Russiagate And The Press (Open Thread)

I can’t add much to what Anne said. There are a lot of isolated facts floating around about Trump’s Russia connections and what the Russians may have done in the election, and a lot of speculation on how those facts fit together. My own sense is that there are SO MANY Russian connections that it’s likely that the Russians had more than one route into Trump and his people.

There are still many possible narratives. We need more information to be able to verify one or more. Read more

The Hurricanes Of Global Warming

After having to use the air conditioner last night, I’m recalling what we used to call “State Fair weather.” About the middle of September, during State Fair, we used to have several days, even a week, of cold and rain. I can recall going to State Fair in my down parka. The tomatoes would all be killed by frost. Now the tomatoes go until Halloween.

We’ve had two record-breaking hurricanes. Completely off the charts. Another is lurking in the Caribbean, with predictions that it may hit New York. The glaciers are melting. State Fair weather is delayed until winter. The seas are rising. It’s time to say that global warming has something to do with all this. I’m still seeing arguments that you can’t link any one of these things to global warming in a definitive way, but the fact is that the atmosphere is behaving quite differently than in any of our lifetimes and stretching what has been recorded.

It’s global warming.

It’s not wrong to look very closely at the specifics, but those who do that must be careful that their cautions don’t serve as fodder for those who would deny that any such thing is happening. We now have people in power who would erase what we are seeing and substitute their own words that fill their pockets with money. We can’t let them do that.

Great news that Adam and Betty are safe! If you are in Florida and haven’t checked in, this thread is for you!

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Trump Had A Press Availability Today

Many people have complained that Donald Trump hasn’t gone before the press to answer questions. After today, those complaints may stop.

It’s…hard to know where to start.

Here’s the video:


The one thanking Putin has scrambled my brain to where it’s hard to look for more. If you’ve got more, I’ll add them. I would like to see a transcript, too. There should be one out soon.


Update: This is from earlier.

Also this



Bonus (This is good news, I think)

What The Trump Administration Doesn’t Know About The DOE

Several valued commenters have brought up this article. It’s a good article.

The biggest thing I object to about it is the framing of scary. Nuke stuff is always framed as scary. There’s some basis for that, particularly in the time of Trump, but being scared is not the best way to deal with problems.

Some things in the article are not entirely new. Back during the transition, there were many news articles about people who had no idea what the Department of Energy did and, more generally, about the surprise on the part of the Trumpies that they might have to learn what any of the executive departments did. Some of the Trump appointments, like Betsy DeVos, proclaimed that they didn’t need to know what her department did because she had an agenda.

That’s dangerous, because all parts of the government affect our lives, and the people taking over are irresponsible if they don’t care to understand that.

Every new administration learns that providing electrical energy is the smaller part of the Department of Energy’s mission. Some are surprised that the main part of the mission is nuclear weapons. What’s new in this administration is the lack of interest in learning anything of substance.

There is also some robustness built into the executive departments. Most of their employees are civil servants who feel their job is to make the country better. They will continue to do their jobs as best they can. But the Trump administration is damaging the functions of those agencies through their ignorance and ideology. Read more

It’s Going to be One of Those Nights! News Dump Part II: The News Dumpening!

From The New York Times’ article:

Separately, Deutsche Bank has been in contact with federal investigators about the Trump accounts, according to two people briefed on the matter. And the bank is expecting to eventually have to provide information to Robert S. Mueller III, the special counsel overseeing the federal investigation into the Trump campaign’s ties to Russia.

It was not clear what information the bank might ultimately provide. Generally, the bank is seen as central to understanding Mr. Trump’s finances since it is the only major financial institution that continues to conduct sizable business with him. Deutsche Bank has also lent money to Jared Kushner, the president’s son-in-law and senior adviser, and to his family real estate business.

And it’s only 9:30 PM EDT…
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The Gator Nation’s Long National Nightmare is Over: They Have Identified the Naked Shark Mounter

From The NY Daily News:

A freaky fish humper who got naked, straddled a dead shark and smiled for a photo is a former New York City cop, a Florida sports reporter claims.

People have been speculating on the man’s identity in recent days as the astonishing photo went viral online.

David Pingalore, the sports anchor for WKMG-TV in Orlando, said Friday he was contacted recently by a man who knows the former Finest and provided more photos of the man — clothed and not.

“This guy lives in upstate New York,” Pingalore said of the mystery man in the picture. “That photo was taken two years ago off the shores of Long Island.”

Pingalore said his source is a friend of the mystery man who while on vacation in Florida happened to be watching his newscast about the photo.

The source sent Pingalore the other photos of the cop to help disprove the theory that Florida Gators football coach Jim McElwain is the mystery man.

“The man that is naked on the shark is afraid for his life because he believes bounty hunters — I’m not making this up — and people with shark people, whatever, those people would be called.”

So New York Police Department Man!

Tweet with NSFW picture below the fold.

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Early Morning Open Thread: The GOP Rot Goes All the Way Up & Down

After watching Sam Bee dissect “the Pride of Janesville,” I’m guessing tickets to her April 29th #Not The White House Correspondents Dinner must be very scarce indeed…

But, speaking of weak reeds, if Nixon had relied on people like Carter Page for his dirty work, the Watergate scandal would’ve broken before the 1972 election…