Late Night Open Thread: Depth of the GOP Field

Repubs don’t tell jokes, Ted; Repubs are jokes…

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Open Thread: Another ‘Honor’ for Professor Krugman!

“Tongue so firmly in cheek as to protrude from the vulgar bodily orifice” (R.A. Lafferty)

Triumph of the Dumb Open Thread

Post-Racial America Open Thread: The GOP’s Latest Dumb-Show

Many, many words were said — but were they ever dumb!

Per the Washington Post:

A tense congressional hearing to explore the spread of white nationalism on social media quickly served to illustrate the problem Silicon Valley faces after anonymous users on YouTube began posting vitriolic attacks that targeted others on the basis of race and religion…

“These Jews want to destroy all white nations,” wrote the user Celtic Pride.

“Anti-hate is a code word for anti-white,” wrote another named Fight White Genocide.

Appearing before the committee, Alexandria Walden, the counsel for free expression and human rights at Google, stressed the tech giant has invested in people and technology to remove content that incites violent or spreads hate. “We know the very platforms that have enabled these societal benefits can be abused,” she said…

“This just illustrates part of the problem we’re dealing with,” said Rep. Jerry Nadler (D-N.Y.), the chairman of the committee, after seeing the Post’s report.

His comment was greeted with skepticism by Rep. Louie Gohmert, a Texas Republican. “Could that be another hate hoax?” he asked. “Just keep an open mind.”
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Late Night Open Thread: I LOL’d…


I LOL’d… and then I started to sob: