I actually made it through the door. Thirty minutes later, I left in disgust. There were 4 people in my “precinct”, three who knew each other and me. We were suppose to talk and vote for an hour + ??? Like anything I may or may not have to say about a candidate was going to be of consequence.

There was no information about the candidates to study, except for brief statements at the beginning of the process (two-minutes per person – representatives for each candidate). With the exception of one of the candidates for governor, I had no idea who anyone was, their experience or their platform (even though, I’m on the state Dem email list and received numerous emails about tonight’s debacle – a list of who’s who would have been nice). And yet, I was suppose to make some kind of informed decision? These are our state representatives. WTF?

As many have pointed out – this process makes it difficult for working people, parents with little kids, shift workers…and anyone with any sense of self-preservation.

The only reason I believe the Colorado Democratic Party continues with these ridiculous abominations to democracy, is because they LIKE having very few people in control who makes it onto the ballot.

I’d say that was end of rant, but I’m still so angry, I’m in the kitchen chopping vegetables because it seems the only safe way to vent my stabby tendencies at the moment.

I’m out of can’t evens….