Bleg: Slide Projectors


Is there any use for Kodak slide projectors and carousels? Do people buy them on EBay, for instance?

I am cleaning out my office closet. I’ve been slowly but surely digitizing my slide collection, and the carousels are piling up.

Open thread.

PSA: Something We Can Do for Migrants, Right Now

Link to the Houston Chronicle:

President Donald Trump’s administration is releasing thousands of Central American families after briefly detaining them at the border, overwhelming nonprofits from El Paso to San Diego who are suddenly scrambling to find them temporary housing and transportation to their final destination.

The “coordinated release” began earlier this month in Arizona, where nonprofits had to rent motel rooms to handle the influx. This week, federal officials asked Annunciation House, an El Paso shelter, to take in 1,300 adults and children with even more expected next week. In San Diego, Pastor Bill Jenkins said his church was told to anticipate as many as 150 migrants a day, double its usual intake…

The number of families coming here has steadily increased for months since the administration ended its controversial practice of family separation in June with a near-record 16,658 arriving in September, a 30 percent jump from August…

Usually migrant families apprehended at the border were processed and, if there was space, transferred to the three federal detention centers that hold immigrant families — two outside San Antonio and one in Pennsylvania.

The remainder were released, typically with GPS-enabled ankle monitors or other forms of supervision and provided notices to appear in the backlogged immigration courts.

The agency “no longer has the capacity” to conduct the additional review procedure without risking the violation of how long minors can be detained, an ICE spokeswoman said in a statement.

As a result, starting on Columbus Day weekend in Arizona, and now expanding to across the southern border, families are being freed en masse in greater numbers than before, with the burden of providing temporary shelter and travel coordination falling solely to nonprofits…

A 1997 legal settlement known as Flores prevents the detention of minors for longer than 20 days and has forced the administration to release most parents with their children, a practice Trump has consistently railed against. Critics say many don’t show at their later court hearings or if they do, they take months or years to conclude…

Bridget Cambria, an immigration attorney in Pennsylvania who often works in the Berks family detention center, said she views “coordinated release” this month as an attempt to pressure the undoing of the Flores Settlement.

“They see an emergency coming with the caravan and they have a narrative they want to use to make sure we continue much higher enforcement and the No. 1 target is obviously Flores,” she said. “If they can purport to have a surge they can use it as a reason to try get rid of it all together.”…

More detail at the link. My cynical interpretation is that Trump’s minions are lying about the number of beds they’ve got available because they want to ‘punish’ us bleeding-heart liberals for not letting them break up families and keep children in cages. And if it just so happens that ‘the optics’ of a sudden uptick in brown-skinned non-English-speaking wandering the streets of border cities looking for shelter should enflame Trump’s xenophobic, fearful base… well, twofer!

(RAICES’s page on Charity Navigator)

Jackal Job Search: DNC Contact / Information Bleg

A plea from commentor Dog Mom:

I work in IT (specifically data), though currently laid off and have been job hunting…

My skills fit some jobs at the DNC. I have not worked in politics before and want to talk to some people who have, to get some background and a better idea what to expect from the hiring / interview process.

Would you put out a request asking for someone who has some experience and would be willing to trade emails or chat with me?

If you can help, send me an email — annelaurie [dot] bj [at] gmail [dot] com — and I’ll link you up.

Readership Capture: Cat Book Bleg

From wise commentor and cat rescuer Werebear:

Would you be able to let my fellow jackals know about my long-in-the-making The Way of Cats ebook?

Pre-order link: Amazon

This is pretty important to me. My health has been a real struggle for the past few years, and even though I did manage to figure it all out, it’s something that can only be managed, not cured. So I have made some job changes, and some lifestyle changes, and I am still stubbornly helping cats and their people.

If the book does well it will let me keep up with my cat advice. My readers donate as generously as they can, but the website popularity, and then the website bills, just keeps growing. This is my attempt to make the whole enterprise self-supporting. For the kitties! And their people.

Everyone please spread the word!

A Bleg

Here’s a bleg from Library Guy after the break, and a picture of his late pup Rosie.


Open thread.

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Pet Rescue Bleg UPDATE: Driving Flying Miss Callie (Minnesota to Maryland)

Last of the Minnesota kittens, Miss Callie, is being fostered by NewDealFarmGrrl until she can go to her permanent home with B Lamb in Maryland. Unfortunately, TLC Pet Transport (the people who drove Walter) turns out to be less than optimal (they would charge approximately $1500).

Fortunately, experienced cat-courier Reilyn has stepped up:

The flight I’m thinking of per my last comment on the blog leaves DCA late Friday Dec 8 to MSP, then has a return flight the afternoon/evening of Sunday Dec 10 to DCA.

It’s on Sun Country which does not list a minimum age requirement, and as of when I looked at it Sat/Sun was running about 276 bucks for the round trip flight, plus 125 for a one-way pet fee.

I can easily get to DCA on my own on the 8th and fly out and stay w/ my mother; then meet up to retrieve the kitteh on Sat the 9th or the morning of Sunday the 10th and have my mom take me to the airport to make the flight back to DCA, then meet up at DCA to purr-form ;) the exchange….

So — those of you who offered to chip in, this is your time to shine! I’d like to set a target of $500, with the understanding that Reilyn will forward any extra money for pet rescue. Send me an email (‘Contact an author’ or ) and I’ll reply with the link to Reilyn’s PayPal address.

Kitten Transport Bleg (Minnesota to Maryland)

The good news, from NewDealFarmGrrl:

The last little kitten from the bleg needs to relocate to Maryland. A number of folks chimed in that they’d help with relocation costs. Is this something Balloon Juice can get rolling?

Kitten is staying at my house and is scheduled to see the vet this afternoon for well-kitten and shots visit so we can make sure Kitten won’t endanger Jefferson’s (Barb’s cat) stressed immune system.

First pic is Kitten playing with a tassel toy in the basket-with-heating-pad I set up for her.

Second pic is her enjoying ear skritchies — for such a tiny kitten she sure has a huge purr! She loves tummy rubs with a passion, but I couldn’t manage a pic of that. Very affectionate but lonely kitten wants to go to her furrever home!

I don’t have the faintest idea how to arrange transport, so I would be forever grateful if Balloon Juice can help.

I have a small carrier for her that my cats have long since outgrown, that can go with her as well as the food my brother bought. Plus my too-small surplus litter pan and some litter.


Debit, as regular readers will know, took in another one of the kittens. She also recommended TLC Pet Transport, the people who got Walter from Cole’s home to hers.

But, the less-than-optimal news, from B Lamb:

I talked to TLC Pet Transport and they are sending a more firm estimate later today, but said the cost is over $1000. They have relays that run regularly on certain routes, but Minnesota is not part of that. We have to pay for the additional cost to get from Minnesota to their central location.

They wont take the kitten until she is 8 weeks and has all her initial shots. I may need to pay for another vet visit to be sure she has all her shots, which is fine.

I will let you know when I get the quote.

I am in and out right now. My new preemie granddaughter, born on the 4th, is now home, and I need to help my daughter and son-in-law today by watching their sons while they go to a bunch of appointments. I will check email for the quote, as I can.

I’m going to be away from the computer until later in the evening myself. But once we know exactly how much Miss Calico’s Big Adventure will cost, I’ll re-up this post with the details. I have an email for Barb, so anyone who wants to chip in can send me a message (‘Contact an author’) or ) and I’ll reply with the link…