Send Lawyers and Money

If you want to do something to help the kids that ICE and the Trump administration has held hostage for political goals, my sister’s best friend since kindergarten needs support.

We’ve helped Melanie in the past. Let’s help her again as she heads to El Paso




Support Critical Legal Services on the El Paso, TX/Ciudad Juarez, MX Border through Election Day (11/6/18)

Since July 2015, the Attorney on the Move project has given 100% pro bono legal services to hundreds of immigrant clients around the United States. Most recently, the project was based in Tucson, Arizona—70 miles away from Nogales, Mexico. I worked on both sides of the U.S./Mexico border and represented dozens of asylum seekers in their court proceedings in the Eloy, Florence, Tucson, and Phoenix immigration courts. I have recently published op-eds about family separation in USA Today and The Huffington Post.

And on July 14, 2018, I will be moving to the border to El Paso, Texas through Election Day (11/6/18) to give pro bono help to detained asylum seekers directly affected by the family separation/family detention crisis.

Your gift will support the following work—to be done on a 100% pro bono basis:

  • There are several amazing and scrappy local immigration advocacy groups in El Paso. I’ll be working very closely with the Executive Director of Las Americas (the ED is also currently the only lawyer on staff). We will be sharing responsibilities during my time in El Paso so that the ED has more capacity to focus on longer-term growth.
  • I’ll be creating from scratch, an on-the-ground pro bono program so that more volunteer lawyers from all over the country are able to come and represent more asylum seekers—especially as family detention expands onto nearby Ft. Bliss and legal counsel is urgently needed. This on-the-ground volunteer program will be similar in nature to those at the 3 other family detention centers in the U.S.: Dilley & Karnes City, TX and Berks, PA. The program will involve other volunteer lawyers coming to El Paso to prep asylum seekers for their Credible Fear Interviews (CFIs) and other legal needs.
  • Similarly, I will be creating a system for triaging urgently needed intakes of asylum seekers.
  • I will also be directly representing a number of detained asylum seekers affected by family separation/family detention in greater El Paso.
  • …and more to be determined upon arriving in Texas.

I am grateful to be in community with you all during these wild times. It’d be an honor to receive your support so that these urgent legal services can be provided to asylum seekers in El Paso, Texas.

In solidarity,

Melanie Gleason, Esq.

Founder, Attorney on the Move

A Friday Night Feel Good Open Thread

It’s been a shit week politically, and I have cycled through anger to whitehotkillthemall to GBCW to fuckthemall to imtakingsomeoneoutwithme all week, and I imagine many of you have, as well. I did a little self care today and went and got a pedicure, which I had not done in several months because all my money is going to chemo, dirt, and mulch, and then I got a nice haircut, took a cool shower to beat the heat and a nice nap, ate some tacos, and I am going to share my dessert.

Two weeks ago, I posted the story about my good friend Nikki, who had two feline overlords who needed a new home because Nikki decided she was a breeder several years ago and had a kid and then apparently decided to have another. It’s not that I have anything against kids, mind you, they can be cute and interesting, but they are needy little pricks, and then once they get interesting they grow up and become people and we all know how I feel about people. Kittens, on the other hand, become cats, so it’s like going from ubercute to awesome. At any rate, one of the little shits was diagnosed with severe allergies to cats, so Nikki, in her shortsightedness, decided to keep the kid and find a new home for the cats.

At any rate, several of you reached out and said “if no one else will,” which was super sweet, but we wanted them to go to someone who aggressively wanted them. And we found someone. A long time lurker in Virginia reached out, he and Nikki spoke, and they met last Saturday for the hand-off. I am super pleased to report that things are going amazingly:

I brought Jozy and Chelsea back last Saturday. Jozy immediately laid claim to my kitchen table while Chelsea found a nook in between the kitchen cupboards that I didn’t know existed in the 8 months I’ve lived here!

The first week has gone extremely well. While the cats only picked at their food the first day they’ve been cleaning their plates ever since! I need to brush Jozy every day to keep from drowning in fur but he loves the attention. Chelsea was still a bit cautious around me but once or twice she hopped on my lap and she loves my windows!

Yesterday and today in particular have been big for me – Chelsea decided to wake me up this morning by climbing onto my chest as I slept and nibbling on my nose! Meanwhile Jozy has forgiven me after I vacuumed yesterday and has been splitting his time between his toys and scratching posts and giving me lessons in how to relax.

It certainly looks like these two have taken quickly to the training and discipline of their new servant. So, yes, people, even though the news is a giant flaming bag of shit on our collective front porches, at least we still have some minor good here and there. As sad as it is for Nikki and her husband, any time we can introduce an adult to the joys of cat ownership, some good has been accomplished.

And don’t get used to this shit, because given the way things are going, that’s probably the last fucking good news this summer so you might as well bookmark it now for future reference.

Late Night Open Thread FEATURING STEVE

I love this guy so much. We had our nightly chill session where he sits with his butt on the arm of the chair and his paws on my chest and I pet him and tell him how amazing he is and he purrs in my ear and shoots me a look that says “You know it, bitch.” Then I decided I would share with you. Here he is posing for you:

Then he really turned up the glam and gave us a profile shot:

That magnificent motherfucker.


