Commenter Pet Blogging

Time for some commenter pet blogging. Commenter Seth sends in two pictures today:

Clementine, who recently passed, doing a Harry Potter imitation

Tyge, enjoying the weather.

And, by poular request, another shot of Krista’s Dreyfus:

Anyone wanna spoon?

Don’t forget to send your pictures in if you have not already. Make sure you include the name you use in the comments and the name of your pets.

Also- PPGAZ, you need to send me your pictures again and with clear labels. If you have one or two pics with all of the animals, that would be easier.

Pet Blogging

Almost forgot, and since today was so depressing, here is some commenter pet blogging. First up, commenter Krista’s Lhasa Apso mix Dreyfus (aka the Fuzzy Fanger)

Does every dog on the planet love to do this?

Next, here is a beautiful kitty, Miranda, from commenter Carpeicthus:

Beautiful markings.

Don’t forget to send your pictures in if you have not already. Make sure you include the name you use in the comments and the name of your pets.

*** Update ***

Bonus Bowl Game Cat Blogging from the man who helped to start all this.

Pet Blogging

Commenter Mary passes on this picture of her children:

Pooka, Fergus and Maggie show us what they think of having their picture taken (yes- their tongues are all out).

Also today, this cathouse my brother and father just built for Speak and Whisper (my bnrother’s cats):

This is the Taj Mahal of cathouses and over 6′ tall.

More tomorrow.

Pet Blogging

Some more commenters pets, and first up is one of the Jeff’s (I forget which Jeff, as we have five) pets:

Roxi (dog) and Felix have it out on the couch. I was promised no cats were hurt making that photo.

Cali (tortoise colored) and Felix (black) play in the sink.

Next up, from Katinula, our second cat named Cali:

Cali girl, relaxing underneath the Christmas Tree.

If you haven’t already, send your pics in. Please make sure you put your alias that you use to comment in your email.

Commenter Pet Blogging

Frequent commenter Krista suggested that I feature some pics of the pets from you commenters. You ask, I deliver.

Here are some snapshots of frequent commenter Stormy’s pets.

Cato, Jezzy, and Little Kitty in one big pile of warm and fur.

Meadow, on the floor lounging.

If you have some pics of your loved ones, send ’em in. I will put up one set of pictures a day until there are no more to feature.

Pet Blogging

Some quick pics of the family pets. First up, the greatest Jack Russell Terrier in the world:

Russell is giving me dirty looks, trying to get me to play with the football behind him. He isn’t the most photogenic dog to ever walk the earth, but we love him anyway and he is much more handsome in person.

Sid, my sister’s 20+lb polydactyl, sleeping in my dirty clothes basket. That is a full sized basket, to give you an idea how big that damned cat is.

I will post Speak and Whisper, my brother’s cats, tomorrow.

A Moment Of Zen

Winter means no more sitting in the windows all day because it is too cold. Nowadays, afternoons are spent curled up in a ball hibernating on a couch in the home office. When I took this picture, he was so asleep I thought he was dead.