A Fish Called Lefty (Open Thread)

Here’s Lefty, who is a dwarf gourami, pictured with some neon tetra friends lurking in the background as well as a panda cory acquaintance:

He’s called “Lefty” because his political identity is based on opposition to whatever nominated or elected Democrats and their supporters do. If you took his policy wishlist and made it the party platform, he’d just keep moving the goddamned goalposts. Don’t even try to bring him into the fold — this fucking fish will never be satisfied because he doesn’t derive satisfaction from political victories but rather from feeling morally superior to the likes of grubby, compromised you.

Nah, I’m just kidding — the fish is named Lefty because I have two male dwarf gouramis (not recommended), and they dislike each another. In a manner that is remarkably mature for fish, they divide up the tank between them. One fish, Right Side Fred, lives on the starboard side of the tank, and Lefty lives on the port side.

The photo doesn’t fully capture the beauty of his colors, but trust me, he’s gorgeous. And yes, I am aware I have a snail issue. Open thread!

There be dragons…

Here’s a dragonfly perched on a bamboo limb high above my yard:

We’ve had a bumper crop of dragonflies this year, maybe because of all the rain. I wasn’t able to focus on this specimen properly because of the angle of the sun and his or her speedy departure, but you can see the intricate pattern in the wings.

Open thread!

Late Night Open Thread: Run, Forest, Run!

Nothing to see here. Just a rhino running down the road. While an Indian couple narrates his adventures. To music. Normally you only see this type of thing in Florida…

Open thread!

Late Evening Open Thread: Always Good When the Cavalry Comes Over the Hill!

Open thread!

Late Evening/Overnight Open Thread: The Power of Cute Compels You!

The cuteness, it burns!!!

Open thread!

Primary Rancor-Free Open Thread

Instead of rehashing the 2016 Democratic Party primary for the millionth goddamned time or arguing counterfactuals based on an election outcome in another country, how about looking at this lovely giant swallowtail butterfly that briefly graced a bamboo tree in my yard?

Open thread, except for the aforementioned topics, which can be engaged downstairs. C’mon, man. There’s plenty of other stuff to talk about. Weekend plans? Cooking? Pets? Irritating bosses? Read any good books lately? Anything except you-know-what. Don’t make me come down there!

Monday Afternoon Open Thread

We went hiking yesterday in a swampy preserve. There were signs posted at the gate warning visitors that it’s black bear mating season. We didn’t see any bears but did see suspected bear poop:

Yeah, they shit in the woods.

We came upon a wooden bridge, and while I was leaning on it and sighting an alligator for a photo, something stung the ever-loving crap out of my right thumb.

I didn’t see what bit me, but my thumb immediately swelled up. Over the past 24 hours, I’ve taken antihistamines, put ice on it, etc., but when I got up this morning, it was even worse. I can’t bend it at all now, and it’s so swollen it feels like my skin will split.

I may have to break down and go see a doctor, which will cost a lot of money because my insurance sucks donkey balls. Fucking venomous creepy crawlies!

Hope you’re having a better day. Open thread!