Friday Morning Open Thread: Stay Braced

I owe one of you guys thanks for the above image. Quick notes on the (probable) Topic of the Day (assuming Trump doesn’t actually manage to fire Rod Rosenstein — remember that story? Three days ago!)…

… aaaand let’s talk about something more pleasant. From the Washington Post, “Nearly 40,000 people applied to run a cat sanctuary on a Greek island”:

It began in 2010, when a cat gave birth in Joan and Richard Bowell’s garden on the Greek island of Syros. She had two kittens, and one was ill.

The Bowells took them in and gave them names: Pepper was the mother, Tiny and Ninja the babies. The trio joined two cats the couple had brought to Syros when they moved from Denmark, Joan’s native country, and the Bowells viewed it as a mere expansion of their two-person family. They now had not a small number of cats, but not so many that they couldn’t take the animals along when their plan to move to New York, where Richard worked with the United Nations, came to pass.

But this was Greece, where cats posing against white buildings become the subjects of many postcards, but not necessarily the objects of much affection. The Bowells kept finding felines bearing injuries and sicknesses and kittens, and soon the Bowells’ acre of island idyll had become a cat sanctuary they called God’s Little People. The name was not a statement about faith, they say, but about a philosophy — that cats are important as individuals, with a right to be free and to be cared for…

As the feline population roaming their property rose well above 60, the couple said, they realized space prevented the operation from growing much more. They wanted to finally make that move to New York, where Joan Bowell planned to establish another cat sanctuary outside the city. So on Aug. 5, she created a Facebook post soliciting applications for a modestly paid job managing God’s Little People.

The Bowells had posted a similar ad a few years back and gotten a couple handfuls of responses. This time, they hoped for 25, maybe 50.

Within six weeks, they had nearly 40,000…

The story of the job ad went viral, and the Bowells are in talks with filmmakers about a movie. Richard Bowell said he believes the enormous response isn’t about one news report starting a spiral of coverage, or even about the Internet’s infatuation with cats. He says it, too, is about humanity.

“This is bigger than just a job on a Greek island,” he said. “There’s a kind of wish for people to return to some level of humanity at a time when things are degenerating into such inhumanity . . . people want to see a future that can be worked toward.”

Earlier this month, the Bowells had whittled the towers of applications to a handful of finalists. Among those was 62-year-old Californian Jeffyne Telson, whose husband sent her the link to the job ad in August…

More positivity (yes, there are pictures) at the link.

Open Thread: Respite

Come on over here for a little break. One cute kitteh who has found his very own private place among my grape vines. He was a little annoyed I found him. But thems the rules, you want to play outside in the backyard, I must know where you are. He is magnificent, isn’t he? But don’t tell the others I said so.

I am tuned out today. How are you taking care of yourself?

PSA: Debunking Social Media Rumors About Christine Blasey Ford – Open Thread

I just now had to debunk some garbage on Facebook and found this, which is very helpful. The New York Times gets it right sometimes. It debunks five rumors circulating on the right about Blasey Ford. There will be more, I suppose.

Claim: Dr. Blasey’s students left negative reviews on her profile, calling her “unprofessional” and citing her “dark” personality.
Verdict: False.

Claim: Judge Kavanaugh’s mother once ruled against Dr. Blasey’s parents in a foreclosure case.
Verdict: False.

Claim: Dr. Blasey made similar sexual assault accusations against Justice Neil Gorsuch during his nomination process.
Verdict: False.

Claim: Dr. Blasey is a major Democratic donor with a long history of left-wing activism.
Verdict: Mostly false.

Claim: Dr. Blasey’s brother worked at a law firm with ties to the Russia investigation.
Verdict: Misleading.

Also, from former Republican Bruce Bartlett:

And, since you’ve made it this far, Ric and Zooey helping me with the laundry this morning.

Everybody Chill Open Thread

Or don’t; it’s up to you! But here’s a place to stretch out and relax, and maybe talk about something other than Judge Rapey McShitweasel, or the deep state conspiracy to keep Trump from incriminating himself/destroying an active investigation.

In other words, let’s try to be like Samwise.

Open thread!

Sunday Morning Garden Chat: Point of Stillness

From inspired gardener & commentor Gelfling 545:

I took this photo at 6 am Monday when I looked out to see if the rain had started. This old boy had run out of the house the night before and this is where I found him, meditating on the transcendent…and fish.


What’s going on in your garden(s), this week?

BJ jackal readership capture — Happy note for everyone touched by the news that Adam Serwer’s cat Butters had gone missing:

Funny how you can get emotional about a companion animal you’ve never met and almost certainly never will meet…

Cats And Dogs, Living Together (by state and region)

A friend of mine from college brought this fun graph to my attention today.

It’s the ratio of households-with-at-least-one-cat to households-with-at-least-one-dog, by state and region. Click to embiggen:

(R code; raw data sourced from the American Veterinary Medical Association)

Perhaps this explains my sense that I’m meant for the northwest and northeast corners of this country. Anybody want to offer some (responsible) speculation on what this all means? And what’s the deal with Delaware?

Open thread!

Samwise Is Sick Of Your Shit

I have awful upstairs neighbors. Clomp clomp clomp, all night long. They woke me up at 1am last night when something heavy hit the floor, bounced, and rolled. This happens all the time.

Weirdly enough, they’re also like that in the daytime! Maybe they just have three big dogs, and leave medicine balls laying around. (Maybe they are three big dogs, in a trenchcoat–although how could three dogs afford a Bay Area rent, big or not?)

On Thursday, they were clomping around while I worked from home. At one point something crashed onto their floor. Samwise and I pulled the same face (yes, I was already taking pictures of him at the time):

I seriously don’t know what the deal is with these people. Maybe I should give the three-dogs-in-a-trenchcoat hypothesis some more consideration.

Open thread, because it’s needed!