The Only Thing Missing Are Nikes, Black Sweatsuits, and a Comet

Our favorite source of comedy reacts to the debate:

First, I would like to see all the Sarah doubters and detractors in the Beltway/Manhattan corridor eat their words.

Eat them.

Sarah Palin is the real deal. Five weeks on the campaign trail, thrust onto the national stage, she rocked tonight’s debate.

She was warm, fresh, funny, confident, energetic, personable, relentless, and on message. She roasted Obama’s flip-flops on the surge and tea-with-dictators declarations, dinged Biden’s bash-Bush rhetoric, challenged the blame-America defeatism of the Left, and exuded the sunny optimism that energized the base in the first place.

She also confused our current commander in Afghanistan with a civil war general while being completely wrong about what he said, flat out refused to answer the question put forth by the moderator on several occasions, and at several points entered into what some might call a dream state in which she deviated completely from the topic at hand in order to spew talking points.

Other than her consistent lying about Obama’s votes to fund the troops, the highlight of the night for me was this little hunk of red meat for the Red State fanbois and the 101st Chairborne:

PALIN: Your plan is a white flag of surrender in Iraq and that is not what our troops need to hear today, that’s for sure. And it’s not what our nation needs to be able to count on.

I can not tell you how much it pisses me off to have asshats who never even spent a day in Basic Training pull the surrender/treason nonsense, but beside even that, have we ever had a candidate in a debate during wartime so clearly enunciate the tinkerbell strategy? Clap louder! That is what our boys need! Clap louder, damnit!

I would call Sarah Palin a vapid moron, but I don’t want to be accused of being nasty, so I will just say that she is a perfect fit for the unhinged right.

Pre-Debate Open Thread

For debate drinking games and what not to get ourselves ready for the debate tonight.

Expectations for Palin are quite low. As long as she does not murder a puppy then potty herself on stage, the pundits will proclaim it a win. And, after reading this, not murdering a puppy and wetting her pants is a step in the right direction:

Katie Couric: What do you think is the best and worst thing that Dick Cheney has done as vice president?

Joe Biden: I’m not being a wise guy here … that I don’t know what he’s done. I mean, there’s not many things I’d pick that I thought he’s done that have been good. But I admire his strength. I admire his willingness to take positions that are completely contrary to popular opinion. But I think that what he’s done has been just, I don’t think Dick Cheney trusts that the American people can make judgments that are in the interest of the country. But the thing I think he’s really, really has done: I think he’s done more harm than any other single high elected official in memory in terms of shredding the constitution. You know, condoning torture, pushing torture as a policy. This idea of a unitary executive, meaning the Congress and the people have no power in a time of war, and the president controls everything. I don’t have any animus toward Dick Cheney but I really do think his attitude about the constitution and the prosecution of this war has been absolutely wrong.

Palin: Worst thing, I guess that would have been the duck-hunting accident, where you know, that was an accident. And that I think that was made into a caricature of him. And that was kind of unfortunate.

So, the best thing though, he’s shown support, along with George W. Bush, of our troops. And I’ve been there when George Bush has spoken to families of those who have suffered greatly, those who are serving in the military. I’ve been there when President Bush has embraced those families and expressed the concern and the sympathy speaking for all of America in those times. And for Dick Cheney to have supported that effort of George Bush’s. I respect that.

Just compare those two. One is an answer. The other is a diary at Red State.

Just Makin’ Shit Up

Again, it just never stops with these guys:

Sarah Palin has committed yet another political blunder after claiming she had held talks with a British ambassador – talks that never actually took place.

In an answer to questions about her foreign policy experience ahead of tonight’s make-or-break vice presidential TV debate, her aides listed numerous contacts with foreign officials – including Britain’s ambassador to Washington, Sir Nigel Sheinwald.

However the meeting never occurred. Officials at the embassy swiftly contacted the McCain-Palin campaign to inform them of the discrepancy.

A British Embassy spokesman said the error arose after Sir Nigel’s name was listed among those who had attended a US Governor’s meeting in July.

