Sunday Morning Garden Chat: All Fall Down

From faithful commentor Marvel:

It’s Fall clean-up time in the Pacific Northwest: pulled out the spent corn stalks and old pole beans on Thursday; Friday I packed the newly-cured potatoes for cold storage and rebuilt the soil in one of the raised beds (getting ready to plant next year’s garlic). Today we pulled up the sunflowers and hung a few beautiful bouquets on the fence for the birds to forage; and the Winter squash was positively begging to be moved to a cool dark spot in the house.


How goes the autumn wrap-up (or, for our antepodean readers, the spring start-up) in your gardens?

Sunday Morning Garden Chat: Cordial

In celebration of the ABL/CWG2012 DNC Road Trip, from faithful commentor Marvel:

May the harvest be upon you! It sure is harvest-y here in the Pacific Northwest!

We make a lovely liquor out of these tart, blue plums.

I like how the liquid (which starts out looking like sea critters submerged in weak coffee) turns a beautiful ruby color.

Plum Cordial-In-Waiting — Ingredients (in descending order) damson plums, vodka, sugar, brandy, water, whole cloves, whole allspice, star anise. Store in a cool dark spot for 3-4 months. Decant into festive vessels. Drink up.

[These snapshots are from last year (9/5/11) …we’ll be trudging out with ladder & pails and starting the process all over again tomorrow — sending these 2011 photos ‘cuz I’m up to my ears canning beans (etc.) today and it promises to get plenty non-stop busy hereabouts.]


As the official harvest season kicks off, what’s happening in your gardens this week?

Sunday Morning Garden Chat: Veggies in Progress

From commentor Marvel:

The garden’s well and truly looking summer-y. We’re up to here in chard, all manner of summer squash and cukes — but instead of these high-producers, I’m sending along some snapshots of some of the veggies that are still in the I.O.U. stage.

First up, sweet peppers: we grow these from seed in the greenhouse — they love the heat and we love the long growing season available in there. This particular plant’s one of several bells growing in small-ish containers, as the greenhouse bed is full of hot peppers this year.

There’s winter squash (butternut & sweetmeat) growing in an open area we’ve spent several seasons reconditioning. Five years ago the space was a jungle of pine stumps, holly and a monster hedge. Ooodles of mulch, homegrown compost and a rotation of cover crops is slowly producing something that’s starting to resemble soil.
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Sunday Morning Garden Chat: Choices

From commentor Scout211:

If you are in need of a picture for the garden chat, here is one of my “picking basket” from July 26.

The second pic is of a visitor to our house, very close to the front porch. I sent a pic of our visiting turkeys earlier this year, this type of visitor is more troublesome. ;-) It was taken on April 20 of this year. We have removed several other rattlesnakes this year, but this one was the largest and the closest to our house.

PS: The tomatoes are Ace.

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Sunday Morning Garden Chat: Hibiscus

From commentor Kathi:

These are bigger versions of Gravie’s flower. I love them to death! I’ve got a pink one just like hers and several red ones and the flowers – especially on the red ones – are humongous (about the size of a salad plate).


Also (h/t commentor Southern Beale), a Regretsy saga explaining why it is important for urban farmers to know the difference between okra and… other palmate green plants.

What’s it like in your gardens, right now?