Jill Stein- Grifter, Idiot, or Attention Seeking Diva?


I’ll take all three:

Jill Stein, having spent the entire election telling us all that Hillary Clinton was a mass murderer who would be worse than Trump has apparently had a change of heart, or wants more attention, or just wants to raise a ton of money she won’t refund when the states won’t or don’t do the recount.

If you want to know why no one takes the green party seriously despite aligning with them on many issues (or more accurately, them aligning with us on many issues since they haven’t done jack shit), this is why.

In related news, I am also raising money for a recount. Just click on the paypal link above and I will make sure I send it right away to my fucking bloodsucking plumber and electrician the appropriate states.

Then Why Did You Run for President You Moron?

My head hurts:

Ben Carson rejected a role in President-elect Donald Trump’s cabinet, The Hill reported on Tuesday morning. According to the retired neurosurgeon and former Republican primary candidate’s close friend and manager Armstrong Williams, “Dr. Carson was never offered a specific position [in the administration], but everything was open to him.” Ultimately, Williams said, “Dr. Carson feels he has no government experience, he’s never run a federal agency. The last thing he would want to do was take a position that could cripple the presidency.”

Carson knows the real money is in Wingnut Welfare.

May You Live in Interesting Times


Republican Youth Outreach Continues

And what is it with this Beyonce and Jay Z, amirite? This hip-hop stuff. I don’t get it:


In his defense, this is kind of how I feel about speedwalking. I mean, are they walking? Are they running? What’s going on with it?

Somewhat Related to the Previous Post

Shut up, crazy lady.


Breitbart and Stein.

Armchair Jacobins

This is kind of hilarious. I followed Corey Robin on FB because I like to see what other people think (a good thing), and sometimes I politely commented. I just got unfriended after this exchange:




That’s just sad and funny on so many levels. And I didn’t change my initial remarks- I initially assumed he was smart enough to go from point a to point b. He wasn’t, so I extended them.

I’ve seen this over and over again with these guys. Zaid Jilani, Freddie de Boer, that Bruenig fellow.


In all honesty, what did I say or do that was so offensive here?

Late Night Open Thread

I feel like I have been cheating on you all, saving my best stories for the book of faces and the twitter machine, so here are two things that happened in the last 24 hours that you will find amusing. From last night:

So my favorite trick or treater tonight was a little girl, who was 3-4 years old and she and her same aged friend came slowly, timidly, to the door. She was dressed as a princess and carrying one of those plastic pumpkins to hold her candy. They knocked and said trick or treat, and I opened the door to give them candy, and held out a big bowl of assorted treats. Without missing a beat, she handed her pumpkin to her friend, took the entire bowl from me, and started down the sidewalk.

I just started laughing. Her mother was mortified. Funniest thing I have seen a kid do on Halloween.

And today, this horrible event unfolded:

I had one reese cup left over from yesterday because I gave the extra bags of candy away to neighbors because I can not be trusted with it. After hours of it staring at me and me saying to myself “You don’t need it you fat bastard” I broke down and went to eat it. As I was opening it I fumbled with the wrapper and dropped it and it rolled underneath my desk and Thurston lunged for it, and I reacted by thrusting my foot as far as it would go under the desk because dogs and chocolate. And now I have a fucking reese cup stuck to the bottom of my shoe and I am stuck with the guilt of breaking down and eating it even when I didn’t get to and fuck you I hate this cruel world.

This is the first election since 1992 that I simply can not bring myself to turn on cable news but briefly. I am so fucking ready for this to be over. Steve can sense it, though, and has been extra lovey.