Cat Blogging: Update from Bella (via Dalai Rasta)

Got this note Friday, but didn’t have the chance to FYWP-ize it…

Thank you so much for your help. I’ve scheduled an appointment for Bella for tomorrow, but I may have to reschedule for later in the day because my father has some difficulty in getting up in the morning (74 and a blood disorder).

Let me introduce you to the rest of the crew:

At top: Bella with her frenemy, Dobby, age 10. They actually get along really well, though Dobby can be tempermental at times. He is also missing his right eye, though he lost it due to an infection as a small kitten.

Dobby while awake (sorry about the redeye):

Daphne, age 7, who is the most like Bella in temperament, though she seems to enjoy making my mother scold her:

Daphne’s a little groggy in that picture, and part of Bella can be seen at the bottom right. Almost all of Daphne’s pictures are of her in a cardboard box.

Here’s Noel, age 6:

The cat on the monitor behind Noel was her mother. Pollyanna. Polly had a rear limb deformity, and I eventually passed her along to SpayMart. Unfortunately, I don’t know what has become of Polly; she was taken from SpayMart’s sanctuary by a former employee without permission. I miss her a lot; she was incredibly sweet, but fiercely independent and very much the boss of things. Noel has a lot of her personality, but she’s had less luck in getting the other cats to succumb to her leadership.

This is Oliver, age unknown:

Oliver lives in my father’s workshop. I bought a small window unit AC to keep him comfortable. He’s very people-friendly and affectionate, but he tends to want to fight or chase when he’s around another cat. I’d like to get him adopted, but I haven’t yet had any takers. He’s a real sweetheart, despite being a bit of a Joe Palooka.

Again, thank you for promoting Bella’s fund. Balloon Juice really is a nice community.

Thanks for the pics, Dalai, and fingers crossed for Bella!

Cat Rescue Bleg: Bella in Louisiana

From commentor Dalai Rasta:

I hate to do this, being that I only rarely post here, though this blog is one of my daily reads.

My cat just had a seizure today. This cat.

I don’t know what to do. I can’t afford care for anything serious.

I’m disabled. I receive SSI. I have seizures myself, as well as chronic depression. I can’t drive, because even with medication, I have 3-4 seizures a month. I’m obviously unemployed.

I live with my parents, both of whom are on Social Security. My father receives chemotherapy one week a month for myelodysplastic syndrome. He occasionally requires injections for low blood cell counts. My mother uses a wheelchair when she’s out of the house, and otherwise spends most of the day in bed, She has osteoarthritis and fibromyalgia.

Our house is a wreck. None of us can keep up. We have leaks in our ceiling and a tarp on the roof, which has been there since after Hurricane Isaac.

We have four cats, all of which I adopted after I started looking after the feral cats on our street. I was here all the time; I needed some way to feel productive, so I started getting them spayed and neutered, and feeding those who stayed in our yard. I took in those who had injuries; every single cat in my house had some medical issue when I took it in. I’ve been doing this since Hurricane Katrina in 2005…

I probably shouldn’t be posting this. I’ve managed not to do it hundreds of times before. But Bella is my baby. She even tries to look out for me. She pesters me to go to bed at the right time, and wakes me up to take my medication in the morning, and again to start my daily routine. She’s the calmest, sweetest cat imaginable, and I can’t bear the thought that I can’t take care of her.

I just need advice right now, and a sympathetic ear at a difficult moment. I know this to be a place where that’s often on offer.

Bella’s GoFundMe page is here. Even if you can’t donate, please share on Facebook and other social media — it actually does help!

If you want to get in touch with D.R. directly, send me an email at annelaurie dot verizon dot net, and I’ll forward it to him.

Spring Haircut

Steve got his spring shave:

He still weighs 25 lbs, but looks so tiny without all his hair. Look how big Lily looks next to him!

A Holiday Public Service Announcement for Our Cat Owners

While I’m sure all of our reader, commenter, and lurker cat owners are already aware, just a quick Easter weekend cat health PSA:

Easter Lilies are Deadly to Cats

Lillium sp. and Hemerocallis sp. of lilies, including Easter, Asiatic, tiger, and day lilies are all incredibly toxic to cats. It is not known what causes this toxicity.

Ingesting any part of the Easter lily plant causes acute kidney failure in cats. This appears to be due to the death of kidney cells, but the exact mechanism by which it occurs is not known. Cats can be poisoned by Easter lilies in the following ways:

  • Eating less than one lily leaf can cause a cat to develop kidney failure.
  • Cats may rub up against the lilies or walk through pollen that has dropped from the flowers. When they groom the pollen off of their fur or paws and ingest it, they can be poisoned.
  • Chewing on and swallowing the flower of the Easter lily results in toxicity.

Signs of Easter Lily Toxicity in Cats

The following signs are seen in cats that are poisoned by Easter lilies:

  • Within two hours of ingestion:
    • Vomiting is often the first sign of Easter lily toxicity.
    • Anorexia, or unwillingness to eat accompanies the vomiting.
    • The cat develops lethargy, and doesn’t want to move around or play.
  • Increased urination may be present in between two and twelve hours after the cat consumes the lily. After that, the cat may stop producing urine altogether, as the kidneys shut down.
  • Death usually occurs within three to four days of lily toxicity that is untreated.

If you know or even suspect that your cat may have ingested any part of a lily plant, take your cat and the plant, if you have it, to the veterinarian immediately.

The following therapies are all used to treat cats that have ingested lilies:

  • Induction of vomiting to remove as much of the plant as possible before it is absorbed into the cat’s system. This needs to be done fairly quickly after ingestion.
  • Activated charcoal is administered to the cat to absorb as much of the remaining plant product from the stomach as possible and carry it through the GI tract without allowing to be absorbed.
  • Intravenous fluid therapy is administered at a high rate in order to flush the system of the lily toxins and support the kidneys.

If treatment is delayed until eighteen hours or more have passed since ingestion of the lily, your cat’s prognosis for recovery decreases dramatically. When it is caught early and treated aggressively, lily toxicity usually carries a good prognosis for full recovery.

For those who observe have a Happy and (cat) Healthy Easter. Everyone else: have a nice weekend.

Let’s Check in With Cole’s Pet Sitter…

Meanwhile, back at the Villa Cole:

Open thread!

Steve’s Excellent Adventure

I’m assuming you are all watching Maddow because of Trump’s tax returns, but I just wanted to let you know that Steve had been missing for 36 hours. I last saw him Sunday night at bedtime, and he missed both meals yesterday. I’m used to him disappearing and figured he would be back this morning, but when he was not back this afternoon, I started to freak out and called on the collective powers of the internet:

And a half hour after I posted that, he came home. Mind you I had spent the day searching for him and yelling for him, but apparently he follows me on twitter. At any rate, he came home and didn’t even want dinner. Stood outside the spare bedroom door bitching, I opened it and let him in, and he is now on the bed sound asleep. And I have no idea what kind of crazy shit he was up to, but he looks like he has been through the Nam:

His fur is matted and coated in burrs, he has needles and crap all through him, and his paws look like he spent the night in a rice paddy under fire:

At any rate, I can’t find any cuts or any damage, so I will just take him to the groomer tomorrow because he does not want me screwing with him right now.

And Now a Word From Steve!

We can’t prove it’s Steve, but we also can’t prove it’s not Steve…