No Politics Open Thread

Ric and Zooey want no politics in this open thread.

Greetings From The Other Side Of The Country

It was seven degrees here when I woke up. Now it’s twenty.

Yesterday’s storm cleared overnight and left sparkling frost crystals on the trees.  I managed to download the photos from my new camera.

We had a storm that left about six inches on Wednesday. Thursday we had enough sun to clear the roads. Then another six inches yesterday, with wind, so it’s drifted.

Here is what Zooey thinks about it.

The kitties did go out for a bit into a protected area on the deck. Ric tried walking in the snow. He didn’t like it.


Late Evening Cuteness Break: Everyone Say AWW!!!!!!

Open thread!

Merry Christmas from Zooey and Ric!

Ric KNOWS that those chicken liver treats must still be in the bag, while Zooey enjoys the afternoon sun.

Here are some other things now in progress.

Every Christmas, Brandon Friedman does a thread of photos of people with their Christmas guns and their fingers on the trigger, in contravention of gun safety. Looks like this is the first tweet.

Greetings from your love interest in North Korea

And a memory of better days

Balloon Juice Pet Calendar 2019 is LIVE!

Just a reminder that the Balloon Juice Calendar for 2019 is now LIVE:

Thanks to all of you who sent in pictures, and thanks to Beth, who put it all together. As always, all proceeds go to MARC- the Marion Animal Resource Connection. You can pick yours up by clicking on this link or going through the Balloon Juice Store on the right.

Pets of Balloon Juice Calendar 2019- WE’RE DOING IT LIVE

The pets of Balloon Juice calendar is now up and running and available at Cafepress:

As always, all profits go to MARC: Marion Animal Resource Connection.

If you find a mistake or a misnamed pet, please let us know as it can be easily fixed. MUCHO thanks to Beth, our freelance graphic designer who does this thankless task every year. Her website is here if you need someone.

This Majestic Motherfucker

I was reading the news and about to write yet another fucking post about Trump when I heard Steve cleaning himself behind me, turned around and look, and with the lighting and his current playful mood he was looking majestic as fuck, so instead I took some pictures:

He was pretty clearly in one of his rare moods where he was ok with being photographed, and allowed me to get some closeups:

I don’t care what people say about my photography skills, Steve more than compensates for my shitty picture taking, because that right there is the cover of some Cat Fancy magazine. One of my favorite things about cats and dogs is the super fine hairs around their noses, and how you can just see the texture. That is some fucking cat, I tell you. I love him so much.

Also, here is a bonus picture of Lily:

She was pouting because I would not give her more wet food. I broke down, of course, and gave her a treat.

Trump can wait. Feast your eyes on that amazing fucking lion I have shitting in a box in my house. Crazy he lets us all live.