Late Night Open Thread

This asshole has no idea what it means to share:

I’m not tired at all, but by the time I figure out how to get some space in the bed (that’s my side he is on- the dogs get the other side and if I ever am in a relationship again she can fight it out with them), it will probably be bedtime.

Help, I’m Being Mauled by a Bobcat

Steve had a nice dinner of some canned mackerel and kibble that I warmed up and stirred together so he would not just eat the fish, and then he got a good brushing and is now so sound asleep on my shoulder he is drooling. Every so often in his sleep he reaches out with his paws and rests them on my chest, and he is snoring slightly in my ear.

It’s kind of our nightly routine. He comes in from outside, has dinner, I come downstairs from the home office and make his dinner and mine, and then we watch tv and surf the internet. Lily is on my lap, Thurston is on the ottoman on my feet, and Rosie is in her doggie bed. When I have called it a night and head upstairs for bed, usually by the time I have brushed and flossed, washed my face, and put on lotion, Steve, Lily, and Thurston are all in bed and Rosie is in the doggie bed in my bedroom.

It’s good to have routines.

Grooming the Beast

Tammy and Brian trimmed their dogs Sam and Charlie and sent me pics today so I got motivated and gave Steve a solid grooming. It was a bit sketchy at times:

But afterwards he looks handsome:

And since he was such a good boy I gave him a little bit of his breakfast for tomorrow as a treat for tonight (updated to clarify- I only let him eat for the length of the video and then took it away and put it in the fridge for tomorrow).

Boy can eat.

Late Evening Cute Doggy And Kitty Videos Open Thread!!!!!

The cuteness, it burns!

And courtesy of commenter MaryG:

Open thread!

Wut Choo Looking At?

Tikka is not amused:


Meanwhile:  this is the kind of thing a good representative does:

This isn’t headline legislation. It’s not going to transform lives tomorrow, or next month.  It’s not going to answer the question of why, in a modern, extremely wealthy and technologically sophisticated country, everyone isn’t sure of their next meal.  It doesn’t even make a difference to many folks in the slice of the problem under scrutiny: elite colleges, for example, are pretty good about making sure everyone’s on a meal plan.

But it does move the ball.  Maybe just a little — but you take the small steps when you can get them along with (and especially in between) the breakthroughs. There are lots and lots of students for whom college is a struggle.  Food insecurity doesn’t help, or rather, it just makes life worse, perhaps derailing education altogether.  This is an attempt to ease that burden, not now, not fast, but sooner than it would have been without this one senator’s intervention.

In other words:  good leaders do good in plain view and way below the reader radar. Let’s elect more of them this fall.

Chilling With My Homey

I dropped Steve off at the vet yesterday morning for a teeth cleaning, and man was the house empty yesterday. It’s funny how even though I still had three dogs in the house, it was just very obvious he was not around. At any rate, I picked him up this morning, and the vets said everything went well and one vet tech even held up his bloodwork and said “Look at this, everything is in he green, that’s abnormal,” so he is a very healthy beast.

Since he went through some trauma, I let him spend the day outside under the back porch re-centering, and it has been a busy night of activities since. We had a little tuna for dinner, then a furminating, and then he spent some quality time facetiming with his BFF Tammy and Charlie:

He’s spent the rest of the night sleeping on my chest/stomach (I’m to the point where I don’t know where one ends and the other begins):

When I pet him I make sure I tell him what a magnificent beast he is. And he is!

I Find You Unimpressive And Boring

“Yes, gaze upon my magnificence, and yes, that is your quilt and bathrobe upon which I rest.”

“I find you unimpressive and boring. How much? This much?”

“Cower at the sight of my fangs, you insignificant furless food dispenser.”

“Now be gone with you, I shan’t require any additional sustenance until 5 am. You will know when you hear my calls.”

The last picture was a positively Tunchesque sneer.