Kitten Tikka Masala Weighs In

Tikka has decided to make his views on this election absolutely clear:



I don’t know about y’all, but I can’t take another debate.  My spouse and son will be glued to the set while I’ll be at a bar with a friend in the science museum business.  We’ll talk shop, mostly ignore the baseball game, and, for my part, try to weigh the pros and cons between bourbon and rye. (Cue the inevitable soundtrack.)

Tikka’s done my thinking for me, and I don’t need any more exposure the Cheeto-Faced Ferret-Heddit ShitGibbon, thank you very much.

Your plans?

PS:  An alternate view: Tikka knows (as many Democratic candidates seem not to) how to engage the camera:


Sunday Evening Open Thread: Watch the (Tiny) Hands


Courtesy respected commentor The Mighty Trowel. Trump has many appetites, but he’s a germaphobe who eats pizza with a knife and fork, so poor frightened kitty would have a chance to escape while Lord Smallgloves Shitgibbon went looking for utensils.


Apart from counting down the days, what’s on the agenda for the evening?

Happy Kitty Open Thread

Remember that kitten who was so wretched during her bath this morning? Here she is all dry, fluffy and happy:


Wow, two cat posts from this dog person in one day! If I could get my dogs to do something besides denting my sofa cushions, they too could amass page views. Oh well.

Open thread!

Non-Sports Open Thread

Here’s a very young rescue kitten’s introduction to baths:


I think she looks more bewildered than angry. The bath was a necessary evil.

She’s not mine, BTW: relatives are fostering her and will almost certainly keep her permanently.

Poor thing was separated from her mom and litter mates way too soon. But she’s now thriving! Cute, huh?

Open thread!

Emergency Preparations for Companion Animals

In the last thread Mel gave some great advice re our furred, feathered, and other family members:

It helps to have a kitty carrier in an easily accessible spot, and to have supplies in your emergency kit for your furry family members, as well. Single use cans of a favorite, familiar pet food (easy to carry /keep safe and fresh in case of evac), a week’s worth of any pet maintenance medicines packed in the kit, and extra bottled water with a lightweight, unbreakable, easy to pack and carry dish are essential.

The Humane Society of the U.S. has a big page of emergency/disaster prep suggestions. The very first one is “ID your pet,” and that’s exactly right. I volunteered down in New Orleans with the HSUS post-Katrina, and one of the first things I learned is that animals with IDs were highly likely to be reunited with their families, whereas animals without IDs were highly UNlikely to be so. It was heartbreaking to see animals that you just knew someone cherished and was desperately missing, but have no way of reuniting them. My dogs have always worn a collar and tag 100% of the time–even when home watching TV, because, you know, stuff happens–but since that experience I’m nuts about making sure everyone else’s dogs, cats, etc., do as well.

Loads of other great information on that page, including lists of companion animal-friendly lodgings, how to plan for helping feral cats, and advice on how to prep for when you’re stuck somewhere and can’t get back home.

Commenter Shell mentioned in the previous thread that many emergency shelters are now pet-friendly, noting how, “In the past a lot of people refused to evacuate cause they didn’t want to leave their pets behind.” Absolutely right and, as is often the case in the good ol’ U.S., there’s a shitty class aspect to this: during Katrina, wealthier people’s animal companions were often welcomed at hotels, whereas poorer people’s weren’t allowed in shelters. This was all epitomized in the famous incident where the nine-year-old boy was devastated because he couldn’t take his little dog Snowball with him on the evacuation bus. Anyhow, this all led to the Pet Evacuation and Transportation Standards Act, which mandates that states receiving federal disaster aid incorporate animal companions and service animals in their disaster planning. More info, including a list of animal-friendly shelters in each state, at this link.

Again, your ideas and suggestions welcome in the thread.

Emergency Kitten Bleg – Pasadena Area

From “long time BJ lurker” Chaz:

My kids just discovered that a stray cat that hangs out around my house had 3 kittens. We caught them and will clean them up but we’re looking for owners. Not sure about the sexes – I’m not getting too close until they’ve been deloused and such. We live in Altadena, CA which borders Pasadena to the north. Any advice on tiny kitten care and also catching the mom (to spay her) is also welcome.

I’m sending Chaz links to the Alley Cats Allies site — and also, of course, to Werebear at her Way of Cats blog — but any advice would be gratefully accepted.

If you want to contact Chaz directly, send me a message at annelaurie (dot) verizon (dot) net, and I’ll forward it to him.

REPOST: Cat Rescue Bleg – L.A. Area

From lurker cthulhu

About a month ago while on my nightly walk, I noticed a cat nursing her four kittens near the curb of a busy street. In fact, I believe the mom might be from an earlier litter at the same location that I noted about a year ago. In any case, the owners of the house where the cat and kittens were residing were not specifically taking care of them. It seemed that their likely future was a combination of a premature death by automobile or continued population explosion of cats at area. Thus at the urging of my wife and daughter, we collected them all with the plan of turning them in to the local shelter.

Well, after conferring with our neighbor who is part of a cat rescue we agreed to foster them while she works to get them adopted. The good news is that two of the four kittens have already found a new home. But we still have the mom and two other kittens. While I feel our neighbor is making good progress during the weekend adoption events, perhaps casting a wider net is a good idea. The thing is that, despite her big heart, my wife has become very allergic to cats (and we have one of our own who is our last, very wonderful cat).

So maybe a Balloon Juicer might have a place for one or more of these kitties. Mom is due to get spayed next week but they have otherwise had their shots etc. and are all very healthy. The cat rescue we are working with will want to interview/home visit anyone interested and will expect pretty much an indoor/safe living arrangement.

Of the kittens, one is male (currently given the name “Chill” by my daughter) and the other is female (“Tuna”). Mom is referred to as “Sue Sylvester” (not my show but the wife and daughter’s).

Frankly, if it weren’t for the allergy issue, we would keep Chill for sure as he already has a pretty good relationship with our dogs. Sue, despite being raised mostly feral, is a pretty friendly and sweet cat with humans but wary of dogs. Tuna remains the skittish one – her next human companion might need to take some time.

Chill is white and gray [top pic], Tuna is gray.

If you have a lead (or need a new cat in your home), leave a comment. Or email me at annelaurie (dot) verizon (dot) com, and I’ll forward your message directly to cthulu.