I forgot to tell you all, we are starting up petblogging again now that I know the server can handle it, so send your pet pictures to the email address to the right.

Not Calling Anyone Fat or Anything

Just, you know, trying to be helpful…

Tunch Blogging

I am beginning to really understand why people like Apples.

They are easy.

I plugged in my old Sony camera, and iPhotos popped up. I picked the pictures on the camera I wanted to import, and it imported them. I then edited them slightly in photoshop, and I was done. No screaming. No chest pains. No spending 45 minutes downloading drivers so it would recognize my camera. Just plug it in, and it works. At any rate, some pictures of Tunch:

Tunch letting me know who is boss.

Sleeping on my Steelers gear that I had put out the night before the game. Nothing is sacred.

At any rate, this is so easy, expect more pictures of Tunch.

Weekend Open Thread

Not sure how much I am going to be blogging this weekend, so I thought I would leave you with this, which was mailed in from one of our readers:

Elroy having some dinner.

I think it is time to resurrect Friday catblogging here.

How To Ruin Your Life In Three Easy Steps

1.) Get a cat
2.) Get the cat used to eating diet food (in Tunch’s case, Felidae)
3.) Think you are giving the cat a treat by feeding him something different for one (1, uno, ein) meal. Then try to feed him his normal food for the next month.

He is driving me insane. Shrill meowing, running between my legs, and he refuses to eat his normal food.

Tunch Update

Tunch has finally adjusted (and by adjusted, I mean that he has not attacked my feet in two weeks and is eating his food and has stopped skulking around the house bitching at me 20 hours a day) to the switch from Science Diet Lite to Felidae, and I have to say that I really like the results so far:

1.) He appears to have already lost a little weight, and the switch took place just a little bit ago.

2.) His bowel movements are smaller. Why is this important, those who do not own cats might ask? Because he shits in a box in my house.

3.) His fur seems healthier. I brush him every morning (and when it is really hot, I brush him at night, too), and his hair seems smoother and silkier and just, in general, healthier.

4.) He seems less sluggish and more active, and I have noticed his nose is moister and pinker, FWIW.

In general, he seems friskier, more active, happier, and healthier, and these are observations after just a few weeks.

Switching Cat Food

I am switching cat food, moving from Science Diet Lite to Felidae, and Tunch is driving me crazy.

I tried the whole weaning him slowly by mixing the two, and he picked around the Felidae and ate the SDL. Now, I am giving him nothing but Felidae, and he is driving me crazy. He walks around the apartment meowing and shooting me angry glares.

At what point do I just give up and try a different cat food? Is there a chance he just does not like the change, or is it possible that he really does not like the taste/texture of Felidae? How do I judge?

Help. My cat is driving me insane.