Friday Night Open Thread

Can’t figure out what I want to do this evening, although since I have already missed happy hour, my options are kind of limited. At any rate, someone sent in this pic of a tongue with a dog attached, stating I should adopt it:

If Bill the Cat was a dog, he would look like that. Also tonight, my friend sent me a picture of her kitty, and has been yelling at me for two days for not posting it:

At any rate, here is an open thread.

Site Maintenance

The webmistresses were tinkering with the site (I think, they told me something about kernels or what not and my eyes instantly glazed over), so we were a little slow today and had some page not loading issues, but I think things are back to normal. As such, a kitty:

Claim your pets.

The Voices In My Head

For whatever reason, I have had Widespread Panic’s “Makes Sense To Me” going through my head since 6:30 this morning when Tunch decided it was time for me to get up and feed him. Both of us are fat and watching our weight (well, trying to), but he is driving me absolutely insane with his incessant whining, to the point I may break out the spray bottle again and fill it with water. I have tried to play with him every time he hassles me, but the bitching is non-stop. I may have to get him a puppy for Christmas to occupy his time.

At any rate, here are some sweet looking cats, unlike the tyrant who dominates my existence:

Claim your pets.

CBS Sunday Morning

I just am not motivated to blog the last couple of days. Here are some pets instead.

Maybe something will hit me later.

And Now For Something Completely Different

I got so excited earlier talking about corned beef and cabbage that I went to the store to buy some. Got there, and the corned beef was ridiculously expensive (I remember when it was $7 for a cut, the cheapest today was $20, so I went with a ham hock). Some carrots, some potatoes, a cabbage, the ham, and some parsley, and dinner is cooking as I write this. It smells so good. I love this meal, and it is soooo cheap, too.

At any rate, some pet pics, since it has been a while, some kitties:

And so I am not accused of anti-dog prejudice, this filthy and happy hound:

For a second, I was horrified when I thought that fellow was sitting on carpet, but it looks like he is actually on concrete. At any rate, claim your pets, folks.