Steve’s Excellent Adventure

I’m assuming you are all watching Maddow because of Trump’s tax returns, but I just wanted to let you know that Steve had been missing for 36 hours. I last saw him Sunday night at bedtime, and he missed both meals yesterday. I’m used to him disappearing and figured he would be back this morning, but when he was not back this afternoon, I started to freak out and called on the collective powers of the internet:

And a half hour after I posted that, he came home. Mind you I had spent the day searching for him and yelling for him, but apparently he follows me on twitter. At any rate, he came home and didn’t even want dinner. Stood outside the spare bedroom door bitching, I opened it and let him in, and he is now on the bed sound asleep. And I have no idea what kind of crazy shit he was up to, but he looks like he has been through the Nam:

His fur is matted and coated in burrs, he has needles and crap all through him, and his paws look like he spent the night in a rice paddy under fire:

At any rate, I can’t find any cuts or any damage, so I will just take him to the groomer tomorrow because he does not want me screwing with him right now.

And Now a Word From Steve!

We can’t prove it’s Steve, but we also can’t prove it’s not Steve…

Fucking Bloody Hell, Steve

Looks like we’re gonna need a bigger bed:

That bed was A.) made and B.) is queen size. I don’t think he mussed it all by himself, as that looks like Thurston’s handiwork because three pillows are on the damned floor.

Living the Dream

One week to Operation Move All the Shit You Own commences.

We’re relaxing until then.

Sing For Your Supper

This is what happens when you oversleep in the Cole household:

No two vocalizations are the same with this guy, and I bet he could go on like that for hours, but I’m afraid to test that theory.

Here’s Another Open Thread Because Politics Sucks

Finally got tired of the lazy bastards doing nothing all day so I rousted them, and it looks like when Steve does not get enough sleep he puts on his ears sideways:

He’s so beautiful I sometimes just sit and stare at him.

Also, we salvaged the front door and painted it:

Plumber comes to do final hookups next week.

Early Afternoon Open Thread

It’s freezing outside, so there’s a flurry of activity here at the Cole stronghold:

Lazy piglets.