Kitten Transport Bleg (Minnesota to Maryland)

The good news, from NewDealFarmGrrl:

The last little kitten from the bleg needs to relocate to Maryland. A number of folks chimed in that they’d help with relocation costs. Is this something Balloon Juice can get rolling?

Kitten is staying at my house and is scheduled to see the vet this afternoon for well-kitten and shots visit so we can make sure Kitten won’t endanger Jefferson’s (Barb’s cat) stressed immune system.

First pic is Kitten playing with a tassel toy in the basket-with-heating-pad I set up for her.

Second pic is her enjoying ear skritchies — for such a tiny kitten she sure has a huge purr! She loves tummy rubs with a passion, but I couldn’t manage a pic of that. Very affectionate but lonely kitten wants to go to her furrever home!

I don’t have the faintest idea how to arrange transport, so I would be forever grateful if Balloon Juice can help.

I have a small carrier for her that my cats have long since outgrown, that can go with her as well as the food my brother bought. Plus my too-small surplus litter pan and some litter.


Debit, as regular readers will know, took in another one of the kittens. She also recommended TLC Pet Transport, the people who got Walter from Cole’s home to hers.

But, the less-than-optimal news, from B Lamb:

I talked to TLC Pet Transport and they are sending a more firm estimate later today, but said the cost is over $1000. They have relays that run regularly on certain routes, but Minnesota is not part of that. We have to pay for the additional cost to get from Minnesota to their central location.

They wont take the kitten until she is 8 weeks and has all her initial shots. I may need to pay for another vet visit to be sure she has all her shots, which is fine.

I will let you know when I get the quote.

I am in and out right now. My new preemie granddaughter, born on the 4th, is now home, and I need to help my daughter and son-in-law today by watching their sons while they go to a bunch of appointments. I will check email for the quote, as I can.

I’m going to be away from the computer until later in the evening myself. But once we know exactly how much Miss Calico’s Big Adventure will cost, I’ll re-up this post with the details. I have an email for Barb, so anyone who wants to chip in can send me a message (‘Contact an author’) or ) and I’ll reply with the link…

Mid-Afternoon Open Thread


Zooey managed to open the door to the linen closet and pull out towels to make a nest for himself the other day.

I’ve just come in from the cats’ outing, the first in four days. I mentioned this incident in a thread, but I doubt everyone saw it. The cats talked me into going out earlier than usual, and it was overcast. Ric was watching birds. Suddenly he was alert, and ran toward something. I saw a flash of brown fur and figured it was a rabbit, but then it came closer and I could see it was a coyote, fortunately on the other side of a chain link fence. But they can jump. I shouted, which scared both Ric and the coyote, and scooped up Ric and brought him in. I’ve decided to go out with the cats later in the day, and maybe not every day. The cats were tentative today, and Ric wouldn’t go back to that bird feeder. Fortunately, there’s one in the front yard.

What close calls have you had lately?

Kitten Adoption Bleg — Minneapolis / St. Paul Area

From commentor Newdealfarmgrrrll:

Last week my nephew found a kitten outside their detached garage, and by the end of my brother’s frantic phone call, four more appeared. And the next day, the mom, which my brother lured into the garage with the kittens.

I think the poor sweeties were dumped, as the mom doesn’t seem feral, and is desperately affectionate. All the no-kill animal shelters in the Minneapolis/StPaul metro are full and not accepting animals.

My brother and I are both maxed with pets and can’t take them on. My brother lives in the boonies, and they will be lunch for coyotes if they stay outside :(

The little gray cutie (top pic) is the bravest of the bunch, and was instantly out of the box to meet us. And, IIRC, was the first one to be discovered, hungrily mewing near the garage.

Mom is TINY. As you can see, she is a tabby, and has a lovely large orange splash on top of her head which doesn’t show all that well in the pic. She was desperately affectionate, and has been using the litter box, except for occasionally piddling in the middle of the floor. This adds to my suspicion that she is a frightened and distressed cat who was dumped by her dipshit humans.

The other kittens were very shy and huddled inside the enclosed box my nephew and brother cobbled together. Isn’t “Patchie” adorable? *muffles a SQEEE* There are two more gray kittens as well as the ginger. I didn’t want to stress them further by dragging them out of their box for pics.

Little ginger decided to come out and explore! Well, hearing the rattle of the kibble jar was what lured him out at first.

I’m in the Twin Cities (Minneapolis/St.Paul MN) outer metro area. I have several extra cat carriers so I could ferry cats to my place for pick up as I’m right on the freeway system on the western side of Minneapolis. My brother is in the boonies on the east side of the Cities.

Three years ago Easter, we acquire a Balloon Juice rescue kitten who looked a lot like that little gray muffin, after he walked up to Hillary R’s little dog and introduced himself. Piper is now a magnificent 15lb gentleman of great dignity, with the softest plush fur…

If you are interested in adding one of these sweeties to your household, know someone who might be interested, or have other suggestions, please leave a comment. Or contact me at, and I’ll forward your message to NDFG.

Monday Morning Open Thread: New Week, Same Crap


Sometimes I feel like I should just post animal videos like this one for a while, because the “serious” news stories are too depressing.

Apart from steeling ourselves — and stockpiling whatever links make you smile — what’s on the agenda for the start of the week?


(Nick Anderson via

Saturday Afternoon Open Thread

Too much sportsball on today. We’ve settled on Yanks-Astros for now.

A local reporter captures chilling footage of a man eater:

I got nothing else. Open thread!

RIP Gracie- A Good Cat


These are some of my favorite photos of Gracie. She had a good cat life and she had her uniqueness in our house. Gracie was nobody’s cat because she exerted ownership over Grumpy Code Monkey. Every night she would get into his lap (microseconds from his butt hitting a seat cushion), lean into him and gaze up at him with pure adoration.

We got Gracie from a co-worker at the software company we both worked at 16 years ago. She had followed his son home as a kitten and was completely enamored of little boys. Unfortunately, his son was very allergic to cats and we said we would be happy to take her. Whenever we had a little boy over at the house, from a contractor’s son to our nephew, she would follow them around and beg them to be hers.
She was horrible as a bed cat. When she wanted to get up or be let out of the bedroom she would lick Grumpy’s eyes. But she was actually more content to just sleep in the kitchen so she could let us know promptly when her meal was meant to be in front of her.

She was named after Gracie Allen for her wonderful, constant, always on meow and her complete and utter lack of grace when walking the furniture when she was a kitten. Gracie was our last tuxedo and I’m not sure our house looks right without one in it.

This has been a very hard year with losing Mishka, my heart cat, in February and now losing John’s baby just a month after losing one of our best friends to cancer at 49. Even though we don’t comment a ton, the Balloon-Juice community has been a source of sanity and hope for the two of us in this difficult year.

She was clearly such a good girl. I had the pleasure of meeting RonnieRoo and GCM a while back. Hope to do so once again next time I am in town. Give your pets some attention tonight.

Open Thread – None Of Today’s News

I don’t have any photos to prove it, but Ric and Zooey are going out every morning on the leash. They love checking out the yard, even if they have to drag a human along. It’s demanding enough to keep up with them that there’s no way I can take pictures. Zooey slipped off the vest this morning, partly because I kept holding the leash taut. At other times, I’ve let the leash go, and he always heads for the house. He did this time, too, and stopped at the top of the driveway to allow me to pick him up and take him into the house.

Here’s the picture that will probably go in the Christmas letter.


At Elizabelle’s request (and mine – I was thinking of something like this too), this is an open thread for talk about pets, garden, crafts, recipes, music, or anything that isn’t today’s news.