Something Nice

Here’s an urban animal rescuer in Germany removing a hook from a swan’s leg and releasing a rehabilitated fox:

Did you notice the little fuzzy cygnets paddling around the pair of adult swans before Stefan Bröckling so deftly captured the injured party? So cute!

My daughter and I rescued an injured seagull from a supermarket parking lot several years ago. It had been hit by a car (I think) and lost the use of a wing.

I called a local seabird rescue place to report it, and they said they couldn’t send anyone to capture it, but told me if we brought it to them, they’d give it medical attention.

The thing about seagulls? They’re FAST! It took us the better part of an hour to corral the critter, which we chased between parked cars, under shopping carts and over median strips. We finally cornered it in a flower bed, threw a towel over it and placed it gently in a cardboard box for the hour-plus trip to the seabird rescue.

My daughter sat in the backseat cradling the box, with the gull shrieking and raising hell inside. At one point, as we neared the top of a very tall bridge, it nearly escaped. I pictured it leaping over the seat and pecking at my eyes, causing me to lose control of the car and plummet over the guardrail into the bay 400-plus feet below.

But luckily, my daughter was able to contain it, and we delivered it to the rescue place without further incident.

Anyhoo, hope your Friday is going well.

Monday Afternoon Open Thread

Here’s a beautiful photo of some clam-digging ibises from faithful reader cope:

Ibises aren’t strictly shore birds. I see them sweep the neighborhood frequently, moving from yard to yard in small groups while digging for bugs. They’re such a part of the daily landscape that I scarcely notice them anymore, but I’m going to pay more attention in the future.

Saw news alerts about that despicable Milo creature getting the boot from CPAC (the annual conservative circle-jerk that takes place soon). Just a couple of weeks ago, wingnuts were bewailing the abridging of his “First Amendment rights” after an appearance in Berkeley was met by protests and then black bloc rioting.

Now that video has emerged of the creep defending pederasty in no uncertain terms, the wingnuts have dumped him. Wonder if he’ll lose his book deal and perch at Breitbart? Maybe. He sure sounds worried in this Facebook post.

It’s comforting to know there are still lines someone who defames liberals for profit cannot cross. Racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, etc., are all well and good, but modern conservatives WILL draw the line at child molestation. Good to know.

Speaking of animals…

I went out early to take photos of some birds at a pond, and a small herd of feral pigs emerged from the tree line:

They rooted around, rolled in the mud and generally had a large time. Also saw this stork nab a fish:

Now the rain has driven us indoors. Has the regime embarrassed us in some way today? What are y’all up to?

Splodey Mammal Open Thread

Axios, an online media outlet founded by Politico alums Jim VandeHei and Mike Allen, manages to outdo its founders’ former employer in vapidity on a regular basis, and by God, that’s saying something. But sometimes, they publish something unintentionally amusing, such as this dramatic lede:

It made me laugh not because I give a shit about whether Bannon and Priebus are really friends despite reports to the contrary but rather because it reminded me of an exploding whale incident brought to my attention many months ago by valued commenter Aimai. The explosion occurred in 1970, and there is grainy footage:

It would have reminded me of this incident even if Priebus had been described as the exploder, BTW, so I am NOT fat-shaming anyone. Anyhoo, open thread.

Say hello to “Dartboard Squirrel”

Years ago, my husband installed a dartboard in our tiki bar in a very ingenious manner. Since the structure lacks walls, he affixed it to a sturdy board that is mounted to the rafters on hinges. It swings down for use and can be locked back up against the rafters when no one is playing.

We haven’t played darts in a while. I noticed the other day the cigar box that contains the darts had been moved. Upon closer inspection, I saw bits of the bristle board poking though the cracks and noticed that the wire circle that sections off the target wedges and bullseye was hanging out the other side of the board. Then I noticed that the culprit was inspecting me:

So squirrels have made a nest of our dartboard. We’re tempted to unlock the bolt and swing the board down, but there might be a squirrel avalanche. You win this round, squirrels.

Open thread!

Horses of Unusual Size

I went to an event the other day that included a draft horse pulling contest, which featured some incredibly impressive horses:

The horses are absolutely humongous and capable of pulling several thousand pounds. I had no idea such contests were a thing, but folks came from all around to participate and watch, and some people were filling in score sheets in the spectator area.

Discovering a subculture like that always makes me wonder what else I’m missing. Open thread!

The Violence Inherent in the System (Open Thread)

Hey, look — here’s a pair of gators sunning at Wekiva Springs, photo courtesy of faithful reader cope:

Before anyone freaks out about the kayakers in the background, these are just baby gators, the kind a Floridian would nudge aside with her foot if they were in her path on the way to the mailbox. (Not really — they could nip off a toe or two — but they’re not oh-sweet-jeebus-paddle-for-your-life-size gators. It’s the parents you have to look sharp for!)

Remember that wingnut ass in Michigan who proposed another Kent State-style attack on student protesters? Here, via the Detroit Free Press, is his non-apology:

“It was stupid, it was poorly done,” [county Republican leader Dan] Adamini said of his posts on Twitter and Facebook. “But my goal was to stop the violence by protesters, not commit violence against protesters.”

“The point I was trying to make, admittedly I did it very poorly … was that the violence is really getting out of hand, and much like in the 1960s, the violence created an atmosphere where something terrible and tragic like Kent State could happen.”

“I’d like to see the violence stop before we have a tragedy.”

Yeah, he’s a fucking liar. Here’s what he said in the tweet that prompted the backlash and non-apology:

Violent protesters who shut down free speech? Time for another Kent State perhaps. One bullet shuts down a lot of thuggery.

But part of the post-truth movement is the post-definitions phenomenon, which holds that words mean whatever the lying sack of shit who originally uttered them says they mean in retrospect.

Adamini isn’t the only wingnut spoiling for a round of extra-judicial killings and maimings. That nutcase Sheriff Clarke, who used to open Trump rallies (and pathetically appears to be still sucking up for a Trump regime job via social media), also frequently makes noises about cracking protesters’ heads during his many appearances on Fox News. I expect he, Adamini and the other bloodthirsty ghouls will get their wish eventually.

On that cheery note, open thread!