Saturday Morning Open Thread: Maybe She’s Just the Better Choice

Professor Krugman:

[H]ere’s a contrarian thought: Maybe Mrs. Clinton is winning because she possesses some fundamental political strengths — strengths that fall into many pundits’ blind spots…

When political commentators praise political talent, what they seem to have in mind is the ability of a candidate to match one of a very limited set of archetypes: the heroic leader, the back-slapping regular guy you’d like to have a beer with, the soaring orator. Mrs. Clinton is none of these things: too wonky, not to mention too female, to be a regular guy, a fairly mediocre speechifier; her prepared zingers tend to fall flat.

Yet the person tens of millions of viewers saw in this fall’s debates was hugely impressive all the same: self-possessed, almost preternaturally calm under pressure, deeply prepared, clearly in command of policy issues. And she was also working to a strategic plan: Each debate victory looked much bigger after a couple of days, once the implications had time to sink in, than it may have seemed on the night.

Oh, and the strengths she showed in the debates are also strengths that would serve her well as president. Just thought I should mention that. And maybe ordinary citizens noticed the same thing; maybe obvious competence and poise in stressful situations can add up to a kind of star quality, even if it doesn’t fit conventional notions of charisma.

Furthermore, there’s one thing Mrs. Clinton brought to this campaign that no establishment Republican could have matched: She truly cares about her signature issues, and believes in the solutions she’s pushing.

I know, we’re supposed to see her as coldly ambitious and calculating, and on some issues — like macroeconomics — she does sound a bit bloodless, even when she clearly understands the subject and is talking good sense. But when she’s talking about women’s rights, or racial injustice, or support for families, her commitment, even passion, are obvious. She’s genuine, in a way nobody in the other party can be.

So let’s dispel with this fiction that Hillary Clinton is only where she is through a random stroke of good luck. She’s a formidable figure, and has been all along.

Apart from approving this message, what’s on the agenda for the day?

Monday Morning Open Thread: Go High

“If you vote for someone other than Hillary, or if you don’t vote at all, you are helping to elect Hillary’s opponent”

What’s on the agenda as we start another countdown week?

Less than 40 mins after going public, we met our goal and then some! Thank you all for showing that Americans are thirsty for civility and decency, and that we love our democracy above all our differences.

If you came in order to make a donation, might we suggest contributing to a North Carolina classroom through DonorsChoose?

Open Thread: Lost (of Their Own Volition) in A Mirror-Maze

Yeah, it’s (mostly) not about “economic anxiety”, but some 27% of our fellow citizens seem to be wandering around in a toxic haze. And they’ll still be here after (Goddess grant) the Democrats win the Oval Office and both houses of Congress, come November…

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Open Thread: The FINAL Meltdown?…


One can but hope. Whether or not the Clinton media team have the best job in politics right now, they’re certainly having the most fun…

Open Thread: We’re With Her, Too

This is what being ‘people of faith’ is supposed to look like: These Mormons take their religion’s teachings seriously, and attempt in their daily lives to live up to its ideals. And when it comes time to vote for civic leaders, they look for those who’ve also tried to live by their common virtues, even if their punchlist of “issues” isn’t in total alignment. (As a nun once told me, We’re looking for guidelines here, not for loopholes.) Good for the people in this ad… and for the people on HRC’s media team that put it together!

Sunday Evening Warmup Open Thread

Even if you have an allergy to pop music, how can you look at so many people enjoying themselves and not feel a little better about the world?

What’s on the agenda, apart from prepping for this evening’s debate?

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Friday Morning Open Thread: An Inspiration to Us All

Via beloved commentor SiubhanDuinne. Hillary Clinton has an excellent media team supporting her.

And for comic relief, an inspiration to all us chair-rooted bloggers, from the Washington Post:

Wombats are epic burrowers. Their warrens can be 10 feet deep, 16 feet long, and include up to 50 entrances. What’s more, a wombat may use up to 10 different burrows within its home range. With all that subterranean infrastructure, the wombat would much prefer to duck inside a hole than stand and fight with a dingo. The only catch is wombats are kind of chubby, weighing up to 80 pounds, which means those burrows have to be sort of large.

So what prevents a predator from plunging down the hobbit hole after a wombat? Oh, only one of the most formidable fannies in the animal kingdom.

“A wombat’s rump is very tough,” says Alyce Swinbourne, a PhD candidate at the University of Queensland. “Their dermal shield is essentially four fused back bones or plates covered in cartilage, fat, thick skin, and fur.”…

… All of that gristle is the wombat’s primary defense against dingoes and other predators. The wombat simply dives into its burrow and plugs up the end with its caboose. The predator can claw and bite at the wombat’s backside all it wants, but those buns of steel protect it from any significant harm.

There’s even evidence that a wombat dermal shield can be used as an offensive weapon, a la Captain America. It’s thought that when a predator becomes too persistent, the wombat can slam its butt against the roof or walls of the burrow and literally crush the skull of its enemy…

Apart from hoping that ‘Sir Diermahl Shielde’ shows up as a minor character in next season’s Game of Thrones, what’s on the agenda as we wrap up the week?