Tuesday Morning Open Thread: Same, Cat…

This is the Internet, so of course Max has an Instagram account, and also got a story in the Washington Post:

Max spent time on the streets as a young cat, so he learned to roam early on. About a year ago, he was adopted at a shelter by Connie Lipton, who lives across a small street from Macalester, where Lipton’s husband teaches religious studies. Max made very clear that he wanted to continue roaming, Lipton said in an interview Wednesday, so they let him.

And roam he did, making friends across campus. Last summer, Max hung out at a reunion event that featured live music and a large tent. He enjoyed spending time on a vast green where students play Frisbee. He frequented student housing down the street, entered the science building more than once, and stopped by the Spanish and Portuguese department…

“We’ve had multiple calls because his phone number is on his tag,” Lipton said. “He’s a funny guy. He loves people. He loves to socialize — with groups.”…

But when Max began entering the library, zipping by students whose arms were loaded with books, “he started getting in trouble,” Lipton said… An employee is very allergic to cats, and some people worried Max would get locked inside, Lipton said, so a handwritten sign announcing his banishment was posted about a month ago. It was replaced more recently with the version that went viral this week, which was made by an artist and library employee named Christopher Schommer…

The sign recently came down, Lipton said, because Max’s roaming privileges have been revoked. A major construction project is happening on campus, and she didn’t want the cat to somehow get stuck in its mess. He now has a red harness and a leash, not that he’s happy about it.

“He’s going crazy. He cries and howls and paces around, looking out the windows,” Lipton said. “I’m really hoping he takes to walking on the leash. Then I can just walk him over there and he can still see his peeps and have his social life.”…

Such sociability is a condition for which red tabby boys are known — by cat standards, they’re party animals. Our current redhead, Rocket the Viking, is a rescue we’re pretty certain escaped from his original home in search of a good time, and then couldn’t find his way back. He’s also inherited the Siamese genes that lead to a depraved appetite (term of veterinary art) for various inedible fibers. In the three years he’s lived here, his unnatural desires and burglary skills have cost us some hundreds of dollars in sweaters, t-shirts, socks, towels, jeans, dish scrubbies, etc. (We installed child-proof latches — which don’t always thwart him — on the cupboards, and keep the toilet brush container rubber-banded shut.) There is one room to which *none* of the pets are allowed access, because that’s where my clothes/hobbies/sewing supplies are stored; needless to say, Rocky thinks of this as The Big Sock Candy Mountain, and spends hours trying to work the doorknob & complaining in his meezer yowl when he’s once again rebuffed…

Apart from sympathizing with a guy so cruelly deprived of his Feline Rights, what’s on the agenda for the day?

There’s that number again

The Republican giveaway to the rich tax bill isn’t popular:

New Hart Research polling finds the Republican tax bill is very unpopular in Sen. Bob Corker’s home state of Tennessee (30% approve), Sen. John McCain’s and Sen. Jeff Flake’s home state of Arizona (26% approve) and Sen. Susan Collins’ home state of Maine (22% approve).

The average of 22, 26, and 30 is very close to one of our favorite numbers.

Also too, I got a request to do more fundraising for Doug Jones. Here you go.

Goal Thermometer

No Politics Open Thread

It’s been a pleasant weekend for me, and now we have to get ready for the week. I thought we might end things up with a no-politics thread.

The cats have had a good weekend too. Ric loves turkey, Zooey less so. Zooey tries to bully Ric about food, but I intercept him most of the time, so Ric has the rare advantage with turkey. Here, Zooey is sleeping on a sheet I bought for the bed to protect it against the dust Zooey loves to roll in when he goes outside.


Edited to clarify.

Floriduh Man to Ohio Man: Hold My Beer!

In a clear attempt to maintain Florida’s well earned status as the home of turning the crazy up to 11, a Florida Democratic Party Official has turned to his Ohio Man counterpart and said hold me beer!

From The Tampa Bay Times:

Stephen Bittel’s rocky tenure as Florida Democratic Party chairman ended in disgrace Friday after he resigned following accusations from women that he leered at them, made suggestive comments and created an unprofessional work environment.

