Only the Best for Donald

You can’t make this shit up:

Mr. McGahn supports cooperation, but has expressed worry about setting a precedent that would weaken the White House long after Mr. Trump’s tenure is over. He is described as particularly concerned about whether the president will invoke executive or attorney-client privilege to limit how forthcoming Mr. McGahn could be if he himself is interviewed by the special counsel as requested.

The friction escalated in recent days after Mr. Cobb was overheard by a reporter for The New York Times discussing the dispute during a lunchtime conversation at a popular Washington steakhouse. Mr. Cobb was heard talking about a White House lawyer he deemed “a McGahn spy” and saying Mr. McGahn had “a couple documents locked in a safe” that he seemed to suggest he wanted access to. He also mentioned a colleague whom he blamed for “some of these earlier leaks,” and who he said “tried to push Jared out,” meaning Jared Kushner, the president’s son-in-law and senior adviser, who has been a previous source of dispute for the legal team.

After The Times contacted the White House about the situation, Mr. McGahn privately erupted at Mr. Cobb, according to people informed about the confrontation who asked not to be named describing internal matters. John F. Kelly, the White House chief of staff, sharply reprimanded Mr. Cobb for his indiscretion, the people said.


That’s Not 90%, It’s 9/10ths You Idiots!

One of the reasons that diversity is a good thing is because when you hire women and minorities, they often look at things differently than men because they have different life experiences. Case in point:

Congratulations on accidentally defining what prejudice against women in the workplace looks like. FFS, this is not fucking rocket surgery, people.

Pre-Dawn Comic Relief Open Thread: Sebstian Gorka, Gilbert & Sullivan Character Set Adrift in A Star Wars Century

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Darling Nicky

Knew a girl named Nicky I guess you could say she was, well, a machine:

A presidential retweet brings lots of attention, whether you want it or not.

But for “Nicole Mincey,” who until recently was associated with the online merchandise store, you’d think the attention would be a boon for business and a well-deserved reward for collecting more than 100,000 Twitter followers.

Instead, the Twitter account associated with the store, @ProTrump45, has since been suspended from the site, along with a pool of accounts that acted as bots to amplify advertisements for Trump gear. The t-shirt mockup company Placeit had complained to Twitter that the accounts had used its models, with their own pro-Trump designs super-imposed on Placeit’s placeholder clothing, to advertise ProTrump45. It was identity fraud, Placeit said. Twitter acted with surprising speed, taking down a large number of accounts.

“So far, we’ve only reported to Twitter,” Placeit CEO Navid Safabakhs told TPM in an email Monday. “Our current plan is to report to federal authorities via Once we know for sure the identity of the person, we will know what we will do. We may use legal action if it makes sense.”

TPM reached Mincy via email Monday. Her real last name is slightly different than her former online persona’s. “Not responding to media inquiries,” she replied. “Please don’t post my name on any article. This has been one large headache. Hope you understand. Also won’t be answering any questions.”

Lots of media coverage on this now, but TPM was the first place I heard about it before larger outfits rushed in, which is why you should subscribe top TPM. The most hilarious part is that people weren’t even get their awesome trump swag.

Late Night RWNJ Open Thread: FISK, Dammit! She Said ‘Fisk’!

Well, she seems to have clenched something pretty tight…

Speaking of highly excitable Wingnut Wurlitzer cheerleaders, whatever happened to Michelle Malkin?

Friday Morning Open Thread: RECESS!

This guy, fersure!

Per the Washington Post, “Recess just started for Congress, and it’s not going to be much fun for Republicans”:

The Senate left town for the rest of the summer Thursday, bringing a historically unproductive period of governance to a close for Republicans, who failed to produce any major legislative achievements despite controlling Congress and the White House…

By their own accounts, Republicans have failed to enact the ambitious agenda they embarked upon when Trump and the GOP majorities swept into power in January. The president has fallen well short of the legislative pace his two predecessors set in their first six months on the job.

The lack of a signature accomplishment Republican lawmakers can highlight at home this month has given rise to a new level of finger-pointing and soul-searching in a party that stood triumphant eight months ago after winning back full control of the federal government…

On Thursday, Trump took another parting shot at lawmakers for failing to pass a health-care bill. “Our relationship with Russia is at an all-time & very dangerous low. You can thank Congress, the same people that can’t even give us HCare!” he tweeted, a day after he grudgingly signed an international sanctions bill that the Senate passed 98 to 2…

The Senate will hold some pro-forma sessions throughout August and early September. Democrats had expressed concerns that Trump might try to replace Attorney General Jeff Sessions while lawmakers are away if they did not hold such gatherings. But there will be no more roll-call votes in the Senate until Sept. 5….

Apart from standing well clear of the exits, what’s on the agenda as we wrap up another busy week?

Open Thread: Possibly the Saddest “Pivot” of This Sad Week

And you thought yours was a tough gig…

The Multicultural Policy and Political Action Conference is a first-of-its-kind conference being led by veteran Republican operatives Aaron Manaigo and Elroy Sailor.

Black Republicans are split on whether they should push their priorities amid widespread turmoil inside the White House at the staff level, and an investigation into Russia’s role in the 2016 election. The conference illustrates how some conservative constituency groups are struggling to navigate the era — turning to 2018 as a pivot after originally talking about the presidency as the opportunity to advance an agenda.

The purpose of the conference, not made public until now, echoes a sentiment inside the party’s black leadership that advancement means fewer fights with the White House, and finding other ways to get access to power. “The administration has shown that black Republicans don’t matter to them,” said one party activist who requested anonymity to speak freely. “It’s a question now of, Do we work around them, or do we get in where we fit in?”