Humberto and the East Coast

Right now, there is a possible tropical system that is projected to develop. And if it does develop, it could roughly tag along Dorian’s track. So if you’re on the Southeast Coast or in the Bahamas, time to start keeping an eye on the weather again.

More On #SharpieGate

In the downstairs thread, we were discussing an absurd thing that happened earlier today: Trump hosted a “hurricane update” in the Oval Office, seemingly for the sole purpose of whipping out a days-old National Hurricane Center map that one of the low-quality hires altered by crudely extending the “cone of concern” with a Sharpie to include part of Alabama.

Why would anyone do something so idiotic, especially since the actual hurricane has since killed probably lots of people and threatens many more thousands right now? To make it look like Trump wasn’t wrong on Twitter last week when he said Alabama was in the path of Dorian. (Narrator: It wasn’t!)

So, the press got a hold of it this afternoon, and Trump doubled down:

More lies and a promise that “better maps” will be “presented later.” Someone should tell him the National Hurricane Center archives forecast maps, and they are available to anyone with an internet connection. Jesus Christ, y’all. I knew a Trump presidency would be non-stop stupid and mind-bogglingly incompetent, but…damn.

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Dorian, big and slow

He is getting big and strong. Florida looks to be facing better odds of a brush instead of a head on collision compared to Thursday.

Now, does North Carolina need to worry?

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So, this might happen:

I think it’ll come ashore further north and spare Disgraceland. But isn’t it pretty to think so?

Dorian aiming for Florida

The National Hurricane Center just released their most recent update on Tropical Storm Dorian.

The short term story is that the storm is strengthening and will hit the Virgin Islands and other nearby islands as a weak hurricane today and brush against Puerto Rico as a strong tropical storm in the near future.

The big story is that the intensity forecast for the weekend has gone up significantly. Right now, Dorian is projected to be a Category 3 storm by the middle of the weekend with a landfall projected on Monday morning somewhere in Florida.

This is a significant intensification of the forecast over the past twenty four hours and the storm has slowed down as Dorian was expected to be hitting Florida as a borderline hurricane on Sunday morning.

For the eastern Florida jackals, time to start your hurricane plans.

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