Gardening Question

Along one of the areas I walk Lily is a patch of wild mint (and before the jokes start, no, “wild mint” is not code for marijuana) that I want to transplant. It is some of the strongest stuff I have ever smelled or tasted- a deep, rich green leaf with so much oil that just touching it and your hands smell like mint for hours. Far stronger than any of the stuff I grew in my herb garden and far better than anything you can get in the store. I just love it in my tea, and pick a little every time I walk by it.

At any rate, how would I go about transplanting it? Can plants get “soil shock” or whatever it is called if you move them from one soil to another (like fish when you move them to new aquariums)? I know my dad used to be able to grow things in a vase of water and replant them, but I never figured out the specifics. Or am I over-thinking this and I should just dig it up and throw it in the ground where I want it?

Open Thread

Here is a particularly fun gardening post at the Great Orange Satan.

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I’m feeling ornery:

Let the 70’s/funk youtube wars begin.

It is on.

Indoor Garden?

I’ve become quite accustomed to having fresh herbs at hand- it is so nice to be able to just go to the fridge, pull out some basil that you have grown, picked, washed, and stored, and use it- no more going to the store and paying exorbitant amounts for fresh herbs. I’m thinking about trying to grow them year round inside.

What all would it take? Could I just use one of those window planters and a grow lamp? Is that all I would need? What size lamp?

Sunday Night Open Thread

Saw this on the way to the greenhouse and knew it needed to be recorded for posterity:

The friend I was with claims that these are actually quite popular and actually have more to do with knitting than eating tasty meat.

Got to the greenhouse and could not make a decision. I put in mint, catnip, two types of basil, sage, rosemary, thyme, lemon balm (by request!), parsley, oregano, and cilantro at the garden at my brother’s house, but I was going to put in a planter at the apartment, yet when I got there I could not make up my mind. Should I just grow some basil and sage and thyme and parsely and cilantro at home, since I will use those most and it would be convenient, or should I grow stuff I don’t have growing that might have different light needs and would be higher maintenance at the apartment, since I can move the planter? I need some lavender, too.

Your thoughts?

Also, I rented the first four episodes of Chuck.