RNC Night Three Open Thread: Let the Knifings Begin!

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Late Night Open Thread: RNC Fustercluck, Night the Second

Don’t worry, even now, the grown-ups are working behind the scenes… Aieeee! Nazgul! Shadow Riders!

Open Thread: “But Trump Has Jewish Grandkids… “

I’m guessing this will be dismissed as a totally innocent coincidental error on the part of some unfortunate intern in the graphics department, because Lord Short Fingers pays so little attention to the minutiae of his campaign.

Or then again, maybe it’s a new version of the Cinco de Mayo taco bowl tweet — no ‘political correctness’ on The Donald’s watch, hurhurhur!

Oh, they’ve got an extensive vocabulary — mostly of phrases the rest of us can’t imagine sharing.

Guest Post: Be Nice to Your Kids, They Pick Your Nursing Home

Guest post from Cactus Prescott:

Be Nice to Your Kids, They Pick Your Nursing Home !

This old one liner is oft used in many senior communities but also bears a lot of truth. As both you and your parents age, use the information below as a guide and perhaps even to prompt you into action. At some time in our lives, we will likely be tasked with helping to find a place for a parent, loved one or ourselves when their / our physical and / or mental capabilities no longer allow living in ones own private home. Staying in ones home always seems like the most desired choice. Independence, space, privacy and just memories. You can delay this move by identifying the needs and problems of the patient and then addressing them with part-time professional help. Resistance to having someone come to Ma or Dads place a few hours a day will be great, but much less than carting them away to a facility and selling their home.

Oh, please, please believe me!

There are basically 4 primarily types of housing care available for the aged. Some companies combine more than 1 type into a single structure or complex / property, with some, having all types covered. This is a good thing as you may need to “move up the ladder” quickly. They are based on the care level needed and costs rise proportionately. Read more

Satire is alone in the corner now

At some point the Irish bookies will establish a line on the probability that Trump’s entire acceptance speech in Cleveland is “The Aristocrats…”

Late Night Horrorshow Open Thread: Trump – A Revenant, for the Revanchists

Revenant: A visible ghost or animated corpse that is believed to have returned from the grave to terrorize the living.

Revanchism (from French: revanche, “revenge”) is the political manifestation of the will to reverse territorial losses incurred by a country, often following a war or social movement used since the 1870s…

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An Exercise For The Reader

It’s too nice a Friday afternoon to waste time fisking another of the exercises in bathos that is a David Brooks column.  So, to offload the pleasure to the friendliest snarling pack of jackals you’ll ever meet, here’s an amuse bouche for you to masticate.

The left is nostalgic for the relative economic equality of that era. The right is nostalgic for the cultural cohesion.

The exercise:  in how many ways is this brief passage a steaming pile of horse-shit?


There’s much more at the link, though none of it truly worth minutes you could use usefully — say reorganizing your socks.*

So bash a way on our BeauBaux, and anything else that catches your fancy.

*I’ll say this — Brooks does make an awkward nod toward reality at the end of the column — but from a foundation of argument so desperately avoiding the actual matters at hand as to be both incomprehensible and utterly unpersuasive.  Such is life, when the entire edifice on which you’ve built a public persona as collapsed around you.

Image: Richard Waitt, The Cromartie Fool, 1731