Labor Day Monday Open Thread

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I have reached the inevitable point during our vacation when I swear to all the gods that, if only we can reach home without disaster, I AM NEVER LEAVING AGAIN.

Apart from that, what’s on the agenda as we wrap up the holiday weekend?

Friday Night Fights Open Thread: Bannon, the Mucker

Since he first shambled into media view, I’ve thought of Steve Bannon as a mucker… which was not, in the Irish-American community when I was growing up, exactly a term of endearment. To us, a mucker was a guy known to be connected, not exactly a leader but intimately associated with the leadership — someone you called a friend because you sure as hell didn’t want to be known as his enemy.

The Dominican nun who taught theology at my parochial high school said that St. Peter was a mucker (possibly the patron saint of muckers): He was an early, enthusiastic supporter of The Big Guy; he seemed to be around for all the important events, usually making needless trouble; and when worse came to worst, he publicly denied any association with his chieftain, not just once but three times. And yet — as soon as Jesus the radical insurrectionist emerged triumphant from that whole torture-and-crucifixion incident, look who ended up in charge of the Jesus Empire, with his name at the top of the historical plaque!

Steve Bannon, also Irish-American, would’ve been taking catechism classes at approximately the same time as I was. It wouldn’t surprise me at all if he heard some version of the the St. Peter, Patron of Muckers story. Everybody needs a role model…

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Chill Pre-Dawn Open Thread: At Least You Don’t Have This Guy’s Job

The WSJ‘s foreign correspondent in Seoul…

Threatening nuclear war — again. Why does it always have to be nuclear war?

HR incentives and the Mooch

I’ll stomp on Betty for a moment:

Scharden should be freuded here.

Unless someone is in uniform and is receiving a direct order to serve at the White House, why would anyone work for Trump. The competent have mostly disqualified themselves by signing multiple never-Trump letters during the campaign. The hacks are being forced out by Bannon. And now the boot-lickers see that boot licking is not enough if they are manifestly incompetent.

This is not normal.

Late Night Open Thread: KING LEER (Winter Is Coming)

In the Godfather fantasies that delight would-be GOP tough guys, you don’t bring in a made man just to pick up your dry cleaning…

The first to leave the West Wing on Tuesday was senior assistant press secretary Michael Short, who resigned after a report emerged in Politico hours earlier saying that he would be fired in Scaramucci’s quest to uproot leakers.

Scaramucci, wearing blue-tinted aviator sunglasses and speaking to a small group of reporters in the White House driveway Tuesday morning, gestured to the guard booth on the outskirts of the complex to emphasize his threat.

“If they don’t stop leaking, I’m going to put them out on Pennsylvania Avenue — it’s a very clear thing,” he said. “You want to sell postcards to the tourists outside the gate or you want to work in the West Wing? What do you want to do? If you want to work in the West Wing, you’ve got to stop leaking.”…

Despite publicly claiming that he and Priebus have a long and respectful working relationship, Scaramucci has made one of his first moves the launch of a broad overhaul of the press office, singling out Priebus allies, many of whom previously worked at the Republican National Committee, for further scrutiny.

An unofficial list of Priebus loyalists has been circulating among Scaramucci allies as those most likely to lose their jobs or be reassigned to somewhere else in the administration…

Meanwhile, Grampa’s sundowning on camera again…
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Late Night Open Thread: You Poor Naive Child…

(Ted Rall’s website)

Back when kree8iv baby names were still a celebrity novelty, the joke was that a kid named ‘Chastity’ or ‘Purity’ was gonna end up on a stripper pole. Possibly the elder Winners should’ve picked a less Trickster-God-tempting name for their little girl…

Sure, he’ll always have the Jacobin broflakes to defend him, but when Ted Rall gives Greenwald the hairy eyeball… truly, these are apocalyptic times.

Friday Night [Face-Palm] Open Thread: Somewhere, Joe Isuzu Is Contemplating A Trademark Infringement Suit

(Benny Johnson, 2015, and again in 2017)