Thursday Evening Open Thread: Strong Competition for Worst Person of the Week Award

Some media-based arsehattery is too extreme to be overlooked. Everybody’s focused on the Democratic convention this week — including Bill O’Reilly, racist misogynist and hypercompetitive Bile Gland Walking. Michelle Obama’s deservedly lauded DNC speech spurred O’Reilly to stretch his ‘talent’ even to the point of challenging Donald Trump for the Worst Person of the Week award…

That last tweet is a spin on the MRAs ‘Mens Rights Advocates’ and their assaults on female game designers and other women last year: Actually it’s about ethics in gaming journalism… O’Reilley is just a louder, richer, more powerful version of the embittered otaku sending dick pics and SWAT teams to the women they feel have slighted their masculine superiority.

Apart from getting ready for another Big Historical DNC Evening, what’s on the agenda?

Shit Stirring

Buzzfeed still trying to stir up the Clinton/DNC collusion stuff:

Hillary Clinton and Democratic National Committee staffers began the gradual process of merging operations and consolidating key campaign functions weeks before the primary ended, emails in last week’s WikiLeaks release show.

Starting in May, the staffs at the DNC and Hillary For America integrated their distribution of press and television clips and what’s known as “media monitoring,” a standard but robust and time-consuming research operation aimed at tracking a candidate’s friends and foes around the clock on cable, local, and national news.

Once a candidate has become the presumptive nominee, it’s typical for their campaign and the party to join forces, building out a coordinated effort for the general election and consolidating day-to-day functions between the two offices.

But messages show this process began while Bernie Sanders remained a viable candidate, sooner than previously reported or publicly disclosed.

DNC research director Lauren Dillon informed a group of colleagues about the shift in an email dated May 20, more than two weeks before Clinton became the presumptive nominee and three weeks before the last contest of the Democratic Party.

Bernie was done after Pennsylvania. Only Buzzfeed, the Sanders campaign, and the Bernie dead-enders who last night compared walking out of the convention with tape covering their mouths to the March on Washington and who today are planning a fart-in, apparently unaware that television have no smell capacity, still refuse to recognize this.

Monday Evening Open Thread: Big Screen (Small Man)

If I had nothing better to do with my money, I’d make a list of enemies whose names deserved to be tied to this fustercluck. I’d even pay the Trump Premium for the art intern to add six-pointed exploding stars and fart trumpet noises!

Apart from enjoying the RNC spectacle, what’s on the agenda for the evening?

Saturday Cartoon Review Open Thread: Mike Who?

I know, I know — but what political fiend can resist such a rich smorgasbord? This morning’s big VP candidate rollout… Your 2016 Republican Party, America!

Much more, blow-by-blowhard, below the fold…
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Open Thread: We Knew It Was Too Good to Last…




And Now For Something Completely Different

My friend and former girlfriend for years just moved and was unpacking stuff she hadn’t seen in years, and passes along this gem:


That’s me in the middle as Fred, a mutual friend on the left as Daphne, and my ex as Velma, rocking the Scoobie Do for Halloween. If my memory is correct, this was for Halloween in Athens, Ohio, circa 1993-94. I honestly have no idea why I was pursing my lips like that, but that medallion, scarf, and halfway button silk shirt is something, isn’t it?

Good times.

Tuesday Morning Open Thread

trey gowdey fireworks fizzle deering

(John Deering via

Some tasty leftovers (in my own defense, I did put in a double shift yesterday). Hope you will take them better than the outraged DC-area viewers who swiftly realized that PBS was augmenting last night’s weather-dimmed fireworks broadcast with clips from previous years.

Mr. Charles P. Pierce, in Esquire, “It’s Time We Called the Declaration of Independence’s Bluff”:

In this election year, in which kickass women seem to have the upper hand, it’s probably good to return to one of the avatars of this here shebeen—Mercy Otis Warren, poet, playwright, pamphleteer, propagandist, patriot, and blessedly ill-behaved society lady of Revolutionary Boston. In her magisterial history of the Revolution, Mrs. Warren had some words concerning the Declaration of Independence, which she generally admired. (Don’t get her started on the Constitution, however.) She recognized the Declaration—”drawn by the genius and philosophic pen of Thomas Jefferson, Esquire, a delegate from Virginia”—as a gamechanger…

She also was very much aware of the spirit animating the text, even those parts of it that the men who voted on it were painfully unaware.

“Democratic principles,” she wrote, “are the result of equality of condition.”

And she meant everybody, too. Women, for example. And slaves, both the actual slaves and anyone treated as such…

She suspected, as Herman Melville later would say outright, that the Declaration of Independence made the difference, that it not only was a statement of revolutionary principles, but that the statement was so profound that it could not be bound by the monochromatic and unisexual demographic of the people who signed it. She sensed that, at its heart, the Declaration was a self-perpetuating land mine in the history of the country that was just then coming to be. (Her dislike for the new federal Constitution in 1789 was based in her belief that it betrayed the Declaration by seeking to freeze its promises in time. She was partially mollified by the inclusion of the Bill of Rights.) And, in this, while she didn’t live to see it, she was completely correct…

Pierce goes on to cite Frederick Douglass, Susan B. Anthony, Martin Luther King Jr, and LBJ:

So, here’s to Mercy Otis Warren, and to Frederick Douglass, and to Susan B. and MLK and poor old LBJ, too, kickass women and kickass men who understood that we are children of Revolution, but that this Revolution was based on an enormous bluff that demands to be called by every American generation in its own way. And on this weekend, as we celebrate our independence with bright explosions across the night sky, take a moment and listen for the low rumbling of that land mine in history, detonating again and again, in a thousand places, like a heart that grows stronger with every beat…

And finally, descending from those heights, looks like President Obama is not the only one keeping a rhymes-with-bucket list…

As if the Giant Albino Amphibian wouldn’t give his up his Tiffany charge card and the remnant tatters of his self-respect to get so close to the Oval Office. (As if Lord Short Thumbs Trump doesn’t know that even better than Newt himself.)

Apart from all that, what’s on the agenda as we (most of us) start an abbreviated post-holiday week?