This Majestic Motherfucker

I decided I had spent enough time staring at a computer screen and that it was time for a nap, turned around, and saw this handsome bastard lounging on my clothes on the chair I had casually thrown them on:

Sometimes when the light comes through the window in the afternoon his eyes are just so beautiful I could stare at them all day. Looks like I need to brush his beard again.

Grace Update

A month ago someone decided that not only was I the Balloon Juice backup food goddess, but that I’m also the back up crazy cat lady too! I’m not sure if we’re breaking glass ceilings with this or erecting new ones. Anyhow, one of the cats that need some assistance was named Grace. Momsense emailed me and asked if I’d put a bleg up asking if someone would adopt her. And very quickly along came a commenter using the name Black Onion. Yesterday he emailed and asked if I’d post an update about how Grace is getting on.

It’s been one month since I took Grace in after her owner passed away. Momsense and I met for the hand off, which went smoothly. She was very kind, and I was happy to help. Grace was affectionate from the moment we met. I had concerns that Jose (the black cat) might not take kindly to a new roommate since his sister Chloe passed away 4 years ago. I kept Grace in the bedroom for two weeks with her own food, water and litter box. She hid nonetheless, mostly under the bed. She was very jumpy, as this was a new space and new humans to be around. Eventually she would not scamper away when I stood up, or entered the room.

A few times a week I would swap them out so they would get used to each other’s scents. I let them meet for 10 minutes at a time until I was able to be home a weekend so I could open the doors wide and let them mingle with me nearby. There was a little hissing a few times, but that was just fear. Only once did they get into a tussle, and stopped at my raised voice. Now they have cleaned each other and share the same food and water without much incident.

Over the course of the month she has become the most loving and affectionate cat I have ever met. She will grab my hand with her claw, and pull my hand over to pet her. She’ll bite my finger, but never break the skin. Just to grab onto it and pull. She is such a beautiful and sweet cat, and I am so lucky to have her, as terrible as the circumstances were. I’m glad I saw the post about her and offered. She’s made my life better. Hopefully hers is okay too.

And where would we be without some pictures of Grace, not at Balloon Juice that’s for sure! So here they are. Several will be after the jump. Black Onion was worried he’d sent to many. I told him in my reply email:

Dude, it’s Balloon Juice, there’s no such thing as too many pet pictures. I’m sure if someone sent one of us a bunch of pictures of their pet Komodo dragon and we posted it, we’d get 200 hundred comments exclaiming what an exceptionally good killing machine that pet is.

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Long Day No Republicans Open Thread

My husband and I are on the road for a month. My cousin is house-sitting. He is not as good of a Samwise photographer as I am. Nonetheless, getting these cheered me up after a long and shitty day:

Maybe they can help cheer you up too! Thread is open for all topics except Republicans.

Greater Houston Area Cat Bleg

I received an email yesterday from a reader/lurker looking for some help regarding feral cats in Dickinson, Texas. After a few emails back and forth, I got the details nailed down. Here’s what she sent me:

I live on 517 West in Dickinson, Texas and we have a very bad situation with feral cats. They are continuing to reproduce, too many kittens. We need some agency to come in with cages to capture, fix, and release these cats. This is a senior living center and most cannot transport animals. We need help with this situation. This is so unkind and cruel to these animals. Please respond so we can get some help. Thank you.

The population of cats is getting out of hand, there are some individuals who have been feeding them and don’t understand they are doing more harm than good.  Hopefully some of these cats can be adopted.  Thank you for your concern.

I talked to someone inside the city of Houston and they do not operate in my area.  I am just hoping for someone willing to come and catch the cats, etc. The lady I talked to didn’t know of any agency here that would do what we need.  I thank you for any help you can give. Once again thank you, Laraine.

So any Juicers who live in the greater Houston area and have some suggestions on how to help out Laraine, please sound off in the comments. I’m going to email her so she knows to check in in the comments, or at least lurk, so she sees what you all recommend.


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Monday Morning Open Thread: Back to Reality

Oscar bait:

Idiot baiting: