Monday Afternoon Moment of Zen

You know you have always wanted to do this:

Saturday Morning Open Thread: Finney Explores His New Home

From commentor and rescue-angel Aleta:

Debit suggested I send pics of Finney, in case it’s useful for “blog morale.”

You’re right about orange and white boi cats. He’s driving us hard.

Finney’s fascinated by the dog (who’s used to cats).

After 3-day surveillance from every side, he went deeper undercover.

Disguised as couch cushion.

Establishing rapport with subject.

(Supervised in all pics. He gradually oozed onto an arm that was already resting against the dog.)

Late Night Steve Open Thread

It takes a lot to keep Steve looking like a king, and I did some grooming tonight. It’s a delicate process- I have to speak in soft tones and assure him everything is going to be ok, all while working out the matted hair and areas where he has plopped his fat ass into pine sap and created an unholy mess AND keeping a firm grip on him so he can not make an escape. I normally only get to see the back half of him while brushing him, but Tammy was here an able to take some pictures. When she sent them to me I laughed out loud when I saw them. We have every emotion:

Fear and confusion:


And finally, despair:

I got hysterical when I saw the last one because it looks like a still from a hostage video with him blinking SOS in morse code. No pictures of him when he was done because he beat a hasty retreat through the doggy door the minute I was finished. He looks magnificent- you will just have to trust me.

Friday Morning Open Thread: How Far We’ve Come

Whatever else you might say about the illo, grant CNN this: They cannot be accused of artificially darkening Senator Harris’ complexion!

The CNN town halls are co-hosted by the New Hampshire Institute of Politics at Saint Anselm College and the Institute of Politics at Harvard Kennedy School. The presidential hopefuls will field questions directly from students and young New Hampshire Democrats, said a CNN spokeswoman, who added the audience will be drawn from the two schools and a pool of young Democrats living in the state.

On April 22, Chris Cuomo will moderate the Klobuchar (7 p.m. ET) and Sanders (9 p.m. ET) town halls, Anderson Cooper will moderate the Warren (8 p.m. ET) and Buttigieg (11 p.m. ET) town halls, and Don Lemon will moderate the Harris (10 p.m. ET) town hall.

The CNN town halls will take place on the campus of Saint Anselm College, and coincide with the release of the Institute of Politics at Harvard Kennedy School’s new national poll of young voters…

Elsewhere in the twitterverse:

And finally, important news update: Julian Assange’s former cat has been safely re-homed. (Yes, I too thought this had been settled months ago.)

Purring Kitteh Respite Thread

In honor of my local bobcat.


I’m still a bit freaked out from my close encounter. Exciting and amazing to be so close to a free animal like that, but scary too. The weather for tomorrow is predicted to be bad, so I think I will not take my guys for a walk. Ever since I first saw the bobcat the other day, I’ve been VERY watchful when I take the cats out. But today the cat wasn’t just going through – sat on a stone in my flowerbed like it was a lovely restful spot. Finally left, with unerring cat camera sense, when I got the camera out.