Friday Evening Open Thread: “An Impossible Hand”

Further proof — as if we needed it — that the entire Republican party has abandoned all thought of governing in favor of merely obstructing.

What’s on the agenda as we start the much-needed weekend?

Spicey Out

I'm in a little diner in the middle of PA ony way to visit ABC, and ACTION NEWS on the tv set tells me that Spicer has resigned and an internet troll is now running the WH comms shop.

*** UPDATE ***


The butter knife is for reference. Apparently I am eating Moby Dick for lunch.

Late Night Open Thread: Are We Sure Trump Doesn’t Drink?

Even by ‘narcissist who’s never been told no’ standards, this is… special. Last time a Republican president started saying stuff like this in public, he was suffering from encroaching Alzheimer’s (And, yes, I do remember Dubya’s losing battle with the English language, but I don’t remember him telling a reporter that he certainly hoped no judge would get their hands on the contents of Cheney’s man-sized safe.)

Of course, there’s a core of Trumplodytes who’ll be with him to the bitter end…

Late Night Laffs Open Thread: Young Gormless, Jr.

“… and we all thought Eric was the dumb one!”

Fred Trump’s Racehorse Theory of Superior Genes gets slapped upside the head with a dead fish, i.e., his most public grandson. (Not that his own firstborn was any bright light, but as the old saying goes: Shirtsleeves to shirtsleeves in three generations.)

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Late Night Cheap Laffs Open Thread: What If A Female Soldier Were to See… A Man-Tassel?

To the fainting couches! This was Phyllis Schafly’s best argument against the ERA, back in 1973: “Your daughters will be drafted and forced to share showers with naked men!”

I had four brothers, so the sight of male genitalia once I was old enough to… shall we say… have joined the Army, didn’t come as a nasty shock. My female friends without male siblings had all done enough babysitting (changed enough diapers) to have a working idea of the relevant anatomy. And we didn’t even have the internet to educate us!

Open Thread: German Hospitality At the G20

No, srsly. Per Buzzfeed:

Organizers announced the scheduled summit in February 2016, which requires 9,000 hotel rooms to accommodate world leaders, their sizable staffs, and security details.

The Hamburger Abendblatt, a local news outlet, reported that the US government wanted to accommodate Trump in the Four Seasons, but it was already booked. In fact, it turns out that every luxury hotel in Hamburg was reportedly booked by the time the Americans called, leaving Trump, who is associated with an empire of hotel properties, scrambling for a place to stay.

Several weeks ago there were even rumors Trump might have to sleep in Berlin and have to fly to Hamburg via helicopter…

With the summit approaching, the city of Hamburg is now apparently stepping in to help.

Police officers guard the official Senate guest house of Hamburg, where US President Donald Trump will reportedly stay during the upcoming G20 summit…

Meanwhile, the US Consulate General in Hamburg is reportedly preparing to host Trump’s staff.

The address of the guest house is more than fitting: “Beautiful View 26”. It is located close to the Russian general consulate and the Hamburg Islamic centre.

And the citizens of the hosting country stepped up to prove it’s not true that Germans have no sense of humor. It’s not a subtle humor, but then…
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Open Thread: Apparently April Fools’ Day Has Been Rescheduled

… To July 3rd. Does an ambitious couple of kingmakers brand themselves the ‘WTF Party’ in all seriousness? Well, they’re venture capitalists quoting gamer lingo, so…

Mark Pincus and Reid Hoffman want to hack the Democratic Party.

Not literally. Not the likes of what befell the team behind Hillary Clinton’s 2016 campaign, resulting in scores of private emails being published online — and countless news stories that helped seal her defeat. No, Pincus, the co-founder of Zynga, and Hoffman, the brains behind LinkedIn, want to force Democrats to rewire their philosophical core, from their agenda to the way they choose candidates in elections — the stuff of politics, they said, that had been out of reach for most voters long before Donald Trump became president.

That’s the guiding principle behind Win the Future, a new project by the tech duo that’s launching in time for July 4. The effort — called, yes, WTF for short — aims to be “a new movement and force within the Democratic Party, which can act like its own virtual party,” said Pincus, its lead architect, during an interview.

Think of WTF as equal parts platform and movement. Its new website will put political topics up for a vote — and the most resonant ideas will form the basis of the organization’s orthodoxy. To start, the group will query supporters on two campaigns: Whether or not they believe engineering degrees should be free to all Americans, and if they oppose lawmakers who don’t call for Trump’s immediate impeachment.

Participants can submit their own proposals for platform planks — and if they win enough support, primarily through likes and retweets on Twitter, they’ll become part of WTF’s political DNA, too. Meanwhile, WTF plans to raise money in a bid to turn its most popular policy positions into billboard ads that will appear near airports serving Washington, D.C., ensuring that “members of Congress see it,” Pincus said…

Hard to top LGM‘s post: Gentlemen, Start Your Wanking!

Pincus, who has spent millions backing Democratic campaigns and organizations up and down the ticket for over a decade, said a major part of WTF came from his dissatisfaction with the way the Democratic Party was spending its energy and his money…

“I just don’t feel respected in the political process as a large donor or as a citizen voter,” Pincus said. “I just feel patronized. Everything I get is like, ‘Hey, you couldn’t possibly — it’s too complex and sophisticated what really goes on,’ and, ‘Hey, leave it to us, and we will go and represent you and fight the good fight, and just give us money.'” …

I lucked into a huge pile of money by latching on to an addictive fad that other people did all the work to implement. Why can’t I get some RESPECT from you professionals?