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Guys, Ron Fournier is a Democrat! A Democrat who loves George W Bush, said that Obamacare was Obama’s Katrina and Iraq, and works for a PR firm that has no Democratic clients (one is non-partisan). That same PR firm was in charge of crisis communications for MSU during their sex abuse scandal (and did a terrible job, I must say).

But, he’s a Democrat. A self-hating Democrat, but a Democrat nonetheless. As well as a useless posing douchebag.

Open Thread: Could the Narrative Be Shifting?

Probably too much to hope from our Media Village Idiots, but still… “Why Democrats refuse to pay Trump’s ransom in the shutdown fight”:

I think there are several factors playing out simultaneously. For example, congressional Dems care about the efficacy of public policy, and they realize that a giant border wall is a bad idea. It’s from this starting point that Dems’ spines were stiffened by multiple independent polls, each of which showed the American mainstream rejecting the president’s idea and blaming Republicans for the shutdown.

Relatedly, Democratic leaders know that Democratic voters would never forgive them if they simply caved to the White House’s absurd demands.

At the same time, Trump has made it easier for Dems to stick to their guns by refusing to offer them anything: the president hasn’t tried to broker a deal; he’s simply told Schumer and Pelosi to meet his demands in exchange for nothing…

But it’s against this backdrop that there also the question of incentives. Trump is trying to bypass the traditional American policymaking process – introduce an idea, send it to committee, allow for congressional debate and amendments, hold a series of legislative votes, etc. – by simply jumping to the end. He wants a wall, and he’ll hold government agencies and government workers hostage until he gets one.

If Dems agree, it will tell this president – and future presidents – that the easiest way to succeed is to embrace the politics of extortion. For the remainder of Trump’s term, no matter how long that is, he would know that he can get what he wants simply by demanding a series of non-negotiable ransoms…
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Same As It Ever Was

Adam’s right – whether or not Trump is a Russian agent/asset, he sure is doing what a Russian agent/asset would do.  The question is whether the press is going to get on this in a real way, instead of throwing half punches.  All credit to the Times for breaking the story, but if you look at their politics feed, you’ll see headlines like “If Trump Wants to Broaden His Support, Polls Suggest He’s Going About It Wrong“.  Anyone with two eyes and a brain can see that Trump’s project isn’t about broadening his support, but rather appeasing his base while shafting the rest of the country who didn’t vote for him.  Or how about this gem:  “Trump’s Evolving Rhetoric on the Wall“.  “Evolving Rhetoric”, hmm, let me get out my Times wimpy euphemism decoder ring and look it up.  Ah, here it is:  “pack of lies”.

Contrast the easygoing attitude about the thousands of lies told by Trump with the latest Glenn Kessler piece examining the most pressing question of our time:  Could Elizabeth Warren’s mother have supported her family on a minimum wage job in 1961?  His conclusion isn’t half bad, but it isn’t very good, either:

The Pinnochio Test

As we noted, Warren’s overall point is correct: The federal minimum wage has not kept pace with inflation. In 1961, it could have kept a three-person family out of poverty. But today, it wouldn’t even keep a two-person family out of poverty, at least according to the official poverty rate. Her case glosses over the fact that the official poverty rate may not be the best metric, but there is little debate that the minimum wage has not kept pace with inflation.

As for our reader’s question, the answer depends on whether Warren’s mother in 1961 qualified for a minimum wage of $1 or $1.15. She was either close to the edge of the poverty line or just under it, depending on the data you examine. Since we do not know what she earned, we will leave this unrated. But readers can offer their own rating below.

Yes, let’s never allow a Democrat (especially a female Democrat) the respect of taking her at her word about her lived experience. And let’s be sure to open the doors to legalistic, picayune discussions about how a 15 cents an hour difference could determine the truth or falsity of a the observations of a young girl watching her mother struggle to raise a family on her own.  Doesn’t being there count for something?

Also, fuck your Pinnochios, Glenn, fuck them right in half.  It’s a stupid, childish name for a the very serious work that the press should be doing assessing the truth. It reeks of the “it’s all a game and we’re above it” savvy mentality that infects the DC press.  The name, combined with the Jesuitical distinctions that you love to draw, makes what should be an important enterprise something that nobody takes seriously.

It’s no surprise that DC’s self-proclaimed arbiter of truth has adopted a child’s toy as his mascot, because these guys are bringing a popgun to a nuclear war.

Hustings 2020 Open Thread: Go Home, Joe, You’re High on Your Own Supply

Bless the man for a happy warrior in the best way, but let’s be honest: If he couldn’t win the nomination when ‘affable working-class white guy’ was the standard for potential candidates, he’s not gonna win now that it’s dropped so far out of fashion among the group of Democratic voters currently paying attention to the 2020 race.

Biden’s last best chance is probably repeating his stint under Obama, as The Experienced Older Guy Supporting A Charismatic Young Star. But even if Kamala Harris or Beto O’Rourke were to make him an offer, why would he want to go through that whole circus tour again? Is the “Presidential” spotlight really that addictive?

Or are the Media Village Idiots just that desperate for a candidate they can ‘recognize’?


Today’s young female recipient of right-wing finger-wagging is Rashida Tlaib (D-MI-15), who told some constituents that “we’re going to impeach the motherfucker”. Which, of course, is a swear and only white men can mutter that under their breath or in private, preferably with a cigar and scotch in hand.

Anyway, Pelosi’s response is exactly right: “I probably have a generational reaction to it, but in any event, I’m not in the censorship business.”

I’d suggest that the group of newly sworn in female Members of Congress utter a public obscenity every day so each of them gets better known by the media. Maybe after a few days of that, the idiots at CNN won’t publish horseshit like this:

When I think of all the (meaningful) norms that Trump has busted, saying “fuck” in public is so far down the list I’m out of the god damned paper I need to write it down.