Nothing Has Changed Except Now They Have a Network

Josh Green (via):

Awhile back, particularly during the Clinton administration, the media would flagellate itself every so often for rushing, lemming-like, to cover some story or other that was being touted on the Drudge Report, and then, after a period of reflection, deciding that it shouldn’t be. There was usually a Howard Kurtz column to demarcate such an episode. But the recidivism rate was high. Invariably, the media would chase the next Drudge rumor, and the whole cycle would repeat.

That doesn’t seem to happen anymore, at least not with Drudge. But it does happen, and more powerfully than ever, with Andrew Breitbart, who has inherited Barnum’s instinct for what will cause a circus and the certainty that suckers are still being born every minute. One difference is that Drudge usually focused on sex scandals and tawdry personal humiliations, which, in the end, is hardly worth getting worked up about. Yes, yes, shame on reporters for taking the bait. But c’mon.


But what’s galling to me–gut-wrenching, really, like watching old news footage of blacks being beaten and clubbed at lunch counters–is that Breitbart obviously understood the powerful effect his tape would have, posted it anyway, and then assumed the role of ringmaster, expertly conducting the media circus, fanning the flames. It’s hardly the first time. But the moral ugliness of what’s just happened is glaring, and it’s hard for me to see how the media can justify continuing to treat Breitbart as simply a roguish provocateur. He’s something much darker.

Josh is missing a piece- FOX news. Fox is a pivotal piece that was missing in the Clinton era, and moves all these crazy conspiracies and smears without so much as a thought. Watch Megyn Kelly yesterday:

And there are all sorts of “reasonable conservatives” out there willing to push whatever lie comes across their desk. Ed Morrisey:

The NAACP is about to learn one of the most basic of all lessons in life — those who live in glass houses should avoid provoking a stone-throwing war. After the civil-rights organization threatened to issue a condemnation of Tea Party activism by equating it with racism (a position from which they ultimately retreated), Andrew Breitbart announced that he would publish at least one video of the NAACP itself cheering racism. Breitbart delivers on that promise today at Big Government, showing USDA official Shirley Sherrod explain to an appreciative NAACP audience in July 2009 how she deliberately withheld information from a white farmer in Georgia trying to save his land and his business…

Nothing is going to change, though, because our media is just too afraid of being called liberal, and then when they are attacked, seem to relish being the victim. As DougJ pithily noted: “Why not just hire a hooker to dress up as Sarah Palin and beat you with a riding crop?”

I guarantee this will happen again in a few weeks. Already, the wingnuts are trying to claim this was not about Shirley Sherrod, but about the “NAACP crowd.” It’s absurd, but all signs point to the fact that they will get away with it.

Lee Atwater, eat your heart out.

Suck on That, JeffreyW

Everything on that plate with the exception of the little bit of cheddar I shredded and the blackened chicken breast is from my garden:

It was delicious. And healthy, I suppose.

Garden Update

The garden is just exploding right now, so I thought I would show some pics. Some heirlooms lead this row:

Now some nice peppers:

Much more below the fold.

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For the NonBelievers

For all of you who told me my broccoli would just go to hell, this just came from the garden:

Just so you know, that is an 8″ chef knife for comparison. Dad and I will be using one head tonight with the peppers for some stir fry. Yum!

*** Update ***

No stir fry- had an orzo salad with tomatoes, cukes, basil, and pepper, steamed broccoli with a little salt, pepper, and tarragon, and grilled sea scallops. The vast majority from our collective gardens.

Happy 4th!

Another exciting morning of tomato bondage:

This is almost a completely mature head of broccoli, and I have three more about half that size. You can’t tell by the picture because there is no frame of reference, but that is about 5-7 inches across. The week of cool weather last week was perfectly timed and all the broccoli just exploded in size:

And here is one of my bells, which is going to be massive:

Not sure if you can tell by the big picture at top, but the tomato plants are about to start exploding with fruit. I have about 75 roma tomatoes that are about thumb sized or bigger, and the big boys and heirlooms and big girls and all the others I planted are starting to really grow fruit. I’m excited. The green beans are quite the recidivist escape artists, though, breaking away from my poles every other day it seems. Peas are coming along nicely, too, and I have a ton of hot peppers in the back that you can not see.

Are there any health risks to eating tomatoes for three meals a day? We shall soon find out.

Open Thread

Picked that yesterday and am letting it ripen a little more on the table- was terrified the varmints would get my first or I would have let it stay on the vine longer.

I have to get some work done and hit the nursery, so I will see you all later.

Thursday Night Open Thread

Just got back from a picnic for a friend’s birthday party- great food- shish kabobs, numerous salads, cous cous, etc. It was a really good time and the bitches (I love yelling “C’mere bitches” or “C’mere girls” and having them both come running) were mostly behaved- Lily was, as always, a perfect angel, and everyone agreed Rosie was so much better from a few weeks ago, although she went into snarls when the young lab at the party got up in her grill to play. Got home and my brother had sent me some new pictures of Boghan:

I’ve decided I am calling him the Boghanator. When I met him the other day, I was struck by the pure rich chocolatey beauty of his eyes and that big beautiful brown nose.

Also, don’t forget the Thursday night menu:

I had some chipotle peppers left over from the Baby Back Ribs with Citrus Glaze last week, so I thought I’d pull this marinade out for this Thursday’s menu. Since it’s a 3-day holiday for many, I figured grilling would be a safe bet. I love 4th of July, that and Thanksgiving are my favorite holidays. Time to break out 1776, do some grilling, have a picnic and enjoy the fireworks. Really, what’s not to love? All week long I’ve been posting 4th of July recipes, so check them out if you’re looking for ideas. I’ll be making the Drunken Chicken Appetizers for sure (and I’m pretty sure I’m soaking more than the skewers in bourbon). What plans do you have for the holiday?

On the board tonight:

1. Adobo Sirloin

2. Garlic Roasted Potatoes

3. Cucumber & Zucchini Spears tossed with Italian dressing

4. Summer Fruit w/Mint

I love everything on that menu and the only thing missing is tomatoes. I may have to hunt down Tamara and swoon her. Adobo is such a good taste.

Also, everyone there agreed that you all are great people (they are all readers). I concurred. Group hug.

Must run- Tunch is bitching.