Mrs Palin was at the meeting in her role as Governor of Alaska. However Sir Nigel pulled out at the last minute, leaving his name on the guest list.

Look, it is clear what is going on. Despite their nonsensical efforts to pump up her foreign policy cred with tales of her leadership of the Alaska National Guard and her ability to stare down Putin from the Diomede Islands (forget that she has, you know, never actually visited said islands, and, as such, has never seen Russia from Alaska, not even from her house), it is clear that the campaign is freaking out about her lack of experience. And so, they have done what other inexperienced and unqualified people have done for ages- they are sifting through anything she has done, and inflating the importance to make her look better.

There is another phrase to describe this phenomenon- resume padding. And that is what this is.

Stop The Insanity

We have known for a while that many on the far right are unmoored, floating around in a fantasy land of their own creation, but who knew they would not even get their fantasy land correct? In the latest attempt to defend Palin’s utter inability to name any Supreme Court cases other than Roe with which she disagreed, Malkin posts this comment from one of her readers about how Palin should have responded:

Palin: Now, let me ask you a question, Katie. You interviewed Senator Biden recently. So when you asked him this same question, would you care to share with me his answer?

Couric: Well, I didn’t ask him that question.

Palin: You didn’t? Why not? He’s a VP nominee. I’m a VP nominee. Don’t you want to know what Supreme Court decisions he disagrees with? Why are you only interested in my perspective on this?

Couric: …………. (Katie) Crickets chirping…..

That sure would have showed Katie! Take that evil liberal Soros led commie media!

Except, of course, as Malkin later notes, Couric did ask Biden that question. He answered it in full sentences, too, the sexist bastard.

Even in their fantasies to take down the evil liberal media, they still manage to make Palin look stupid. But it was fun for five minutes, right guys? And let me just close with this- if Katie Couric is making you look dumb, the gig is up.

Country First, My Ass

For days, it has been obvious what the GOP dream scenario was- have the bailout pass, but with predominantly Democratic support, dub it the the Bush/Pelosi/Reid/Obama bailout, and then run against it. This is the plan that Gingrich and Ruffini and the other next generation Republicans have been salivating over. This was their big chance. Oops:

The Republican National Committee’s new advertisement critical of the the Wall Street “bailout” was produced and sent to television stations in key states before the package failed, officials at two stations said.

“Wall Street Squanders our money. And Washington is forced to bail them out with — you guessed it — our money. Can it get any worse?” asks the ad’s narrator, as the words “BAILOUT WITH OUR MONEY” cross the screen. (The answer: Obama’s plans would make it worse.)

The ad, however, seems to assume that it can safely attack a successful plan. And the reason may be the timing: Though it started airing this morning, the spot was released to stations yesterday morning, ad executives at stations in Michigan and Pennsylvania said.

Kae Buck of WLNS in Lansing said her station received the at at 7:55 a.m. Monday. Luanne Russell of Pittsburgh’s WTAE said her station received it at 10:49 Monday morning.

Got it? While the Republican Leadership was shaking hands and allegedly rallying their troops to vote for the plan, they were already cutting ads to bash the Democrats. This is why only Republicans in safe seats and leadership positions voted for it. Yesterday, they went out and blamed Pelosi for injecting partisanship into the process, causing the bill to fail, when actually they wanted it to pass so they could… use it against the Democrats. And they were not even hiding it- this was what many online (again, go read the Next Right morons) had openly said they should do, and the commercials were ready to bash the Democrats for passing the plan.

Except the plan failed. And the Republicans are caught red-handed, and will pay the price should things melt down. Not that half the GOP base or the Republican Study Group care- half of them probably think an economic disaster is an alternate route to the Rapture. Not to mention, think of the side benefits- I mean, after all, if everyone is broke, no one can afford contraception or Demon Rum.

The only thing you can count on in politics these days is the sure-fire bet that when the chips are down, the Republicans always, always always put themselves first. These guys need a solid two decades in the minority.