Saturday Morning Open Thread: Situation Normal, All Fouled Up

Right at this point in time, seems like potentially good news for (central/western) Florida — not so much, the Carolinas:

The waiting is making people a little… squirrely…

But seriously…

Friday Morning Open Thread: Here’s Hoping for A Quiet Weekend…

*Especially* that Florida, and our beloved Floridian Jackals, will come through Dorian as unscathed as possible!

Who’s got plans for the last official weekend of summer?

Other snippets:

(Sorry, Raven, I know you’d prefer we not bring up football here)

Dorian aiming for Florida

The National Hurricane Center just released their most recent update on Tropical Storm Dorian.

The short term story is that the storm is strengthening and will hit the Virgin Islands and other nearby islands as a weak hurricane today and brush against Puerto Rico as a strong tropical storm in the near future.

The big story is that the intensity forecast for the weekend has gone up significantly. Right now, Dorian is projected to be a Category 3 storm by the middle of the weekend with a landfall projected on Monday morning somewhere in Florida.

This is a significant intensification of the forecast over the past twenty four hours and the storm has slowed down as Dorian was expected to be hitting Florida as a borderline hurricane on Sunday morning.

For the eastern Florida jackals, time to start your hurricane plans.

Open thread.

Wednesday Morning Open Thread: Snippets

One of the many good reasons I don’t have a twitter account is that I am (you will be shocked to learn) extremely prone to jumping into arguments with both feet, frequently in my mouth. Forty years of being oh gawd not her again taught me that much, at least…

Speaking of people who could do to learn the fine art of ShutTheFvckUpAlready:

But seriously… stay safe, Floridians!

Monday Morning Open Thread: Hot Hot Hot

I understand that the heat wave has broken for some of you lucky Jackals in the upper midwest, but here north of Boston, we’re still trying to breath warm steam. Not to knock other peoples’ lifestyle choices, but triple-digit heat indexes are among the reasons I chose to move to Massachusetts instead of Florida!

Hot takes, on the other hand:

More hot takes:

The crowd of 800 roared when House Speaker Nancy Pelosi took the stage Friday at the Young Democrats of America’s national convention in Indianapolis.

Pelosi spoke for about 20 minutes, drawing standing ovations multiple times, including for the House’s likely futile passage of a $15 minimum wage bill, defending abortion rights, for saying Democrats would hold President Donald Trump accountable and for saying Democrats would sweep the House, Senate and White House in the 2020 elections…

Whatever its flaws, she said, she believes there is no institution in this nation that has come up with better ideas, more creative thinking and been more willing to meet challenges than the Democratic Party.

She noted that 60 percent of House Democrats are women, people of color or part of the LGBTQ community.

“That’s a beautiful thing,” she said. “The beauty is in the mix. Our diversity is our strength. Our unity is our power.”…

“We do understand the urgency of the challenge to this country that we love … and to the Constitution,” she said, suggesting Democrats must defend against “those who would degrade our beautiful land from sea to shining sea, those who would disrespect newcomers to our country and those who would undermine our values.” …

Maybe, just maybe, the future *is* female…