A Feline Performance Of The Mueller V. Trump Finale

A boy can dream, right?

Sunday Evening Open Thread

I got Ric and Zooey Cat Balls (yes, you can find them by googling that, but you will have to do a little looking) for the cool winter nights to come. The cats really like them.

We’re getting into our first snow storm of the season. Just starting to stick here.

Saturday Open Thread: Welcome Cleo

This adorable fluffball was found in the garage of geg6. That cute face has now convinced her to become a cat person (welcome to the cult).

… she’s a sweetie and quite smart. She has made me go out and buy a bed, fancy food/water bowl and numerous toys. She’s very manipulative like that. 😉

Welcome, Cleo!

Open thread.

Friday Morning Open Thread: TOO! MUCH! NEWS!

My sleep schedule is even more erratic than usual, and apparently we will never get another 24-hour span of sunlight here. Rain didn’t used to bother me, back before I was old & arthritic & had a yard to tend, but what seems like a solid month of mizzle interspersed with downpours is wearing me down. I finally managed to get outside long enough to break down the tomato ladders and bin the dead plants for city recycling, so now my throat is raw and my sinuses are blocked, because even that token effort stirred up a ton of mold spores. Ever tried raking leaves while wearing a respirator? Ugh.

There’s a bunch of news percolating, but even if I had the mental energy to string the stories together, they’ll probably be superseded by a Friday news dump.


Tuesday Morning Open Thread: Ensure You Will Have No Regrets

The Zen Of Cats

There’s been a request for some non-political stress reducing posting.   So here goes.

I love my cat. Tikka’s a spirit animal made flesh. He’s also a jerk: anyone he doesn’t know and most of those he does are at best suspect and at worst lunch on the hoof.  And he has my number:

I call this one “these are not the papers you are looking for”:


Then there’s “If You Don’t Want Your Laundry To Be A Bed, Dude…”:

And how about “Where’s My Beer, Dammit!”:

And then there’s the ultimate: “You Will Never Be As Cool As Me”:


And if all that catness ain’t enough to lighten your day, howabout this worthy, after its spa day:

You never know who you’ll meet on the mean streets of mid-Cambridge.

Non-detonating open thread.

PS:  Sorry about the softness of these. I downsized them wrong; they’re fine at full res, and usually that holds up when they shrink to 480 pixels — but I got it wrong this time, and I’m too blech-ed out to go back and find out why.

Because Why Not

Saw this a while back at my favorite fishmonger (New Deal Seafood on Cambridge St. in Cambridge, for you Hub of the Universe Juicers)…

Which, inevitably, evoked this:

Meanwhile, Tikka asks, are you ready?

Early voting opened in my town today (yeah — MA does it by city and town)…

Just sayin.

Open thread.