Policy matters

From yesterday:

I am experiencing the frustration of an academic as I have three relevant papers that I can’t say much about right now.

Paper #1 looks at the enrollment changes in the last ten days of the 2017 Open Enrollment compared to the same time period in 2016. The last ten days were the first ten days of the Trump Administration. Policy and messaging matter and we’ll talk a lot more about that when the paper is published this summer.

Paper #2 examines the impact of advertising on enrollment. Unshockingly, it matters a lot. This paper is part of an invited submission for 2020.

Paper #3 we just submitted for the first time last week. Pricing matters and odd pricing situations matter a lot. In this case, the Trump administration’s policy implementation helps enrollment out.

There has been significant barriers to access for Medicaid. There have been significant barriers erected to the exchanges. Policy matters. A policy choice to actively and positively use the current framework to decrease the uninsurance rate has a reasonable chance of achieving that goal. It did over the last six years of the Obama Administration. A policy choice of either benign indifference or active obstruction of the goal of decreasing the uninsurance rate will, unshockingly, not achieve that goal.

A Beginner’s Guide To Twitter

Howard Schultz, the former CEO of Starbuck’s and another rich white guy who thinks that is enough to be president, joined Twitter today. He has three tweets so far.

Look at those ratios! I am much less worried about his candidacy than I was this morning.

Open thread!

Late Night Horrorshow Open Thread: There’s A ‘Trump & His Wall’ Metaphor Here Somewhere…

And that’s only the second weirdest twitter meme of the evening.

Warning: Do not go below the fold within three hours of eating…
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Would You Believe?… Open Thread: “President” Maxwell S-M-R-T

He’s not trying to ‘change minds’, of course; he’s trying to prop up his shrinking base. And his Repub enablers are here for it!

Normal people, not so much:

Ominous foreshadowing music…

Open Thread: Seth Moulton Will Go Far, Possibly One Step Ahead of An Angry Mob

Seth Moulton is a tragic character, if there was an Edith Wharton for this second Gilded Age. He’s the last Sensible, Moderate New England Republican — a breed for which the region, not to mention the country, has no more use. Smart (Haavahd), feisty (honorable service in the Marine Corps), of impeccable English-colonial/lace-curtain Irish ancestry, from a corner of our commonwealth where being a White Dude is still a political necessity… his only problem is that he was born some fifty years too late.

Seth Moulton intends to be President, and not in the distant future, either. He’s got the disadvantage of coming up in a state that has famously underperformed in the presidential sweeps since 1963, and the further handicap of being enrolled as a Democrat (because here in the Bay State we only elect Repubs to the mostly-ceremonial office of governor). His impetuousness and pugnacity have been previously rewarded, so apparently he presumed the Blue Wave could also be turned in his favor…

Then came the Unfortunate Comparison…

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