Oh boy… now it is getting real and weird

Oh yeah, the Majority Leader in the House is arguing that his statement on tape that the statement he made that the current President and a senior member of his caucus were paid by the Russians in 2016 is just a joke.

Things are getting real, and they are getting weirder than ever….

You need someone for a savior

Things happened fast last night. When Comey was first fired, even the saintly Lindsey Graham was praising the decision, Greta Van Sustern from the liberal MSNBC network was too, and there was a WaPo article from The Fix (now gone) explaining with this was a smart move for Trump. Then the subpoena story broke and by this morning everyone was calling for a special prosecutor.

I don’t think we’re out of the woods yet, though, not by any means. Republicans can still get their talking points straight in terms of defending the firing and get to work on confirming a stooge who will end the investigation. That’s still Trump’s plan:

I don’t think Giuliani could get confirmed, I’m not quite that cynical. But it will be interesting to see just how much of a stooge Trump nominates.

Update. This is in Anne Laurie’s post too but it bears repeating:

President Donald Trump weighed firing his FBI director for more than a week. When he finally pulled the trigger Tuesday afternoon, he didn’t call James Comey. He sent his longtime private security guard to deliver the termination letter in a manila folder to FBI headquarters.

He had grown enraged by the Russia investigation, two advisers said, frustrated by his inability to control the mushrooming narrative around Russia.

It’s on the record that Trump fired Comey to stop the Russia investigation. Full stop.

Trump Fires Comey

On Jeff Sessions’s recommendation.


Late Night ‘Our Failed Media’ Open Thread

Too late!…

“Commentary: My Mark Zuckerberg problem — and ours”

Monday Morning Open Thread: At Least We Have A Circus to Amuse Us


Apart from taking what pleasure we can, what’s on the agenda as we start a new week?

Some backstory, for those of you sensible enough to stay away from news media over the weekend…

The woman Raddatz is jousting with is Sarah Huckabee Sander, whose only marketable skill seems to be having been born Mike Huckabee’s daughter, bless her heart.

Both sides now

This one belongs in the false equivalence hall of fame

Two great philosophers for the next four years

Okay, now it’s real so let us rely on two great philospophers for the next four years:

And it looks like America agrees with Ron Burgundy

CBS News:

It has been 10 weeks since Donald Trump was elected president, and more Americans disapprove (48 percent) than approve (37 percent) of the way he has handled his presidential transition. They are split on his cabinet picks. Views divide heavily along party lines.

Just days before his inauguration, Donald Trump’s favorable rating (32 percent) is the lowest of any president-elect in CBS News polling going back to Ronald Reagan in 1981, when CBS News began taking this measure.

Well we’ll have to survive being “governed” by the Brietbart comment section so we can either laugh or cry while we bang our heads into our desks today.