Black Friday

Do any of you participate in it? I’ve honestly never seen the attraction. Driving to some place in hellish traffic (also calculate the number of impaired drivers because, well, Holidays) to a place that is going to be ABSOLUTELY jam-packed with people to be waited on by people who would rather be doing ANYTHING but this just sounds horrible. It will be hot and sweaty and people will stink, people are probably there with their family by birth and not by choice so everyone is grumpy, I mean, just fuck that.

I did peruse Amazon to see if anything I needed for the house was available (reminder- shop through amazon by clicking through the graphic link above and you send fat loots to me and the pets), and there was nothing. I also checked Duluth and they have 30% off and free shipping, so I bought some new boxers and some new long sleeve shirts, and I only spent about 80 bucks, so that was good. I might check the steam store to see if anything on my wishlist is on sale. But other than thast, I don’t intend to do any shopping or anything like that.

In other news, I spent an hour or so sitting in the living room enjoying the quiet (Carlos and Christion finally got an apartment and moved out), so my house is just me for the first time in four years of various roommates). And when I say sitting, I mean just that. I was sitting there doing nothing. No tv, no music, no book, no laptop. Just sitting. I like doing that. The only other time I get quiet like that to just think is when I am driving, because I never have the radio on anymore when I drive. I like to just focus on the driving and not think about things unless something interesting pops into my head. It’s nice, but I am also aware of how many people pay no attention to what they are doing when they drive. I wonder how many accidents I have avoided just because I was actually paying attention.

At any rate, I was just sitting there, and Steve came over and jumped up on my lap facing me and just looked at me and sat there. And I sat and pet him (he is so gloriously soft- softer than anything else I have ever touched except maybe Tunch’s big belly), and we sat there for a good bit. I just slowly pet him and he looked at me and winked every now and then, and I just talked quietly saying “You are just such a good boy. Such a magnificent beast. You’re just splendid in every way. How did you get so perfect?” And we sat like that for an hour, him purring and slightly moving his head so I could rub and scratch the portions he wanted itched, every now and then rubbing his whiskers on my arm and letting me feel a little bit of his fangs (I love that!).

And for the first time in a long, long, time, everything seemed like it was going to be ok.

I think I am going to go shower and maybe go to the grocery and make Mexican for dinner.

Momentary Feline Break

The hits keep coming — check out the new Education Secretary nominee — and I need a respite.  So here’s a couple of gratuitous cat images:

1:  You talking to me?


2:  I Am Feline! Hear Me Roar. (Alternatively:  Cat Lives Matter!):


Finally: I Can 2 Reed Buks (Alternatively: You Ain’t Getting Any Work Done Anyway):


Open thread.

Wednesday Morning Open Thread: There’s Always Kitties


From commentor The Mighty Trowel, down where Spring is in full bloom:

I work out on the verandah when I can and it’s really lovely sharing it with my kitties.

Gambit is the ginger fluff ball and Storm is the silver tabby.

I found the little sign under a flower pot in my garden (the previous owners left all sorts of stuff behind) – Gambit (who is not tough at all) was happy to pose.


Now, more than ever, learning from our companion animals to appreciate the moment seems vital.

As we steel ourselves to prepare for the upcoming national disaster, what’s on the agenda for the day?



Puppies and Kitties Make Any Day Better

Even this one. I thought we could use a little distraction before the big predictions come in.


I finally reloaded my video software (thanks a lot Win 10 update) and downloaded their play session. The video is much TOO long, but I love watching them and got lost in the joy of it all while editing.

And in the interest of equal time – two of my kitties relaxing in the morning sun:


There is an actual Bixby and Bailey update here, along with more kitty and puppy photos.

In election news, my FB feed is flooded with positive Hillary posts because I was lucky enough to be added to a secret group (keeps out the trolls). It is inspiring and makes me smile. One woman flew back to Colorado to vote because her absentee ballot was lost. And it seems to be a trend to give your barista your name as Nasty Woman. Love it!

Open thread!

Alright You Unsympathetic Jackals…

Y’all want me to quit kvetching about something on the internet? That’s practically active sympathy for Putin in my book, but Bqhatevwr.

Y’all want something a little more inspiring? Well, intercourse yourselves sideways with an oxidized agricultural implement, but here you go anyway, because I love you folks.

This is Tikka 2016, getting ready for his next campaign speech.


And here he is unwinding after a demanding five minutes or so on the campaign trail:


So drink these in until you’re catatonic.


Late Night Open Thread

I need to clear something up. In the house posts, when I say we, I mainly mean the royal we. He, with the help of our next door neighbor who is unemployed and who I am paying, have done most everything. We have a plumber doing the plumbing, and an electrician doing the wiring, and now we have a traveling handyman/carpenter doing a bunch of stuff, but this army is mainly a one man band, my dad. I’m incompetent and can’t do much with my pos shoulder anyway other than light stuff. Most of what I do is daily pilgrimages to the lumber yard or Lowe’s or hell on earth Home Depot.

Next, here are some of funny pictures of my brother’s dog Boghan, the wirehaired pointing griffon and my sister’s spastic dog Lola:



He’s the most laid back dog in the world- he’s just happy to do whatever. He’s probably just lying there thinking “Are we playing? Is this fun? Are we having fun? I’m having fun?”

Finally, I ADORE THIS WEBSITE. Cats with Cartoon Eyes and Mouths:


Go. You know you want to.

Oh, also, POTUS was on Real Time with Frum, Granholm, and Martin Short, who I still think is one of the funniest people ever.

Faunasphere: RIP Laika Edition

laikaYesterday was the anniversary of the death, in 1957, of poor Laika, the first being to orbit earth. She was a little stray dog with a good nature, and only wanted to be loved. She lived for around four hours in space before an overheating module killed her, although the Soviets didn’t admit this until 2002. In 1998, mission scientist Oleg Gazenko said, “The more time passes, the more I’m sorry about it. We shouldn’t have done it…We did not learn enough from this mission to justify the death of the dog.” (Nick Abadzis wrote a great graphic novel about her.)

RIP Laika.

And onto other news…

Massachusetts residents: On election day please vote YES ON 3, the ballot measure that would outlaw cruel chicken battery cages, pig gestation crates, and calf veal crates for farmed animals in the state or those raised for food that’s sold in the state. In its endorsement, Boston Globe notes that it would increase retail prices by between 1 and 5 cents per egg. In other words: a vast amount of suffering relieved for mere pennies. (Also: Good NECN coverage.)

Some lousy human being shot Pedals the Walking Bear.

The future of zoos and other “animal attractions”? Google Tokyo’s cool, interactive virtual fish pond.

NYT reviewer worries that his cat is getting some ideas from the new PBS series, The Story of Cats . “When she looks at me now, Hermione seems to be working out the details of how to drag my rib cage upstairs to the bathtub.”

Note to Cole: Jill Stein is NOT vegan.

Please share your fauna-related news views and news in the comments.