Pet Blog and a Request

Only one picture, because this perfectly represents how I feel today. It is overcast and crappy here, I didn’t sleep very well, I have a bunch of stuff to do, and I am just worn down by the constant stream of BS from the McCain/Palin campaign:

We all have days like that, Blue.

At any rate, keep sending in your pet posts, and also, if any of you are out there attending any rallies or speeches by Obama and Biden and have your camera with you, send them in with a write-up and we can post them.

Deep Thought- What happened to the PUMA movement?

Consider this your open thread. I will be back this afternoon.

So Many Pictures, So Little Time

I am still getting a ton of pictures of pets, so I am just going to put a few up every now and then. It would take four years to get all these up if I just posted them on Friday. By all means, keep sending them in, but please name them after the pet to make it easier. At any rate, some goofy pictures:

You have heard of the cat in a hat, now try out the cat as a hat.

Blue is relaxing. I have a bunch of pictures of Tunch sitting like this, but they are all old. I need to get a new camera.

Two More Quick Ones

Still downloading all the pictures that you all sent in, and I came across these brothers:


Buehler. As soon as I saw that pose, especially the way the back legs are splayed all over the place, the first thing that came to mind was Bill the Cat. Oop Ack!

Slow Sunday morning around here. Nothing I want to write about, so I am just watching CBS Sunday morning and doing some work. I will see you all later.

A Random Pet Blog

Meet Fu, an ornery looking polydactyl.

Cats with usable thumbs scares me more than this, and that is probably because I own a cat.

And then you have this:

Jake is hungry, apparently.

Friday Pet Blogging

Before our own entries, head on over to Scalzi’s place and check out Bacon Cat.

Ok- I got a lot more responses than I expected (we are at around 90 and counting), so I just picked two a few (math is HARD):



Ollie strikes a pose.



I just love the coloring on Pati.

This is Honey, who looks like she belongs at Cute Overload.

And finally, video. The sound here is rough.

I am busy saving all the other pictures.