Bonus Cat-Blogging

And here is a bonus picture, just taken by my brother:

Speak (top) and Whisper relaxing in their kitty condo. Whisper’s paws look like she is wearing Isotoners.

These cats are the cleanest animals I have ever met.

Commenter Cat-Blogging

This is Bailey, who owns my friends Brian and Tammy:

Bailey taking a nap after a meal.

I have actually cat-sit Bailey (along with Baxter and Chelsea and three others- big furry family Brian and Tammy have), and Bailey is the loudest eater I have ever met. She inhales her food, and sounds like a vacuum cleaner when she eats.

This is another one of Brian and Tammy’s cats, and his name is Tyler:

When Tyler lies around the house, HE LIES AROUND THE HOUSE

Tyler may be one of the fattest cats I have ever met- he was this tiny little adorable kitty with beautiful markings, and then he just kept growing. And growing. And growing. He doesn’t have an enormous frame like Baxter, but he is GINORMOUS. It is like someone took a normal cat and filled it with air.

I actually forgot about commenter pet-blogging for a while, and this is because I accidentally deleted about ten pictures from people who were supposed to be portrayed but were not. If you sent in a picture and it never made it up, please send it in again and I will post it, I swear. And that goes for those of you who never sent one in to begin with.

Commenter Pet Blogging

Today’s furry friends come from Lauren at Feministe. First up, Doug:

Doug’s got more chins than a…

Not to be outdone, Merle makes his entrance:

When Merle sits around the house, he sits around the house.

Don’t forget to send your pics in.

Commenter Pet Blogging

I am going to be out ofthe loop until tonight, so I will put this up now rather than later. Our first guests remind me of the grumpy old men in the balcony in the Muppets:

Suzu and Maddie dare you to pet them.

My sister sends in the next picture, of her friend’s cat Ernie:

Ernie apparently ate too much for breakfast on Christmas morning.

IF your pets have not been featured yet, don’t worry, I still have them and will get them up. If you haven’t sent yours in, get ’em in.

Commenter Pet Blogging

I forgot to put up any pictures yesterday, but commenter Tony Alva sends us two pictures today:

Lucy licks herself.

Fiona being held by her person.

Remind me if I forget again tomorrow!