Saturday Afternoon Open Thread

Ric wanted to be with the flowers I bought at the Farmers’ Market this morning. Got some potatoes, obviously among the last of last year’s, but new potatoes should be coming soon, and Napa cabbage. Had a bunch of other stuff, like green onions and beets, from last week.

There’s a Twitter account called @isacatinthesink that tweets “no” or “yes” and a photo, as appropriate to answering that question.

Is there a cat in your sink?

Update: Here is Echo, sent by Carol via Alain the Site Fixer, whose pc is down. (Wait, what?)

Late Night Open Thread

I stayed up late long enough (adrenaline from the Pens game and a late afternoon nap are to blame) for Steve to decide that he needs to be fed. Now.

He now has my arm pinned down and is slowly retracting and releasing his claws into my chest, going a touch deeper each time.

Late Night Open Thread

Even a king sized bed is not big enough for me to have a decent sized area to sleep:

It’s like he pulled some Pythagoras out of his ass just to get himself smack dab in the middle.

Late Night Open Thread

Okay, y’all, it’s time for me to feed the kitties and go to bed. There are plenty of other threads on which to vent and speculate about the day’s doings, so why not save this one for pleasanter thoughts.

Zooey suggests relaxation exercises.

Another Tuesday Open Thread

This is what happens when it is 90 degrees outside and 48 hours later it is 55 and your owner is a cheapskate who refuses to turn the heat on under the premise he is going to lock in the cool air for a hot upcoming day. You snuggle:

Thurston and Rosie were spooning downstairs but by the time I got the camera ready Thurston was all up in my grill.

First Things First

Thanks to John and Adam for asking me to join the distinguished group of key-holders. I feel at home already, having had John step on one of my guest posts and having enjoyed all your animals since John slipped on the ice with Lily. That’s about when I found Balloon Juice.

I understand that a placating offering is required for a smooth relationship, hence this post. I’m a morning person and not good at smart stuff at night. I’ll do another introductory post tomorrow or on the weekend. But let’s get to the important stuff.

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Cat Blogging: Update from Bella (via Dalai Rasta)

Got this note Friday, but didn’t have the chance to FYWP-ize it…

Thank you so much for your help. I’ve scheduled an appointment for Bella for tomorrow, but I may have to reschedule for later in the day because my father has some difficulty in getting up in the morning (74 and a blood disorder).

Let me introduce you to the rest of the crew:

At top: Bella with her frenemy, Dobby, age 10. They actually get along really well, though Dobby can be tempermental at times. He is also missing his right eye, though he lost it due to an infection as a small kitten.

Dobby while awake (sorry about the redeye):

Daphne, age 7, who is the most like Bella in temperament, though she seems to enjoy making my mother scold her:

Daphne’s a little groggy in that picture, and part of Bella can be seen at the bottom right. Almost all of Daphne’s pictures are of her in a cardboard box.

Here’s Noel, age 6:

The cat on the monitor behind Noel was her mother. Pollyanna. Polly had a rear limb deformity, and I eventually passed her along to SpayMart. Unfortunately, I don’t know what has become of Polly; she was taken from SpayMart’s sanctuary by a former employee without permission. I miss her a lot; she was incredibly sweet, but fiercely independent and very much the boss of things. Noel has a lot of her personality, but she’s had less luck in getting the other cats to succumb to her leadership.

This is Oliver, age unknown:

Oliver lives in my father’s workshop. I bought a small window unit AC to keep him comfortable. He’s very people-friendly and affectionate, but he tends to want to fight or chase when he’s around another cat. I’d like to get him adopted, but I haven’t yet had any takers. He’s a real sweetheart, despite being a bit of a Joe Palooka.

Again, thank you for promoting Bella’s fund. Balloon Juice really is a nice community.

Thanks for the pics, Dalai, and fingers crossed for Bella!