In Defense of the Police, He Does Have Two Arms

Cops taze wheelchair-bound double amputee.

Not an Onion story.

I feel like it is foam finger time again. USA! USA! USA!

More Exposure, Please

Glad to see this story is getting more exposure:

A Maryland mayor is asking the federal government to investigate why SWAT team members burst into his home without knocking and shot his two dogs to death in an investigation into a drug smuggling scheme.

“This has been a difficult week and a half for us,” Cheye Calvo, mayor of Berwyn Heights, Maryland, said Thursday. “We lost our family dogs. We did it at the hands of sheriff’s deputies who burst through our front door, rifles blazing.”

The raid last week was led by the Prince George’s County Police Department, with the sheriff’s special operations team assisting, after a package of marijuana was sent to Calvo’s home.

Authorities say the package was part of a scheme in which drugs are mailed to unknowing recipients and then intercepted.

It is probably too much to hope that this will change anything. At the very least, some bad cops will get fired or demoted.

The New Professionalism

Via the comments, Baltimore’s finest:

Story here.

Real tough guy. Too bad the kids didn’t taser him to get him under control. I mean, when someone is out of control, that is what you do, amirite?

Great Moments in the “New Professionalism”

Via Crooks and Liars, more appalling police abuses for the law and order tase at will crowd to excuse:

It will be fun reading all of the excuses- “But she gave them her sister’s ID!” and “They have to keep people naked in jail so they cant hurt themselves!” and “They were just following procedures- you don’t know how tough it is to be a cop!”

Things are out of control when people can do things like this and think they are doing “the right thing.” Check their faces- an odd sort of professionalism, going through the motions pinning this defenseless woman to the ground and essentially raping her, and no one stops to think it is inappropriate for men to be in the room (not to mention against clear procedures). No one asks “why are we doing this?” No one asks “Why is this woman here” (she was the one who called for help- I bet she will not make that mistake again). No one asks why she needed to sit for hours naked, humiliated, hysterical, and alone in a cell for anyone to walk by and gawk at her in a completely vulnerable state. No one thought to give her a blanket or talk to her as she was covering herself in toilet paper to keep warm.

What is wrong with our system? What is wrong with the police that it is not a radical belief for me to think “I should probably cross the street, there is a cop walking down this side.”

Things have got to change. The police have a bad rep, and every day, they go out and earn that bad rep.

“Don’t suffer from PTSD, go out and cause it.”

Yep, that’s an actual police academy class slogan.