Bittel said he is working with party leaders to set a date to elect his successor.
Elected in January after a contentious internal campaign, Bittel lasted less than a year on the job.  His departure marks the latest case of sexual impropriety shaking the state Capitol.

Bittel’s position became untenable after all four major Democratic candidates for Florida governor urged his ouster following a Politico Florida report late Thursday in which six women anonymously complained about Bittel’s behavior. They said he was “creepy” and “demeaning.” Bittel apologized, but it was not enough.

Bittel appears to have gone all out in his attempt to earn his Floriduh Man! card and keep Florida much, much stranger than Ohio.

Floriduh Man: offensive and educational!

Open thread!

(New) Cat Rescue Bleg – Denver Area

From commentor Hedgehog:

A friend of one of my co-workers has been keeping a couple of cats in her shop. The shop owner has told her the cats have to go. I’ve posted to all of my social media contacts but no luck. The cats are in Denver metro.

The black one, Bubby, aka Mr. Bubbles, is about 6 and has been living inside with us for 2.5 yrs. Before that, he was living in our shed as a stray. He has a very shiny, medium length, black fur with mahogany tones. He keeps himself very clean and is a pretty easy going guy. His favorite things are to sit in your lap, and to eat!

He loves attention, but is used to spending a lot of time on his own. His eyes are often a brilliant green.

The tortie is Mama, as she had 3 kittens in 1 of our sheds at a very young age. Consequently, she is on the small side. She has bunny soft fur, and only has ½ of a tail.

She was feral when I trapped her and the kittens, but she has learned to like people. She loves to be petted, and is a bit of a talker. She is about 3, and moved inside 2 winters ago. She can be a bit sassy, after all, she is a tortie, but is a very sweet girl and likes to flirt.

Both cats have been neutered. If you know anyone who would like to meet them, I’d be happy to have them come by and visit. They are both really nice cats.

They could go together, as they get along, but they are not bonded so could easily go separately.

If you know anyone who might be interested in one or both of these sweethearts, leave a comment, or email me (‘contact a front pager’ or annelaurie.bj@gmail.com) and I’ll forward your message.

Quick Miss Callie (Minnesota to Maryland) Update

Kitten-courier Reilyn has booked her roundtrip flight from DC to Minneapolis, and purchased an airline-approved carrier for little Miss Callie. The hand-off is scheduled for the weekend of December 8th.

Because you guys are awesome, we’ve already collected more money than we need for this particular mission. Unless anyone has an objection, I’ve told Reilyn to hold on to the extra at this point in time. (You can contact me directly, if you need more information.)

We already have another pair of cats looking for new homes in Denver (check back for that post around lunchtime EST) so she may be sending part or all of the money directly to the next “angel”. Any money left over will go to pet rescue, if you want to nominate a recipient…

Pet Rescue Bleg UPDATE: Driving Flying Miss Callie (Minnesota to Maryland)

Last of the Minnesota kittens, Miss Callie, is being fostered by NewDealFarmGrrl until she can go to her permanent home with B Lamb in Maryland. Unfortunately, TLC Pet Transport (the people who drove Walter) turns out to be less than optimal (they would charge approximately $1500).

Fortunately, experienced cat-courier Reilyn has stepped up:

The flight I’m thinking of per my last comment on the blog leaves DCA late Friday Dec 8 to MSP, then has a return flight the afternoon/evening of Sunday Dec 10 to DCA.

It’s on Sun Country which does not list a minimum age requirement, and as of when I looked at it Sat/Sun was running about 276 bucks for the round trip flight, plus 125 for a one-way pet fee.

I can easily get to DCA on my own on the 8th and fly out and stay w/ my mother; then meet up to retrieve the kitteh on Sat the 9th or the morning of Sunday the 10th and have my mom take me to the airport to make the flight back to DCA, then meet up at DCA to purr-form ;) the exchange….

So — those of you who offered to chip in, this is your time to shine! I’d like to set a target of $500, with the understanding that Reilyn will forward any extra money for pet rescue. Send me an email (‘Contact an author’ or annelaurie.bj@gmail.com ) and I’ll reply with the link to Reilyn’s PayPal address.