I wound up at the Vet’s early this AM because both my four foots got sick last night. The older lab mix’s GI system goes wonky once or twice a year. No big deal – boiled chicken and rice and she’s normally good to go. Unfortunately, that wasn’t really working this time and after taking her out last night every 45 minutes or so, the younger lab mix decided she wanted in. And for her opening act: PROJECTILE VOMITING!!!!! This was also her second, third, fourth, and fifth act over the next hour. The good news is I have tile or bamboo floors. The bad news is I had steam mopped them yesterday afternoon…

They both survived the night. I got no sleep. Called the Vet’s as soon as they opened and was in the waiting room 15 minutes later. They worked us in within the hour. A history of what’s been going on, or rather out and coming up, since Thursday, an exam, two shots a piece, some follow up pills, and a bill later and the girls are resting comfortably.

Anyhow in the Vet’s waiting room were two different sets of kittens they’ve got for adoption. And, of course, the Veterinary practice’s large, orange swirl sherbet colored Maine coon. Because I was close to tapping out from exhaustion and needed to handle my girls, I couldn’t get too close to the kittens, but I did manage to snap a couple of pictures. And since we’re overdue for a new thread and since I’m completely exhausted and not going to do anything substantial, here they are.

First up what looks to be three wildcat or wildcat/Main coon mix kittens. Since I couldn’t get too close, and only had my iPhone with me (so I’ve tweaked the sharpness, etc a bit so you can get a better look), you can’t really see it, but they have both the spots on their foreheads and the “M” marking. They also have horizontal stripes ringing their legs and tails. From left to right – one is sort of the color of a conch shell – not pink, not orange, not coral, not peach – just sort of a mix. The other two are different shades of gray.

The two other kittens were both black. This was, I think, the only time they were not moving around and playing the entire time I was sitting there.


And this is the clinic’s cat:


Stay fluffy!

Open thread.

Cat Bleg- Two Good Cats Need a Home

I have horrible news from my good friend Nikki, but it could be very good news for someone who wants to adopt two wonderful kitties:

For the past couple of months, my five month old has been dealing with a lot of skin issues. Rash, itching, scratching, and occasional hives. She’s been to her pediatrician, a dermatologist, and most recently, an allergist. Two weeks ago she had allergy testing and we found out that she is allergic to our cats. We have discussed our options and have decided to follow the allergist’s advice for what’s best for baby. We need to rehome our cats.

The cats don’t deserve this and if we could keep them and the keep the baby healthy, we would. We have reached out to our family and our friends, but people are reluctant to take in a “used” cat. But let me tell you – these are GOOD used cats. Chelsea (the gray shorthair cat, female) is about 10 years old and is very affectionate. She loves to be held and and rubbed and enjoys napping all day. She likes the occasional can of wet food and loves to look out the window. Jozy (the fuzzier cat, male) is about 7 years old. He loves winding around our legs and is very friendly. He prefers to lay near the humans and not ON the humans. He purrs like a jackhammer and is a big, happy boy.

Both cats are fixed and have been indoor cats their entire lives except for the rare visit outdoors when we forget to shut the front door. Chelsea will explore outside for 5-10 minutes and then come back to the door. Jozy will demand to come back inside once he realizes that he has escaped, which is usually less than 30 seconds. They are good with kids. We have a 2 year old that loves on them every day. We have never had a dog, but my mom’s small dogs used to visit and they tolerated them just fine.

We would prefer that they find a new indoor home together, as we assume they are good friends. But more importantly, we want them to find a new home that isn’t a shelter, because we know what their fate would be if they were to go there.

To be clear, we are devastated to have to get rid of these two. We love them so much but our baby is clearly suffering. We are hopeful that someone else will see their potential, take a chance, and love them like we do.

I recommended putting the five month old up for adoption because she’s so young she probably wouldn’t remember anyway and the cats were there first and will be less expensive and less trouble in the long run, but apparently Nikki has become quite attached to her, so I guess we need to find a home for the cats. I’ve met both of them and spent quite a bit of time with Chelsea who is an absolute dear, and I feel just horrible for Nikki.

As you can tell, they are happy, healthy, well-adjusted kitties, and if you are interested, please email me.

Thursday Morning Open Thread: Respite KITTENS!

From beloved-for-good-reason commentor Satby:

We’re growing a fine crop of kittens. Some are real heartbreakers they’re so cute.

In a perfect world, I’d be claiming the fuzzy little smoky tabby philosopher, and as many of the coal-black sweeties as hadn’t already been snapped up. (In this one, we already have two 15lb boy-cats who barely get along with each other, and three neurotic rescue dogs who go into meltdown mode whenever the composition of the household changes.)

Apart from sweet daydreams, what’s on the agenda for the day?

Friday Evening Respite Open Thread

It’s been One of Those Weeks, my sleep schedule is gehfuckten, and there are still mail-order tomatoes that need to be tranplanted. How’s your day been?