Bad Mood

I am grouchy as hell today. I didn’t sleep well at all, I still have clogged sinuses, and it is crappy and drizzly outside. I think I may spend the morning drinking black coffee while cranking Pantera-Hostile repeatedly until the neighbors complain.

Here are some pics so you are not grumpy, too:

Claim your sleeping pets, folks.

Once Again, My Chief Flaw Is Insufficient Cynicism

Earlier, I wondered why someone from Fox News would say the McCain election effort is over because of what some crazy volunteer did, and then it turns out the McCain camp was pushing the mugger story after all. I hate people.

(Update- TNR says it did not reach the national level, which would be nice to believe).

It is Friday, so here are some pictures of pets. Start with a roll in the leaves:


This face is just damned adorable- you just want to squeeze this fellow:

And finally, another picture of my own cat, Tunch (named after former Steeler lineman and current Steelers announcer Tunch Ilkin, for those of you who were wondering), playing with one of his favorite toys:

He is not fat. I think maybe if he were a darker color, it would make him look slimmer. At any rate, ample evidence here as to why pets are better than people.

Not Tunch

Apparently there are some Tunch imitators out there. Here are two of them:

I suppose you think they are fat, too.

Pure, Concentrated Ornery

I just woke Tunch from a nap and snapped some photos. That is his futon, which has sort of become his bed. At any rate, I have given up trying to keep him off it and just vacuum it all the time now instead.

He looks evil in this close-up, but he is really just sleepy:

More as he does something interesting. Although, usually something interesting involves attacking my feet or knocking something over, so it will be hard to get a picture.

Open Thread

I have dinner plans, so occupy yourselves.

More pets:

Whoever owns this puddle of kitties needs to claim them.

Another Open Thread

Have at it.

Open Thread

Another thread since it appears we are now getting Black Screens of Death in the comments earlier and earlier. I have no idea what is going on, and we are still waiting to hear from Mozilla to see if they know. It is just weird, I have never seen anything like it.

Claim your pets.