Wascally Wabbits

Just checked my garden because I had harvest envy, and apparently the rabbits ate my damned peppers. Guess I need to get a fence and some fox piss.

Another Day in Paradise

I seem to have lost my wallet this weekend. The last time I remember seeing it was Saturday morning at Petco, and I can not find the damned thing anywhere. I guess I wanted a new wallet anyway.

One of you all claims to have harvested this:

I almost want to call bullshit (like growing zucchini is a real accomplishment! What is next, pictures of mint and dandelions? j/k), because that picture is too nice. The only thing I appear to be harvesting right now is stray dogs.

Garden Update and Open Thread

Can’t believe it has been a week, but here is the latest garden picture:

Also, I now have two helpers with yardwork:

I have no room to talk, but she really has lost her girlish figure.

Let It Grow

Some signs of progress in the garden:

The tomato is almost the size of a baseball. I’m psyched about the peppers, and it looks like I am going to have a bunch of them this year.

Garden Update

Quite a good bit of growth in the little garden that could:

Here it was just a week ago.