Saturday Night Cheap Shots Open Thread: Kid Rock Is Trending & He Isn’t Even Dead…

… although he might’ve written his own professional obituary, if Molly Jong-Fast’s tweet is any indication. Turns out Rum-Tum-Sleazy is *not* one of the Jellicle Cats!

Ah, well, he’s still got his biggest fan…

Late Night After Dark Open Thread: Revenge of the Moon Tardigrades

As some reporters pointed out when that Guardian article appeared, the Moon had already been biologically compromised when the Apollo XI astronauts left behind bags of their… wastes. (Some exobiologist spoilsports claim there were probably tardigrades on the Moon already.) No doubt the would-be schlockmeisters are hard at work scripting already!

Here’s a potential opening scene…


Big Horror climax:

Cold Grey Pre-Dawn Open Thread: FERAL HOGS! – The Meme Explained

Some of you are Jason Isbell fans, so you’re probably in on the joke already, but for the rest of us… It started with an “anti-gun” tweet:

McNabb’s response is not exactly coherent, but he didn’t think he needed it to be, because he’s using his in-group’s Conjure Words: I need to be able to protect my [most valuable possession] at [extremely short period of time] notice, from [obviously terrifying violent threat group]. (Actual statements may or may not be calibrated to exactly 14 words.)

Now, feral hogs are a genuine threat, in their habitat. But most people on twitter — even the ones in feral-hog territory — find the idea of mowing down entire herds in one’s yard with an automatic rifle… less than serious. And, unlike most of such ‘threat groups’ (black teenage gangs, Mexican drug-mule rapists, Islamic terrorists), there’s no ethical barrier to mocking the however-imaginary anti-porcine terrors of ones’ online neighbors…

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What Fucking Planet is the National Review On?

Jesus Tapdancing Christ:

Addressing the problem will require a number of different approaches, some broad, some narrow. President Trump, a man who is comfortable using his bully pulpit for the most frivolous of reasons, should take the time to condemn these actions repeatedly and unambiguously, in both general and specific terms. Simultaneously, the president should work with Congress to devote more resources to infiltrating, tracking, and foiling nascent plots (during the 1940s, the KKK was partly destroyed by a radio show that weaponized insider information against it), and he should instruct the federal government to initiate an information campaign against white-supremacist violence in much the same way as it has conducted crusades against drunk driving, human trafficking, and domestic violence. Just as the government must not react to these incidents by abridging the Second Amendment or the Fourth Amendment, obviously the First Amendment’s crucial protections must also remain intact. But where action is consistent with the law — there is no prohibition on monitoring hotbeds of radicalism, nor against punishing those who plan or incite violence — it must be vigorously taken.

THIS IS HIS FUCKING BASE. The guy in Texas wrote an anti-Hispanic manifesto in which he referred to them as invaders. Why does that seem so familiar?

The president of the United States — who condemned the El Paso attack on Twitter — has repeatedly referred to an “invasion” at the southern border; condemned Mexican immigrants as “rapists” and Syrian refugees as “snakes”; accused his critics of treason on at least two dozen occasions; and told four elected women of color to “go back” to the “crime infested places from which they came.” (It is worth noting that Crusius, in his alleged manifesto, claims his views “predate” and are unrelated to Trump but then goes on to attack “fake news.”)

Fer fuck’s sake, he’s done everything but call them untermensch. He proposed a ban on all Muslims entering the country. The lone black Republican is retiring. Trump spent the last week attacking a black congressman and calling his predominantly black constituents residents of a rat-infested hellhole. He’s got armed guards keeping them in cages and subhuman conditions for asking for ASYLUM. He’s leading chants at fucking rallies to tell congresswomen of color “back to where they came from” *wink wink*.

One of the very first things he did when he took office was to attempt to change the Homeland Security Department’s counter extremism group to focus only on Islamic Extremism. Your entire god damned party freaked out on Obama for WARNING YOU about this shit.


Oh, you will also be wholly unsurprised that the NRO doesn’t think we should talk about guns.

FloridDuh! Woman: Electoral Edition

This is a little too on the nose for even Florida if you ask me.

Loomer is originally from the Miami area, but who has lived in Arizona and New York as well, has, apparently recently moved back Florida just to run for Congress. The Democratic incumbent is Lois Frankel, who has been representing this district,  since 2017 and prior to that represented Florida as the representative from District 22, which after redistricting is now represented by Congressman Ted Deutch.  Frankel has also been the mayor of West Palm Beach, and was the minority leader in the Florida state House of Representatives.

From what I know of Loomer – deliberatively and almost shamelessly provocative, racist and bigoted, especially against Muslims, friendly with either those in the alt-right and extreme right circles playing footsie with white supremacists and neo-NAZIs or actually with white supremacists, neo-NAZIs, the men’s rights nutbars and Milo, as well as being a fantacist and a conspiracist – I think the real reason for Loomer’s run is both to suck up money through donations and to force social media platforms to let her back on. I fully expect that she is going to use her candidacy to try to force twitter, Instagram, and YouTube to let her back on and monetize those platforms because if they don’t they’re aiding her political opponent in the election. All while monetizing her election as an income stream because she doesn’t actually have any actual employment.

Open thread!