Wednesday Morning Open Thread: Sausage Manufactury

Give CNN credit: They are committed to the bit.

My personal bet: Third or fourth questioner at Yang’s event brings up the Great Foreskin Controversy. Viral video of the evening will be how the moderator (or the unfortunate CNN staffers) manage this, hopefully before the show&tell portion of the evening begins.

Meanwhile, Marianne Williamson, or her handlers, decides that she can’t participate because the aura in the hall is wrong, or she remembers that’s the night she’s supposed to be spiritually harmonizing her jade vaginal egg. She goes back to her safe space, and bumps up her speaking fees to reflect her new ‘presidential candidate’ status. (I am no doubt being very unfair to these candidates; blame it on the hay fever.)

On the brighter side:

Can one of the conditions be that she gets to smack Cillizza upside the head with a large, dead fish? Because IMO, that’s the only kind of correction the Mad Bitcher might be able to understand…

April Fool

I fell for an April Fools joke today and it was the first time I remember falling for one in over 20 years.

As a cool and hip middle-ager, I am on the gram like the kids, and every morning when I am in the bathroom, I do my daily check of instagram and all the other social media things other than twitter. I’m fond of watching those little videos that people put up, and I follow about 30 animals that have their own accounts (shout out to Juniper & Fig), so it’s usually a nice way to start the day.

As a West Virginian, it is mandatory that you follow Jennifer Garner, who I would love even if she were from some hellhole like Ohio (you will always be Sydney to me, Jennifer). Among many other reasons, this is also why Ben Affleck is DEAD TO ME.

At any rate, this morning she had a cute little video in which she announced she had written a book, and it was called “Bless Your Heart.” I immediately thought “Oh, I have to get that for BFF Tammy, because she loves Jennifer.” Tammy is always sending me links to her Jennifer cooking and doing other things, so when I exited the throne room and went to the home office and proceeded to go to amazon.

And I could not find it anywhere. I looked, and looked, google searched, nothing. And then I saw someone bitching about April Fools jokes on twitter, and realized I had been had. Apparently I was not the only one.

TL:DR- At 48 I am still a sucker for a pretty face.

Thursday Evening Respite Open Thread: Did Someone Say ‘Sea Lion’?…

Also: Me, reading political twitter!

Since at least one Jackal asked about them, good news: Steve look-alike Kitty and his companion chihuahua Leila have a new home together:

… “A 6-year-old cat named Kitty and a 2-year-old dog named Leila arrived at the shelter on March 14 inside the same pet carrier.
They are each other’s best friend and keeping them together has made a very difficult situation much easier for them to handle,” Anna Rafferty-Fore, associate director of the MSPCA’s Boston adoption center said.

The inseparable pets share a makeshift quarters in a room apportioned for them, breaking MSPCA’s traditional housing protocol…

The tabby cat and chihuahua lost their home when their owners were forced to move and could not find housing to accommodate their pets.

Brexit, Chapter CXXXVII

Our cousins across the pond are doing their best to help us look less foolish. Parliament voted on eight Brexit alternatives. None got a majority.

Of course, we in Santa Fe, who voted for our mayor last fall by ranked choice, stand wisely by and tsk-tsk that they should have done a ranked-choice vote.

This vote was indicative, not binding. I don’t know enough about how Parliament works to guess whether coalitions might be formed.

It’s been a busy day for me, and tomorrow will be worse, so I will try to use tweets to provide as coherent a story as can be had.


Stay tuned…






GOP Stupidity Open Thread: Devin Nunes Is… Seriously Misled About the Internet

*Somebody* on his pricey legal team should’ve explained the Streisand Effect… or at least a little more about how American libel law works. Because Rep. Nunes just stepped up on a global platform wearing a giant MOCK ME t-shirt…

If you’re a connoisseur of snark, it’s worth clicking on any of the his tweets to read Gabriel Malor’s whole thread:

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