And Now a Word From Steve!

We can’t prove it’s Steve, but we also can’t prove it’s not Steve…

Fucking Bloody Hell, Steve

Looks like we’re gonna need a bigger bed:

That bed was A.) made and B.) is queen size. I don’t think he mussed it all by himself, as that looks like Thurston’s handiwork because three pillows are on the damned floor.

Living the Dream

One week to Operation Move All the Shit You Own commences.

We’re relaxing until then.

Sing For Your Supper

This is what happens when you oversleep in the Cole household:

No two vocalizations are the same with this guy, and I bet he could go on like that for hours, but I’m afraid to test that theory.

Here’s Another Open Thread Because Politics Sucks

Finally got tired of the lazy bastards doing nothing all day so I rousted them, and it looks like when Steve does not get enough sleep he puts on his ears sideways:

He’s so beautiful I sometimes just sit and stare at him.

Also, we salvaged the front door and painted it:

Plumber comes to do final hookups next week.

Early Afternoon Open Thread

It’s freezing outside, so there’s a flurry of activity here at the Cole stronghold:

Lazy piglets.

Works As Advertised

Cat TV. I put a bird feeder and a bird tray outside my bedroom window so that cats would be entertained. Birds have been scarce, but this squirrel has finally found a way to jump on the tray without dumping it on the ground with his weight. He seems completely unperturbed, even when the cats sit on the window sill.

Anyone have any suggestions for attracting birds? I know it takes some time and although we have an abundance of flowers and bushes in the yard, providing seeds and shelter, the birds are still a no-show. I have feeders in various locations around the yard. Different food, perhaps?

Open thread!