Friday Morning Open Thread: Cat Funding Bleg

diffbrad binkley

Balloon Juice lurker, former Sadly, No! regular, and founder of FireMeganMcArdle has a bleg:

My 17 year old snowshoe siamese Binkley has been very sick the last few months. The good news is he’s going to be ok, the bad news is his treatment so far has cost more than my rent at a time when that alone is not so easy for me to cover, and he’s probably not done yet. So I’ve swallowed my pride and started a gofundme

I just tweeted a good shot of him looking at Obama on tv in 08, if you’re curious about the fuzzball in question.

GoFundMe page here, if you have a soft spot for meezers.

What else is on the agenda, as we wrap up the week and/or prepare for the holiday weekend?

Thursday Morning Open Thread: Working Hard

dave c josephine

Per commentor Dave C:

I work from home. Josephine helps!


Because I can: In the NYTImes, Elizabeth Word Gutting, “What My Mother Sees in Hillary”:

IN 1973, my mother’s first husband was killed in a car crash in downtown St. Louis. My brother, Jason, was nine months old. In swift succession, my mother lost the following things: the father of her first child; access to a credit card; her car insurance; and the ability to take out a loan. The first was terrible luck. The other things were taken from her because she was a single woman — with a son, to boot — it was the 1970s, and, as she put it, “you were not considered legitimate at that time unless you had a man in your life.”

Four decades later, my mom is looking forward to having the chance to vote, she hopes, for this country’s first female president. She and Hillary Clinton are a year apart in age. Though my mom’s experiences are so different from my own, they serve as a constant reminder to me of the work it’s taken for Mrs. Clinton to get where she is today, and the force of society’s attitudes about women, and their value, that she has been pushing against…

At a town hall a few months ago, a young man asked Mrs. Clinton why young people lacked enthusiasm for her.

She sounded a bit wounded, but she tried to explain what she’d been up against for so many years. Despite all the criticisms, she said, over the course of several decades in the public eye, all she could do was continue to stand her ground…

In the years when my mom was a single mother, people commented on her lifestyle with alarming frequency. Why wasn’t she living with her parents, they wanted to know. Wasn’t she worried that if she didn’t marry again soon, her son would grow up to be gay? Her landlord came over after her husband died, hemming and hawing, saying how sorry she was, but also that she was hoping my mom might move out to be closer to family, which would probably be better for everyone.

Well. My mother persevered. She smiled politely and bit her tongue and did what she had to do to survive those rough years…

Tuesday Morning Open Thread

emily s 1972 1 Lenny

From commentor Emily S:

Here are two shots of Lenny. My French teacher in the 9th grade, Miss Ellard, had kittens to be adopted and that’s how I got Lenny. She was a wonderful cat who purred any time you picked her up and loved to be petted and combed with a metal comb.

emily s 1970 1 Lenny
My biggest laugh of the day was this David Letterman tale, as reported by NYMag:

[A] few weeks ago, I got very excited because the Obamas invited myself and my wife to a state dinner, and I said, “Oh my god, Regina, we’ve been invited to a state dinner!” And she says, “Oh, I love steak.” I said, “No.”… So we go to the steak, state dinner, and it’s for the heads of the Nordic states, and President Obama was giving remarks before he introduced the heads of state. And he was talking about how cooperative their union was, the Nordic states. Yes, they have differences, but by and large, they all felt and had the same beliefs, and they were good for mankind, and believed in the right thing, and they were strong allies for the United States. He said, “Don’t misunderstand me, they do argue. They do have … as a matter of fact, there is still an ongoing fight in the Nordic States about which country is happiest.” And then the prime minister of Iceland got up, and he said, “We are working on a defensive weapons system right now.” And this gets everybody’s attention! Like, Iceland, really? Working on a defensive weapons system? And he said, “Yes, volcanoes. We just haven’t figured out how to aim them yet.” So I’m seated at dinner next to a man who is the assistant chief of staff to the prime minister of Norway. And I’m feeling like a big shot. And we’re chatting, and we’re chatting, and we’re chatting. And when it comes about dessert time, and the guy says to me, “Excuse me. Why are you here?” And I said, You know what? I think I picked up somebody else’s mail. And he said, “So you’re here by mistake?” And I said, Yeah. And he said, “Oh.” So there you go — you get invited to the state dinner, nobody knows why. That’s the sum total of being retired…

From my admittedly parochial viewpoint (among other factors, my mother-in-law is Norwegian), one should keep firmly in mind that Scandinavians have a sense of humor so dry it could be used as a dessicant in designer sneaker boxes…

St. Francis Cutie-Pies – All Available For Cuddles

JeffreyW often posts pics of the available animals at St. Francis Care animal rescue near his home in Illinois over on our blog. I thought they deserved a wider audience and we could use a respite from politics on this beautiful Saturday.

JW tells me all the credit goes to Mrs. J, who provided all the photos and descriptions below. She volunteers regularly at the center and also stitches up beds for the crew there.

Without further ado – here are some of the cutest critters eveh:


You know you want to read more…

Read more

Thursday Morning Open Thread: Mentoring

werebear rj n mithy

From wise commentor Werebear:

This is RJ (big) and Mithrandir (small). Only now Mithy is bigger than RJ!

Maine Coon mixes rule.

This, I can attest, is true… whether or not one wishes to be ruled, Maine Coons will take charge. Lucky for us thumbed primates, they are (mostly) benevolent dictators.

What’s on the agenda for the new day?

Tuesday Morning Open Thread: Who Doesn’t Enjoy Sleeping with A Friend?

darkrose Alistair and Ogrded 2

From commentor Darkrose:

The massive orange one is Alistair; the tuxedo is Ogdred. For some reason, they seem to think they both fit on the smaller of the two cat beds.

Apart from a little innuendo for breakfast — oh, and primaries in Kentucky & Oregon — what’s on the agenda for the day?

Monday Morning Open Thread: Cat and Dog, Living Together!

karen m lucy gracie
From commentor Karen M:

Attached is my favorite picture of my current cat and dog (Gracie and Lucy)…

Just for the heck of it, also attached is one of our Gracie as a baby with her previous dogs, James and Patty.

Apart from applauding comity among all species, what’s on the agenda as we start another week?

karen m gracie james patty