Get Outta My Dreams, and Into My Clown Car

Hugh Hewitt on what he calls “The Speech”:

Rush gave a speech at CPAC today that will be talked about for years and even decades.


Rush eschews “leadership.” He doesn’t tell people who to vote for or where to show up and march.

But he does communicate with quite extraordinary clarity the deep, abiding attachment that conservatives have for liberty. He does so with great, good humor, and it is this quality that drives the left to distraction. Rush is funny; really, really funny. This is of course the reason he has succeeded far beyond every other radio talk show host. The “women’s summit” this week was just the latest in a long string of innovative –and profitable– firsts that amused even as it made key points.

And Rush is authentic. And deeply appreciated as a result. Long may he prosper.

Is this the tipping point? Will Hugh’s advocacy for Rush push him the way of Harriet Meiers, Sarah Palin, Mitt Romney, and the many others that have given Hugh starbursts? Time will tell.

*** Update ***

A comparison. By the way, I was thinking to myself that compared to the clowns currently angling for the top seat at the GOP table, Multiple Choice Mitt Romney looks downright dignified and Presidential.

Firsts! Seconds!

First sighting of a Republican using “Wolverines!” as a serious battle cry and not as a joke: Robert Stacy McCain:

We are now a mere 18 months from Labor Day 2010, when that climactic political battle will be fully engaged. There a lot of important work to be done — and done now, over the next three to six months — if there is to be any hope of anything but the abomination of desolation. Our utter destruction is at hand unless good men rally to the colors, and we no longer have the luxury of indulging in these petty playground feuds and the children who enjoy them.

To the extent that conservatives need a philosopher now, I’d say we need to be studying Sun-Tzu.

If Rod Dreher wants to join Andrew Sullivan and David Brock (yes, I said “Brock,” not “Brooks”) in the ranks of the vaunting army outside the camp, let him go over and be gone. But don’t sit pouting inside the camp, giving aid and comfort to the adversary by your demoralizing pronouncements. If that stuff is going to be tolerated among conservatives, there won’t be enough left of a constitutional republic after Nov. 3 for anyone to bother trying to “conserve” it, and no hope at all that it might be restored.


The all caps and the red just make it even better. What a way to start the week.

*** Update ***

Title amended to reflect reality.

Delusional “It must be very strange to be Rush Limbaugh. A man of extraordinary vision and brilliance approaching to genius….”

Speaking of Rush, this Breitbart piece is the most delusional thing I have ever read:

The mood at the Omni Shoreham Hotel late Saturday afternoon was off the electrical meter when Rush Limbaugh took center stage at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC).


It was an address that could have altered the election had it been delivered early last fall by any Republican presidential candidate.

About midway through Mr. Limbaugh’s clear-headed, timely and sometimes rambunctious call to ideological arms, my BlackBerry began buzzing with elated text messages from across the Omni and across the nation.

A friend in Los Angeles e-mailed a one-liner: “Best speech I have ever seen.”

My urbane father-in-law, the first person I knew who copped to listening to Mr. Limbaugh and who has been witness to most of the big events of the modern age, called it the “most thrilling thing [he’s] seen on TV.”

No one who can write full sentences is this crazy, so this has to be an act designed to corner the wingnut niche. Later on, Breitbart informs us that Limbaugh also killed newspapers. And I thought it was the internet and cable news. Silly me.