Late Night Open Thread: Nuisance Beavers

According to people who know these things, castor glands are not anal glands, and castoreum’s “fruity, vanilla scent” means it’s got a long history as a food additive. Right now, I’m just as happy I’m not a drinker.

Speaking of nuisance beavers…

This Friday’s Trump-Dump Open Thread: Sucking Up to His Master, Putin… and #Failing

I will not stoop to being a member of any club that would have me as a member, you loser!
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Late-Night Russiagate Open Thread: The Cloud Strikes Again

Oughta know to leave those tech toys to The Youngs…

Russiagate Open Thread: Paul Manafort, Short-Time Coffee Boy

The Oval Office Occupant is incapable of not drawing attention to himself, even when doing so is obviously gonna make a bad situation worse. He’s like a toddler who bursts unexpected into the grownups’ cocktail party, face covered in crumbs, screaming I DIDN’T DO IT I DIDN’T DO IT THAT BAD MAN MUELLER AND THE FBI ATE THE COOKIES! (Also, he’s soiled his big-boy pants, and from the acrid smoke now billowing out of the kitchen, managed to set something on fire.)

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Trump Crime Cartel Open Thread: The Cost of Obtaining Justice

Per the Washington Post:

The cost is not necessarily out of line with prior special investigations, and the documents note that Mueller is reporting what his work has caused other Justice Department components to spend — which previous special counsels have not. Mueller reported about $4.5 million in expenditures from October through March, and indicated his investigation caused other Justice Department components to spend about $5.5 million.

The money that Mueller spent directly came from an indefinite appropriation for independent counsels, which the Justice Department determined could be used to fund Mueller’s work. The department said the other money would have been spent by Justice Department components for the investigations “irrespective of the existence” of the special counsel’s office.

From October through March, Mueller, who has a team of 17 lawyers, spent $2.7 million on personnel costs, the new documents show. He also spent more than a half-million dollars on travel and more than $880,000 on rent, communications and utilities, the documents show.

By comparison, Lawrence E. Walsh, the prosecutor who investigated Reagan administration officials in the Iran-contra affair, spent $47.4 million during his eight-year investigation. Former independent counsel Kenneth W. Starr spent more than $52 million investigating President Bill Clinton, and the five independent counsels appointed to look into various Clinton-related matters during the 1990s spent more than $100 million.

Speaking of Follow the Money, this widget is getting favorably reviewed:

Friday Morning Open Thread: Keep the Faith


Per Huffington Post:

Stone has long denied any involvement with the trove of hacked Democratic National Committee emails that WikiLeaks published during the 2016 campaign. He also testified before the House Intelligence Committee last year that he only “wanted confirmation” that Assange had information about Trump’s opponent.

But according to a series of emails The Wall Street Journal reviewed for its Thursday article, Stone did more than ask for confirmation. In September 2016, he apparently badgered radio personality Randy Credico to press Assange for emails related to Clinton’s alleged role in disrupting a purported Libyan peace deal while she was secretary of state.

Credico reportedly emailed back that Stone should check the WikiLeaks website for the information he wanted, since WikiLeaks had already posted the hacked DNC emails that July. According to the Journal, Stone responded: “Why do we assume WikiLeaks has released everything they have???”…
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Late Night Horrorshow Open Thread: Kicking Around the Sportsball… Players

I’ve written before about “extinction bursts”, where an organism that stops getting the expected response to an action will redouble its efforts in attempt to get its reward. The NFL seems to be in the middle of such an extinction burst — its TV revenues are dropping, and as a result, they’ve just doubled down on their worst authoritarian impulses. And Mike Pence is the GOP Extinction Burst made flesh, applauding the jingoism for the hardcore Deplorables…
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