Tuesday Afternoon Open Thread

Think I need a bigger dog bed:

What An Absolute Unit

Look at this boy:

Fucking magnificent.

Respite Open Thread: Gabe’s New Adventure

Gabe got to go outside this morning. This was our second attempt. A few weeks ago I tried it and he headed to the gate, as if to leave, so I swooped him up and brought him back inside.

Zander and Gabe wishing I would go away

Today, I grabbed a cup of coffee and joined the cats outside, ready to snag Gabe if he tried to leave again. Instead, he was content to hang out by the catnip and roll in the grass.

This is how I usually train the cats to be backyard kitties. I hang with them and discourage them from jumping the fence or finding an opening I didn’t realize we had.  It takes a few times, but they always seem to get the idea. If they want to hang out in the yard, they must stay in the yard.

Emma joins the boys

I have also been known to send Bixby out after them to bring them back in. He’s very protective of his kitties. And I figure, better he scares them than the dog next door (even though the dog next door weighs all of 4 lbs and is terrified of the ducks).

To be fair, the only way to leave the yard is to jump the six-foot fence and for Gabe, that may no longer be a possibility. We don’t body shame here, but he seems to have grown as round as he is long.

Bonus Penelope (FKA Pearl):


Most of the white stuff in the water does not belong to her, but to my neighbors’ cottonwood.

Respite open thread

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Monday Morning Open Thread: Readership Capture


And an update on Elby from his new housemate Silvery:

Elby arrived a month ago tomorrow, after he was personally flown out here by his foster mom. He is super-sweet, and very much a schedule General. He lets me know when it;s time for his medicine, time to open/close curtains, time for bed, time to get up, etc.; if it happens on a schedule, he is on it. Elby believes that human beds were made for cats, and he does not understand why anyone wouldn’t want to spend all their time there, except for his window. He’s doing great and I am super happy to have him in my life.

This is him in the middle of telling me all about the window:

May you and Elby enjoy many happy days together, Silvery!

CATCAM Open Thread!

British researchers put small video cameras on cats to observe their behavior. Here are some samples:

Excerpts from an interview with one of the authors:

Q: What were the challenges of getting the cats to wear cameras?

A: We started with 21 cats, but only 16 tolerated the cameras. The others either started racing around or tried to scratch them off. One mother cat was like this, and when we put the camera on her son, she began hitting him. So we didn’t use either cat.


Q: You thank the study cats in the paper’s Acknowledgements section. Why?

A: I always acknowledge the animals I work with. I’ve been doing that since my Ph.D. thesis. I do feel thankful because if the cats didn’t oblige us, we couldn’t do the study.

From my experience with cats and harnesses, I am surprised that none of the cats acted paralyzed and fell over on its side.

Here’s the full journal article.

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