GOP Stupidity Open Thread: Erin Go Bragh to You Too, Ronna

By the end of 2019, the FEC will be asking O’Rourke to declare GOP gotchas like this as free in-kind support…

His Picture Is NOT In The Dictionary Next To “Good Lawyer”

The incredible unveiling of Rudy Giuliani, Ace Defense Counsel™ continues apace, as Talking Points Memo documents:

After Giuliani claimed on Sunday that Trump never signed a letter of intent for the project, CNN obtained a copy of the letter, which contained Trump’s signature. [link in the original]

Chris Cuomo actually had the gall, the infinite gall, to brandish the signed letter, complete w. Donald Trump’s self-implicating scrawl, on live camera!  What’s an Ace Defense Counsel™ to do?

Never fear, never flinch, and always remember the last refuge of the fidelity-challenged: “who you going to believe, me, or your lying eyes.”

In the interview with the Daily News, Giuliani refused to acknowledge that he told CNN Sunday that “no one signed the letter.”

“I don’t think I said nobody signed it,” Giuliani told the Daily News.

Ummm.  Rudy.  There is videotape!

Anyway, says Ace Defense Counsel™, what’s a little light conflict of interest.  Seriously, folks, what do you expect a perpetually-skating-the-edge-of-bankruptcy to do?  And who the f**k cares anyway?

But Giuliani argued during an interview with New York Daily News that the letter is “bullshit because it didn’t go anywhere.” [link in the original]

According to this line of analysis by our Ace Defense Counsel™, if an attempted coition fails to reach fruition, it don’t count.   That is, one can remain mostly virginal, as long as you don’t fully enjoy yourself.

This is funny.  It really is.  It would be more so, of course, if it wasn’t so damn serious, if this weren’t the state of affairs that emerges when small time and stupid crooks wield enormous power.

But even as we live in fear for our selves, our republic, and the world…we can still take unfeigned pleasure at the sight of Rudy Noun-Verb-911 Giuliani showing himself to everyone being what New Yorkers have known for a long time: a Flatbush fugazi.
Images:  Jean de Paleologu, Poster for Loïe Fuller at the Folies Bergère, 1897.
Albrecht Cuyp, Cows in a River, c. 1650

Trump Crime Cartel Open Thread: Infinite Klassiness


Corsi, Klayman, and Stone — like everyone else in Trump’s orbit — are bad people who deserve every unpleasant thing that (I devoutly hope) they are about to experience.

Thursday Morning Open Thread: Happy Thanksgiving!

Remember: Stretch waistbands, and nothing that has to be dry-cleaned…

I am so not surprised

Over the summer, there were plenty of headlines declaring major pharmaceutical companies either holding off on price increases or rolling back list prices on some of their drugs.

This news generated Trump positive headlines within the framework that he could convince Pharma to give better deals than anyone else. And Pharma went along as it was a cheap give until the election. And now that the election is over; shocking events have occurred.

This is the same PR play that Fortune 500 companies played last December where they rolled out regular bonus programs and attributed the cause to the tax cuts that were just passed. And then they kept on doing whatever it was that they were going to do without regard to the tax cuts. It was cheap PR and a political favor that they could bank at low cost beyond a press release.