Samwise Is Sick Of Your Shit

I have awful upstairs neighbors. Clomp clomp clomp, all night long. They woke me up at 1am last night when something heavy hit the floor, bounced, and rolled. This happens all the time.

Weirdly enough, they’re also like that in the daytime! Maybe they just have three big dogs, and leave medicine balls laying around. (Maybe they are three big dogs, in a trenchcoat–although how could three dogs afford a Bay Area rent, big or not?)

On Thursday, they were clomping around while I worked from home. At one point something crashed onto their floor. Samwise and I pulled the same face (yes, I was already taking pictures of him at the time):

I seriously don’t know what the deal is with these people. Maybe I should give the three-dogs-in-a-trenchcoat hypothesis some more consideration.

Open thread, because it’s needed!

How About We All Take a Deep Breath and Go Awwwwww!

Apparently everyone’s a wee bit stressed out, which is understandable. So rather than explaining the vetting process* on how a series of white supremacists, plagiarists, conspiracists, economic illiterates, white collar criminals, and some, I assume, are good people, I thought something relaxing might be in order. Everyone say awwww!!!!

Open thread.

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Thursday Morning Open Thread: Go for the Gusto!

On a more sombre topic, just saw this Washington Post article: “Grain-free, exotic dog food linked to heart disease“. I have *not* had the time to research it, but I figured it was something those of us with dog companions should be aware of. Apparently some dogs — including mixed breeds — inherit a potential cardiac problem that can be exacerbated by grain-free, high-legume foods that don’t contain enough taurine.

Yes, cat owners will remember that we were all warned, starting back in the 1970s, that all-tuna, low-taurine diets could be fatal to felines. (Pet food companies routinely add taurine to fish-based cat foods now.) Cats, of course, are obligate carnivores*; dogs are scavengers, mostly on human diets — their dietary needs don’t always align. Most of the major big-box-pet-store dogfood manufacturers use some kind of grain in their products, for the carbs that dogs need, but it can’t hurt to check the label if you’re feeding a boutique product and/or talk to your vet to see what they think.

*who sometimes enjoy a little pasta with tomato sauce, especially if there are anchovies, thankyouverymuch

Not John McCain (Or Guns) Open Thread

I for one am sitting in the sun next to my cat, reading Vernor Vinge.

Feel free to talk about whatever you want, other than John McCain (or guns).

Waiting for the Weekend Like…

I just finished standardizing a bunch of application settings, which is about as exciting as it sounds. Then I went to get more coffee. This young man was in the kitchen, doing his best impression of Friday-afternoon-me.

And now… it’s…. 5pm! Who has weekend plans? I will be doing the usual: seeing some friends, yes, but mostly reading, writing, playing video games, and watching cartoons. Open thread!

Midday Open Thread

One of the things I intend to post more about as we approach the election (or anytime, actually) is the disinformation that’s being distributed on social media. I’ve hesitated with some of the recent allegations because they are loaded against liberals. Not about where all the Nazis and harassers of women are coming from on Twitter, no, but an Iranian scheme to make people think more favorably about Iran. I’m not gonna post links because I don’t think it’s in the top 300 major information operations on social media. Why did Microsoft (or was it Facebook?) choose to focus on this one? My tentative answer is that the Silicon Valley bros still don’t see the right wing as a problem. They have been meeting with conservatives, who have been whining, along with the whiner-in-chief, that Important Voices Are Being Silenced.

But yes, we should know that Iran has been doing that. Today’s news brings another operation that also seems small but appeals more to me politically. Bots, probably Russian, have been pushing the vaccine truther line. You don’t need to be vaccinated, we’d love to see a measles epidemic in the US to damage your children. There is a measles epidemic in Europe right now, due to low vaccination rates.

And here’s Zooey relaxing. We all need to do more of that.

Late Night Open Thread

I don’t understand the point of skinny cats:

I wonder what he is dreaming about?